Winner Takes All Chapter 999-1000

Chapter 999

Because the three of them were still far away.

Therefore, the King of Huns’ low cry was only heard by the female guard.

But hearing these words, the female guard’s body instantly froze, dripping with cold sweat, and instantly discouraged the idea of reminding Xixing.

“Have you spoken to Father?”

Shying asked with a smile when she saw the female escort.

The terrified and disoriented female guard hurriedly bowed her head and said, “Demon Mother, both the King and Lord Kui Gang are waiting for you inside.”

“Kui Gang?”

A flash of doubt surfaced in Xixing’s eyes, “Why has Father called him over?”

After murmuring, Xixing didn’t think too much about it, and dragged Chen Dong and Barbara into the palace.

The female escort watched the three enter with a gloomy expression.

When her eyes fell on Chen Dong, a hint of sympathy flowed out.

It had been so hard to survive, but he would soon have to die at the hands of Lord Kui Gang.

When Xixing and Chen Dong walked into the palace, the two clearly sensed that something was wrong within the palace.

The awe-inspiring coldness that emanated from the Hun King and Lord Kui Gang was unmistakable and made people feel like a mane on their backs, like hair on their bones.

Even Barbara, with a look of alarm on her pink little face.

It was not only because of the sense of oppression, but also because of the Hun King sitting high on his throne.

In the past, Barbara had thought that her father was already the most powerful.

The Hun King, only existed in the stories her father told her, and she never thought that one day she would be standing in front of the Hun King.

“The Demon Mother pays her respects to her father.”

Xixing’s heart was suspicious, but she still forced down the doubts in her heart and bowed to the Xiongnu King on the throne.


“Kui Gang, do it!”


The delicate body of Xixing, who had just knelt down, shook abruptly.


Almost simultaneously, an explosion sounded abruptly within the silent palace.

The wind rose suddenly and was fierce and fierce.

It was as if a mountain was crying out like a tsunami, in a fierce stance, pushing straight across from within the slant.

It was a flash of lightning.

When Xie Xing turned his head in panic, he saw that Kui Gang, who had been standing next to him, was like a mountain at that moment, lifting up the air currents visible to the naked eye and rushing directly towards this side.

“Brother Kui Gang!”

Xixing screamed in fright.

However, Kui Gang’s face was full of fierce killing intent, and his right hand swung his fist like a python emerging from a cave, roaring as he blatantly blasted at Chen Dong.

The terrifying air currents set off around him even pushed Barbara away.

It was a close call.

In the face of Kui Gang’s fist, he hastily raised his right hand to block it.

Bang Teen!

There was a loud sound.

Like a broken pocket, Chen Dong flew backwards five metres in the air and landed heavily on the ground.


As soon as he landed on the ground, a mouthful of blood spurted out from Chen Dong’s mouth.

His expression was cold, and his eyes were even colder, but he could not hide his shock in the depths of his eyes and blurted out, “How fast!”

The moment the Kui Gang burst forth, he could only raise his hand to block it. The majestic aura was like a great mountain pushing across, and even Chen Dong was scared.

A sharp pain struck his right arm, causing the veins in the corners of Chen Dong’s eyes to bulge out.


Just as Chen Dong landed on the ground, a terrified Barbara pounced over with a face full of tears.

“Uncle, are you alright, are you alright?”

While crying and asking, Barbara used her petite and frail body to help Chen Dong up.

On the other hand, on the other side.

Xixing, however, had already stood up, glaring angrily at Kui Gang, and then was turning around to scold the Hun King, “Father, what do you mean by that?”

She was not stupid, without the Hun King’s order, it was impossible for Kui Gang to suddenly rise up like this.

The aura just now was clearly directed at Suo’s life!

Clearly, this was an order from her father to Kui Gang!

If he wanted to save this man, he could only convince his father!

“Demon lady, what do you mean only?”

