Doting Billionaire Chapter 1964

Mother and daughter re-entered the hotel.

Then, Feng Ruo covered her eyes with fire again because as soon as she got back into the hotel, she saw Feng Qing dancing with Qiao Han.

Not only did Feng Ruo see her eyes covered in fire, but those women who adored Qiao Han, they all wanted to kill Feng Qing with their eyes.

Then each of them looked at War Hao Yu.

War Hao Yu, however, stood there with a glass of wine, sipping the wine while watching Qiao Han dancing with Feng Qing, not only did he not have a jealous expression, instead, he vaguely carried a bit of a smile.

The crowd was greatly disappointed with this strongest love rival that was.

How not to go up and grab Qiao Shao with Feng Qing ah.

They also want to dance with Young Qiao.

Feng Qing could feel that the others were dying to stare her to death, and she gently said to Qiao Han, “Young Qiao, you asked me to dance with you, making me their common enemy.”

Qiao Han laughed softly, “Is Miss Feng Qing afraid?”

Feng Qing’s beautiful eyes twinkled as she stared at Qiao Han for a moment, she smiled, “Young Qiao, I am truly interested in you and would be happy to join the army that pursues and adores you.”

“I also appreciate Miss Feng Qing, but unfortunately, I can’t give Miss Feng Qing hope, Miss Feng Qing should look for someone else.”

The way Feng Qing looked at her was appreciative, not to the point of obsession.

Qiao Han didn’t want to let this girl fall deeper and deeper.

When she borrowed this dance to get rid of War Hao Yu’s entanglements, she was also telling Feng Qing that Feng Qing was a very quick person and would make a choice. When she borrowed this dance to get rid of War Hao Yu’s entanglement, she was also telling Feng Qing that Feng Qing was a very quick person and would make a choice.

Feng Qing indeed laughed: ”Does Young Qiao have someone he likes? Since Young Qiao has someone he likes, then I can only be an adult.”

She did appreciate Qiao Han, yet she also understood that Qiao Han would not be able to become the Feng family’s door-to-door son-in-law.

After she returned to the Feng family, she checked the family tree of the Feng family and found that the door-to-door son-in-laws recruited by successive generations of the Feng family’s family heads were not very capable, and capable men wouldn’t be door-to-door son-in-laws for their Feng family, unless they had a particularly good relationship with the family head, and could give up everything for the sake of the family head.

Since Qiao Han couldn’t give her hope, she shouldn’t get caught up in it.

Qiao Han smiled, “Miss Feng Qing is so outstanding, she will definitely be able to find a good man who truly loves you.”

“I hope to be able to honour Young Qiao’s words. However, if Young Qiao dances with me tonight, I’m afraid it will lead to a lot of trouble for me.”

After Qiao Han glanced at War Hao Yu, he said, “Don’t worry, after tomorrow, the person who will be targeted will still be General Manager War, you only need to deal with that second miss of your family. Besides, there is trouble, are you afraid?”

Feng Qing laughed.

Knowing that Qiao Han was seeing through her.

“Chief War has been staring at us, it seems like he really likes Young Qiao, I can see that he can’t take his eyes off him.”

Feng Qing also felt that War Hao Yu was staring at her.

It was just that she didn’t dare to be sure.

War Hao Yu was looking at his family Qiao Han, and also at Feng Qing, and the more he looked, the more he felt that Feng Ruo was more like his sister-in-law’s sister, Hai Ling.