Doting Billionaire Chapter 2282

The main thing is, the man that my daughter loves now is Junran.

In the past, Xiaofei chased after Zhaoyin, Zhaoyin disdained her, knowing that Zhaoyin and Haitong flash marriage, Xiaofei waved the sword to break the love, so it is difficult to completely let go of the feelings of Zhaoyin, and restarted a new relationship.

Mr Shang wants his daughter to be happy.

It’s just that, he’s a wifey, his wife reacts too strongly, he doesn’t dare to do it openly.

“Dad, mum, I said goodbye to Cheng Qin, I invited her and her students to have dinner together at noon, it’s almost time, I have to rush over, this matter, trouble mum and dad to clean up the mess, and also, the matter between me and Cheng Qin, I can deal with it on my own, I don’t need mum and dad to intervene.”

“In short, your daughter-in-law can’t run away, trust your son.”

Upon hearing this, the Su family head couple hurriedly urged him, “Hurry up, don’t be late, go over and invite Cheng Qin for dinner.”

“Just as long as you can handle it, we won’t interfere, promise not to interfere.”

Just let their son enjoy the sweet taste of love.

What others have had, their son will have too.

Suteng said sorry to the businessman and hurriedly left.

After he left, the war Yin couple arrived.

Eating melon did not eat a square, through the mouth of Shang Xiaofei, the couple also knew that Su Teng had found his destined daughter.

“That grandmaster that Grandma War knows is really awesome, Tong Tong, tell Grandma if you can introduce me to him, I also want to let the grandmaster do some calculations for me to see when I can become the richest woman.”

Shang Xiaofei marvelled at how good that master was.

The calculations were really accurate.

Calculating that Zhan Yin and Hai Tong had a one-life conjugal destiny, under the strong interference of Grandma Zhan, Zhan Yin was forced to flash-marry Hai Tong, and in the end, he really planted himself in Hai Tong’s hands, and there was the present conjugal love.

The master said the young couple will be children of both life, this still need to go to the proof, but said Hai Tong in the autumn will have good news.

This, too, was accurate.

Then he said that Su Teng would meet his destined daughter, and also said that the girl would come to Guancheng at the age of twenty-four, all accurate.

Shang Xiaofei, who never believed in metaphysics, became interested in that legendary master and wanted to find the other party to tell her fortune.

Hai Tong laughed: “It’s a little late for you to be interested now.”

Shang Xiaofei: “……How late?”

“The master said last time, he has finished his destiny with us people, so that my grandmother does not need to find him again in the future, even if he does, he will not see his grandmother again, will not see us, this kind of really high people, everything is about cause and effect.”

The other party thought that there was a karmic connection with them, so he befriended grandma and was deeply trusted by her.

When the karma is over, it is Old Lady War, who has been acquainted for many years, who no longer gives face.

“War Yin brothers nine people, grandmother also just help him count, mainly that master is only willing to help him count, the other side said, he and war Yin in a previous life acquaintance, owed war Yin a little debt, only willing to see my husband and wife a time.”

Everyone also felt that that master was so powerful.

Since the worldly guru said that the earthly karma was over, they could not force it anymore.

Su family head said, “I was thinking of preparing thick gifts to reward that master, but I never thought that the last time I saw him, it was already the end of my destiny.”

Looking at the gifts piled up on the coffee table, the Su family head added, “Mrs Shang, today my husband and wife have surprised you, these things will be taken as our reparation, that loser Su Teng has created a nuisance for Miss Shang, we apologise to Miss Shang on his behalf.”