Winner Takes All Chapters 1171-1172

Chapter 1171

Chen Dong and Bai Qi did not know that Huo Zhenxiao was already so chagrined that his intestines turned blue with regret.

After leaving the room.

Bai Qi said with his heart in his mouth, “Why don’t you move in with the Golden Guards for the rest of the time, so that you can have an extra safeguard too!”

“No need, just prepare a separate barracks room for me as a practice room, for accommodation I’d better go back to our barracks.”

Chen Dong pondered for a while and said.

Now that Huo Zhenxiao was seriously injured and the eleven Golden Guards shared the military duties, even if he lived with the Golden Guards, it was impossible for the Golden Guards to protect his right and left at all times.

Since it had all been revealed that he was within Zhenjiang City, there was no need to conceal it from Meng Dabiao and the others any longer.

“Alright, Da Biao and the others have often read about you too.”

Bai Qi nodded, “But you have to be psychologically prepared.”

Mental preparation?

Chen Dong froze for a moment, and when he looked back, Bai Qi had already walked away.

“You go back first, I still have military matters to attend to.”

In the distance, Bai Qi’s voice came from afar.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose, unsure of what to do, and walked towards the barracks.

The news of his return to Zhenjiang City had been sat down by the Iga School, so he did not need to hide anymore.

This short military career, Meng Dabiao, Zhou Yao and Sun Kong, were all rare memories for him.

When a man joins the army, the friendship he has with his comrades in the trenches, even if it is short-lived, is still far better than the friendship in ordinary life, because it is a true friendship that lasts forever!

The familiar barracks were crowded with people.

Chen Dong walked towards the barracks he remembered, but did not remove the mask from his face.

He had just reached the entrance of the barracks.

Chen Dong heard Meng Dabiao’s voice coming out.

“Brother Dong ah, brothers morning and evening three incense sticks for you, you have a good journey, if you need something over there, just entrust us with a dream ah, we try to burn it to you, don’t be polite to the brothers ah, don’t treat yourself badly ah.”

The tone was mournful.

Is this sending me away straight away?

Chen Dong suddenly understood what Bai Qi meant by “psychological preparation”.

With a faint smile, Chen Dong removed the mask from his face and then walked into the barracks.

“What can I do for you?”

Inside the barracks, Zhou Yao, who was close to the door, casually asked, while looking up towards Chen Dong.

When the familiar face imprinted itself into Zhou Yao’s line of sight.

Zhou Yao’s body shook violently and he let out a sharp whistle.

In the barracks, Sun Kong and Meng Dabiao looked back at the same time.



Two shrill whistles exploded into the barracks.

Meng Dabiao, who was kneeling in front of Chen Dong’s spirit seat, his face was even swish as white as paper as he glanced back at Chen Dong’s spirit seat in horror, and then twisted his head to look at Chen Dong, sweating coldly.

“Ghost, ghost ah …… Dong, brother Dong, your first seven days have already pa*sed, why are you still back ah?”

Meng Dabiao’s body was trembling, as sturdy as he was at this time, he could hardly calm down, and hurriedly turned back to Chen Dong’s spirit seat and kowtowed to it one by one, begging, “Brother Dong, brother is asking you to entrust a dream, no, not asking you to return to your soul ah!”

On the other side, Zhou Yao and Sun Kong were also tense and frightened, only slightly better than Meng Dabiao.

Chen Dong rubbed his nose and laughed lightly, “Have you ever seen a ghost with a shadow?”

At these words.

Zhou Yao and Sun Kong simultaneously looked towards Chen Dong’s shadow on the ground.

The next second.

“Brother Dong, it’s really back!”

The two stood up on the ground, excited and ecstatic.

“Didn’t come back, how could he come back na, Brother Dong is lonely in the hell and deliberately came up to find us to play, mama yea …… heavenly spirits and earthly spirits ah ……”

Meng Dabiao did not dare to return his head, kneeling on the ground, still kowtowing to Chen Dong’s spirit position one after another.

“Meng Dabiao, you mother F**ker stop kowtowing, Brother Dong is really back!”

Sun Kong roared in anger and frustration.

