Winner Takes All Chapter chapter 979-980

Chapter 979

The streets were filled with noise.

Among the Hundred Clans, young slaves are sought-after goods.

Compared to adult slaves, young slaves obviously had more possibilities.

Among some noblemen, young slaves are even specially bought and brought up to become maids, schoolboys and the like.

Such young slaves, of course, were already considered lucky for the slaves themselves.

Ordinary adult slaves, once bought by their masters, could do things that were not human, or even animal, work.

As the caravan moved slowly on, more and more people flocked to the caravan.

There was a great deal of noise.

The demon lady who had just entered the luxury shop also heard the noise outside and curiously walked out of the luxury shop with her female escort.

“Young slave?!”

As soon as the demon lady saw the scene in the cage, her face, which was painted with ugly makeup, was instantly covered with a layer of cold frost: “A bunch of …… animals!”

These people …… are in for a real bad luck!

The female escort behind her paled and looked sympathetically at the people in the slave caravan.

As the daughter of the Hun King, the demon lady had never disliked the existence of slaves, but definitely disliked the existence of young slaves.

This was clear to anyone who lived in the king’s city.

It was because of the Demon Lady’s dislike that the King of the Huns decreed that the presence of young slaves was strictly forbidden in the kingdom!

The twelve cities outside the King’s Court, however, were excluded from this.

The slaves were circulated during the day, and young slaves were only found in the Twelve Cities.

The Demon Lady herself knew that the matter of young slaves was inevitable, so after the King of the Huns ordered that no young slaves were to be found in the King’s City, she did not look into the matter any further.

But, there were twelve cities in total outside the King’s City.

The Demon Lady had managed to step out of the King’s City to take a break, only to come across the caravan of young slaves in this scene before her.

As the Demon Lady’s escort, the female escort knew exactly what would happen next!

“The inferior nature of the Hundred Clans has created a situation where they can only survive outside the domain, and the nature of the people within the domain has crushed the Hundred Clans.”

The demon lady stood in place, under her sleeved robe, her hands had clenched into fists, her silver teeth clenched: “Children have a future and are malleable, turning them into slaves is the most foolish way to directly kill all their possibilities for the next few decades, it’s simply ratty!”

The words fell.

The female escort was already walking beside the demon lady.

The demon lady gave a sidelong glance and said in a deep voice, “Find a way to release this group of young slaves.”

“As ordered.”

The female guard bowed her head and answered.

With that, the female escort walked towards the crowd of onlookers on the street.

The demon lady stood in front of the shop with a depressed face, her gaze fixed on the children inside the cage who were frozen to the point of being out of breath, and the frost on her face grew thicker and thicker.

Even the shop owner, who wanted to step out to watch the fun, noticed the wrongness on the demon lady’s face and subconsciously stood by the door.


Suddenly, a startled sound came out of the Demon Lady’s mouth.

Her gaze flickered with an essence, staring deadly at a figure within the front-most cage.

At this moment, the Demon Lady’s delicate body trembled and her heart seemed to have missed a few beats.

Amidst the wind and snow.

The child in the frontmost cage could be distinguished at a glance, and was clearly in better condition than the other two.

What really caught the Demon Lady’s attention was the adult figure sitting next to the group of children.

That haggard, tired and chapped face, the moment the demon lady’s eyes locked on it, it was as if a heavy hammer had hit her hard in the eyeballs.

“Really …… is he?”

The demon lady couldn’t help but murmur offhand, her heart thumping, her eyes flickering with essence, and even …… her delicate body trembling uncontrollably.

For a while now, she has been repeatedly watching the video that Timur sent back about Chen Dong before he died.

The hundred tribes outside the domain, under the law of survival of the weak and the strong, have also created their esteem for the strong.

It was something engraved into their bloodline genes, even the Demon Lady was no exception.

The appearance of Chen Dong had haunted the Demon Lady’s dreams for a while now.

Even though Chen Dong in the cage was in a wretched state, even with wounds on his body, and his cheeks had lost a great deal of weight.

But the moment her gaze locked, the demon lady could tell with a single glance!

The man in the cage was the very man who had been haunting her for a while, unable to sleep at night!

It was also at that moment.


Amidst the noise, a breaking wind whistled and exploded violently.

The demon lady’s eyes lit up as she saw the female guard, hidden in the crowd, shake her hand and throw a dart.

The female guard had been carefully selected for her by the King of the Huns, and her strength was extraordinary.

The dart was thrown as fast as lightning, without even the onlookers around her noticing.


