All For You Chapter 702

The hospital was quiet and cold late at night.

The smell of antiseptic solution on his face made Yu Yuehan frown.

His long windbreaker jacket outlined his long and dignified figure.

The perfect contours of his face, in the moonlight, were as cool and indifferent as an ink-splashed landscape painting, handsome but with a touch of unassailable nobility.

All the way through the walkway, towards a certain vip ward.

Before he reached the door, the two bodyguards already turned their heads towards him nervously.

When they recognised him, their faces showed a slight look of surprise.

When they wanted to say something, they thought of their own boss’s explanation.

They could only remind him dutifully, “I’m sorry, Young Han, this is not visiting time and our boss does not accept visits.”

“Is Tang Yuan Si prepared to wait for him to die and then have me come over to collect his corpse?” Yu Yuehan looked at the bodyguard who didn’t even dare to shout ‘Mr. Tang’ and changed his mouth to ‘boss’, and coldly opened his lips.

The two bodyguards at the door instantly changed their faces in a swish.

They stammered, not knowing what to say.

The man in front of him was the most feared young man in H City, Young Han.

Apart from Nian Xiaomu and Xiao Liu Liu, no one had ever seen him look warm and fuzzy.

Yu Yuehan swept a glance at the indecisive bodyguard and was just about to ask someone to drag him away when the door of the ward suddenly opened from the inside.

The assistant, who had been following Tang Yuansi, came out from inside.

Seeing Yu Yuehan, he respectfully stepped forward to greet him, “Young Han, our General Manager Tang has woken up, please go in.”


It was a good time to wake up.

Yu Yue Han’s black eyes flashed, pursed his lips and paced in.

The large vip ward was comfortable and tidy.

In addition to a hospital bed, there was also a lot of medical equipment.

Yu Yuehan had just walked in when he heard the “ticking” sound, slightly raising his chin, his gaze fell on Tang Yuansi who was lying on the hospital bed, his face bloodless.

Who could have imagined that the person who had appeared in front of him just a short while ago would be in good health.

In just ten days, it was as if he had been drained of his essence.

He was lying on a hospital bed as if withered.

The deep sunken sockets of his eyes were thick with fatigue.

At his mouth and nose, he was still wearing an oxygen mask.

Seeing him walk in, the corners of Tang Yuansi’s mouth, who had been lying still, pulled out a self-deprecating curve and reached out to remove the oxygen mask.

“I didn’t expect that the first person to find me would be you.”

“I also didn’t expect that instead of sleeping with my fiancĂ©e in the middle of the night, I would come to this haunted place to see if you were dead.” Yu Yuehan pulled out a chair and sat down, his gaze sweeping around the ward.

It finally landed on the medical record book hanging at the head of the bed.

Zi pupils shrank slightly, and then, reaching out, he picked up the medical record book.

He knew that Tang Yuansi had a heart condition, from an unexpected situation a long time ago.

But never knew that he had a heart condition that was this serious.

It was only when he found out that he clearly liked to fall for his heart, but had to desperately push people out of the way, and under investigation, he learned that Tang Yuansi’s health condition was far more serious, than he had imagined.

Every attack could turn out to be the last.

Just like now ……

“Your situation, already not optimistic, why don’t you let the people of the Tang family know?” Yu Yuehan said in a deep voice.

The speed at which he took the medical record book was too fast for Tang Yuansi to stop it.

Hearing his words, his eyes had regained their calm.

His voice was a little dull, and he said in one word, “Wait a little longer, a few more days will be enough ……”

Wait a few more days?

What was he going to wait for?