Wonder Doctor Chapter 1309


The group of men were so angry that their faces turned blue, but they didn’t dare to make a move, they all knew Lin Ran’s strength very well.

Even Wolf Dove could fight like that, let alone those of them who were not even as good as Wolf Dove.

“Brother Lin Ran, can’t we talk properly?”

Huo Yan suppressed the anger in his heart and said in a calm voice.

“Talk nicely? Did you talk to me properly? Did your Fire Family talk to me properly? Are you angry that I slapped you? Fight back!”

Lin Ran looked at Huo Yan with icy cold eyes, and at this moment, his heart was definitely not less angry than Huo Yan’s.

Who was he going to find to vent his anger?

“What exactly do you mean, brother Lin Ran?”

He had suppressed this matter because he did not want to fall out with Lin Ran, but now the latter had to bring it up.

“What do I mean? What do you mean by me?”

Lin Ran said in a cold voice.

“Tell your purpose, or you will all die today!”


Huo Yan’s face turned blue and his fists clenched.

“Don’t doubt my words, and don’t even think about letting the people of the Fire Family save you, if I can destroy the Chen Family, I can destroy your Fire Family!”

Lin Ran’s voice was icy cold, at this moment he was truly enraged.

Fire Yan looked at Lin Ran, his eyes also went icy cold for a while, exterminating the family as a threat, this was intolerable to anyone.

But in the end, reason still prevailed,? Fire Yan spoke.

“There is an ancestor of my Fire Family who died here, and we came in here this time just to find him! He carries the hope of making our Fire Family rise from the ashes, and a way to leave the Fey Demon Realm!”

“Where is he?”

Lin Ran asked, frowning.

“Inside the bedchamber!”

Huo Yan said.

“Where is the bedchamber!”

Lin Ran continued to ask.

Flame-Yan pointed to the front of the plain, where there was a depression, and right now on the depression, there was a small black dot.

“That is the Bedchamber, but to enter you can only have the key, and that key is the bloodline of the Fire Family!”

Huo Yan said.

Lin Ran smiled but frowned slightly and spoke.

“Don’t be threatening me! I’ll kill you all and bring your corpses over to have the Fire Family bloodline as usual!”

Fire Yan’s face turned white as he listened, very embarra*sed, he was afraid that Lin Ran would leave him alone to go, that’s why he said that, who knew that Lin Ran would actually say such things.

“Brother Lin Ran, we are also considered friends, although we lied to you, we never wanted to harm you, isn’t this too much for you!”

Fire Yan said in a cold voice.

“Excessive? You’re telling me it’s excessive?”

Lin Ran laughed.

“Come out!”

Lin Ran waved his hand, and immediately Fishwan and Zhao Yu appeared to the side.


Flame-Yan looked at Lin Ran not understanding what he meant.

Lin Ran pointed at Zhao Yu and Yuwan and said.

“You’re saying I’m going too far? Are you overdoing it yourself?”

“You wanted to enter your ancestral land, why didn’t you tell me, and now I’ve been dragged in too, aren’t you overstepping your bounds?”

“Who are they messing with, Yuwan and Zhao Yu? Why should they also enter this place on your own account? If they died here without my protection, whose lives would be on the line? Yours or the Fire Family’s?”

Lin Ran said with a wave of his palm, directly taking Zhao Yu and Yuwan into the small world again.

He looked at Huo Yan and said in a cold voice.

“Apart from them, I told your Fire Family a long time ago that the purpose of my coming to this Fey Demon Realm was to save people!”

“But what about me now? I have also entered the burial place of your ancestors, it is fine if I can get out in a day, but what if I am trapped for ten or eight years? Who is responsible for my friend’s life? You, Huo Yan, or the Huo family?”

Lin Ran’s words were like steel nails, firmly planted in Huo Yan’s chest, hearing him unable to utter a single word.

“Right! This is the Fey Demon Realm, and you, Huo Yan, are carrying the entire Fire Family on your back, but I, Lin Ran, am not alone either, I also have things I care about and people I urgently need to go to!”

“If you weren’t still somewhat useful today, I would have killed you long ago!”

The icy cold in Lin Ran’s eyes seemed like it could freeze Fireflame in place.

He looked at Lin Ran as his mouth moved, but in the end, not a single word came out.

“After this matter here is over, I will inevitably go to your Fire Family again! I would like to see if this is your father Fire Pine’s attention or your Fire Yan’s!”

Lin Ran said, turning around and walking towards the bedchamber ahead.

He wasn’t worried in the slightest that Huo Yan wouldn’t come, as the purpose of their coming here was the bedchamber, and there was absolutely no reason to give up.

“Young master!”

Lin Ran had already walked away, and the men at the side were busy speaking.

Huo Yan’s eyes danced, not knowing what he was thinking, and after a moment he turned around with a sigh and said.

“Let’s go! The mission must still continue!”

“Yes Young Master!”

The crowd nodded their heads and immediately ran in the direction Lin Ran had left.


But speaking of Lin Ran, at this point he was already very close to the depression and could even faintly see the rough outline of the building on the depression in front of him.

It was a building very much like a castle, but with watchtowers built above it, it was more like a palace than a castle.

The outside walls were carved with very flaming patterns, signalling the owner’s connection with the Fire Family.

As he got closer and closer, Lin Ran gradually got a better look at the entire castle, and it was only when he stood in front of the castle gates that he finally knew what it meant to be shocked.

Although the castle was already cracked and collapsed in many places, he could still feel the shock and vicissitudes of the castle when he stood in front of it.

On the gate of the castle, there are ancient floral patterns and many flame patterns that match the patterns.

One of the parts located in the middle of the gate, there was a burning flame pattern here, very similar to the flame pattern of the previous Fireflame Activation Formation.

“The opening formation here is simple! Let me do it!”

Firebrand’s voice suddenly recalled from the side.

Lin Ran glanced at him indifferently without saying much and took two steps back to make way.

Without any nonsense, Flame-Yan immediately stepped forward and dropped a drop of his own blood onto it.

At once, a “weng” sound was heard.

The drop of blood spread rapidly, and soon the countless flames and patterns were dyed red by the blood, and a wisp of red light stained the entire door in an instant.


Following that, the huge city gate remembered a movement.

It was the worn-out creaking sound that appeared as if the door had not been opened for countless years.

And with the sound, amidst the countless dust flying around, the castle’s gate began to slowly crack open a gap.

The gap was soon large enough for a man to enter, and almost immediately, the gates stopped continuing to open.

“It will take at least hundreds of drops of essence blood for the castle gates to open fully, there’s no need for us to go in!”

Firebrand said, while taking the lead with a sideways turn and entering the castle.

Following that those of his men then followed him in, while Lin Ran was the last to enter it.

But when he entered the castle, he suddenly felt as if someone was watching him from outside the castle.

But when he looked back, he didn’t find anyone.

“There’s something odd about this place, it’s better to be careful!”

Lin Ran muttered to himself in his heart, while entering the castle.