Doting Billionaire Chapter 2147

When Hai Tong woke up, it was the next morning.

She opened her eyes and saw herself lying on the bed, a little confused, wasn’t she in the car?

How long had she been asleep?

Tilting her head, she saw the sleeping man beside her, so she turned on her side and just quietly looked at War Yin.

Looking at it, couldn’t help but reach out to touch his face.

This excellent man, is hers!

Such thoughts made Hai Tong’s heart sweet.

Wanted to come closer to kiss his face, but Zhaoyin opened his eyes, saw her come over, guessed what she wanted to do, he closed his eyes again.

Hai Tong low laugh, “Wake up.”

“Didn’t wake up, dreaming, dreaming that my wife wanted to kiss me, I waited for her to finish kissing, I woke up again.”

Haitong puffed and laughed.

“All talking and still saying you’re not awake.”

“I talk in my sleep.”

Hai Tong wasn’t shy, she rolled over and covered his body, leaned down and kissed him on the lips, he pressed down on her head with one hand to deepen the kiss, but she moved her lips away, then planted a few tiny kisses on his face.

“It’s okay to wake up.”

War Yin opened his eyes, not very satisfied, he also poked Hai Tong’s red lips and said, “If I had known that you were going to kiss me, I would have slept a little longer, and I would have woken up after you stripped me.”

Hai Tong rolled down from his body, reached out and lightly pinched his face, “You’re asleep, I won’t pickpocket your clothes, unlike you, people fall asleep, all ……”

War Yin took her into his arms and laughed lowly, “I only do it once in a while.”

“What time is it now?How long have I slept?”

War Yin took over the mobile phone to look at the time, said: “Still early, less than seven o’clock.”

“It’s dawn outside.”

“Recently, you don’t run around, more time to rest, even yangyang so small will say that you are always sleepy, that’s because you don’t have a good rest, the sleep time is reduced, last night when I came back, in the car with me for a few minutes to say words, you dreamed of zhougong to go.”

“When I arrived home, I carried you out of the car, and you didn’t react, you slept heavily, in the past, if I just picked you up, you would wake up.Last night, when I put you back on the bed to lie down, you were still sleeping, so it’s obvious that you were tired and sleepy.”

Hai Tong playfully spat out her tongue, “I don’t even know, I just felt my eyelids heavy, I wanted to sleep, and I squinted my eyes thinking about it, who knew that I slept so fast, I’m usually too busy and don’t get enough rest, it’s also true, I have dark circles under my eyes.”

“That’s true, it hurts me to see it.Tong Tong, you’re already very good now, the vegetable and melon fruit company that you three founded, is already on track, the workers, and the delivery vehicles are also getting more and more.”

“The sales of the vegetable farm also don’t need to worry, you guys now even the neighbouring city’s list have taken a lot, those small businesses in our family, my mother is still in charge of, you don’t lead from my mother’s hand all at once, then my mother is idle and bored at home.”

“You just learn to learn can, leave my mother to manage a few more years, we couple of those business, I also have professional managers to take care of, you just know how much business we have on the line, do not have to do everything personally.”

“It hurts my heart to see you tired.”

It’s good to have a self-reliant wife, but seeing his wife desperately trying to climb up the ladder and paying so much in order to be worthy of him, War Yin’s heart aches to the point that he would rather she had no ambition, and just be at ease at home as a great young grandmother.

Unfortunately, Hai Tong could never be a full-time young grandma.

Her sister’s failed marriage made her firmly believe that a woman, whether before or after marriage, must have a job and maintain financial independence.