Wonder Doctor 1144

“Okay, you guys go ahead, don’t worry about the job! I’ll take care of it for you guys!”


Lin Hong looked at Lin Ran with some confusion.

“Brother Lin Ran you?”

Lin Qiu also looked at Lin Ran, with doubt in her eyes.

In her impression, Lin Ran didn’t seem to have much money either.

“Don’t worry, don’t you know what I’m capable of?”

Lin Ran looked at Lin Qiu and smiled.

Lin Qiu was stunned and remembered that Lin Ran’s hands in the car were extraordinary, then it dawned on her and she laughed.

“Then thank you brother Lin Ran!”

“Alright let’s go!”

Lin Ran laughed and sent the two away.

The Imperial Hotel, if one remembered correctly, it seemed that Liu Chen and the others had already bought it, right? Moreover, they had invited themselves over for a drink in the first place, but they didn’t come if they weren’t free!

“Looks like I’ll have to give the boss a call!”

Lin Ran smiled, and immediately took out his mobile phone and prepared to call Liu Chen.

But at that moment, Yue Shanshan, who had finished making a phone call aside, came running back, and became anxious when she couldn’t see Lin Hong and the two of them.

“Poor B*****ds! Where is everyone of them?”

“Are you talking to me?”

Lin Ran frowned slightly as the matter was connected to the phone.

“Holy Sh*t! Ranzi, who is it! How dare you call you a poor C*nt, you don’t have eyes!”

“A crazy woman!”

Lin Ran said indifferently.

“Who are you calling a crazy woman, I’m asking you where they are!”

Yue Shanshan shouted angrily.


Lin Ran said indifferently.

“Gone? Where did they go?”

Yue Shanshan’s face was ugly.

“What’s it to do with you!”

Lin Ran remained bashful.

“You! You want to die, don’t you!”

Yue Shanshan’s face was ugly.

“Then you try!”

Lin Ran remained bland.

“Fine! Good you have the F**king guts to stand still, I’ll play you to death today!”

Yue Shanshan said angrily.

“Fine, I’ll wait for you!”

Lin Ran said indifferently, and then turned his head away from Yue Shanshan.

“Where are you, Ranzi?”

Liu Chen on the other end of the phone was busy asking.

“Di Du Railway Station, come and pick me up!”

Lin Ran laughed.

“Ten minutes! Wait for me! Sh*t!”

Liu Chen said and had hung up the phone.

Apparently he had heard Yue Shanshan’s provocation, and as for how to arrange it, Lin Ran didn’t say much, so Liu Chen naturally understood.


Time pa*sed by minute by minute, Lin Ran just stood in place and didn’t go anywhere.

As expected, a number of red Bentleys soon stopped near the station, immediately attracting the attention of many travelers.

And at the same time, a red Porsche also drove over from the side, and Yue Shanshan was walking down from the car, pointing at Lin Ran who was not far away.

At once, seven or eight men in black stepped down from the Bentley and came straight towards Lin Ran in an aggressive manner.


Lin Ran couldn’t help but smile even as he looked at the scene.

“Yue Shanshan? Of the Yue family? Still so arrogant in the imperial capital, it seems like he’s come to the right place this time!”

As the thought was going through his mind, Yue Shanshan had already arrived in front of him with his men.

“That’s him! Waste him for me!”

Yue Shanshan’s face was ice-cold as she chided.

“Sister Shanshan, just a poor loser like that! I should have known I’d come over myself, I thought which family’s grandson had messed with you!”

The young man following Yue Shanshan laughed disdainfully.

“Come on, don’t talk nonsense, let’s beat him up first!”

Yue Shanshan said impatiently.

Who cares who he is, if he dares to offend me, he has to take out this bad temper first.

“Okay,? Brothers copy the guys!”

The youth greeted with a smile.

Yue Shanshan also glanced at Lin Ran with a disdainful face, as if to say again.

“Aren’t you tugging, keep tugging!”

“I advise you all to keep your hands to yourselves!”

