Doting Billionaire Chapter 2286

Miss Cheng is my saviour, treating Miss Cheng to dinner is not enough to repay the gift of saving my life. The gift of saving my life should be repaid from the spring.”

Cheng U: “……How about those robbers? How many years will they be sentenced?”

She changed the subject.

“All went in, how many years will be sentenced, do not know yet, but the crime of robbery will be sentenced at least a few years.”

Su Teng lied that was not red in the face, not gasping for breath.

His men, are in, not in jail, but into the hospital, lying in the hospital to heal their wounds.

Those who were injured by Cheng Qin, or those who fell, are all there.

In short, Cheng Qin made his men fall down with a single strike, and everyone was in awe of her, the future young master’s wife.

Cheng Qin said, “You are unlucky, I heard that Guancheng’s law and order is very good, I don’t even know how many years no motorbike party has appeared, and as soon as it appeared, I met you.”

Su Teng laughed, “I think it is their bad luck, it is they who are out of luck, the moment they appeared, they met Miss Cheng chivalrous and righteous, saved me, and knocked them to the ground, I think they never dreamt that so many of them would still be planted in the hands of one person like you.”

“The police can be said to have killed them all in one pot.”

“Serves them right, good hands, good feet, what can’t you do but be a robber.”

“Miss Cheng, I’ll pay for the car for you guys to go and play, I’ll accompany you everywhere, with me as a local leading the way, you’ll have less to go through, and you won’t have to worry about being pitched.”

There is this opportunity to spend time with Cheng Qin, to show off properly, Young Master Su wouldn’t miss it.

“Miss Cheng has heard of Oat Villa, right?”

Seeing that he couldn’t convince Cheng Qin, Su Teng remembered that Cheng Qin had gossiped about the love between War Yin and Hai Tong, so he took the War Family Manor to coax Cheng Qin into letting him travel with him.

Cheng Qin said, “The name of this manor sounds a little familiar, I seem to have heard of it.”

“It’s the old home of the war young man that Miss Cheng asked me about, the war family’s mansion is the Avenida Villa, the villa is very beautiful, of course that’s the war family’s mansion, it’s not open to the public, I’ve had a couple of business collaborations with the war young man, it’s possible to take you and the children to Avenida Villa to have a play.”

“Of course, let’s not bother anyone in the war family, the mountain villa is very big, we don’t bother the master’s family, and it doesn’t affect our tour.”

He had helped War Yin so much, now it was War Yin’s turn to help him unconditionally.

However, Su Teng did not want the war family to see him for fear that his identity would be exposed, which would not be conducive for him to pursue his wife.

Cheng Qin indistinctly, “the original is the war young home ah, I said well so familiar, the original is the war young home.”

“That is someone else’s home, we go in to play, not too good, right?”

Heartbeat is still heartbeat.

Cheng Qin, after all, is only twenty-four years old, young, idle and like Shen Xiaojun like to see, war Yin such a big president and she looked at the bully, she does not want to get acquainted, just like to listen to gossip.

“Let’s not go to bother them, just walk around the landscape garden in the mountain villa, there are also children’s playgrounds inside, your students go there to play, surely will be very happy, the main thing is, free of charge, more convenient than you take them to play in the children’s park.”

“You go to play in those children’s parks, you can afford to buy the tickets, but you are either in the queue or on the way to the queue, playing is not enjoyable at all.”

Cheng Qin thought about it and asked, “If we go to Oat Villa, will we really not disturb the war family?”

“It won’t, if Miss Cheng is interested, I’ll talk to the war youngster, the war youngster will call his butler, when we go, there will be our own butler to receive us, we won’t disturb anyone in the war family.”