Doting Billionaire Chapter 1963

Feng Ruo wanted to argue for herself, but when she saw her mother’s serious face, she ended up just bowing her head and apologising to her mother.

“Mum, I’m sorry, I was wrong this time.”

She took two more steps forward and affectionately took the arm of the Feng family head and said as if she was pampered, “Mom, I know it’s wrong, don’t be angry, I just like Qiao Shao too much, I’m already competitive, and there’s also an additional third young master of the war, we can’t get close to Qiao Shao because we’re women.”

“War third young master however can get close to Qiao Shao, Qiao Shao’s bodyguards still can’t do anything about him, he even openly wants to pursue Qiao Shao, he even piled up a huge sea of flowers in front of Qiao’s group.”

“I was so envious and jealous of him that I couldn’t help but do something like that in a moment. I didn’t expect Third Young Master War to react so quickly, I didn’t trip him, instead I was tripped by him, and the fall hurt me to death and humiliated me.”

Thinking about the fall she had just taken, Feng Ruo gritted her teeth in hatred again.

She had never been that humiliated before.

“Mum, don’t be angry, okay, I promise I won’t make such a lowly mistake in the future. Feng Qing is also, when she saw me fall, she didn’t come to help me in the first place, sister-in-law is right, she is just happy to see me make a fool of myself.”

When the tone fell, Feng family head poked her forehead and said her, “Ah Qing was eating, Qiao Shao suddenly looked for her, she didn’t even react before you fell, she said she was confused, how could she help you?”

“Ah Qing was raised in the countryside, did not learn fist and feet kung fu, reaction naturally not fast enough, you are learnt a little kung fu people, all still by the war three young masters back to you, so that you mess with people who should not mess with Ruo.”

“This is your own problem, your own mistakes, don’t keep blaming it on Ah Qing’s body, Ah Qing how to say is also my own daughter, you have to remember, if it wasn’t for your father, Ah Qing wouldn’t have suffered so much aggression.”

“What about what you owe Ah Qing, don’t keep acting like Ah Qing has robbed you.”

The Feng family head was clear as a bell in her heart, she just didn’t point it out.

She was getting older, in a few years she would not have the energy to manage the Feng Clan’s affairs anymore, at that time she needed to consider retiring and letting the heir take the throne.

But the biological daughter returned to the Feng family only a year, although pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger, is a capable person, due to the time is too short, for the time being, has not yet stood firm on the ground, she seems to continue to favour the adopted daughter, not much control of the biological daughter. But the biological daughter returned to the phoenix family only a year, although pretending to eat tigers, is capable of people, due to the time is too short, temporarily has not stood firm, she seems to continue to favour the adopted daughter, not much control of the biological daughter.

In fact, she is using her way to hone her own daughter, forcing her daughter to stand firm in just a few years, have enough ability to take over the position of the head of the family.

As for some people in the clan sneaking around to enquire about her two nieces, the Feng family head simply didn’t care.

It’s been decades, can they still be retrieved?

They were only a few years old back then, and the eldest niece may not even be able to remember them, let alone the youngest niece.

The next head of the family must be her daughter!

“Mum, I am also innocent ah, the person who did that was him, not me, I was just a newborn milk baby then, I didn’t understand or know anything.”

“How can you say that I owe Feng Qing, Feng Qing and I owe no one, because this incident happened, both of us can’t take the lead, what mum doesn’t even know, how can she and I know?”

Feng family head:”

It was her negligence that caused a dog blood plot like her daughter being set up to happen to her.

“Alright, go inside, don’t leave my side again, lest you make another stupid mistake and do something embarrassing. Remember, stay away from the third young master of the War Family in the future, the War Family, we can’t afford to offend them either.”

The Feng Clan was not even as good as the Qiao Clan in Jiang Cheng, but it was only because this family had existed for a long time and was different that it had not been pushed out of the top magnates in Jiang Cheng.

Their own family infighting was nothing, but once they fought with the big families outside, the chances of the Feng Clan winning were not great.

For so many years, the Phoenix family head had always befriended the families that were stronger than theirs, and the families that were weaker than them, she either bullied or appropriated other people’s companies to grow the Phoenix family little by little.

She hoped that one day, the Feng family could return to the peak period, the peak period, the Feng family in Jiangcheng that is the existence of the emperor of the earth.