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Super School Student Chapter 113-114

Chapter 113

It was only when Ye Lu finished that he realized that there seemed to be something wrong with what he had said, as if he should not have said “let me do it”, but at that moment, he had already arrived at a fast pace and grabbed Wolf Green’s wrist in the moment when everyone was dazed.

Wolf Green felt as if his wrist had been clamped in an iron vice, and the sudden force made him let go of his hand instantly.

“Oh, I didn’t expect this big brother to be a really wise person, to be able to listen to advice, there’s no greater good than that!”

Ye Luo said with a smile, then let go of Wolf Green’s hand, giving the other party a face, perhaps there was still a chance to settle this matter peacefully.

However, upon hearing Ye Luo’s words, both the women from the Hundred Flowers Sect and the Beast Alliance froze, as everyone understood that Wolf Green was not the kind of person who listened to advice.

Following that, one of the women from the Hundred Flowers Clan then looked at Ye Luo with wide eyes in surprise and said.


Hearing her words, Ye Lu tossed his hair in a dashing manner, but then, immediately after that, another woman said.

“Really yeah, it’s that evil cultivator.”

This time Ye Luo was a bit confused, even if it was a handsome man, how come it was also an evil cultivator, where was I evil.

In fact, he didn’t know that this evil cultivator claim was put on him by Daoist Master Zhi Xuan before. Daoist Master Zhi Xuan was jealous of Ye Lu, so he told the women of the Hundred Flowers Sect that Ye Lu was actually an evil cultivator, at that time, Ye Lu’s look was really too unbelievable, so those women believed it.

Of course, how could Daoist Master Dui Xuan not have thought at that time that Ye Luo was really the evil cultivator he was looking for.

“Yes, it’s the one without clothes on.”

“So handsome!”

“Where are those bats?”


When he heard these women chattering, Ye Luo understood that these people should have been present when he controlled the bats to kill people last night, and that was why they had said what they had just said.

However, before he could say anything, Wolf Green had already looked at him and said coldly.

“Who the hell are you to run this cross-legged bar.”

From Wolf Green’s point of view, this was actually considered polite, if not for the fact that Ye Lu’s strength had just made him a bit confused, he would have already given him a big slap on the face.

Seeing this guy’s attitude, Ye Lu smiled and said.

“I am the eldest at home, so I have to forgive people, besides, you are a big old man, what are you doing bullying these women? Don’t you think so?”

The Daoist Master Hua Qing, who was watching from a short distance away, was laughing at the scene.

“This guy is dead this time, actually reasoning with Wolf Green is like playing the piano to a cow.”

As expected, just like this guy said, Wolf Green’s bullying style immediately kicked in, and he looked at Ye Lu and said in a stern voice.

“D*mn, you dare to lecture me, you’re tired of living.”

He then threw a punch at Ye Lu, Ye Lu dodged his punch sideways, and then kicked him to the ground without ceremony.

Since this B*****d was so uncouth, Ye Luo didn’t bother to talk nonsense with this guy.

“Oi yell! Holy f*ck!”

When he was kicked to the ground, Wolf Green immediately burst out a foul mouth, and his brothers and sisters “Hullo!” In a flash, they surrounded Ye Lu.

He was expecting Ye Lu to be crushed. He knew Wolf Qing’s combat power, and he was almost invincible at the peak of Dark Energy level, because he was not only full of true qi, but also naturally strong as an ox, with steel bones.

“Worthy of being an evil cultivator!”

He couldn’t help but lament as well.

However, those women from the Hundred Flowers Sect were not surprised, as they had long thought that Ye Lu might be incredibly powerful, and they were excitedly chattering at the moment about how handsome Ye Lu was or something like that.

“Motherf*cker, kill him for me.”

Being kicked over by Ye Luo, Wolf Qing instantly became furious as he pointed at Ye Luo and roared, while taking out a pair of dark gloves like gloves and putting them on his hands.

Those brothers and sisters of his heard Wolf Green’s roar and immediately swarmed towards Ye Luo.

These guys fought in the same way as Wolf Green, straightforwardly wheeling their fists and disliking them fiercely, which was just what Ye Lu wanted, and he liked this way of fighting.





