Doting Billionaire Chapter 1638

Mrs. Shang laughed, “This is really good news, she is entering the door happy ah.”

“The entire Su family is very happy, Mr. Su is so nervous that he treats Xiaojun as a national treasure.”

Mrs. Shang smiled, “That’s natural, Su Nan is the first of his generation to get married, the child in Xiaojun’s belly is the first of the grandchildren, the entire Su family definitely attaches great importance to it.”

The first child is always especially anticipated and valued.

“How is Tong Tong?” Mrs. Shang thought that her niece had not been pregnant so far, and Shen Xiaojun got pregnant on her honeymoon, worrying that her niece would not feel good in her heart.

Shang Xiaofei recalled Hai Tong’s reaction and said, “I see that it’s normal, mom, you don’t need to worry about Tongtong’s anymore, she’s already looking away now, letting nature take its course and no longer anxiously trying to get pregnant.”

“Besides, we are so busy, she doesn’t have the time or heart to think about having a child.”

Previously, Hai Tong had only been minding her and Xiao Jun’s bookstore and was too idle to keep thinking about getting pregnant.

That’s why it’s easy to be idle at home, it’s best to find something to do to distract yourself and still earn money.

A woman can also earn money after marriage and straighten her back in her in-laws’ house.

Through Hailing’s marriage, Shang Xiaofei also summarized the insights.

No matter how much money a man can earn, a woman is best to maintain financial independence, do not believe men say I support your bullshit, support for a period of time, they will be annoyed.

By the time you reach out to a man for money every time, they will start from the beginning of the cool, to nagging, to give blank stares, then is cursing, and finally do not want to give

Of course, not all men will be like Zhou Honglin.

In this world, there are still a lot of good people.

“You’re with Tongtong almost every day, if you find that she has something on her mind, you enlighten her more.”

“Mom, I know, don’t worry, Tong Tong is my sister, I hope for her better than anyone else, I want her to be happy, if War Yin dares to treat her badly, I can hit the door.”

“You hit the door to go?”

Mrs. Shang’s words are serious. Mrs. Shang’s words are serious.

Shang Xiaofei hurriedly changed her words, “I went to the door to seek justice for my sister, I don’t do it with my hands, well, I’m a lady, I don’t do it with my mouth.”

She can move her feet, kicking war Yin a few feet can also relieve the anger.

“Are you still in the Su family now?” Mrs. Shang can’t do anything with her daughter.

Don’t think she didn’t know what was in her daughter’s heart.

Other people are moving their mouths but not their hands, her daughter doesn’t want to move her mouth when she can move her hands, otherwise her reputation in Guancheng, how could it be as bad as that?

“Just came out of Su’s house, mom has something to do?”

“You now come to our family’s hotel, mom invited Mr. Tang to dinner, you come over to eat a meal together, Mr. Tang helped mom so many times, you as mom’s son and daughter, invited Mr. Tang to dinner, it is to help mom return the favor.”

Shang Xiaofei: “Mom, the last time I invited Mr. Tang to dinner, Mr. Tang politely declined, Mr. Tang said that it was a small matter, telling us not to be so polite.”

“Mr. Tang has helped mom twice more recently, mom personally called to invite him for dinner, he promised, you hurry over, Mr. Tang will be here in a few moments.”

Shang Xiaofei asked, “Just me and mom?”

“It’ll be three people when Mr. Tang arrives.”

“My dad, my big brother, they’re not coming?”

Shang Xiaofei realized as an afterthought that her mother seemed to, well, want her to get around more with Mr. Tang.

Was it because Jun Ran’s pursuit had made her mother anxious, so she was arranging men for her?

Shang Xiaofei cried and laughed a little when she read her mother’s mind.

“Your father will go out to meet friends in the afternoon, your elder brother has to socialize, your second brother has always been one who doesn’t come home until the sky falls, who can mom count on? You are mom’s sweet little cotton wool, mom can only count on you.”

Shang Xiaofei: “”

Put it this way, she really had to accompany her mother to invite Mr. Tang for dinner, otherwise she wouldn’t be a sweet little cotton girl anymore.