The dart struck the chains of the cage with a clang!

With a shower of sparks, the cage chains were broken on the spot and slid down towards the ground with a clatter.

It was a sudden scene.

It was so fast that the slave caravan, immersed in excitement, did not react at all.

But the eyes of Chen Dong, Barbara and the boy in the cage instantly exploded with a brilliant aura!

“Barbara, run!”

The boy got up and kicked the cage door open with a bang.

In a flash of lightning, he dragged Barbara and jumped out of the cage, while behind him, the children also woke up and jumped out of the cage.

The scene was instantly chaotic!

As soon as they landed on the ground, they scattered like beasts of prey and fled in all directions.

Chen Dong’s eyes also regained their sparkle, but when he looked at the children who were scrambling to jump down from the cage, he did not immediately go forward, but stayed at the end.

“Brother, and him, and uncle!”

Barbara was dragged by the boy all the way to run wildly, but looked back in fear at Chen Dong inside the cage.

“Barbara, I am trying to take you to escape, couldn’t care less!”

The boy tugged Barbara tightly with his right hand, not stopping.

Lightning flashed.

The people of the slave caravan, who were originally immersed in excitement, reacted at that moment.

“Grab them, grab them now!”

“It’s all money, all of it!”

“Catch them, catch them, D*mn it, why did the cage suddenly open?”

A group of people from the slave caravan immediately spurred their horses towards one of the fleeing children and chased after them.

Just then, too.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two darts broke the chains of the other two cages.

As the chains slipped off, the children inside them pushed frantically towards the outside of the cages.

Compared to the cage Chen Dong was in, the children inside these two cages were much more brutal when it came to escaping at this point.

The children, who were physically strong and had not lost too much strength due to the cold and hunger, directly pushed those who were starving and had lost their strength to the side and rushed out of the cages in a brutal manner.

The scene became even more chaotic as a result of this crush.

The crowd of onlookers.

Children running away, crying and screaming.

The slave caravans who scattered their horses in pursuit.

There were even onlookers with bad intentions who wanted to take advantage of the fire.

The scene seemed to have exploded into chaos, and the noise was loud.

The demon lady standing at the entrance of the shop, however, was staring at Chen Dong from the beginning to the end.

In her sight, Chen Dong was waiting until all the children had escaped from the cage before he was finally ready to get out of the car.

This scene, looking at the demon lady’s eyes glittering, heartbeat banging, the corners of her mouth could not help but curl up in delight.

“This man …… even in this kind of scene, a step faster would give him a better chance of escape, he has never bullied the small with the big and obliterated the heart to protect the young ……”

Chapter 980

In the streets, chaos reigned.

Children scrambled to escape, their cries echoing through the streets.

They were the ones whose villages had been wiped out, who had seen their parents die at the hands of those in the slave caravans, and who were powerless to survive in their cages.

But now, the cage was opened and the chance to live was at hand.

In the face of survival, there is an instinctive desire to live, no matter who it is.

Even the weak children in the other two cages, who were already starving and cold, could not help but hobble out of their cages as the scene became chaotic, and hobbled off in random directions.

The slave caravan chased the young slaves down the street, they were all their property, each one of them could fetch a high price at the auction.

The crowd that had originally gathered around them was now also scattering and surging in all directions.

In their eyes, the child in the cage was a rare treasure.

However, some of those who were shy with their wallets and could only watch from afar, unable to enter the auction room to auction off their young slaves, were now thinking of something else.

They could not get a young slave in a cage.

But a young slave that has left the cage is a masterless object!

Under the law of the weak and the strong, plundering is really the normal state of affairs.

“Demon Lady, it’s done.”

After the female guards secretly shattered the chains of the three cages, they immediately returned to the Demon Mother’s side to repeat their orders.

Only after waiting for a few seconds and not receiving a response from the Demon Mother, the female guard could not help but raise her head and look at the Demon Mother with raised eyebrows.

But when she did, she froze.

At that moment, the demon lady was staring at the street, as if she didn’t even notice that she was close at hand.

That kind of obsessive gaze made the female escort startled.

She had followed the Demon Lady for a long time, and always this kind of gaze was always shown to her by the prima donnas of the Hundred Clans, never had the Demon Lady had this kind of gaze.

“Demon Mother ……”

The female escort slowly looked up and shouted.

Instead, the demon lady raised her hand and pointed to Chen Dong on the street, “Look, that man.”

“Is that the only slave in the cage?!”

The female guard turned around and looked in the direction, but her brows knitted and she said with some confusion, “He’s so stupid, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but he doesn’t know to escape, instead he still protects behind those children.”

