Doting Billionaire Chapter 1974

Shen Xiaojun almost sprayed out a mouthful of milk, she laughed and said to him, “Don’t you say it, when I finish the milk, if I don’t spray you all over, you can’t blame me.”

“I don’t want to be fat, even if I’m pregnant I want to be the most beautiful pregnant mum.”

When the baby is born, she’s going to take the time to work out and regain her slim figure.

Listen to her husband’s words that he won’t mind her being fat and say yes.

Who doesn’t like beauty?

If she does become fat, he may not mind at first, gradually he will mind, then he will think that the flowers out there are so much better than she is, his heart will leave, and then he will be someone else’s man.

Back then, Zhou Honglin did not also say that kind of thing to Sister Hai Ling.

How did it turn out?

He still thinks Sister Hai Ling is fat and ugly.

Shen Xiaojun wouldn’t let herself become the second Hai Ling sister.

“Then I’ll become a fat person, fatter, so no one will like me and won’t give you any love rivals.”

Shen Xiaojun deliberately said, “I don’t even have any love rivals, I took you down easily, no sense of victory at all.”

“I am a no one wants, only my wife wants me, wife, thank you for wanting me, I promise to be good to you for the rest of my life, and love only you.”

The smart Sunan wouldn’t jump into the big hole dug by his wife.

If he dared to say that he would add two love rivals to her, so that she could have a taste of dealing with her love rivals, he wouldn’t want to sleep tonight, she would kick him out and let him sleep in the study. If he dares to say that he will give her two more love rivals, so that she can have a taste of dealing with love rivals, he will not want to sleep tonight, she will kick him out and let him sleep in the study.

He was used to sleeping with his wife, even if he had to be a vegetarian now, but he was satisfied to be able to hug his wife, and he would not be able to sleep all night if he was allowed to sleep in the study.

Shen Xiaojun grunted twice.

She finished the glass of milk and handed him the empty glass.

Su Nan took the empty cup, got up, and went into the washroom to clean the cup.

Shen Xiaojun got up and walked around the room.

Su Nan washed the cup and came out, saw her wandering around the room and asked her, ”Will you feel propped up? I see that you didn’t eat much for dinner, and the amount of milk is the same as usual, so you shouldn’t be propped up.”

“Not propped up, but still want to walk around. Honey, walk me around the yard.”

Su Nan looked at the time and said, “You can walk for half an hour, then you have to rest, sleep enough and your mood will be good.”

“I’m all about eating and sleeping, sleeping and eating, I’ve slept enough, cut the crap, hurry up, accompany me out for a walk.”

Su Nan dotedly said, “Alright, I will accompany you for as long as you want to walk, if you are tired, I will carry you back.”

Shen Xiaojun took his arm and walked out of the room with him, whispering as she walked, “Hubby, can I have ice cream later? I’ll just have a few bites to get over it.”

On a hot day, she couldn’t eat ice cream, and Shen Xiaojun was craving it.

Su Nan remembered his family doctor’s words that pregnant women try to eat as little ice cream as possible during pregnancy, and he refused his beloved wife with great difficulty, “Wife, this time next year, you’ll be able to eat ice cream, so bear with it for now, if I take it to you and eat it, if my mother finds out about it, she’ll pick my skin.”