Doting Billionaire Chapter 1975

You said you brought it for food and gave me a few more bites in the yard… I’m in good health, so a couple of bites won’t do any good… I’ll just go through the motions. In years past, at this time of year, I had ice cream twice a day.”

For a foodie, thinking about eating something, you really can’t wait to get your mouth on it.

Not for a minute do you want to wait a minute.

Su Nan: “”

He spoilt his wife and was really reluctant to refuse her request.

But the family doctor said that during pregnancy, try not to eat anything cold.

“Wife, we haven’t thought of a name for our baby yet, have you thought of a good name?”

Su Nan changed the topic, wanting to distract his foodie wife so she wouldn’t be thinking about eating ice cream.

If it was suitable for her, he would give her as much as she wanted to eat.

What wasn’t suitable for her to eat, he must work hard to make himself ruthless and learn to refuse.

“It’s still early in the process of naming, it’s not too late to wait until we’re close to giving birth. Besides there’s no telling if it’ll be a son or a daughter.”

“We can take half of the boy and half of the girl’s name, so that no matter if it’s a son or a daughter, there’s a name.”

“Don’t you dare try to divert my attention, husband, good husband, just let me have a few bites of ice cream.”

Shen Xiaojun wasn’t stupid.

Su Nan changed the topic, she knew that.

She pulled it back for him.

Sunan: “If my mum scolds me, you have to protect me.”

“That’s natural, won’t let mum scold you.”

“Just a few bites?”

Shen Xiaojun nodded, “Just a few bites.” Shen Xiaojun nodded, “Just a few bites.”

One to nine, all belong to a few.

Su Nan whispered, “Later we’ll go for a walk in the courtyard first, after walking for ten minutes, I’ll go back to the house to get the ice cream, and have an excuse to say that it’s hot to walk and I want to eat it.”

Shen Xiaojun nodded her head, as long as he promised to let her have a good time.

When she was pregnant and wanted to eat something, she wanted it so badly that she couldn’t wait to have it in her mouth immediately.

I’ve heard that after pregnancy, many people are like this.

What you normally don’t like to eat, you become fond of.

What you like to eat, you don’t want to eat instead.

She was going to write down these changes during pregnancy in the form of a diary and give it to Haitong and Xiaofei as a reference later.

The young couple went downstairs and walked straight through the hall and out of the house.

Seeing that Su Nan accompanied Shen Xiaojun, no one asked them where they were going.

A while later, Su Nan returned.

Mrs Su wasn’t there, and when the housekeeper saw him come back, he asked, “Where’s young granny?”

“Sitting under the gazebo in the courtyard, it’s a bit windy tonight, the courtyard is much cooler. But it’s still hot after walking around, I’ll take a box of ice cream out to eat.”

Su Nan said as she walked towards the fridge.

The housekeeper followed him and also said while walking, “Nan Shao, there is no more ice cream in the house, so the ice cream, cold drinks, are all cleaned out by the wife, the wife said that she is worried that the young granny will not be able to control it and bring it to eat, and Nan Shao is spoiling the young granny, he can’t control the young granny.”

Su Nan: “”

Worthy of being his own mother ah.

Seeing him through to the end.

Not only can’t he control his wife, he can’t resist her attacks.