In fact.

After jumping out of the prison car, Chen Dong did not escape immediately, but consciously followed behind the children who were running in all directions.

Even he himself was not sure why he acted in such a manner, as if there was always a voice in his head admonishing him that the children were weaker than him and needed more time to escape than he did!

It wasn’t holy motherhood, but was prompted by that inexplicable emotion that stemmed from something even he wasn’t sure of.

“D*mn you, how dare you run away!”

Behind him, a thunderous roar exploded out of nowhere.

“Not good!”

The Demon Mother and the female guard who had been watching Chen Dong instantly changed their faces greatly at the same time.

In a flash of lightning.

As the roar exploded, Chen Dong suddenly turned back.

In his line of sight, the leader of the slave caravan was already riding a tall-headed horse and had reached him, and in a flash of lightning, the warhorse did not stop in the slightest, but hissed and charged directly towards him.

Chen Dong’s eyes narrowed abruptly and a cold aura exploded.

He was about to dodge, but his expression sank in an instant.

The footsteps that he had raised fell back to the ground with a fury.

Bang Teen!

There was a loud bang.

Chen Dong was directly knocked up by the war horse, spitting out a mouthful of blood in the air, as if he had broken a pocket, and flew straight backwards.

“Why didn’t he dodge?”

The female escort said in indignant disbelief.

With her martial arts realm, when the warhorse charged at Chen Dong just now, Chen Dong clearly had the opportunity to dodge!

To be able to dodge and not do so was simply stupid!


The Demon Lady’s eyes flickered, and her blood-dripping red lips murmured, “The child.”

A child?!

The female escort instantly reacted.

Yes, this slave, relying on the advantage of being an adult, could have escaped very quickly with the first time, but instead, she had stayed until the end, protecting the child even during her escape.

It was at this point.

The leader of the slave caravan, who had ridden his horse into Chen Dong, had already rushed behind the children Chen Dong was protecting just now.

It was a close call.

Amidst the children’s terrified shrieks, the leader leaned down and directly grabbed a child with one hand and lifted him high into the air.

Then, with red eyes and a fierce look on his face, he roared.

“Stop right there! Anyone who dares to run again will be killed!”

The words had barely left his mouth.


With a scream from the child, the leader slammed the child in his hand into the children who were running away in front of him.

The children all fell to the ground, screaming and rolling.

The child who was thrown out by the leader even spurted out a mouthful of blood.

This scene.

The demon lady’s body shook as she watched, and a stern and murderous aura appeared on her face.

In an instant, a majestic cold intent exploded out from the demon lady’s body.

The female guard’s expression was abruptly terrified to the extreme.

At this moment, feeling the cold intent from the Demon Lady’s body, she even felt that it completely overpowered the extreme cold of the wind and snow.


The Demon Lady coldly spat out a word from her blood-dripping red lips.

On the street.

With the slave caravan leader viciously and directly threatening with his life.

The children who were fleeing in panic were truly frightened, and some of the less courageous children even stopped directly in their places, their bodies like sieve chaff.

Seeing this scene.

The leader of the slave caravan’s mouth curled up in a smug smile.

He knew that this was the right way to compromise!

If he hadn’t been ruthless and simply chased after them, the consequential damage would have been far more costly than if he had threatened the lives of a few children to shake the tiger from the mountain!

In his eyes, these young slaves are just animals for money!

The loss of a few animals in exchange for keeping most of them was still a profitable trip!

But in his complacency, he was unaware that a figure in the midst of the chaos was coming silently with a murderous intent, like a wolf hunting on a snowy plain.

“Those who stay will live, those who are caught will be killed!”

The leader rode atop a high horse, his eyes scarlet and awe-inspiring at this moment.

His eyes were locked on a fleeing figure in the street, and he was about to drive his horse forward with a surge of murderous intent.


There was a loud bellow from the slant.

The leader’s face changed dramatically, and a majestic killing intent instantly enveloped his whole body.

In panic, he instinctively turned his head to look.

In the line of sight, there was a cold flash.


A blood splash bloomed.

The leader’s body froze, and there was a vague wet and cold sensation between his neck.

And in his line of sight, a woman in animal robes, like a feather, floated down to the ground, and a bloodstain remained above the battle sword in her hand.

Only his vision quickly blurred and eventually faded into darkness.

There was a loud plop!

The leader crashed to the ground, lifeless again.

“Ah! Murder!”

The chaotic street exploded with this explosive roar.