Winners Take All Chapter 2242

Above the Heavenly Road. The pure white Nanming Li Fire rolled with monstrous waves. Outside the Heavenly Path. The Heavenly Punishment Thunderclouds crazily struck out thousands of thunderbolts, all swarming above the Heavenly Path. The two large golden hands in the Heavenly Gate grasped towards Chen Daojun in a domineering and determined manner. As for Chen Daojun, he was also holding his breath, his Qi surging, and the Xuan Yuan Sword vibrating with sword chants. No one had noticed the change in Chen Dong at this moment. Even the strangled and desperate Grand Master Jiang on the pale land never noticed. Sparing his attention, all of his attention was attracted by Chen Daojun on the Heavenly Road at this moment. As far as he is concerned, Chen Dong is in the “Pressing the body to ask the heart”, there are no other variables. Now, the key is not only for Chen Dong to succeed in “asking the heart”, but also for Chen Daojun to be able to shoulder all living beings, turn his back to the world, and before Chen Dong succeeds in “asking the heart”, he can successfully help him to defend himself and stall for time. “Ho ho …… ho ho ho ho ……” Chen Dong hunched his body, his chest heaving, the breathing in his mouth and nose became more and more rapid and heavy, incomparably hoarse, as if it was countless gravel rubbing against the throat in general. Black Qi as thin as hair, rapidly travelled throughout his body. Compared to the chilling ghostly light emanating from the Underworld Hell stepped on by Chen Dong’s feet, the two strands of black Qi were so insignificant. However, when the black Qi once again passed through Chen Dong’s eyes and travelled all over his body again, it was significantly thicker. Chen Dong’s brows became more and more stretched, the pained look on his face actually gradually disappeared, and his brows slowly stretched out. He was no longer as “hysterical” as he was just now, constantly murmuring and asking “What is the Dao?”. At this time, he seemed to have instantly released his mind. At this moment, it was as if he had been relieved all of a sudden. The entire person was in a state of extreme quietness, as if he had instantly withdrawn from the state of “pressing the body and asking the mind”. The heavenly fortune was still swarming. The Underworld Hell underneath his feet was still emanating coldness. However, Chen Dong had instantly become “still”. A very strange state. If Chen Daojun had not faced the two golden hands at this time, but had he looked back, he would have been absolutely stupefied by Chen Dong’s current state. This was a state that he had never anticipated before. It was also a state of stepping onto the Heavenly Path that had never been recorded in any of the classic subsets. Chen Dong was like a statue standing above the Underworld, with a terrified mountain-like cauldron above his head, relying on the Human Emperor Qi to call for the world’s Qi to converge, but on him, the black Qi was travelling faster and faster, becoming thicker and thicker. It was as if …… it was going to form a suit of armour that would directly cover Chen Dong s body. Chen Dong’s state, on the other hand, was getting looser and more relaxed. Completely and utterly withdrawn, no longer obsessed with “asking the mind to prove itself”. Even …… in the flash of light, the corner of Chen Dong’s mouth was even slowly upturned, showing the slightest hint of a smile. And the front. The golden light was bright and spectacular. The two golden light hands that came out from the Heavenly Gate were terrified like mountains, pushing across like mountains in the Nanming Li Fire. Their target, was Chen Dong. However, Chen Daojun stood in front of Chen Dong. Chen Daojun, who was standing with his sword, was like a mole cricket facing two great mountains directly compared to the two golden light great hands in front of him. The sword chants were more than that. Qi energy swept. Chen Daojun did not have the heavy shelter that Chen Dong had. He was able to stand on the Heavenly Road purely relying on the strength of the number one person who had covered the world for a thousand years. Even when he stepped onto the Heavenly Road, it was only after he had completely broken through the Heavenly Punishment Threshold and fully erupted with his full strength that he forced his way through the restrictions on the Heavenly Road with his overwhelmingly strong strength and directly ascended the Heavenly Road. And …… still ascended to this last thirty metres position! “Two…how is it enough?”” Chen Daojun’s white hair was pale and danced wildly against the wind, facing the two terrifying golden light hands that grasped and pressed, but he laughed recklessly and wildly. “Sword Qi rushes to the sky, light chills the world!” Chen Daojun directly raised the Xuan Yuan sword with both hands. Boom, boom, boom …… majestic and furious qi energy, like a river reeling backward, wrapped straight towards the Xuan Yuan sword. The sword qi crazily skyrocketed. Ten metres. Hundred metres. Thousand metres. …… But the sword qi is always gathered on the Xuan Yuan sword, and the world’s qi is one. Buzzing rumble! Chen Daojun’s body began to tremble, and with it, the Xuanyuan Sword in his hand also trembled. While his five senses were vaguely twisted and trembling. This sword was far more painful than the three swords he had chopped out before. It was no longer as easy and casual as those three swords earlier. The two large golden hands had already grasped close to him, curling with a domineering intent, using the power of the heavens to oppress everything under the sky. Even space and time, in the path of the two large hands, collapsed into chaos. Boom! Chen Daojun blatantly chopped down with his sword. This time, the sword qi, which could not be seen at a glance, did not detach from the Xuanyuan Sword, but instead accompanied the sword and chopped at the two large golden hands. The sword qi travelled across three thousand li. The cold light of the world was astonishing. The beings in the sky were clearly imprisoned. But as Chen Daojun chopped out with this sword, it was actually the world that was chilled, and a look of fear flowed out of every pair of eyes. Rumble! The sword qi chopped into the two golden light hands. The sword qi strangled and the golden light crumbled. This was a collision between the strongest force on earth, and the force of the heavens. Even the shock ripples that escaped instantly annihilated the Nanming Li Fire, and then directly collapsed that side of space, turning it into chaos. Boom! A second of stalemate, but it seemed exceptionally long. The two golden light hands directly collapsed in a loud bang, while Chen Daojun held the Xuan Yuan Sword rolled with endless sword qi in his hand, violently completing the final chopping down action. “Hoo…… hoo……” After this sword chopped out, Chen Daojun’s body hunched down, holding the sword with both hands, the tip of the Xuan Yuan sword pointing at the ground. He kept panting heavily, his chest heaving violently. While in the process, two streams of blood slowly flowed out of his nostrils. Chen Daojun slowly raised his left hand and wiped away the fresh blood from his nostrils. Then. He re-straightened his body, raised his sword, and pointed it towards the Heavenly Gate. “Please …… continue!” Three unusually calm words, but they were permeated with a generous and resolute heart that dominated the world. Buzzing rumble! And after the Heavenly Gate, it seemed to be responding to Chen Daojun, and with that, a dull rushing sound resounded. Golden light, once again, appeared from the one-foot gap opened and closed by the Heavenly Gate. Then, it blossomed extremely quickly, brightly, splendidly, and flew out from the gap in the Heavenly Gate. It was visible to the naked eye from a mass of golden light, directly splitting into three masses of golden light. Extremely rapid response. Yet, it filled this world with despair. The golden hand of light that Chen Daojun had to fight to the death in order to destroy was merely something that the heavens had been able to condense at will. Such a contrast could not be said to not make people despair! The golden light was bright and brilliant like a great sun. It even suppressed a portion of the pure white colour of the Nanming Li Fire, imprinting the golden light directly onto Chen Daojun’s face. Also on .