Meng Dabiao’s body stiffened and he looked back at the ground with trepidation.

Upon seeing Chen Dong’s shadow.

Meng Dabiao was instantly overjoyed, his pale face filled with excitement as he turned around brazenly, “Brother Dong, you’re really back? Hahahaha …… I, Meng Dabiao, believed that you would not die, and you have indeed returned!”

Chen Dong: “……”

This guy is something, he’s really quick to change his face!

The excited Meng Dabiao was the first to rush close to Chen Dong and gave him a fierce bear hug.

“Back, my brother Dong of Da Biao is finally back! I told you, Brother Dong will be fine, he will definitely come back!”

The sound of unbridled and joyful laughter echoed through the room.

Chen Dong was relieved and his heart was warm.

Zhou Yao and Sun Kong, however, looked at each other in disbelief.

After a moment’s hesitation, Zhou Yao said, “But weren’t you the one who kept crying that Brother Dong had died and wanted to erect a spirit tablet for him?”

Meng Dabiao’s smile froze and his face quickly turned red with embarra*sment.

Chen Dong smiled spontaneously, “Actually, the spirit tablet was quite well erected, and the photo made me look quite handsome.”

With a single word, the embarra*sment was eased.

Immediately afterwards, Meng Dabiao, Zhou Yao and Sun Kong dragged Chen Dong into the room and chatted enthusiastically.

Chen Dong was selective in his answers to their queries, and avoided talking about his experiences and encounters in Xiongnu.

It was not that Chen Dong deliberately avoided it, but he was clear that with Meng Dabiao and the three of them being at the level of their positions, it would be less trouble to know less about things.


The night is as cold as water.

Lijin Hospital.

Zhang Yulan was drowsily lying by Qin Ye’s bed, her eyelids seemed to have fallen on two pieces of iron, and it was hard to contain the desire to close them.

She was too sleepy!

Her heart was exhausted, her body and mind were exhausted.

Home, she never dared to go back.

It was a good thing that the attending doctor told her to observe Qin Ye as much as possible, and with such a reason in place, she was spared from being called back by her family.

But even though she was in Qin Ye’s ward, every day Zhang Yulan was on tenterhooks.

The desperation and helplessness and trepidation intensified her physical exertion.


Her chin slipped from her palm, Zhang Yulan hurriedly raised her head, rubbed her face with both hands and shook her head with obscure eyes, “I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep.”

Knock, knock, knock.

At that very moment, a knock sounded on the door.

This knocking sound was like a bolt from the blue, instantly causing the exhaustion on Zhang Yulan’s face to attenuate by a few points, and her eyes even brightened by a few points out of fear.

“Yu Lan ……”

As the door to the ward pushed open, Elder Long slowly walked in.

“Elder Long ……”

Zhang Yulan visibly breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the time, “It’s so late, what is Elder Long doing here?”

“The family is all worried about you, afraid that you have boiled up your health, I couldn’t sleep at night, so I boiled some chicken soup and brought it to you.”

Long Lao put the thermos bucket on the bed, “It’s still hot, you should drink some, you’ve been fighting with yourself for so long, you don’t even look at yourself, you’re almost skinny and disfigured.”

“Elder Long ……”

Faced with Elder Long’s care, Zhang Yulan suddenly had a sour nose and her beautiful eyes filled with tears.

“You child, why are you still crying?”

Elder Long hurriedly handed over tissues.

Zhang Yulan wiped her tears and lowered her head, but in her heart she hesitated whether to tell Elder Long about the fake Gu Qingying.

But in the twinkling of an eye, she gave up on the idea.

“I’m also obsessed, telling Elder Long instead is harming Elder Long.”

This was the thought in Zhang Yulan’s mind.

It was also because of such thoughts that made her even more desperate and helpless, no one around her could be told, telling would be harming people instead.

“Alright, take the chicken soup and go sit outside to catch your breath, you face the Qin boy everyday, it’s not good to keep holding it in, here I’ll keep an eye on you for a while.”

Long Lao picked up the chicken soup and handed it to Zhang Yulan.

Zhang Yulan also nodded, then got up and headed outside, she was at ease with Elder Long.