Lin Ran swept his gaze across the crowd and said indifferently.

“Don’t make a move? Kid is scaring me?”

The youth in the lead laughed.

“When Laozi was F**king playing in the imperial capital, you were still at home eating Sh*t!”


Hearing the youth’s words, the group of juniors next to him were also happy.

And at this moment, more and more travellers were gathered around, and soon the chatter came over.

“Hey! What’s the point of being so poor to mess with people, the other party looks like a rich man!”

“No! And you look at the luxury car, at a glance it is not ordinary rich, such people who dare to provoke ah!”

“Yeah, this kid is miserable, I’m afraid he’ll be thrown into the river and fed to the fish without anyone knowing!”

“That’s right! It’s not scary to be broke these days, but it’s scary to be broke and messing with everyone, so you don’t even know how you’ll end up dead!”

The crowd was talking, and Yue Shanshan on the side was smiling with pleasure as she listened, she liked the feeling of being held up by people.

“Don’t be silly and do it, I still have to go to the Imperial Hotel!”

Yue Shanshan urged.

Lin Hong had left with Lin Qiu, making her very upset in her heart and vowing to break them up.

In fact, up to now, did Yue Shanshan really still like Lin Hong? Obviously not, it was just her selfish possessiveness at work.

“Brothers do it!”

The leading youth greeted, and immediately a group of people pounced towards Lin Ran.

This scene caused the surrounding tourists to cover their eyes, not daring to look.

They really didn’t want to see the bloody scene.

“I have advised you all, but you are the ones who disobeyed me!”

Lin Ran said helplessly.

“Where’s that stupid B*****d? Waste him for old time’s sake!”

The youth was speechless, he had been in a thousand or 800 fights, but this was the first time he had encountered such a foolish person.

The young man was the first to rush forward.

But what was waiting for him was a bland kick from Lin Ran.


With a muffled sound, the youth’s entire body flew straight out, knocking a large number of his men behind him.

The few remaining henchmen on either side saw this and ran straight at Lin.

But Lin Ran two back turns, followed by two kicks, at once these people also have to fly out.

Originally the other side had seven or eight people, but this is just the blink of an eye, there is no one still standing, to say there is that is the only one standing next to, has frozen unable to say the words Yue Shanshan.

“You ….. Who the hell are you!”

Yue Shanshan looked at Lin Ran, the eyes have changed.

“Who did you say I was?”

Lin Ran’s face was bland and expressionless.

“You ….. You!”

Yue Shanshan was so angry that her pretty face turned red, she couldn’t say a word for half a day, the people she had shouted at were actually all put down in the blink of an eye, the other party was clearly not an ordinary person at all.

“Humph! So what if you’re powerful, I’m telling you, if you dare to touch me today, I’ll make sure you can’t leave the imperial capital!”

Yue Shanshan said warily, looking at those of her men, she was really a bit scared.

“Move you?”

Lin Ran was stunned at his words and laughed afterwards.

“You’re thinking beautiful, I have little interest in stupid women, especially one as stupid and ugly as you!”

After saying that, Lin Ran turned around and left.

“You! You! I’m so angry!”

Yue Shanshan was so angry that she stomped her feet, but just as she was about to continue shouting at someone.

Suddenly, there were dozens more Maseratis coming from the square in front of her, followed by a large group of figures in suits all rushing over, and soon arrived in front of Lin Ran.

“Ranzi! Are you alright!”

Liu Chen walked at the front and was relieved to see that Lin Ran was fine.

“Let’s go,? Things are all sorted out!”

Lin Ran pointed to the back and laughed.

Liu Chen took a look, didn’t he, all seven or eight punks were lying on the ground, not daring to move,? It was obvious that they had all been cleaned up by Lin Ran.


Liu Chen smiled and took Lin Ran to the car, but his eyes flashed a wink at his men, who instantly understood.

Are you kidding me? In his own territory let Lin Ran almost get beaten up, how could Liu Chen let those punks go, later on it would inevitably be another fat beating.