Doting Billionaire Chapter 1639

“Mom, I’m in our family hotel right now, I’m in room XX.”

Shang Xiaofei had to tell her mother that she was already at the hotel.

After a moment of silence, Mrs. Shang asked her, “You’re having dinner with Jun Fifth?”


Shang Xiaofei honestly admitted.

Her family was not in favor of her being with Junran, she did not listen to her family, she felt happy with Junran.

The most important thing to be happy is to be a human being.

Being with Junran could make her happy, so why wouldn’t she be with Junran?

“We’ve just arrived and haven’t ordered any food for dinner yet, why don’t Junran and I go over and accompany mom to treat Mr. Tang to dinner?”

Mrs. Shang pursed her lips before saying, “Mom will go over to you.”

After saying that, she hung up the phone.

With her phone in her hand, Shang Xiaofei looked at Jun Ran and said, “My mom wants to invite Mr. Tang for dinner, so let’s stay with him, in a while, my mom will come over, let’s not order any food first.”

Shang Xiaofei knew exactly what signature dishes her own hotel had.

Junran smiled, “Good.”

He knew Mrs. Shang was giving him a hard time.

Mr. Tang was the love rival that Mrs. Shang had found for him, although the Tang family had always kept a low profile, it was Tang Jun Ye’s mother’s family, and Tang Yong An and War Yin were cousins, so the Tang family and the merchants were door-to-door.

Can let Mrs. Shang screen out, and personally make plans to arrange for Tang Yongan and Shang Xiaofei to get to know each other, it can be seen that Tang Yongan is also a high-quality man.

When Shang Xiaofei saw that Jun Ran was very quick to agree, she wanted to say something. When Shang Xiaofei saw that Jun Ran agreed readily, she wanted to speak again and again.

“Xiaofei, just say whatever you want to say.” Jun Ran said thoughtfully.

“My mom arranged it that way, I think my mom was trying to set me up with Mr. Tang, I didn’t react the first time, no wonder my mom kept saying over and over again in front of me how much better Mr. Tang is, just now I reacted to the fact that my mom was playing with that idea.”

Jun Ran still said gently, “I know, as early as the first time I met Mr. Tang and heard Auntie praising Mr. Tang fiercely, I had that premonition.”

For this reason, he also purposely called War Yin to ask about Tang Yongan’s feelings, and determined that Tang Yongan was now single and did not have a girlfriend.

War Yin laughed at him for being sketchy.

Jun Ran is rather grass and trees are not willing to prevent less than one person.

He shall not be recognized by the merchants, and although Shang Xiaofei is sometimes capricious and has her own opinions, she is still filial.

If Mrs. Shang insisted that she and Tang Yongan try to date, Shang Xiaofei might compromise.

This was the reason why Jun Ran immediately guarded against Tang Yong An as a love rival when she saw Shang Xiao Fei send him out the door.

War Yin was lucky to have a grandmother to help him arrange everything and get a license straight away, he hadn’t experienced fighting with people for his wife and couldn’t appreciate Jun Ran’s nervousness.

Shang Xiaofei: “”

When he first met Tang Yongan, she was the one who sent Tang Yongan out.

Remembering that he hadn’t even said a word to Tang Yongan at the time, he actually thought of Tang Yongan as a love rival.

“Xiaofei, no matter how many people pursue you, I won’t give up, everyone is fair game now, and it shows that you are a good girl.”

Jun Ran was pressurized inwardly without showing it on his face, he in turn comforted Shang Xiaofei that she didn’t need to be psychologically pressurized.

He believed in his own vision and feelings.