Winner Takes All Chapters 1179-1180

Chapter 1179

This night.

In the room, Huo Zhenxiao was extraordinarily happy.

Hot congee on the eighth day of the lunar month, coupled with warm old wine.

The atmosphere was warm and welcoming.

Of course, it was only confined to this room, to Chen Dong, Huo Zhenxiao and Bai Qi.

Huo Zhenxiao was the master of the 300,000-strong Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, and naturally had to maintain his image in the hearts of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

If his own master was all cheeky and weepy, how else could the people below him, how could they stabilise the army’s heart?

Even Bai Qi had never seen Huo Zhenxiao drink so happily and freely, and he was a bit baffled the whole time.

After three rounds of wine and five tastes of food.

Huo Zhenxiao fell into bed and fell into a deep sleep.

Chen Dong and Bai Qi left the room.

The cold wind swept in and blew on their bodies, stinging their bones and sobering the two men’s drunkenness a little.

“And thanks to you, I’ve never seen the master like this before.”

Bai Qi smiled emotionally.

It was clear to him that everything he had seen tonight had originated from Chen Dong.

He was also a Dragon Head Guard, but he and Huo Zhenxiao were subordinate, while Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao had an additional layer of master-brother relationship.

“You go back to your barracks first, I’ll continue to train.”

Chen Dong smiled faintly, not dismissing Bai Qi’s sentiments.

“It’s so late, and you’ve been drinking, and you’re still training?”

Bai Qi looked at Chen Dong in a moment of consternation.

Chen Dong raised his hand and rubbed his face as he said gruffly, “There are still five days until my father’s birthday, if I can’t control the ‘Qi’ before the birthday, the danger will skyrocket a lot above the birthday banquet, not only for me, but also for the people around me.”

“Go on, if you need to, maybe in five days I can accompany you on your journey!”

Bai Qi said from the bottom of his heart, “With the Golden Guards in charge of military affairs, I, a mere army commander, will not be in the way of anything if I leave my post for a bit.”

“Let’s talk about it.”

Chen Dong waved his hand and headed towards the training barracks, cloaked in snow and wearing the stars.

In the wind and snow.

Bai Qi stopped where he was, looking at Chen Dong’s back, his eyes becoming somewhat awe-inspiring: “Everything about you is a sign that your golden scales are not a thing of the pool, once you meet the wind and clouds, you will become a dragon, when the master gave you the position of leading guard, it was the right thing to give, may you ride the wind straight up to the nine heavens in five days, the wind and clouds become a dragon!”

The heartfelt wishes and murmurs slowly dissipated into the wind and snow.

Chen Dong entered the barracks.

Without resting, it was to brace himself for drunkenness and go straight into training.

Time was getting tighter and tighter.

He had to race against every second.

Although Huo Zhenxiao had given him a direction, the path under his feet had to be walked out one step at a time.

A night of training.

The next day, when the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry’s morning training horn sounded.

Only then did Chen Dong, covered in sweat, sit down to rest.

“In the end, where did it go wrong?”

Chen Dong scratched his head and frowned, “All sorts of methods, I’ve practiced them all with my senior brother in the past few days, and although I can roughly drive the range of ‘Qi’, I still can’t override it, there are still four days left.”

The voice was full of despondency.

Knock, knock!

A knock sounded at the door.

“Senior brother, come in.”

Only Huo Zhenxiao and Bai Qi knew what this barracks room was for, and the habit of the past few days let Chen Dong know who was outside.

The door to the room pushed open.

Huo Zhenxiao walked in, still carrying the Silver Dragon Lance in his hand.

“Practice once, then follow me to Master Zhang to forge a martial dao body!”

Huo Zhenxiao said calmly, “I didn’t ask for this, it was Elder Zhang who asked Zhang Wudao to tap on my door early in the morning and asked me for it, I thought about it and it made a bit of sense, you kid went back this time, hell knows if you’re still coming to Zhenjiang City, I have to squeeze something out of you.”

“I can’t squeeze you dry, I have to squeeze a twelve zodiac martial dao body out of you.”

Chen Dong smiled faintly and got up teasingly holding his bladeless heavy sword, “You’re not my wife, you definitely can’t be squeezed dry.”

“Is your boy wearing Pin Ru’s clothes?”

Huo Zhenxiao rolled his eyes.

The next second.


The long spear was like a dragon, whistling straight at Chen Dong’s face.

Faced with the biting, flesh-stabbing strong wind, Chen Dong’s vision was instantly reduced to the Silver Dragon Lance, and he waved his Bladeless Heavy Sword to meet it.

Half an hour later.

Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao walked out of the barracks and headed towards the barracks where the Twelve Zodiac Martial Bodies were placed.

Even if Huo Zhenxiao and Elder Zhang did not request it, Chen Dong wanted to take advantage of these few days to finish casting the twelve Martial Dao Bodies.

