Doting Billionaire Chapter 1972

Duan Qian Qian is my love rival, let me deal with it. After that, the project will be handed over to others to follow up, the war Yin did not follow up this matter, also to Duan General told Duan Qian Qian a complaint.”

“After that, there was a long period of time that I didn’t see Duan Qian Qian. War Yin said that Duan will always manage his daughter, but that time Duan Qian Qian still came to me. I think, maybe Duan General didn’t even know it, otherwise Duan Qian Qian won’t leave Guancheng all night long and let me off the hook.”

Hearing her best friend’s words, Shen Xiaojun took a long breath and spoke with a smile, she said, “I’m relieved when you say that, that man is definitely not War Yin, it’s not easy for both of you to come to today.”

“War Yin loves you so much and spoils you, if you say his love and favour are fake, then I can’t believe in love.”

With the nature of war Yin, indeed will not go out to steal food.

He is not that kind of person.

“This could be Duan Qian Qian’s plot, or it could just be an accident, she’s probably looking for a stand-in for War Yin.”

Speaking of this, Hai Tong sighed and complained to her best friend, “Hubby is too good to be missed by other women every day.”

“War Yin still has the nerve to eat Niansheng’s flying jealousy, if I were as jealous as he is ah, I could soak in the vinegar tank every day.”

Shen Xiaojun spoke for war Yin, she said: “This is not to blame war Yin’s, he never go to provoke peach blossom, is those peach blossom close to him, he brought so many bodyguards, is not to prevent peach blossom.”

“The more love enemies you have, means the more lucky you are, think about it, so many women like, all want to marry the man, but only love you one person, married you, spoilt you in the tip of the heart, you are the most fortunate and happy person.”

“The last thing a good person needs is suitors.”

Hai Tong said, “Isn’t this also the case with Niansheng and I. He’s all jealous, the last time he saw Niansheng at a banquet, he greeted Niansheng and said a few words, and he was so sour.”

Toss her when you get home.

Shen Xiaojun smiled cheekily, “He cares about you, that’s why he’s jealous. Back to me to tell Niansheng, in the future he attends banquets, can have to bring a female companion, can not go alone, lest war Yin again jealous.”

Her aunt has already begun to open up Niansheng’s life events, want to give Niansheng arrange a blind date, introduce his girlfriend to him.

Even though Zhang Niansheng is still young, and he has really let go of that obsession with Haitong, her aunt is still worried, and only if Niansheng has a girlfriend can her aunt feel at ease.

In the beginning, if not her and Su Nan things came to fruition, Zhang’s group may not be able to go to today it, it is estimated that the war group has long been suppressed by the closure of the group.

“Tong Tong, I’m going to drink milk, every night before I fall asleep, Su Nan wants me to drink a glass of milk, saying that it’s good for sleep, and also said that if I drink too much milk, when the baby comes out, my skin will be beautiful.”

Shen Xiaojun saw her husband bring in a glass of milk and ended her call with Hai Tong.

“You sent the photos to Hai Tong?”

Su Nan walked over with the glass of milk and put the glass in front of her, “What was Haitong’s reaction? I haven’t asked Zhaoyin yet, but I’ve asked people to investigate to see if that man is Zhaoyin or someone who looks like Zhaoyin.”

Su Nan actually believed in War Yin.

That man was no more like Battle Yin, he didn’t believe it was Battle Yin.

Anyone can cheat, he and war Yin are not men who will cheat.

They are both very devoted, as long as they are married, the rest of their lives are loyal to their wives.

Su Nan did not forget to praise himself while affirming War Yin.