A succession of impacts rang out, basically one at a time, and in the blink of an eye, six of these eight guys fell to the ground, leaving the two women looking at Ye Lu with horrified faces.

“Don’t worry, I don’t usually hit women.”

Ye Luo said in a gentlemanly manner.

Only then did the two women breathe a sigh of relief, while Wolf Green, who had put on his gloves, looked at Ye Lu with a dumbfounded expression, he hadn’t expected such an outcome at all.

So many of his brothers had been taken out so easily, he couldn’t accept it at all.

He had previously looked down on a handsome boy like Ye Lu, he felt that it was useless to be handsome, but he found that the one in front of him seemed to be a bit different.

“Could it be the strongest little white boy in the world?”

He looked at Ye Luo, but did not dare to go forward.

While watching the lively Daoist Daoist had almost dropped his jaw, he died not expecting Ye Lu to be so terrifying, he suddenly remembered what Daoist Daoist Xuan had just said.

“If you had seen him, you wouldn’t have spoken so loudly.”

Now it seemed that Daoist Master Xuan had really not lied to himself.

And beside him, Daoist Master Yexuan was extremely depressed at the moment, because originally he wanted to let Ye Lu teach Daoist Master Qing and the others a lesson, but now it seemed that this plan was definitely out of the question, so he looked at Daoist Master Daoist Master Qing and said.

“Senior Daoist Brother De-Qing, have you conceded, what did you say just now?”

This dislike made Daoist Master Deguqing’s face turn blue, however, he looked at Ye Lu in the distance, and then looked at the strong men lying on the ground, in the end, he did not say anything, because he understood that they people simply could not dislike Ye Lu.

In the distance, Ye Luo then looked at Wolf Qing and said with a smile.

“You’re wearing your weapon, right, so come on, get up and fight one on one like a man, what kind of good man are you if you let a woman help you?”

These words obviously hit Wolf Green where it hurts, he gritted his teeth and jumped up fiercely and charged towards Ye Lu, however, Ye Lu didn’t even dodge, he poured his aura into his fist and then met Wolf Green’s blasted fist and disliked it straight back.

When he saw Ye Lu’s action, Wolf Qing revealed a cruel smile, because he was wearing a “magic weapon” in his hand. Although he was only a Dark Energy powerhouse and could not use the full power of his boxing gloves, he did not think that his flesh and blood could compete with a “magic weapon” infused with true qi.


The two men threw a solid punch, and then one figure stumbled backwards, and then “thumped!” He fell into the small lake in the park with a thud.

“Cut! It’s not worth a single blow.”

Ye Luo said casually, and to the surprise of the Beast Alliance, they saw that Ye Luo’s hand was actually unharmed.

Following that, Ye Luo then clapped his hands and said.

“Still not rolling, are you planning to take a bath together?”

Hearing Ye Luo’s words, the people from the Beast Alliance then quickly fished Wolf Green up and then disappeared in a flying manner, along with Daoist Master Qing and the others.

“Evil cultivators are really too evil!”

Daoist Master Da Qing lamented as he dialed Daoist Master Dust’s phone number.

In the park, Ye Lu was already surrounded by the women of the Hundred Flowers Sect.

“Great master, what’s your name, thank you for helping us?”

“Yes, that was awesome, that was great.”

“Yes, it hurts so much!”


Seeing the guys from the Beast Alliance in a mess, the women were all happy bad, while Paeonia looked at Ye Lu and blinked her gla*ses and smiled.

“By the way, expert little brother, you just said ‘let go of that girl, let me come’, what are you planning to do to Sister Jasmine, Sister Jasmine, let him come.”

Hearing Paeony’s jibe, Jasmine’s face immediately turned red, and she quickly lowered her head.

Ye Lu did not expect them to be so open, so he hurriedly waved his hand and said.

“I have things to do, I’ll leave first.”

Being pestered by such women, Ye Luo was not quite comfortable with it, however, those women obviously did not want to let him go, they still surrounded him and said.

“It’s okay to leave, just leave a phone number, or if not, leave a WeChat.”

“Yes, leave a contact information.”


There is no way, Ye Luo had to leave his WeChat to that Jasmine, because he felt that this Jasmine is still considered a relatively quiet woman, probably will not hara*s himself.