The Hun King looked sulking, even though he had already suppressed his anger with utmost restraint, he still gave off a fierce and berserk feeling, “Kui Gang, this king is asking you to kill him, not to give him a punch!”

A look of shock and horror abruptly surfaced on Shying Xing’s stunning face.

She turned around abruptly and angrily rebuked at Kui Gang who was about to launch himself, “Kui Gang, how dare you!”

Kui Gang’s qi surged all over his body, but the corners of his eyes narrowed fiercely with Xixing’s stern shout, looking at Chen Dong with eyes full of resentment and anger.

“Demon Lady, your man, that must be the strongest man, since you insist on it, then today let Kui Gang test it out properly, if he can beat Kui Gang, then everything will be according to you!”

The Hun King sat atop his throne, majestic, with anger between his brows.

He would not allow such a thing to happen.

Even if he had already known that Xixing wanted to get this man, to join forces for the Hundred Clans to go south and find someone to counter Huo Zhenxiao.

However, what Xixing had done was too disobedient and disregarded him as a father, not to mention the majesty of the whole Xiongnu.

If word of this got out, the whole Xiongnu royal court would no longer have a royal court, and Xiongnu would be crucified and ridiculed by the hundred tribes.

What’s more, after learning that Kui Gang had already comprehended the 52 Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao bodies, the Hun King already had the best person in mind to fight against Huo Zhenxiao!

“But he’s injured now, he’s not at all in full strength… Father, you’re bullying! It’s taking advantage of someone’s danger!”

Xixing was shocked and furious, her eyes filled with tears.

She didn’t know why her father would suddenly do this, when he had been told in advance, when it was for the sake of the Huns and for the sake of the Hundred Clans!


The Hun king slammed his fist on the armrest of his throne: “There is no such thing as taking advantage of someone in battle, only the victor is king!”

“You ……”

Chen Dong sat on the ground, his right arm was in a sharp pain like tearing.

But looking at the scene of Xixing and the Hun king arguing in front of him, a look of confusion and doubt appeared in his eyes.

Wasn’t I the Xiongnu’s horse in harness?

Didn’t I follow Xie Xing home?

Why …… would the scene before him happen?

In front of him, Barbara cried tears, but did not move an inch to stop Chen Dong.

Her thin, frail body, but at this moment as if it were a small mountain, stood in front of Chen Dong, facing the opposite Kui Gang.

Barbara cried out and threatened, “Go away, you go away, I forbid you to hurt my uncle ……”

Inside the palace, Barbara’s cries and howls echoed at the top of her lungs.

“Barbara ……”

Chen Dong looked profoundly at Barbara’s back, but the image of Barbara’s brother before he died in the alley that night came to his mind.

Barbara, however, did not even turn her head back and cried, “Barbara doesn’t have a father or a mother anymore, Barbara doesn’t have a brother anymore, woooooooooo …… Barbara only has …… uncle… …”

Chen Dong’s body shook, his eyes steeped in sullenness, his chest clogged to the point of exploding.

Barbara’s hoarse cries seemed like burning red sharp knives cutting into his body.

This scene also made the Hun King and Xixing stop arguing and look at the thin and frail Barbarian.

No one had expected it.

A child of a few years old would actually have the courage to stand in front of an adult and shelter him in a time of danger.

Kui Gang’s eyebrows knitted together and his harsh, resentful gaze was like a sharp knife as it swept right past Ah Man and stabbed at Chen Dong, the corners of his mouth turning upwards with a contemptuous, disdainful smile.

“Quite a strong man, to actually hide in front of a small child and let it take shelter, how brazen.”

These words were despised by Chen Dong, and they were also ridiculed by Xixing.

A man who had to take shelter from little children was comparable to him, Kui Gang, the number one warrior of the Huns?

Shying you can even look at such a man in your eyes, but you can’t see my Kui Gang’s overwhelming might, are you …… blind?

