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Super School Student Chapter 461-462

Chapter 461

Ye Luo saw that while Athena, the Goddess of War, was lighting up the formation, Hades, the King of the Underworld, had also started a summoning ritual.

It was similar to Ye Lu’s summoning, but although Hades’ summoning was also led by blood, it was more of a contractual summoning, because Hades had an ancient “contract book” in his hand that had been pa*sed down to him. “At this moment, he was summoning undead creatures from the “contract book”.

In an instant, he was surrounded by skeletons, black cloaks of the dead, bone dragons, tall, blood-soaked golems, hellhounds, and necromancers on black bone horses ……

At the same time, the three great Judges of Death, Minos, Radamantis and Aegis, who had accompanied Hades, also entered, and they quickly stood by Hades’ side.

Then, a black “three-headed dog of hell” with the terrifying aura of a small mountain appeared in front of everyone.

Obviously, these undead creatures and the “Three Headed Dog of Hell” would be the vanguard of this attack, followed by the real army of the “Greek Gods”.

Immediately afterwards, Ye Luo saw the real card of the Greek Gods, a large group of immensely tall giants, some of them with complex attributes, some of them emitting flames, others entwined with water mist, these were the legendary “Titan Giants”, which were even older than Zeus and the others. These are the “Titan Giants”, who are said to be older than Zeus.

The Norse gods had frost giants, so the Greek gods must have brought something to deal with them as well. “The Greek gods were well prepared!

Soon, the Twelve Greek Gods were all a*sembled.

However, what Ye Lu did not know was that the gods of Mount Olympus, represented by Zeus, were not the real powerhouses of the Greek gods.

These were the “new gods”, while the most fearsome were the “old gods”, but of course, Ye Lu did not have the chance to meet the descendants of these “old gods” anytime soon.

While the gods were a*sembling, Hades’ army of death had already begun to attack.

Like the Norse gods’ attack on Olympus, Zeus’ method of attack was divided into two parts, such as the one attacking at this moment. “The legions of death were charging and releasing their “death breath”.

This aura is called “corporeal aura” and can be used as a plague to bring death to the living.

The first to appear were the Minotaur Legion, a half-man, half-bull legion, all of them tall and carrying heavy weapons such as axes and hammers. The Minotaurs, and there were so many of them.

These are known for their destruction, devouring all animals, destroying all buildings and, above all, spitting fire with great intensity.

These beasts all have the same characteristic, that is, they have many heads, ranging from two to nine heads. Ye Lu felt that this “Hydra” should be related to the “Nine Infants”, the “Enlightened Beast” and the legendary Japanese monster, the “Yaki Orochi”.

However, the nine heads, the mouth full of sharp teeth and the armour-like scales make this creature’s procession look hideous.

The last one that appeared was even more terrifying. Ye Lu felt that this one should be the ancestor of the Nine Infants, as it had a hundred heads and was covered with feathers and had a pair of huge wings.

As a matter of fact, after reading its information, Ye Lu realized that the previous demonic beasts “Hydra” with nine heads, “Hell’s three-headed dog” and “Chimera” with a lion’s head and a sheep’s body were all born out of this B*****d’s wife, including the one that “God of War” was riding before. The beast that the god of war rode, Griffin, was also born to his wife, Echidna, the legendary king of all beasts, Typhon, in Greek mythology.

Legend has it that this creature once broke the tendons of the hands and feet of Zeus.

In fact, this terrible creature is one of the “Old Gods” and one of the “Titan Gods”.

When he appeared, he brought with him countless demonic beasts of all kinds, just as the “King of All Ghosts”, the god of wine, appeared with countless ghosts.

Following this, all the legions of demonic beasts and dead spirits rushed towards the Land of Mist and the Land of Fire.

“The Nordic Gods obviously did not expect such a thing, they had been living in the Nordic Secret Realm for many years, and it had always been a war between various races and demonic beasts, because there were extremely terrifying demonic beasts in this Secret Realm, which was somewhat similar to the “Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts This is somewhat similar to the “Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts”.

So, coupled with the fact that they felt that the entrance and exit of the secret realm had never been discovered, the long years of living had made them relax their vigilance in this regard long ago, and this was the reason why no one anyone was guarding near the entrance and exit.

Therefore, seeing the sudden rush in of a dense army of undead and demonic beasts, many of them were surprised.

“Sh*t! It’s for real!”

The “Brannoy”, who had been in contact with him before, looked at all this with surprise.

He was one of the few people who were worried that Ye Lu would really retaliate, because he felt that Ye Lu was too mysterious and unpredictable, and might have the ability to do so.