After leaving his WeChat number, Ye Lu then got rid of the woman from the Hundred Flowers Sect, but at this time, Ye Yan’s phone call came.

“Ye Lu, where are you, there’s someone from the capital who wants to see you.”


Chapter 114

Hearing that someone from the capital wanted to see him, and that it was Ye Yan who had pa*sed on the news, Ye Lu understood who had probably sent them, it must have been the Ye family, only, he didn’t know what the other party had come to do.

“They seem to be here to deliver something to you.”

Ye Yan said on the other side of the phone.

“Grandpa is also being kind, so just accept it.”

Hearing Ye Yan’s words, Ye Lu thought for a moment then said.

“Good, then tell them to wait for me at the ‘Hongfu Club’, I’ll go there now.”

After all, it was Ye Yan’s grandfather, and Ye Lu did not want to make the relationship too stiff, moreover, he had also figured out that it was not too much to charge him something as interest for saving Master Ye’s life.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Lu walked out of the park and took a taxi towards Su Lao’s “Hongfu Club”.

Not far from the park, people from the Beast Alliance were changing Wolf Green’s clothes.

“That kid is too evil, what’s his cultivation level, he can’t be an innate expert, can he?”

A strong man asked with some confusion.

However, someone immediately retorted to him and said.

“An innate expert my a*s, I don’t even see any outgoing true qi on him, how can he be an innate expert, besides, what’s an innate expert doing in this small place?”

The other man could only nod silently when he heard this.

It was true that Innate masters could walk around in the mundane world, and the “puja” in this small place could not attract such masters, besides, the initiation level of this “puja” was very clear, it was a low-level puja, and the main group of people it targeted was the dark jin masters.

At this time, Wolf Green had already finished dressing, and he touched his damp hair and said.

“Don’t guess blindly, that person is not an innate expert, if such a young innate expert appeared in the secular world, it would be too demonic, unless it’s one of those big families in the capital who want their children to cultivate and can’t be bothered to send them to the clan, this guy looks like a wild kid, I don’t even feel the true qi in his body.”

Hearing Wolf Green finish, the crowd immediately asked in disbelief.

“That can’t be right, not even true qi and he sent you flying?”

Wolf Green didn’t know how to explain this matter, as he also felt that it was too evil, however, he didn’t dwell too much on this matter, but looked at one of the few people, a woman, and said.

“How are all the preparations on Brother Leopard’s side?”

The woman said with a smile.

“Don’t worry, the men are being gathered, if the news is true this time, for sure they won’t be able to take a single pill or treasure with them, and when the time comes, they will be eaten to the bone, and no evidence will be left behind.”

Hearing the woman finish, Wolf Green then smiled and nodded his head.

From Wolf Green’s point of view, although the incident just now was depressing, it was just a minor incident, because their goal was all the things of the “Dharma Society”, including the kind of elixir that had just come out of the legend.

“When the time comes, that little b*tch Jasmine will still be in my hands and I’ll see how I spoil her.”

Wolf Green muttered in his heart, and then the Beast Alliance men headed for the city.

At this moment, the heart of Daoist Master Zhuchen was filled with astonishment, he did not expect Ye Lu to be so terrifying at all, he originally thought that Ye Lu might be a cultivator at the peak of dark jin, now from the phone call Daoist Master Zhuchen gave him, a cultivator at the peak of dark jin seemed to be as unbeatable as a mound of earth in Ye Lu’s eyes.

So, he thought about it and said to Daoist Master Hua Qing.

“OK, I know about this matter, the Supreme Elder is giving Zhang Tian an initiation, when it’s over, I’ll talk to Senior Brother Zhang Tian and see what he does, after all, this is his grudge.”

When Dazhen finished speaking, Dao Qing also nodded, indeed, this matter originally had nothing to do with the few of them, let’s see what the person concerned does, the emperor is not in a hurry, what is the eunuch in a hurry.

However, beside Daoist Daoist Daoist had already made up his mind, he decided never to mess with Ye Lu, this guy was too much to mess with.

At this time, Ye Lu had already arrived at the Hong Fu Club, where two middle-aged men dressed formally were waiting for him.

