Doting Billionaire Chapter 1457

The driver was waiting for him outside.

“No need for a ride, go back to bed.”

Su Nan turned his head and said to her.

“I’m going to close the courtyard gate ah.”

Shen Xiaojun lightly patted the dog that rubbed up against her, and the dog wagged its head and tail.

It quickly went back to lie down in the corner.

Su Nan took a look at the dog and laughed, “Your family’s dog is very obedient and doesn’t bark, last time, War Yin was scared half to death by it.”

Shen Xiaojun hmmmed, “It sometimes doesn’t bark, but it’s very good at watching the house, after raising it, no one dares to climb over the wall to come in at night anymore, there were thieves who stabbed the surveillance above my house’s fence and then climbed over the wall to come in.”

Her parents are light sleepers, heard the commotion, the thieves who climbed in failed to pick the lock on her front door, and rushed to escape.

After getting this dog, not even the surveillance has been stabbed anymore.

Now even less fear of thieves, know that her fiancé is the Su family’s southern young, the Su family in Guancheng, although low-key but bullish, who dares to come to her home to steal things? Who dares to come to her house to steal things? It will be the Su family who can be raked over the coals in a minute.

Su Nan no longer reluctant, but still got into the car, Shen Xiaojun stood in front of the courtyard and watched the driver drive the car, before she closed the gate of the courtyard and went back to the house.

There were no more words in the night.

The next day, Hai Tong went to the hospital as usual to see her sister.

“Tong Tong, Sister is fine now, and I have Aunt Liang taking care of me, you don’t need to stay with me every day, do what you need to do.”

As Hai Tong put down her insulated lunch box, Hai Ling spoke of her sister.

She was now thinking about the business of her Anywhere You Eat breakfast shop.

After Hai Ling was injured, two of her employees came to the hospital to see her, and Hai Ling trusted them enough to give one of them the keys to the shop, allowing them to open the doors and do business as usual.

When Hai Tong was allowed to visit, they were all old acquaintances and repeat customers, and business was fine.

However, Hai Ling was still anxious to get back to her old self and continue to earn her money.

“I’ll go back to the shop later. Xiaojun went to get her marriage certificate today and is not available, and our bookstore hasn’t been open for a while.” With her sister’s wounds recovering well, and with Aunt Liang and the girls taking care of her, Hai Tong was relaxing quite a bit.

If she didn’t go back to open the shop, everyone would think that she was going to close the bookstore and become a great grandma at home in peace, and then Uncle Zheng would bet with people and be afraid that he would lose all his personal money.

Last time Uncle Zheng won a handful.

“Yangyang went to class?”

“Went, Archie sent him there.”

Hai Tong pulled out her mobile phone, “I’ll call Ah Qi, when Yang Yang gets out of class, send Yang Yang to my shop, I have company.”

After all, Yangyang is still young, and it’s boring to be accompanied in the hospital every day.

Hai Ling hmmmed.

“Xiaojun went to get her marriage licence today?” Hai Ling asked with a smile, “Her engagement banquet last night was very lively, wasn’t it?”

“Lively, a lot of people came, sis needs to get better quickly, when she has her wedding, sis must attend, Xiaojun also said for sis to attend, as well as, letting Yangyang be her flower girl.”

Hai Ling smiles, “That’s natural, when she has her wedding, I’ll be able to jump and dance.”

“Tong Tong, you have to go back to open the shop, hurry up and go, don’t worry about sis.”

Under her sister’s repeated urging, Hai Tong could only leave the hospital and drive to Guancheng Middle School.

At the same time the War Group.