Doting Billionaire Chapter 2281

It was actually Su Teng’s first taste of moving his heart, he couldn’t control his feelings anymore.

“Dad, mum, I didn’t want to let you guys know so soon, that’s because I was afraid that your passion would scare Cheng Qin, but you guys mistakenly thought that I have something for Miss Shang, and even more so, you ran to propose marriage without my consent and without asking me, so I can only tell you guys first, so that you guys can have peace of mind.”

“Daughter-in-law, you guys will definitely have one, but it’s not Miss Shang, in the future, you guys don’t bother Miss Shang anymore.”

After Su Teng finished speaking to his parents, he then solemnly apologised to Shang Xiaofei, he apologetically said, “Miss Shang, it’s my fault for disturbing you during this period of time, and adding to your troubles, I lost to Tang Yongan, and had to do this for him.”

“Don’t blame Tang Yongan either, he was scared by Auntie Feng.”

Shang Xiaofei had eaten the big melon of Young Lord Su’s romance and satisfied her gossip curiosity, she had long since stopped being angry.

Besides, Hai Tong had been honest with her and told her the truth.

Even if she was angry, she was all over it.

She generously said, “I know the main source of this matter is because of my mother, before I came back, Tong Tong told me, Mr Tang is trying to make my mother die setting me up with him, and look for his cousin to complain.”

“War Yin gave him a trick, I can also understand War Yin’s, that is his own cousin, cousin help door, he can not say a few words?”

Junran: “……”

It turns out to be the trick that war Yin supports.

In vain he so trust war Yin it, the two families gradually close, business and depth of cooperation, war Yin pit up him, no soft ah.

Su Teng laughed, said: “In the past, everyone’s evaluation of Miss Shang, are false, in the future, who dares to say Miss Shang arrogant, unreasonable, I heard, big slap pumped over, for you to correct the name.”

Shang Xiaofei is clearly a generous, sensible and reasonable good girl.

The people out there are probably jealous of Shang Xiaofei’s good family, able to act rashly, envious and jealous at the same time, they can not help but denigrate Shang Xiaofei, giving Shang Xiaofei a bad reputation.

Shang Xiaofei’s character, again, no matter what you say, I want to do what I do.

After a long time, her reputation will be ruined.

Fortunately, Jun Ran is a person who knows what he is doing and fell in love with Shang Xiaofei.

Shang Xiaofei laughed indifferently: “Mouth long in them, what they have to say on what they say, I heard, retort back that is, did not hear, as if they did not say, let them talk about the sky to go, I will not lose a piece of meat, why should they because they affect their mood?”

This is her nature.

Su Teng said to Jun Ran, “Jun Fifth, you are a man with vision and good fortune.”

Jun Ran smiled, “Thank you, I also think I am a blessed man.”

The way he looked at Shang Xiaofei was full of deep love.

Su Teng also said to Mrs Shang and her husband, “Uncle Shang, Aunt Feng, look at how good Jun Fifth Shao and Miss Shang’s relationship is, even though the Jun family is a little bit far away, Jun Fifth Shao is staying in Guancheng for a long time, that big villa next door to your house that is still being renovated is also Jun Fifth Shao’s house, he will live there in the future.”

“If you approve of Jun Fifth Shao, you will have one more very good son-in-law, and if you oppose it, I think that at the end of the day, you will still accept it, or else if you miss out on Jun Fifth Shao as a good son-in-law, you’ll regret it, and you’ll also be ashamed of your precious daughter.”

“The main reason for causing this incident today is also because of Aunt Feng.”

Mrs Shang pursed her lips.

Mr Shang snapped, not knowing what to say either.

The one who strongly opposed his daughter marrying far away was his wife.

He actually admired Jun Ran.