When Zhang Yulan left, Elder Long shook his head helplessly and let out a sigh.

Then he sat down next to Qin Ye and scolded with a smile, “You beast, after so many years of being prodigal, you still managed to pick up a treasure like Miss Yu Lan, but not me, I’ve been prodigal all my life, I’m a widow and a widower, also prodigal, what went wrong with this prodigality of the old man?”

Rubbing his chin, Elder Long pretended to ponder.

Also just as Elder Long lowered his head, under the bright light, Elder Long clearly saw that Qin Ye’s lips, trembled gently.

A very subtle tremble, imperceptible.

But at such a close distance, and with the light illuminating it, Elder Long could see it clearly.

This scene was like a heavy hammer blasting at Elder Long’s eyeballs.

In an instant.

Elder Long’s pupils tightened, but his face was strangely gloomy to the extreme, his face covered in frost, and the icy coldness instantly dispersed the warmth of the entire ward.

Chapter 1172

The silence of the ward.

A chilliness surged.

Elder Long sat by the bedside, his face as cold as frost, his brows locked in a frown as he stared gloomily at Qin Ye on the hospital bed.

The scene just now, if Zhang Yulan had seen it, he would have been absolutely ecstatic to the point of jumping up and down.

On the contrary, it was so wrongly missed!

Just a …… little bit short!

Under the light.

Qin Ye’s pale red lips, once again, trembled gently.

The blue veins at the corners of Elder Long’s eyes bulged out and trembled.

At this moment, Long Lao, who was witnessing this scene, not only had a gloomy face, his deep eyes were even brighter and brighter, with an anxious, needle-like feeling.

The right hand, which was placed on the bed, quietly, clenched into a fist.

Qin Ye’s lips were trembling more and more, and even his eyelids were faintly moving.

This scene.

When it caught Elder Long’s eyes, it caused Elder Long’s right fist to click and his body to tremble.

It lasted for two seconds.

Under Elder Long’s gloomy and profound gaze.

Qin Ye’s lips slowly opened.

A sound, extremely thin and breathless, was emitted.

“Yatou …… hug ……”

The voice was as low as a mosquito’s whisper, almost inaudible.

But at this moment in the ward, the silence was so quiet that a pin drop could be heard.

Under the close distance, Long Lao was able to hear these words, clearly.

In an instant.

As if he had been electrocuted, Elder Long stood up!

His gloomy, cold and stern face abruptly emerged with a sense of determination.

He clenched his teeth.

His eyes were as sharp as knives at this moment!

“Ya …… head ……”

Qin Ye’s lips gently mumbled, his breathless voice, as if he had used up all his strength: “No …… crying …… I …… am in. ”

The voice that is as weak as silk, weak to the extreme, at this moment, but as if it has the strength of ten thousand pounds, firm and resounding.

Falling into the ears of Long Lao, also like a clear sky rolling thunder.

The next second.

Elder Long squeezed a breath out of his teeth, and then stepped forward, his left hand landing on the back of Qin Ye’s neck.

Quickly, he groped for a moment.

Then Elder Long’s eyebrows twisted and his left hand gave a gentle push.

A subtle muffled grunt was immediately released from Qin Ye’s mouth.

Immediately afterwards, it was his head that tilted and he fell into unconsciousness once again.

“Brat, I’m sorry to have wronged you ……”

Retracting his left hand, Elder Long murmured guiltily with a complicated expression.

With that, he sat back down in his chair again.

Under the lights, Qin Ye fell into a coma, no different from his previous vegetative state.

It was just the silence.

However, Elder Long saw that a crystal tear had quietly flowed down from the corner of Qin Ye’s eyes.

A drop of tear, however, seemed like a burning red sharp knife, viciously piercing into Elder Long’s heart.

In a flash.

Elder Long was on pins and needles, and his heart was overwhelmed with guilt.

He gritted his teeth, got up and wiped away the tears from the corners of Qin Ye’s eyes, then walked out of the ward.

In the corridor, Zhang Yulan was holding a thermos bucket, taking a slow walk in the distance, taking a sip of chicken soup every now and then.

Looking at that tired, thin and disfigured silhouette.