Seeing Ye Lu enter, the two men stood up at the same time and said.

“You are Young Master Ye Lu, right, we are sent by Master Ye, we have two items to give to you, please Young Master Ye must accept them.”

As he said that, one of them took out two boxes.

Ye Lu was also a little curious, what exactly would Master Ye give to himself?

The first box was opened immediately, and the result was that what was inside was slightly disappointing to Ye Lu, not that what was inside was bad, but mainly because Ye Lu couldn’t use it.

In the box was a set of silver needles made of secret silver. To be honest, this set of silver needles was really quite good, because “secret silver” was not a product of this world, but also from the “Haotian Continent”, which was perfect for making silver needles, and this set of silver needles was also made by a famous master, so it should be a treasure for doctors.

However, it would not be of much use to Ye Lu.

“It can’t be that the other one is also something to cure diseases.”

Ye Luo had some bad premonition, and sure enough, when the other box was opened, it was also related to healing, it was an ancient medical book, indeed a long lost ancient book, but it was not of much use to Ye Luo either.

However, Ye Lu could feel that Elder Ye had prepared these two items for himself with great care, presumably because he saw that he was good at healing, so he had plucked these two items around.

“Good, then I’ll take them, and tell Elder Ye that I appreciate his gift.”

Ye Luo said as he looked at the two items and nodded his head.

He felt that although he couldn’t use these two items, it was still a good thing to take them to the Yanjing University of Chinese Medicine to pretend to be something else, not to mention that this set of “secret silver” silver needles was very rare and would definitely make people’s eyes shine when they took it to the “Acupuncture and Tuina College”.

The medical book can be taken to the “College of Traditional Chinese Medicine” to pretend to be something else, and it will definitely have a good effect.

Seeing that Ye Lu accepted the two gifts, the two middle-aged men were relieved, because before they came here, Elder Ye said that Ye Lu might not accept them, so they thought that Ye Lu would be an unruly person, but now it seemed that this young man was still quite easy-going and nice to talk to.

At this time, Liu Mei’s phone call came through.

“Ye Lu, this stuff you gave me is too powerful, I feel like I’ve been transformed, and I’ve suddenly become so strong.”

Although it was only a double bed with an iron frame, but with the mattress and bedding and other things, it should weigh more than a hundred pounds, so it was indeed a bit appalling to lift it with one hand.

When Ye Lu heard Liu Mei’s words, he laughed and said.

“Does it feel like you’ve become Superman.”

After chatting with Liu Mei for a while, Ye Lu left the “Hong Fu Club” with the two treasures.

The “Marrow Cleansing Pill” was already available, and Ye Lu felt that there was nothing more to prepare.

He was woken up early the next morning by Gu Shiqi.

“Ye Lu, come over to my house, we’ve almost finished preparing everything for the puja, come and help us see if there’s anything you need, plus help see if there are any fakes here, or anything completely useless, we’ll be transporting them up to ‘Ancient Lu Mountain’ this afternoon. ”

The “Ancient Lu Mountain” mentioned by Gu Shiqi is the place where this “puja” will be held, and there is a Taoist temple on the “Ancient Lu Mountain” named “Yun Lu Palace”, which is the organizer of this “puja”, however, because the “Ancient Lu Mountain” is rather remote and the “Yun Lu Palace” is not open to the public, so Ye Lu has never been there.

But when he arrived at the Gu family, Ye Lu found that the things prepared by the Gu family were not all antiques, but rather decorative things, some extremely beautiful things.

“It was sister Long’s idea, she said that we were doing it to make money anyway, there were too few treasures that were really useful, so we might as well get something pretty, those cultivators have money anyway.”

After listening to Gu Shiqi, Ye Lu nodded, indeed there were only two of these things prepared by the Gu family that were really more useful, they were considered magic weapons, but they were weapon type and of poor quality, basically they were not of much use.

It looked like it was indeed difficult to pluck good treasures from antique families.

So, Ye Lu helped the Gu family to look around the warehouse and the various branches again, and put together a few more items, and in the afternoon, they were all brought to Mount Gu Lu by a special person.

Just like that, another day pa*sed, and the next day before dawn, Ye Lu started to set off towards Ancient Lu Mountain.