Something had to be left behind for the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

Previously, the extravagant hope of leaving one Martial Dao Body was enough, but Elder Zhang had ghostly counteracted the oppression of the Martial Dao heritage and found a suitable bearer, so being able to leave one more would make the future Great Snow Dragon Riding Army even stronger!

As they entered the barracks.

Elder Zhang and Zhang Wudao were already waiting.

If there was the only change, perhaps there was an extra chair wrapped in animal skin in the barracks, a campfire was lit, hot tea was brewing and there was a bit more smoke and fire.

“Elder brother Chen, be gracious, old man has rested all night and is almost done.”

Elder Zhang smiled nervously and cupped his fist, “Today we strive to be able to chisel all of the remaining eleven martial bodies.”

“Elder is prepared for everything, Chen Dong will naturally do his best.”

Chen Dong joked about the chairs and campfire and hot tea in the barracks.

Apparently, these were all for Elder Zhang to rest after chiselling his martial body.

“My father slept for a few hours and woke up to excitement, yelling at me to go find the master, I’m really sorry.” Zhang Wu Dao said with some embarra*sment.

“It’s alright.”

Chen Dong waved his hand and then walked towards Master Zhang.

And Huo Zhenxiao did not leave immediately, standing aside with Zhang Wudao with interest as he continued to watch from the sidelines.

To Huo Zhenxiao, this was a worldly feat that could boost the battle power of the entire Great Snow Dragon Riding Army in one fell swoop!

Once the Twelve Zodiac Martial Dao Bodies were forged, allowing the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Cavalry troops to observe and perceive them would be simpler and more straightforward than any method of raising soldiers.

Even a hint of enlightenment on the martial dao, a hint of strength boost, would be a real boost!


Chen Dong and Elder Zhang were in their element.

In the barracks.

The sound of chisel strikes clanged.

Sparks burst forth.

With last night’s experience, today both Chen Dong and Elder Zhang were familiar with the chiselling, and their speed had increased by a notch, and they were working with each other more tacitly.

So much so that this second Bull Statue Martial Dao Body took only two hours to chisel out!

Such a speed caused Chen Dong, Huo Zhenxiao, Elder Zhang and Zhang Wu Dao to all be somewhat shocked.

However, Elder Zhang still showed his tiredness.

Zhang Wudao hurriedly greeted him, and together with Chen Dong, helped Old Master Zhang to take a seat and rest.

He rested for half an hour.

Chen Dong and Elder Zhang had the chance to chisel the third martial body again.

With Chen Dong’s memory and Elder Zhang’s peak stonemasonry skills, it would have been exceptionally easy to just chisel.

The most difficult bottleneck in forging a Martial Dao body is the carrier of the Martial Dao heritage, and once this major obstacle is overcome, everything will be as simple as a waterfall.

In the process of chiselling the martial dao body and recalling the martial dao inheritance.

Chen Dong has entered a strange state, gradually immersed in the sense of understanding&……

Chapter 1180

It’s like reviewing a textbook.

The points of knowledge have already been mastered, but reviewing them again not only deepens the memory, but also gives new insights.

This was exactly what Chen Dong was doing at this moment.

He had been trying to control his Qi after he had perceived it through the first forty-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies.

However, during this process, time and time again, he had trained and recalled the martial heritage of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies, but all of them were fragmented memory fragments.

But at this moment, when he was casting the first twelve Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies with Elder Zhang, he was “revising” his memories of the first twelve Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies in their original form!

Another two hours.

The casting of the third Martial Dao Body was completed.

Zhang Wudao hurriedly went forward to help Elder Zhang to take a seat and rest.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, stood still, his right hand landing on the spot where the burin had been chiselled for the last time, eyes closed and eyebrows wrinkled.


Huo Zhenxiao raised his sword eyebrows, noticing Chen Dong’s abnormality.

Zhang Wudao also spotted Chen Dong at this time and was about to step forward.

A large hand landed on Zhang Wudao’s shoulder.

Huo Zhenxiao said in a deep voice, “Don’t disturb him, he is feeling enlightened.”


Zhang Wu Dao was stunned for a moment and then stopped walking.

This also caused Elder Zhang’s eyes to light up as he sat in his chair, his gaze burning into Chen Dong.

“This is even able to enter a state of enlightenment? This son may be able to bring the Thief Sect, back to the top in the future, may the little old man bet right!”

This was the thought in Elder Zhang’s mind.

It was only half an hour later that Elder Zhang, who was almost rested, was somewhat helpless.

Chen Dong was immersed in his enlightenment and he could not interrupt, so this matter of forging a martial dao body would have to be put on hold for the time being.

It was at this moment.

Chen Dong, who had his eyes closed, slowly said, “Elder, time is up, let’s proceed to the fourth seat.”


Elder Zhang answered, before walking towards the fourth zodiac martial dao body.

Without many words, and without even opening his eyes from start to finish, as Elder Zhang approached to prepare, his right index finger then fell directly onto the martial dao body and began to outline it.

As Zhang Wudao watched this scene, he couldn’t help but glance at Huo Zhenxiao in confusion, wanting to ask, but ultimately forcing himself to hold back.

