Doting Billionaire Chapter 1634


“I just told mom and dad, and mom and dad are happy too.” It was only when Su Nan came back that he remembered that he hadn’t told his mother-in-law yet, and while Shen Xiaojun was chatting with her best friend, he hurriedly called to tell her the good news.

Shen’s family was naturally happy to know.

“Just tell mom and dad, for the time being, don’t yell so much that the whole world knows about it, early pregnancy is prone to changes, it’s not advisable to publicize it too early, when the fetus sits stable after three months, it’s not too late to talk about it.”

Su Nan nodded repeatedly.

He had also heard that in the first three months, generally people would not talk about it, because early pregnancy is prone to signs of miscarriage, publicizing it too early, in case of a miscarriage, no one’s heart would feel good.

The young couple was talking about the baby in their room, when Hai Tong and Shang Xiaofei went downstairs, they really saw War Yin and Jun Ran.

Mrs. Su was greeting the two big presidents.

Seeing Hai Tong coming downstairs, Zhan Yin got up and said to Mrs. Su, “Auntie, I’m bothering you, I’ll take Tong Tong back first.”

“Not disturbing, not disturbing, we are still grateful that Great Young Grandma and Miss Shang came over to see Xiaojun, Great Young Grandma, Miss Shang, you guys come often when you are free in the future.” Mrs. Su laughed, her daughter-in-law was pregnant, her son probably wouldn’t let her daughter-in-law run around anymore.

But staying at home every day is also boring, if Hai Tong and Shang Xiaofei come to visit often, Xiaojun will still have someone to talk to.

“Auntie, we will.”

The group of four said goodbye to Mrs. Su and left the Su family villa under Mrs. Su’s escort.

War Yin came over with his bodyguard, so Hai Tong took his car, and she let the bodyguard help drive her car back home.

After she got into the car, her smile was gone, touching her flat belly, she said to War Yin, “We’ve been together longer than Xiaojun and her husband and wife, I’m not even pregnant right now, Xiaojun got pregnant during her honeymoon.”

War Yin held her hand, comfortingly said: “We are not in a hurry, let nature take its course, besides, the master also said, we have to have good news after the fall, now only in June, from the fall is still early.”

“Tongtong, everyone’s constitution is different, Ms. Shen may have an easy-to-conceive constitution and got pregnant right during her honeymoon. Don’t put pressure on yourself because she’s pregnant, my family and I haven’t pushed for a baby, and we’re fine the way we are.” “Tongtong, everyone’s constitution is different, Ms. Shen may have an easy-to-fertilize constitution and got pregnant during her honeymoon. Don’t put pressure on yourself just because she’s pregnant, my family and I didn’t push for her to have a baby, so we’re fine the way we are now.”

War Yin mildly continued, “I prefer to live in a two-person world, with a child, the child will become our light bulb, your attention will also be divided by the child most of the time, you will ignore me, my least favorite is that you ignore me.”

Hai Tong was comforted by him in this way, so she didn’t think about the child, said, “I am just lamenting, don’t be nervous, I won’t add more pressure to myself.”

She was also very busy right now.

As long as she was busy, she didn’t have time to think about the child.

“I think Su Nan and Ms. Shen want a child too early, it’s not cool yet, it’s only just married, they’re pregnant, and during the pregnancy period, Su Nan will have to be a monk, even if he can quench his thirst once in a while, can he enjoy it to the fullest? They’re only newly married.”

Just tasted the taste of pinning, have to eat vegetarian for a year.

War Yin even have to sympathize with his best friend yet.

Hai Tong laughed, “You’re saying this in such a way that others will say you’re saying grapes are sour because you can’t eat them.”

Because she wasn’t pregnant yet.

War Yin had not yet tasted what it was like to be a father.

Can only be that sour Sunan.

War Yin said: “I’m not eat grapes say grapes sour it, I said are psychological words, you are not a man, can not experience.”

Hai Tong: “It’s good for you to say this in front of me, don’t say it in front of Mr. Su.”

War Yin also laughs, “Don’t worry, I have a measure.”