The silence of the palace echoed with Barbara’s cries.


Suddenly, under the watchful eyes of Xie Xing, the Hun King and Kui Gang.

A large hand, the back of which was stained with blood, landed on Barbara’s shoulder.

“Barbara, go and stay aside, uncle …… can win him!”

Chapter 1000

A cold, harsh voice suddenly exploded within the palace.

Barbara turned back around and looked at Chen Dong with teary eyes, “Ooooooooooo …… Uncle, Barbara doesn’t want you to get hurt, don’t fight this big bad guy, okay?”


Xixing and the Hun King, however, had a gaze.

Especially Xixing was full of surprise.

Ever since she and Chen Dong had come together, because this man had lost his memory, he often looked dull, bewildered and mute, but at this moment …… this man had changed!

Face like frost, cold to the extreme, eyes depressed gas raging.

Sitting there, it was as if it was an iceberg.

Especially that pair of eyes, sharp as a sharp knife, look at the shy star heart frightened.

Such a feeling, she had felt when she faced Cang Wolf.

“Are you really just an ordinary recruit?”

Doubtful thoughts surfaced in Xie Xing’s mind.

She did not know the real name of the man in front of her, so she took the name Greedy Wolf, and in order to gain this man’s affiliation, she even went out of her way to make up memories of the man in front of her at the cost of herself.

But at this moment, Chen Dong gave Xixing an extremely different feeling.

“Heh ……”

Kui Gang’s pupils tightened for a moment as he also noticed the change in the man in front of him, but then came a snort of laughter, “Finally giving up and burrowing out from under the little girl’s arm?”

The mockery was thick.

As far as Kui Gang was concerned, the fact that a man from the domain who had appeared from nowhere could easily obtain the Shy Star was simply the greatest humiliation to him, the number one warrior of the Huns!

At the age of sixteen, he was selected to enter the Skywolf Academy, and in another three years, he became the first in the Academy and was awarded the title of the No. 1 warrior of the Xiongnu.

He then immersed himself in the enlightenment of the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body, making unhindered and unstoppable progress in the martial arts, and in just four years, now at the age of twenty-four, he has enlightened the Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Body to the fifty-second seat.

Such speed, such an achievement, is enough to make a mark in the history of the Huns.

Even if he were to leave the Heavenly Wolf Academy in the future, he would still be a general and commander, commanding thousands of troops and horses and sweeping the snowy plains.

Yet, as outstanding as he was, he could not enter the eyes of Xixing!

In the past, there was always speculation in the Xiongnu royal court that the most likely person to marry Xixing was Kui Gang, who was the number one warrior in Xiongnu!

If it had been a Hun, no, not even one of the hundred tribes, he would not have been so angry.

But if it had been a Hun, no, not even one of the hundred tribes outside the realm, he would not have been so angry.

The feud between the domain and the Great Snowy Plain was unending, and now he, the number one warrior of the Xiongnu, was losing to a little-known man from the domain?

That’s ridiculous!

“Shut up, you big bad man!”

Barbara turned back suddenly and cried out to Kui Gang.


Chen Dong, however, gently raised his hand and wiped the tears on Barbara’s face, saying gently, “Barbara doesn’t cry, Barbara is good, didn’t you promise your brother?”

Barbara froze for a moment, her lips mumbling, “But, but …… the big bad guy is going to hit uncle.”

“Not afraid, you watch from the side, uncle beat the big bad guy to show you!”

Chen Dong calmly placated, cloudy and calm, taciturn.

This relaxed and leisurely aura saw Kui Gang’s pupils tighten.

It also made the Hun king on the throne, who was in a rage, wrinkle his brows.

Could …… this kid really beat Kui Gang?

Impossible! His left shoulder was injured and he only had the strength of one arm, how could he possibly beat Kui Gang, who had comprehended the 52 Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao bodies?

For a moment, the Hun King was calm on the surface, but his heart was in turmoil.