Huo Zhenxiao, on the other hand, was watching the scene with a smile on his face and interest.

If during the process of casting the martial body, this kid could control the “qi” in the process, then it would be a great success.

Clang Clang ……

In the barracks, the sound of chisel strikes echoed.

Chen Dong was always immersed in a state of enlightenment, the feeling that seemed to be there, seemed to be real, seemed to be illusory, seemed to have caught and not caught, always lingered in his mind.

In the dark, he seemed to have grasped a thread, a thread that could control “qi”, but he could not grasp it firmly.

But this did not stop him from sketching the outline of the human form of the martial heritage for Master Zhang.

The two worked together seamlessly and with great speed.

When the biggest obstacle difficulty disappeared, everything became extraordinarily easy when the water came into place.

In this state of total immersion, even time flew by.

When the casting reached the sixth Martial Dao Body, Huo Zhenxiao then cautioned Zhang Wudao not to disturb Chen Dong’s state, before turning to leave.

He hoped that the Martial Dao Body would be cast as soon as possible.

However, as the master of an army, he still had many military matters to deal with in this extremely cold night, and could not stay in this barracks all the time.

Clang clang clang ……

The sound of chiseled blows echoed like heavenly music.

Everything was going on in order.

After a Martial Dao body was successfully cast, Elder Zhang would temporarily rest for half an hour and then continue casting.

He was already injured and had reached a very advanced age, so this kind of intense, focused casting was extremely taxing, and to be able to rest for half an hour and then get back into the swing of things was already a great effort on Master Zhang’s part.

The further he went, the more intense Master Zhang’s fatigue became.

He was sweating profusely and panting.

However, Elder Zhang always kept his rest time to half an hour.

This made Zhang Wu Dao incomparably worried, but he was unable to dissuade him.

While Chen Dong was casting a martial dao body, he always kept his eyes closed in a state of enlightenment, never raising his eyes a crack.

Even when Elder Zhang was resting, he stood in place, silent.

That line, with the casting of the martial dao body, was becoming more and more to be grasped as well!

From emptiness to reality, it was a very subtle process.

Chen Dong did not dare to have too many distractions, being able to cast the Martial Dao Body together with Elder Zhang was already the limit.

Any more distractions and he was afraid that this fleeting opportunity would thump away.

With his senses, Chen Dong also gradually tried to use his own intention to override the “qi” flowing in his body.

This feeling was like driving a fish in a big river, driving it to a smaller river, a smaller stream, straight into a small puddle, that is, overriding and catching it!

Time flew by.

One by one, the martial dao bodies were successfully cast.

After the eleventh martial dao body was successfully cast.

Chen Dong still stood in place, keeping his eyes closed in a state of enlightenment.

Old Master Zhang was once again helped by Zhang Wudao to sit on a chair.

Looking at the eleven martial dao bodies that had taken shape, Elder Zhang’s face was red, sweating like rain and panting, but his eyes, however, were brighter than ever.

“Well, well …… is almost done, almost meritorious.”

He lifted his right hand, pointed to the eleven martial arts bodies, and said to Zhang Wudao tremblingly, “Wudao son, this is the pinnacle of my life’s work, I can rest in peace even as a ghost!”


Zhang Wu Dao’s face changed and he said in a deep voice, “Don’t think nonsense, look how tired you are, take more rest or sleep before you continue casting!”

He could hear the hissing sound like a ripping bellows coming from Elder Zhang’s throat as he spoke, so he was all the more worried about Elder Zhang’s health condition.

And he knew even better just how much time had pa*sed while Chen Dong and his father were immersed in casting their Martial Dao bodies!

It was a blur of time on a very cold night, but Zhang Wu Dao was counting the hours, and it was already considered the early hours of the next day!

“It’s not tiring, it’s not tiring.”

Elder Zhang refused Zhang Wudaobao’s proposal.

Another half an hour pa*sed.

Elder Zhang let out a long breath, propped his hands on his knees and slowly stood up.

“Only the last one is left, after chiselling it, we can sleep!”

Zhang Wu Dao looked with heartache in his eyes and hurriedly helped Elder Zhang towards the last martial body.

At the same time.

Chen Dong also moved to the Wudao body, his index finger landing on it.

“This time, it must be caught! I, for sure, will override Qi!”


Sparks erupted as Elder Zhang began to chisel up.

Everything, just as it had been earlier.

The two had an incomparable match, and as soon as Chen Dong’s index finger went, Elder Zhang’s burin immediately arrived.

Zhang Wudao stood not far away, looking at Elder Zhang with worry.

It was just that at the moment, Master Zhang’s back was to him, and he could not see the Master’s demeanour and face.

And Chen Dong was immersed in closing his eyes again to feel enlightened.

Both of them did not notice.

As the chiseling strikes, Elder Zhang’s face gradually turned a little green, his lips gradually turned a little purple, and the gasp in his throat, also became more and more coarse ……