However, he could only mention it to his superior, “Norwood”, who also felt that Ye Lu was very evil, but he did not think that Ye Lu could really find this secret realm.

The entrance and exit of the “secret realm” is not visible from the surface, and with the cover of the formation, one cannot enter the secret realm by mistake even by chance.

Now, as Norwood looked at the terrifying Typhon, the King of Beasts with a hundred heads taller than the Frost Giants, he was filled with regret. “His heart was filled with regret.

With so many foreigners invading, the golden-crowned rooster on the world tree let out a long, loud and incessant cry.

The call of the “golden-crowned chicken” shocked everyone, for legend has it that the “golden-crowned chicken” on the “world tree” only sings when the “twilight of the gods” comes. The Golden-crowned Rooster will call only when the “twilight of the gods” comes, and when it does so, the red-flamed rooster of the “kingdom of the dead” will respond.

Immediately, another rooster crow was heard!

And out of the Iron Forest, the “storm buzzard” rose into the sky and roared with the storm.

“What’s going on?”

Oswald, the previous leader of the Norse Gods, who was in seclusion, was awakened and quickly grabbed his lance and flew out.

He quickly grabbed his spear and flew out, only to see the army of “Necromongers” and demonic beasts.

“No way! It’s really coming!”

His mouth opened wide in surprise, and then he remembered the determined and angry look in the gypsy girl’s eyes when she was transported away by the formation.

Originally, he had not taken Ye Lu’s threat into consideration at all, thinking that Ye Lu was just saying something harsh before he left, he was not scared, so he did not take it seriously at all, and now he was already regretful in his gut.

“If I had known things would turn out like this, why did I mess with those two gypsies?”

It suddenly occurred to Oswald that it wouldn’t have mattered if he had given them some of the spring water from the Fountain of Helvargemil, as there was plenty of it anyway.

“Let’s hope the Nordic clan doesn’t perish because of me.”

He muttered to himself, and then flew to one side, for he was a member of the most powerful legion of the Great God Odin, the Hall of Spirits, and all he had to do now was to join the other warriors of the Hall of Spirits to defend themselves. “Now he had to defend himself against the enemy together with the other warriors of the Hall of Spirits.

“The Hall of Spirits was the lightest of Odin’s legions, and every warrior in it was battle-hardened, fearless and well-trained, so they were the first to react quickly.

Countless fully dressed warriors quickly formed into battle formations and rushed towards Hades’ “legion of the dead” and the army of demonic beasts.

Ye Lu watched the scene leisurely as he sipped his drink.

“Let’s fight, let’s fight, let’s fight to death!”

Ye Luo looked at the “King of Beasts” and said with a smile.


Chapter 462

Only when both sides were fighting in chaos would Ye Lu have a chance to strike.

He had already found out the location of the “Hwagamir Springs”, although these springs were magical, they were still inanimate and could be taken away by the “Sumeru Ring”.

As long as it is smaller than itself, it can be taken away.

However, the war had only just begun and it was not time to do anything about it.

“In addition to being called the “Fountain of Life”, it was also called the “Fountain of Wisdom”, which could grant wisdom to demon beasts, especially low-level demon beasts, and this spring would be of great help.

This was also the reason why Ye Lu wanted to get the Fountain of Hewagh Mil, because he was already planning to enter the Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand Beasts to hatch all the Demon Beast Eggs, and then use the Fountain of Hewagh Mil and other things to quickly raise the cultivation level of the Original Spirit Beast.

The “nameless beast egg”, which even “Gla*ses” had no way of knowing the details of, Ye Lu always felt that it was of extraordinary origin, and through this experience, Ye Lu also found out the importance of having an “original spirit beast”.

While muttering to himself, Ye Lu observed the battle.

Obviously, the prepared “Greek Gods” had a clear advantage. Although the “Hall of Spirits” people were strong and quick enough to react, they were after all elite warriors and their numbers were small.

So, instead of fighting to the death against the elite of the “Hall of Spirits”, this time the attacking party attacked all living things that could be attacked.

These attacks were only the vanguard, the real “Greek Gods” were behind them.

“Each of the “Twelve Gods” was leading a powerful team that was already a*sembled, and all the members of these teams were made up of one person and one beast.

Of course, who will be stronger depends on who grows faster and who has more resources, the master and the beast.

However, generally speaking, the upgrade of the “Original Spirit Beast” is more stable, because the upgrade of a demonic beast is closely related to the level of its own bloodline, and a pure and noble bloodline is naturally much stronger, just like the “Ghost Bat”, which is born at the “Innate Realm”, which is incomparable to humans.

