Doting Billionaire Chapter 1989

Qiao Han’s eyes twinkled as she asked him, ”What do you mean by that? Your sister-in-law’s sisters look like Feng Qing? Your sister-in-law has lost sisters?”

“I can be sure that my sister-in-law only has one sister, Hai Ling, she doesn’t have any biological sisters, cousins do exist, but her cousins don’t look like Sister Hai Ling.”

War Hao Yu said, “I just think it’s too strange, how can people who don’t know each other look so much like each other, so I want to ask General Qiao if the Feng family has any children who have been strayed, not recently, but decades ago.”

“It’s impossible for my sister-in-law’s sisters to be the Feng family’s stray children, I’m well aware of the Hai family’s affairs.”

“But my sister-in-law’s deceased mother was an orphan, it seems that she was sent to an orphanage only at the age of a few years, and then she was adopted, it’s just that she was unlucky, after her adoptive parents had a child of their own, they gave her to someone else to raise, and someone else gave her to someone else, and it changed hands several times.”

“Causing Mrs Shang to search for her sister all took a lot of effort, spending decades until she met Yang Yang, then she found both of my sister-in-law’s sisters, Yang Yang is my sister-in-law’s nephew, who looks a lot like Sister Hai Ling.”

Qiao Han asked him, “Are you suspecting that your sister-in-law’s mother was the previous head of the Feng family, the Feng family, that is, the current head of the family’s eldest sister, but there were two daughters who were lost decades ago.”

As soon as he heard this, War Hao Yu knew there was a story and hurriedly asked Qiao Han.

Qiao Han also did not hide it, and told all she knew about the Feng family’s family history to War Hao Yu.

After hearing this, War Hao Yu immediately took out his mobile phone and called his mother, and when she answered the phone, he asked her, “Mom, what’s Mrs Shang’s surname?”

“What is Mrs Shang’s surname? Why are you suddenly asking this question? What does her surname have to do with you? You’re chasing after my wife in Jiangcheng properly, don’t give me the whole thing.”

“Mum, I’m chasing after my wife, it’s just that your future daughter-in-law is not easy to chase after.”

Qiao Han listened on the opposite side, speechless to the extreme.

War Hao Yu’s own mother was aware of what War Hao Yu had done in Jiang Cheng.

Surprisingly, acquiesced, and even urged War Hao Yu to pursue his wife properly Surprisingly, acquiesced, and even urged War Hao Yu to pursue his wife properly.

“Mum, tell me first, what is Mrs Shang’s surname.”

“Mrs Shang’s surname is Feng, single name Ying, very few people ask what her surname is anymore, what are you suddenly asking her surname for?”

Third Mistress War was suspicious, not understanding why her son asked this.

“It’s okay, mum, you get busy, I’ll hang up first.”

“Don’t hang up the phone first, mum tell you ha, your first and second uncle’s mother both have daughter-in-laws, I’m the only one who doesn’t have one yet, you fight for me, bring me a daughter-in-law back earlier, you said that you and the second one received the photo from your grandma together, other people’s second one is engaged, and you, you’re still in the same place!”

His own son can talk a lot, but he is not as good as War Yichen.

Other people’s War Yichen is engaged, her son still has no progress.

Third Mrs War reminded her eldest son, “Hao Yu, the time your grandmother gave you is only a few months away, if you don’t work harder, you won’t even come back for the New Year.”

“Mum, I know, don’t rush me anymore, I know what’s in my heart.”

He wasn’t a fast horse to catch up with his second brother.

Big brother is unable to catch up, can only catch up with the second brother’s footsteps, may also be able to grab before the second brother, the first wedding it.

Qiao Han would like to grab the war Hao Yu’s mobile phone, to the war third wife of the complaint, listening to the mother and son’s dialogue, she finally endured, and even did not say a word.

Soon after, War Hao Yu ended the call, casually placing his mobile phone on the desk, and said to Qiao Han, “I don’t even dare to contact my mother, every time I do, my mother is always urging for a wedding, urging my head to get big.”