Doting Billionaire Chapter 2148

Even if he is very good, he has more money than he can spend in several lifetimes, she still insists on earning her own money and spending it herself.

She said that spending the money s

he earned is especially cool and has no psychological burden.

His property are given to her, but she rarely spend his money.

“I’m fine, I’m young, my body is good, I’m full of energy, after falling asleep so early last night, I feel especially good in spirit right now.”

Saying this, Hai Tong sat up and laughed, “It seems like I haven’t prepared a loving breakfast for you for a long time, I woke up early today, I’ll go prepare a loving breakfast for you.”

Zhan Yin also smiled, “I suddenly miss the ordinary couple life during the time we just got a licence, you get up every morning, either make your own congee and cook noodles, or go outside to pack intestinal noodles, I ate the intestinal noodles you packed back for the first time at that time.”

“I miss it too, why don’t we just go back to Famous Garden for a while tonight?”

“You decide on it.”

War Yin doted on her, in their house, she had the final say.

“I’m going to take a shower first, I’ll go downstairs in a while to make you breakfast.”

War Yin said a sentence: “Now the kitchen are preparing breakfast, the weekend, let’s do it, we all rest on the weekend, you make me love breakfast again.”

“The weekend has just passed, and have to pass a few days before the weekend, not, after two days, we have to go to a city, in advance to go over to live for two days, I want to Yan Yan.”

War Yin thought about it and said, “That’s fine.”

Only then did Hai Tong go to take a shower.

When she came out of the bathroom, her man had already changed his clothes and was sitting in front of the dressing table waiting for her.

Seeing that she had even washed her hair, he immediately went to get a hair dryer and said of her, “Early in the morning, why did you wash your hair.”

“When I took a bath, I accidentally wet my hair, so I simply washed even my hair together.”

War Yin went forward and pulled her, pulling her to sit in front of the dressing table as he blew her hair.

She, on the other hand, looked at him through the mirror.

“War Yin.”


“Will the people outside be surprised if they see you personally blow-drying my hair?You’re in their eyes, that’s the high and mighty Young Warrior.”

War Yin smiled and said: “Manage what others think, I do what I want to do, as long as I am happy, you are happy on the line, in the eyes of others how to evaluate me, I do not care, as long as in your eyes, I am a qualified husband on the line.”

His machismo could not be posed in front of her.

I still remember when they first got married, he was always centred on himself, always thinking that Hai Tong was submissive to him, the couple was prone to conflicts and cold wars, in the end, he didn’t change Hai Tong, instead it was Hai Tong who changed him.

“Qualified, you are not only qualified, you are also excellent, you are a model husband.”

War Yin smiled.

Getting her approval was the most important thing.

The couple dawdled in their room for a while before going downstairs.

After breakfast, they took a walk in the courtyard to breathe in the fresh air.

Near eight o’clock, the couple went out together again.

War Yin first sent Hai Tong to the Vegetable and Melon Company before he returned to the War Group.

A busy day kicked off.