As long as they are fed the best resources and given the things they need to grow and mature, they can reach the peak of their bloodline steadily.

On the contrary, humans are much more complicated, involving all kinds of perceptions, all kinds of bottlenecks, all kinds of learning and strange encounters, so human development is unlimited, but of course it is also full of variables.

The twelve teams then rushed towards the Land of Mist and the Land of Fire.

This time, the Greek Gods were obviously aiming to kill them all, and the Nordic Gods should be able to feel it from the momentum, so Ye Lu felt that there should be no one left at the Fountain of Helvargimir.

As a result, when he arrived nearby, he realised that he was wrong.

It was not that the place was heavily guarded, but because his current cultivation level was too weak compared to the people here. His own cultivation level had officially broken through to the “Ninth Golden Dan” realm in the “War Temple”, and he had also broken through to the “Second Golden Dan” level in one fell swoop, but now he might be able to fight the lower “Top Trick” or “Idea Trick” practitioners in the “Golden Dan Avenue”, and there was no way to fight the higher ones.

In the Nordic Gods, there were experts of this level everywhere, so it was very difficult for Ye Lu to do so.

He had no choice but to walk back and look at the battle group near the “Odin Temple” and started to think of an idea.

At the same time, he was also contacting the leaders of the Frost Giants, hoping that the Frost Giants would send an army of Frost Giants to join the battle group.

At the same time, he also arranged for someone to contact the Kingdom of Fire and the Kingdom of the Dead, whose legions of Flaming Giants and Necromancers were also very powerful.

Seeing this scene, Ye Lu suddenly had an idea.

He quickly lurked near the battle circle, then summoned some small demonic beasts that could be used to collect things quickly, then asked these guys to help collect some blood from the battlefield, the battlefield was fierce, and there was blood everywhere, so this was still easy to do.

Of course, he didn’t arrange it haphazardly, but collected the blood of a few people and several demonic beasts with a purpose. After that, Ye Lu began to find an unoccupied corner near the “Hwagamir Spring”, and then he used the “beast blood” he collected to summon a golden bristled, powerful-looking demonic beast, the “Golden Bristled Boar”, and then disguised himself as Frey, the “God of Abundance” of the “Twelve Nordic Gods”, while using an enhanced version of the “Art of Concealing the Sky” to simulate his cultivation as a “Firstborn Elder”.

Of course, the most confusing thing was the “golden bristled boar”, which was the only one among the “Norse Gods”.

After this was done, Ye Lu rode the “golden bristled boar” towards the “Fountain of Helvargemil”.

The “God of Abundance” Frey was one of the twelve main gods and had a very high status, so although these people didn’t know what Ye Luo wanted to do here, they still respectfully began to salute.

Although he had the help of his gla*ses, he could read, listen, read and write without too much problem, but he was very worried that he might be exposed if he tried to imitate Frey’s voice in this language environment.

So, without saying anything, he rode on the body of the “golden bristled boar”, nodded indifferently to the crowd with a frown, and then walked towards the “Fountain of Helvargemil”.

The crowd did not dare to stop him and let him walk outside the building protecting the spring.

Ye Lu gestured for him to go in and take a look.

The man in charge of guarding the spring quickly opened the barrier and Ye Lu took a look inside, then nodded in satisfaction and turned to leave.

This left everyone a bit baffled, and only after Ye Lu left did everyone talk about it.

“What the hell is going on today? There seems to be a war on a large scale on that side of Cape Halle, and I wonder which giant race is attacking again?”

“Yeah, this battle sounds so scary, it can’t be the start of the ‘Twilight of the Gods’.”

“The ‘Twilight of the Gods’ is just another word for the ‘War of Extinction’, how can there be a ‘War of Extinction’ in our present age? ‘?”

“I do think that ‘Lord Frey’ is acting very abnormally today, don’t you think?”

Hearing him finish, another man rubbed his chin and said.

“Indeed, it’s also the first time I’ve seen the amiable Frey-san show such a stony expression.”

“It’s even more bizarre to act without saying a word, could there be something going on here?”

“What could be going on? I’m not sure what’s going on here.


The man who was guarding the “Hwagamir Spring” was a little unsure of himself, so he thought about it and decided to check out the spring again.

As a result, he froze in his tracks.

“Head, what’s wrong? Are you alright?”

“Head, don’t you scare us.”

“What the hell happened?”


The puzzled crowd also went over, and as a result, all of them froze in their tracks as they found that the Fountain of Helvargemil had actually been emptied.