It was a seemingly impossible thing, but now, under Chen Dong’s cloudy and light-hearted aura, it made the Hun King wonder.

Barbara nodded and said no more, clenching her little fist indignantly, “Uncle must beat him up hard!”


Chen Dong smiled gently and gestured for Barbara to stand aside.

With that, he got up and slowly walked towards Kui Gang.

Not far away, Xixing’s eyes shone brightly as he looked at Chen Dong and said firmly, “Go for it!”


Chen Dong nodded calmly.

From start to finish, he acted incomparably calm and collected, as if he regarded Kui Gang as non-existent.

This scene.

Not only did it leave Xie Xing and the Hun King in a state of shock and disbelief.

Even the female guard standing at the entrance was also suspicious at this point, and could not help but murmur in a low voice, “Could it really be possible to win? But how is this possible? A single arm, in a weakened state, beating Lord Kui Gang? It’s a fantasy!”

In an instant, many possibilities flashed through the female guard’s mind, but for every one of them, with her martial realm, she could not see any hope of Chen Dong winning!

“You’re ignoring me?”

Kui Gang’s face revealed a depressed air, his brows locked in a frown as he looked at Chen Dong as if he wanted to eat someone.

He wanted to humiliate the man in front of him, and he also wanted to ridicule Xixing.

But the man suddenly became calm and collected, not even looking at him more than once, which was like an invisible heavy punch that ruthlessly blasted him in the heart.

The words had just fallen.

Chen Dong slowly raised his right hand and pointed it at Kui Gang, then clenched his fist with five fingers with a “bang”.


A naked provocation!

This scene made King Xiong Nu, Xixing and the female guard’s faces change greatly.

Kui Gang’s face was even more gloomy, his anger spurting out.

“Give me death!”


As Kui Gang let out an explosive roar, a ring of air currents visible to the naked eye abruptly lifted up around him, wrapping around his entire body like a tornado.

The next second.

Like a human-shaped cannonball, Kui Gang shot straight towards Chen Dong.

Everywhere he pa*sed, the strong wind raged and roared.

Everywhere the Kui Gang pa*sed, the Chinese white jade floor beneath his feet exploded.

The sound was immense.

The aura was overwhelming!

In an instant, it was as if he dominated this side of the palace, making time stand still as only the Kui Gang moved forward in a domineering manner.


In the face of the overbearing Kui Gang’s aura.

Chen Dong’s next move was one that shocked the jaws of Xixing and the others.

In the shocked gazes of several people.

Chen Dong’s body, slowly bowed up, his right hand clenched into a fist, still facing the oncoming Kui Gang.

His expression was cold and his gaze was stern.

“If I can get into that state again, I’ll win!”

His lips and teeth were lightly opened, but his voice exploded like thunder in the ears of Xixing and the female guards.

With that, Chen Dong faced Kui Gang and slowly closed his eyes.

“Heh, seeking death!”

Kui Gang’s chest was furious, his right hand clenched his fist at this moment, every muscle’s explosive power was stored to the limit, he wanted to …… punch this trash in front of him and completely blast him to death!

And on the throne, the Hun king was full of dismay and said in a deep voice: “No one dares to face Kui Gang with his eyes closed yet, the way to take death, arrogant person!”

Only Shying Xing and the female guards were left alone.

In this flash of lightning, they were caught in a daze.

In both of their minds, a scene from the street where Chen Dong had stormed off to kill all sides came to mind.

Clearly, the state Chen Dong was referring to was that state!

At a time of extreme weakness, yet he was able to buck the trend and was invincible.

It was even clear to Xixing that the man in front of him, the reason why he was unstoppable in that video, should have entered that state as well.

“Perhaps …… can really work!”

At the entrance of the hall, the female guard’s expression finally gripped, and the look in Chen Dong’s eyes was no longer as sympathetic and compa*sionate as before, but had a hint of expectation!