Doting Billionaire Chapter 2150

Junran took over Hai Tong’s words as he said, “Even if you go, Xiaofei will still follow, she is very career orientated now.”

War Yin picked up the conversation.

Mu Qing laughed: “Let’s go back to the mountain village first, it’s windy here.”

“Sooner or later, Xiaofei is a member of my Jun family, it’s the same whenever we meet.”

Jun Ran blushes slightly, but springs to life.

He and Shang Xiaofei can already see a bit of light, as long as Mrs Shang stops tossing around and arranging love rivals for him, I believe that he will be able to hold a beautiful woman before long.

Jun Wu Shao thought too well, but could not imagine that in the near future he still had to turn to his parents and siblings for help, after his parents and siblings flew a trip to Guancheng, he and Shang Xiaofei’s marriage is only settled.

Mu Qing held Hai Tong’s arm, the two young grandmothers were close as they walked ahead.

“Dr Cheng is out of the month, right?”

Hai Tong asked Mu Qing, “Yunchu almost had an accident some time ago, although Yichen helped her deal with those people, he is still very anxious and hopes that Yunchu’s eyes can be cured quickly.”

Ning Yunchu is no longer smart and capable, she can’t see this weakness, she is most likely to be attacked, and if she is not careful, she will be hurt.

Last time, the people who wanted to kidnap Yunchu were really her two great aunts who were up to no good.

Right now, the Cui and Jin families are probably crying for help.

War Yichen had the evidence, and retaliating against those two families and taking revenge for Ning Yunchu was without mercy.

To move Ning Yunchu was to make an enemy of War Yichen, an enemy of the War family!

Don’t think that if they are related to Yunchu, War Yichen will be merciful, as long as Yunchu doesn’t open her mouth, War Yichen won’t be merciful anymore.

Those two families always thought that Ning Yunchu would always look at the aunt and nephew, and would not lay down a deadly hand, and tried several times, but War Yichen didn’t make a move, thinking that it was Yunchu who held War Yichen back, and didn’t allow War Yichen to deal with her relatives.

The Cui family and the Jin family are the only ones who are getting more and more bold, and even want to kidnap Ning Yunchu, touching War Yichen’s scales, and will lose layers of skin even if they don’t die.

Jun Fei was only a month or so younger than the Night Yao siblings, and for his full moon wine, Jun Qin didn’t want to invite the War family, he was annoyed that War Yichen was always bothering his wife, plus he didn’t have much of a friendship with the War family brothers.

When he said he would not invite the war family, Mu Qing was not in a good position to do it for him, so Hai Tong did not even know that Dr Cheng was out of the month.

“Is your brother-in-law alright?”

Mu Qing asked about Ning Yunchu with concern.

“Luckily I came across it, Yunchu is fine, but it was so close at that time, those bastards imitated pretending to be Yichen, Yunchu almost fell for it and was taken on board by them, luckily I found out in the end.”

As a matter of fact, Cheng Lingling was also eager to get out of the gate.

She had brought her baby band to get dizzy and Jun Fei liked to cry.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Jun Fei was really too small and the Divine Doctor hadn’t come over yet when he went back to do his business, Cheng Lingling had to take care of her son even if she was annoyed with his crying, otherwise she would have been out of the gate a long time ago.

“Dr Cheng is Yunchu’s last hope.”

Hai Tong could understand her brother-in-law’s anxiety.

She also really hopes that Yun Chu’s eyes will get better soon.