Doting Billionaire Chapter 1980

Manager Dong also smiled and responded, “Good morning too, Chief War. Mr War, I’ve done everything you ordered me to do for you this morning last night.”

Saying this, he handed the bouquet of flowers as well as a few bags to War Hao Yu.

War Hao Yu said to Qiao Han that he would let Avenida Villa side help him to airlift a batch of roses over, it was true, but that batch of roses was used to set up a sea of flowers, the usual bouquet of flowers given to Qiao Han still needed to be bought in Jiang Cheng.

He knew that the florists in Jiangcheng really didn’t sell rose bouquets to him.

It was hard to beat him.

It would be the same if he arranged for someone from the hotel to buy a bouquet for him.

No, he got up early in the morning and the bouquet was all bought for him.

War Hao Yu took the bouquet and a few bags and thanked Manager Dong.

“Mr War is polite, if there is anything you need in the future, just order.”

Mr War usually seldom comes to Jiangcheng, the hotel’s management wants to hold his thighs are difficult, it’s not easy to have the opportunity to serve Mr War, Manager Dong is eager to do so, he has a firm mouth, and will never tell what Mr War has ordered him to do.

“Thank you, I will look for your help if I need it, Manager Dong, I won’t bother you with your work, I’ll leave first.”

In addition to having Manager Dong buy him a bouquet of flowers, a long skirt, a pair of high heels, and then two packed breakfasts, War Hao Yu had asked Manager Dong to buy him a bouquet of flowers, a long skirt, a pair of high heels, and then two packed breakfasts.

The bouquet of flowers and the skirt and high heels were his early morning gift to Qiao Han, an early morning gift, and there would be another gift at noon.

The breakfast, too, was for Qiao Han.

He was going to have breakfast with Qiao Han!

After War Hao Yu went out of the hotel, he first went to the car park of Guang Yuan Hotel diagonally across the street to open his car, last night he drank wine, he did not drive again, the car was parked on the car park of Guang Yuan Hotel.

A few minutes later, the Maybach that Qiao Han wanted to smash when she saw it drove away from the Guangyuan Hotel’s car park.

War Hao Yu was in a good mood, he was humming a little song all the way.

When he arrived at Qiao’s Group, he was stopped by the security guards who wouldn’t let him drive into the company.

“Mr War, our General Manager Qiao has instructed that in the future, when Mr War comes over, he can’t even let Mr War enter the company without his consent, so please don’t make it difficult for us.” “Mr War, our Mr Qiao has ordered that in the future, when Mr War comes over, he can’t let Mr War enter the company without his consent, please Mr War don’t make things difficult for us.”

The security chief of Qiao Group personally stopped War Hao Yu from entering Qiao Group.

Because of War Hao Yu, their General Manager Qiao had become a hot topic in Jiang Cheng.

War Hao Yu wasn’t angry when he was stopped from entering the company, he pressed down the window and asked the security chief, “Is your General Manager Qiao here?”

The security captain said, “This, I don’t know, I just came to the duty room.”

Through the car window that War Hao Yu pressed down, the security captain saw the bouquet of flowers placed on the passenger seat, as well as a few bags, without having to ask, he knew that it was prepared by War Hao Yu for their General Manager Qiao.

War Hao Yu looked at the time and said, “It’s not even eight o’clock yet, I think that Qiao Han should still be on her way to the company, so I’ll wait here for a while, and when she comes, I’ll follow her in and not make things difficult for you.”

“Thank you, Mr War, for your understanding and consideration.”

The security chief was grateful.

He was really afraid that War Hao Yu would forcefully barge in.

While talking, Qiao Han’s convoy arrived.

Since War Hao Yu’s car was parked right in the middle of the company’s entrance, it wasn’t so much as to block the way in and out, but it was too obvious.

As soon as Qiao Han’s driver saw the Maybach, he said to Qiao Han, “Young master, Third Young Master War is here again, that car is Third Young Master War’s.”

Their Eldest Young Master’s usual car driver was also a Maybach, and ever since Battle Third Young Master openly said that he wanted to pursue the Eldest Young Master, the Eldest Young Master had all changed his car, choosing to ride in a Rolls Royce.

Qiao Han’s handsome face sank.

This bastard, he really is a ghost.

After drinking last night, she thought that War Hao Yu wouldn’t get up early today, but she didn’t think that this guy would still get up so early, and even went to the company entrance before her to wait for her.

“Don’t bother with him, tell the security guards not to let him into the company.”

The security chief commanded the security guards on duty, after opening the company gate, he jogged to Qiao Han’s car, Qiao Han pressed the window at the right time