Doting Billionaire Chapter 1985

“Mr Qiao, Mr War is here.”

The secretary said respectfully.

Qiao Han did not turn around, she just waved her hand, signalling that the secretary could go out.

The secretary invited Zhan Hao Yu to take a seat in front of the set of sofa in the waiting area, and once again went to pour Zhan Hao Yu a cup of warm boiled water before silently exiting the president’s office and helping the two people close the door.

When the secretary had gone out, War Hao Yu got up, walked to Qiao Han’s side, and extended his hand towards her.

Qiao Han inclined her head to look at him, not understanding.

“Mr Qiao give me a cigarette to smoke, I haven’t smoked in a long time, and seeing Mr Qiao smoking, I’m a bit addicted to cigarettes.”

Qiao Han fell silent before fumbling for a packet of cigarettes, pulling out a cigarette and handing it to War Hao Yu.

“Lend me the lighter.”

War Hao Yu borrowed a lighter from her.

He actually didn’t usually smoke much because his sister-in-law and also Shen Xiaojun didn’t like the smell of tobacco, and then War Yin and Su Nan almost didn’t touch cigarettes now, which made a few young masters in the War family think that maybe their fiancées didn’t like the smell of tobacco either.

Therefore, several of them also reduced the number of times they smoked.

Su Nan was even more so.

After Shen Xiaojun got pregnant, he didn’t touch cigarettes or alcohol.

War Yin couple are always preparing for pregnancy, also do not smoke and drink alcohol.

“The lighter is on the table, go get it yourself.”

Qiao Han said.

War Hao Yu twisted towards her desk and saw a lighter that looked like a small car on her desktop.

As he lit his own piece of cigarette, he said, “Qiao Han, your lighter is quite special, those who don’t know about it would think it’s a small toy car when they see it.” As he lit his cigarette, he said, “Qiao Han, your lighter is quite special, unknowing people who see it still think it’s a small toy car.”

Qiao Han didn’t take his words.

After War Hao Yu lit his cigarette, he went back to her side and looked at her while smoking his cigarette.

“What is Chief War doing looking at me like this.”

“Qiao Han, you are looking better and better, I was thinking that if you change into a long skirt, put on a wig, wear high heels, and put on light make-up, you would be absolutely beautiful.”

Qiao Han chilled her face and said coldly, “When Chief War changes into a long skirt, puts on a long wig, wears high-eye shoes, and flaunts the city, then come back and talk to me.”

Having said that she was a man, War Hao Yu just didn’t believe her, still treating her as a woman.

Surprisingly, he wanted her to wear a skirt.

She hadn’t worn a skirt since she grew up.

Didn’t like dresses either.

Her mother had once bought her a beautiful dress and snuck it to her, and she had given it to her own cousin, who had been mad with joy.

Said something about how rare it was to receive a skirt from her first cousin, and praised her for having the good sense to buy a beautiful skirt.

War Hao Yu laughed: “Is it true that if I wear it like that, General Qiao will wear it like that?”

Qiao Han doesn’t answer.

She didn’t dare to commit herself casually, who knew if War Hao Yu would really wear women’s clothes?

The fact that War Hao Yu dared to pursue her openly and didn’t care about being treated like a homosexual showed that this man was genuinely thick-skinned, and wearing women’s clothing was still a possibility.

“Usually I rarely see Mr Qiao smoking, I thought Mr Qiao wouldn’t smoke.”

After all, she was a woman.