Doting Billionaire Chapter 1995

Qiao Dong took War Hao Yu to go fishing, and the two of them fished for an afternoon.

In the evening, the two carried two buckets home.

Qiao Dong’s bucket has only a dozen small fish in it, but there are dozens of small fish in War Hao Yu’s bucket.

“Hao Yu, you’re really good at fishing, they’re all fishing, same rod, same bait, how come the fish always go to your side, always on your hook, I’m the one who has caught the least amount of fish today since I’ve been into fishing.”

Qiao Dong is walking and praising War Hao Yu can fish.

War Hao Yu laughed: “Uncle Qiao, that was my luck, maybe those fishes saw that I was good looking, so they ran to eat my bait.”

Qiao Dong laughed loudly, “Right, right, right, it’s that you’re young and handsome, even the fish are charmed by you. Hao Yu, what else do you know?”

“I think Uncle Qiao should ask me what else I don’t know, our family brothers are all multi-talented, my grandma said that even if we have a lot of skills, we are allowed to learn what we want to learn, and what we don’t want to learn we also have to learn.”

“We can say that we know all about qin, chess, poetry and painting, whether we are proficient or not is another story.”

Qiao Dong said, “Your grandmother is known to be able to cultivate children, your father’s generation as well as your generation are all cultivated by your grandmother, each and every one of them is so excellent.”

“Uncle Qiao is complimentary, Uncle Qiao and Auntie Qiao are also very good at raising children ah, Qiao Han and Qiao Xuan are also exceptionally good, I don’t think there’s an old man in Jiangcheng who doesn’t envy you.”

War Hao Yu’s compliments complimented Qiao Dong so much that he couldn’t close his mouth with a smile.

He asked War Hao Yu, “Are you planning to roast all of these small fishes for dinner? Then I’ll tell the housekeeper to prepare more ingredients, so we’ll just have a barbecue tonight. I’ll call Qiao Han and Qiao Xuan to come back, as well as your aunts, it’s crowded and lively.”

Qiao Dong said and called Qiao Han, Qiao Han was just getting ready to leave work when she received a call from her father, she asked in a low voice on the phone, “Dad, is something wrong?”

“Can’t I call you if something’s wrong? You’re off work, aren’t you? Do you have any social engagements tonight? If you do, push it off, call your brother to come home for dinner, have a barbecue, it tastes good with a lot of people.”

Qiao Han replied, “Dad, I’m going to have a social engagement, I can’t go back to eat with you, if you think the number of people is too small, call my cousins and make sure the house is hot.”

She had a dozen cousins. She had a dozen cousins.

Qiao Dong said, “That is too noisy again, the entertainment is pushed, or arrange for someone else to go, you give me back, every day are concerned about the work work work work, do not know to accompany your parents, we are getting older, the children always do not go home, will feel lonely and lonely.”

“Right, Hao Yu in, in the afternoon, Hao Yu and I went fishing, we caught a lot of fish, Hao Yu said he wanted to grill the fish to eat, I thought it was too monotonous to eat grilled fish alone, so I let the kitchen prepare more ingredients, and we’ll eat barbecue tonight.”

“Ahan, you don’t know how capable Hao Yu is, he’s too good at fishing, he caught a small half bucket of fish, come back soon and try Hao Yu’s barbecued fish later, he said he’s a great cook.”

Upon hearing this, Qiao Han’s face was dark, she asked in a low cold voice, “Dad, when did he go over there, he corrupted your son’s reputation, you actually went fishing with him, why don’t you take a broom and beat him out!”

No wonder he didn’t bother her again for an afternoon.

It turned out that he had run off to go fishing with her dad.

Her parents had already taken a liking to him and wanted to set the two of them up, and it took some self-help on her part for them to lighten up a bit.

But now that War Hao Yu was courting her, her parents were probably covering their mouths and snickering.

“I’ve said he’s coming over to accompany dad to go fishing this afternoon. How did he tarnish your reputation, he just likes you and is boldly courting you. Ahan ah, dad isn’t afraid of you getting angry, dad is telling you the truth, dad does appreciate Hao Yu.”

“You give Haoyu a chance to get along and get along well, as time goes by, you’ll realise Haoyu’s merits, he really is full of merits.”

Qiao Han: “”

“Hurry up and come back, remember to call on Qiao Xuan ha, if you don’t come back, Dad and Haoyu will drink more, it’s not good if you get drunk and talk nonsense.”

Qiao Dong said and hung up the phone.

Qiao Han was so angry by his father’s last words that he wanted to slam the phone.

Her dad was actually trying to betray her!

Is he that desperate to marry her off?