Doting Billionaire Chapter 1994

Mr Joe: “”

He couldn’t say it, and he couldn’t say it wasn’t, so he simply didn’t say anything, not realising that his lack of speech was tantamount to acquiescence, allowing War Hao Yu to further corroborate Qiao Han’s status as a woman.

“You’re not gay?”

General Qiao deliberately asked.

War Hao Yu smiled, “If Qiao Han is a real man, then I’m gay, and whether I’m gay or not follows Qiao Han’s transformation.”

General Manager Qiao: “”

He wanted to ask War Hao Yu how he knew that his “eldest son” was a woman, but he also felt that asking would be the same as admitting his daughter’s identity, and if she knew, she would have to get angry with him again.

“You young people’s affairs, you deal with them yourselves, we, as elders, do not interfere.”

General Manager Qiao could only cover it up like this.

War Hao Yu laughed, “Uncle Qiao and auntie are both like my parents, they are very enlightened parents, some other day when you are free, invite uncle Qiao and auntie to Oat Villa, my parents can definitely get along with you as good friends.”

Mr Qiao also smiled, the two continued to walk out, “After Mr Su’s wedding, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen your parents, some other day we’ll go over and pay a visit.”

At the end, General Manager Qiao is still a bit uneasy and asks, “Haoyu, you pursue my family Ahan, your aunt and I don’t interfere and have no opinion, this is your young people’s business, but didn’t your grandmother arrange a wife candidate for you?”

“Are you sure you can set up your grandmother.”

Old Lady War’s position in the War family that was supreme, even War Yin, the family member, could not do as she wished in front of her grandmother, otherwise he would not have married Hai Tong under her grandmother’s softness and hardness.

Now that the young couple is in a good relationship, only then does War Yin feel that his grandmother’s decision was right in the first place.

If the couple had been as respectful as ice, it is hard to guarantee that the war Yin will not blame the grandmother.

War Hao Yu affirmed, “Uncle Qiao, don’t worry, if I dare to pursue Qiao Han, I guarantee that I won’t be negative towards her, and our sons and daughters of the War family won’t play with other people’s feelings.” War Hao Yu definitely said, “Uncle Qiao, don’t worry, if I dare to pursue Qiao Han, I guarantee that I won’t be negative towards her, and our War family’s sons and daughters won’t play with other people’s feelings.”

He never told Qiao Dong that the wife candidate his grandmother picked for him was Qiao Han.

This matter, he wanted to say to Qiao Han in person.

It was guaranteed to reap a wave of shock.

Right now, it was estimated that Qiao Han couldn’t understand how he knew she was a woman even if he thought about it.

War Hao Yu belly up and confirms from Qiao Dong that Qiao Han is really a woman, but he is also curious about how his grandmother found the break.

If it wasn’t for the fact that both second brother and sister-in-law suggested that he pursue Qiao Han directly, he couldn’t believe that Qiao Han was a woman because he couldn’t find half a crack.

He was merely trusting that his grandmother wouldn’t trap him.

His heart had been beating the drums for fear that something would go wrong at his grandmother’s place and cause him to actually pursue a man.

Luckily, it turned out that his grandmother still loved them and was unlikely to screw him over in a marriage matter.

“I don’t worry, your Battle Family’s family style is notoriously good, apart from the Jun Family in A City, you can’t find a third big family with a family style as good as yours.”

Qiao Dong’s couple had a good relationship, but it didn’t mean that everyone in Qiao’s family was good.

Anyway, every family has a difficult scripture ah.

“The Jun family also has close dealings with our War family, my sister-in-law and the Jun family’s great young grandmother are close friends, and Jun Fifth Youngster is pursuing my sister-in-law’s own cousin, so the two families are already inextricably linked.”

Qiao Dong was unaware of this.

Listening to what Zhan Hao Yu said, he became more and more determined to support Zhan Hao Yu in pursuing his daughter.

As long as they became in-laws with the War family, it could bring a lot of benefits to both sides.