Doting Billionaire Chapter 1968

War Yin definitely said: “Impossible! My mother-in-law is also a sister, her sister is Mrs Shang, how many children Mrs Shang has, we are all clear. Apart from Shang Xiaofei, your sister-in-law doesn’t have any other cousins.”

“Counting further up, that is Mrs Shang’s generation, does she have any other sisters?”

War Yin added, “Mrs Shang has said that she is just two sisters, her parents and family members have all died out, and only the sisters are alive, and they were sent to the orphanage without their relatives.”

War Hao Yu: “”

“Hao Yu, did you just say the Feng family’s daughter?”

War Yin finally captured the point.

“It’s the Phoenix family’s thousand gold, Feng Qing, the Phoenix family also has a lot of topics to talk about, it can be talked about for days and nights, I won’t tell big brother that much, to make a long story short, Feng Qing is the Phoenix family master’s own daughter, but was maliciously switched by the housekeeper at the time of her birth, and the housekeeper’s daughter became the Phoenix family’s thousand gold, which is the present day Phoenix family’s second young lady.”

“Feng Qing the true Qian Jin instead grew up in the housekeeper’s old home and suffered all the poverty and hardship, I heard that the housekeeper’s family treated Feng Qing very badly, then somehow this matter was poked and prodded, and Feng Qing the true Qian Jin eventually returned to the Feng Family and became the Phoenix Family’s First Miss.”

“It’s only been a year since she returned to the Feng family, she looks weak and bullying, but in fact she’s just pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger, she’s the same kind of person as my second sister-in-law.”

War Yin interrupted him, “I don’t have time to listen to other people’s family’s gossips, I do know a little bit, my mother-in-law was originally surnamed Feng, and later changed her surname to Hong’s after she was adopted, but what her original name was, Mrs Shang didn’t say, she only knew that after she was adopted by Hong’s family, she changed her name to Hong Jiahui.”

“Mrs Shang’s maiden name I’ve heard Grandma say is Feng Ying.”

Zhan Hao Yu slapped his thigh, “Sister-in-law must have some connection with the Feng family, the Feng surname is rare, Mrs Shang’s surname is Feng, so maybe she’s someone from the Feng family. And it’s unlikely that it’s a collateral line, it’s highly likely that it’s a direct line, because sister-in-law’s sisters look like Feng Qing, the future Feng family head.”

After a moment of silence, War Yin said, “When your sister-in-law comes back, I’ll talk to her about this matter and ask her to ask Mrs Shang.”

Hopefully, his Hai Tong would not get involved in the circle of right and wrong again.

“Well, let your sister-in-law go and ask, I’ll go and poke around the Feng family again on the Jiangcheng side to see if there are any children in the Feng family who have strayed.”

Mrs Shang was now in her fifties.

If her sisters were really from the Feng family in Jiangcheng, something big must have happened to the Feng family decades ago. If her sisters were really the people of the Feng family in Jiangcheng, decades ago, something big must have happened to the Feng family.

War Hao Yu thought of the Qiao family is the Jiangcheng local mansion, surely know the Feng family’s past.

Come on, another excuse to pester Qiao Han.

“Just ask around privately, don’t make a big deal out of it, your sister-in-law’s sisters are living a happy and peaceful life now, I don’t want them to get caught up in the circle of right and wrong again.”

War Hao Yu said, “That’s natural, big brother, I’ll do my job, you can rest assured.”

War Yin said in amusement, “That mouth of yours, I don’t know if you can keep it.”

“I’m a bit tongue-tied, but I also know what to say and what not to say, I won’t let my sister-in-law get involved until the investigation is clear, the current Feng family can be as chaotic as the Wangcheng Lan family was back then.”

Of course, the Feng Clan is not as powerful as the Blue Family, even if it is not as powerful as the Blue Family, the internal strife within the family is also constant.

The main thing is, who will end up sitting as the head of the family, the two Qianjin of the Feng family?

Feng Qing is the biological, but she grew up in the countryside, just came back for a year, her foundation is not stable, her parents, brother and sister-in-law are favouring Feng Ruo, the fake daughter-in-law.

Feng Ruo has been nurtured as a successor for more than twenty years, suddenly she will lose everything, is she willing?

Ghosts don’t believe that she will be willing.

“How are you and General Manager Qiao doing?”

“Just getting the ball rolling, what can I do? She hates me to death now, and if she wasn’t well groomed enough, I think she might have beaten me up a few times.”

War Hao Yu’s words were laced with laughter.

It was obvious that he didn’t care what Qiao Han thought of him.