Long Lao’s expression was even more complicated, as if he had tipped over a five-flavoured bottle in his heart, his hands behind his back, clenching and loosening, then clenching again.

“Elder Long!”

Zhang Yulan saw Elder Long and walked over quickly.

“Yu Lan, I was just about to look for you, how is it, the chicken soup tastes okay, right? The tide shouldn’t have ebbed in my hand yet.”

Long Lao forced a smile and said to Zhang Yulan.

“It tastes good, thank you, Elder Long.”

Zhang Yulan nodded, then said, “It’s getting late, Elder Long, you should go back to rest early, I’m going in to take care of Qin Ye.”

Just as Zhang Yulan was entering the ward.

But Elder Long called out to Zhang Yulan and admonished, “Take care of yourself, everything will be fine!”

“Understood, Elder Long.”

Zhang Yulan turned around and squeezed out a smile.


The ward door closed.

Elder Long’s face fell for a moment, worried, and his gaze deepened as he turned to leave.

And in the ward.

Zhang Yulan sat back down by Qin Ye’s side, a bowl of chicken soup down, her body warmed up, and she was a little more refreshed.

But looking at the unconscious Qin Ye on the hospital bed, Zhang Yulan’s smile that had just surfaced in front of Elder Long disappeared.

She rubbed her eyes and slowly lay down on Qin Ye’s chest.

Complaining pitifully, she murmured, “Honey …… when are you going to wake up? I miss you so much for a hug.”

When a person, depressed and helpless to the extreme, at this time even a hug, can play like a warm winter sun, dark shimmering feeling.

What Zhang Yulan is asking for is just that.

But she knows very well that …… can’t get it!


The night is as cool as water.

The cold wind was biting.

In the villa room.

Zhao Breru was rummaging through the boxes, pacing back and forth, and every now and then he would probe behind the door of the room to listen to the movements outside.

He wanted to save Gu Qingying!

That night’s kindness was something he would never forget.

Even if it cost him his life, he would not hesitate to do so.

But to be reduced to house arrest in this house left him helpless!

The welded windows, the grid-covered roof, the guarded door.

Everything had left him scratching his head, racking his brain, and wondering how he was going to get out.

“Maybe, one last gamble!”

After not hearing any movement outside the door of his room several times, Zhao Broshi’s gaze gradually became determined.

He tiptoed and carefully walked to the window.

Then slowly opened the window.

The despairing iron bars were imprinted in his eyes.

But Zhao Brocade, however, raised his hands and gestured at the gaps between the bars.

Each iron bar interlocked with each other, leaving a small gap, and his head was the only one in his body that could fit through the gap and poke out.

He thought about it for a while.

With a firm gaze, Zhao Breru exhaled a cloudy breath, “Perhaps …… using the Bone Draining Technique can drill out from here!”

The next second.

He was the one who gently shook up his body, shaking with a bizarre frequency.

It lasted for three seconds.

With this low-amplitude, high-frequency shaking, Zhao Baolu’s body kept emitting a clacking sound like fried beans, which was the sound of bones!

And Zhao Baolu’s body was getting more and more relaxed.

Finally, he turned around and sat on the window sill, his buttocks facing one of the railing gaps.

Suddenly, a ruthless look appeared in Zhao Breru’s eyes.


A skeletal sound rang out.

Zhao Baolu’s eyebrows knitted, his face showed pain and he sucked in a breath of cold air.

But he did not hesitate and continued to use his “Bone Draining Technique”.

Click, click, click ……

The sound of bones kept ringing out from his body, Zhao Baolu was sweating profusely, his face was in pain, and his mouth kept sucking in cold air.

Along with the sound of bones, Zhao Breru also gritted his teeth and struggled to squirm his body.

It was as if he was trying to crumple himself into a ball and stuff himself through the cracks in the railing.

The “Bone Drainage Technique” allows him to suffer the pain of his bones leaking out, and then allows him to shrink his body to the smallest possible size.

This technique is most suitable for a gentleman on the beam!

But of course, Zhao Breru knew that this martial art was suitable for a real gentleman, not for a chicken and dog thief.

If it weren’t for his childhood upheaval and living on the streets, he wouldn’t have had this opportunity!