Doting Billionaire Chapter 1956


She anxiously asked, “War Hao Yu knows you’re a woman? How did he know?”

It was the first time someone had questioned her daughter for not being a man.

Mrs Qiao’s shock was followed by surprise.

The fact that War Hao Yu questioned his daughter’s identity as a man meant that he thought her “eldest son” was a woman, and that’s why he was pursuing his daughter.

In that case, even if Old Lady War had chosen a wife for her, as long as she didn’t like her, her daughter would still have a good chance.

Mrs Qiao’s mood is like riding a roller coaster, one time it rushes up to the peak, one time it falls down, ups and downs.

Qiao Han said with a headache, “I don’t know how he got suspicious, I’m sure that when I was with him, I didn’t show any cracks.”

The longest time she spent with War Hao Yu was on weekends.

On weekdays, it was just the occasional meeting.

They didn’t spend much time together.

Those who spent time with her every day didn’t suspect that she was a woman.

“Ask him, what proof is there that you are a woman?”

Mrs Qiao’s words were laced with a bit of excitement.

Qiao Han heard the excitement in her mother’s words and knew what her mother was thinking, she nonchalantly splashed her mother with a pot of cold water, “Mom, Old Lady War has chosen a wife for War Hao Yu, sooner or later, he will have to marry that woman.”

Mrs Qiao said, “Who knows about the future. No, Ahan, what did War Hao Yu say? Where did you reveal a break that he suspected.”

She had heard that the War family had an excellent family tradition, and that the elders were all very open-minded.

Even if her Ahan wasn’t the granddaughter-in-law chosen by Old Lady Battle, her Ahan was better than countless famous girls, if Battle Hao Yu really liked Ahan, and the two of them were in love, she thought that the Battle Family elders would respect Battle Hao Yu’s choice and accept her daughter. Even if her Ahan is not the grandson’s daughter-in-law that the old lady chose, her Ahan is better than countless famous families, if the war Hao Yu really like Ahan, if the two people are in love, I think the war family elders will respect the war Hao Yu’s choice, accept her daughter.

If the war family elders could not accept the two children together, Mrs Qiao thought that their Qiao family would not mind having a son-in-law.

“He said that he relies on his feelings and thinks that I’m a woman, without proof.”

Regarding the fact that War Hao Yu said that he asked her to take off her clothes, Qiao Han did not tell her mother.

“Mum, this matter, I’ll take care of it, you and my dad don’t need to worry, and don’t think nonsense.”

Qiao Han didn’t want to discuss further on this topic.

Mrs Qiao said, “Mom knows that you’re great and can solve anything that comes your way, your father and I aren’t worried about this aspect of your ability, we’re just worried that you’re going to be an old aunt for the rest of your life.”

“Ahan ah, even though War Hao Yu has an internal candidate for a wife, it’s not like you don’t have a chance, and he’s pursuing you right now, you don’t have to respond to his feelings on the surface but you can examine him for a period of time, and if you think he’s good”


Qiao Han said helplessly, “I don’t want to marry, I’m not used to being a woman.”

She was used to being a man.

“But you’re a woman.”

“Does a woman have to marry?”

Mrs Qiao: “OK, OK, OK, I won’t force you, you’re busy, Mum’s hanging up.”

After saying that, Mrs Qiao hung up the phone.

As soon as the phone hung up, she said to her husband beside her, “Old Qiao, we can often invite War Hao Yu over for dinner in the future, he’s courting our daughter, and he questioned that Ahan isn’t a man.”

Qiao Dong was listening next to his wife as she spoke to her daughter, and had long known what was going on.

He smiled and said, “I just think that Hao Yu and our Ahan are a good match, he has vision, the children raised by the War family are just excellent, their eyes are better than anyone else.”