Doting Billionaire Chapter 1970

What is it?”

Haitong asked casually.

“Something related to your birth.”

Hai Tong laughed, “What else can I turn up about my birth? I was born to my parents, my father was also born to my grandfather, the paternity tests have all been done, my mother and my great aunt are real sisters, and my sister-in-law and I have also had a blood test done.”

She was so simple in her birth, what else could be involved?

“When you come back, I’ll talk to you in detail, anyway, it’s related to your birth.”

War Yin deliberately hangs on to his beloved wife’s appetite, it’s best if his beloved wife can’t resist her curiosity, and fly back to accompany him early tomorrow morning, no, tonight.

“That’s fine, when I go back, you will tell me again, I would like to see what other flowers my birth can turn up.”

Hai Tong was not curious at all.

Because she was very clear about her birth, she was definitely born to her parents!

“It might even turn up a big flower.”

Hai Tong said of him, “Just make it up, if you make it up any more outrageous, I’m not even going back until the day after tomorrow.”

“The one who knows me is my wife.”

Hai Tong cried and laughed.

“You’re entertaining, I won’t take up your precious time, after you’re done, go home early, don’t be gripped by the warblers outside, oh.”

“My wife doesn’t even guard me, if there really is a warbler who takes me, what should I do?”

“Just don’t.”

War Yin: “heartless girl, I love you miserably, you actually say don’t want me don’t want me, love me is not deep enough, wait for you to come back, I will let you love me properly.”

Hai Tong hurriedly hung up the phone, not wanting to listen to the grievous words of the grumbling husband.

The couple’s video call had just ended when Hai Tong received a new message from her best friend Xiaojun. The couple’s video call had just ended when Hai Tong received a new message from her best friend Xiaojun.

She opened WeChat to see that Shen Xiaojun was sending her a dozen photos.

Clicking on the photos to look at them, Hai Tong couldn’t help but furrow her brows.

On the photos was a man and a woman, the two people were either back or side profile, no matter if it was back or side profile, the man especially looked like War Yin, her husband, who had just ended a video call with her!

The woman, because also only side face, Hai Tong at first did not identify who it was.

After looking at the dozen or so photos sent by Shen Xiaojun, she repeatedly stared at the woman on the photos several times before she could see that the woman looked like Duan Qian Qian.

Her new love rival!

When did Duan Qian Qian get together with War Yin?

How could War Yin go shopping with Duan Qian Qian behind her back?

In addition to the photos of Duan Qian Qian and the man who looks like War Yin, there are also a few bodyguards on the back of the photos.

Hai Tong remembers that Duan Qian Qian didn’t bring a bodyguard, her family man is always with a group of bodyguards when he goes out.

Is it possible that War Yin took advantage of the time she was in A City to go on a date with Duan Qian Qian behind her back?

Hai Tong wanted to call Shen Xiaojun, but Shen Xiaojun called her first.

“Tong Tong, look at the photo, is this man on the photo War Yin? I see his figure, back and side face, they are all very similar… Did Zhaoyin run out to steal food while you were not at home?”

Shen Xiaojun has a husband who eats melons and eats at the forefront, the first time she received these photos.

“Xiaojun, did you take these photos?”

In her heart, Haitong doesn’t believe that War Yin betrayed her, he doesn’t even like Duan Qian Qian.

But she has to ask clearly too.

If her best friend saw with her own eyes and took these photos, that man is either Battle Yin himself or a person whose body shape is like Battle Yin.