Winner Takes All Chapter 995-996

Chapter 995

The Heavenly Wolf Courtyard.

Located on the side of the King’s Palace, it covers a vast area.

Anyone who is inside the King’s Palace knows how special the Wolf House really is in the King’s Palace!

It resides in the palace and is not subject to the orders of the hundred officials, but is only driven by the orders of the King of Xiongnu alone!

As the top martial arts academy in the entire Xiongnu royal court, it covers thousands of years of martial heritage of the entire Xiongnu.

Not only is it producing top warriors for the Xiongnu who laugh at the Great Snowy Plain.


It also nurtures generals and military masters who lead troops into battle and make decisions over thousands of miles for the Xiongnu.

In a place like this, on a normal day, ordinary people would not even be qualified to approach!

As the female escort walked warily outside the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard.

She wiped a handful of sweat from her forehead, and the trepidation on her face diminished by a few points.

Just now in the King’s Hall, the King of Huns’ thunderous rage was still vivid in her mind.

Leaving the King’s Hall and coming to the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard, it was only now that her mind had calmed down a little.

“Who is the visitor? Without the king’s order in your possession, immediately retreat ten metres away from the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard, or else you will be considered an offender!”

Without waiting for the female guard to move forward, a thick, thunderous rebuke came from within the Skywolf Courtyard.

The female guard was not annoyed.

This was the power and preferential treatment of the Wolf House!

Even if she was a mere escort, even if a great general or even a first-ranking official from the palace came, she would have to be reprimanded like this!

The female escort pulled out the King of Xiongnu’s token: “By order of the King, I have come to pay my respects to Lord Kui Gang!”


The mellow voice threw out a word coldly.

The female escort immediately stepped into the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard.

A sturdy, bare-chested man, showing off his rugged and terrifying muscles, suddenly appeared in front of the female escort.

It was so fast that a hint of panic and astonishment flashed in the female guard’s eyes.

“Lord Kui Gang will be waiting for you in the main hall, remember to follow this straight path straight ahead within the Skywolf Courtyard and do not pry into the rest of the place, or you will have to ask the king to bail you out.”

The stout, rugged man said with a cold, stern expression.

The structure of the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard was very special, upon entering the Courtyard, it was a straight path leading to the main hall, with high walls built on both sides, along the way there would be openings in the high walls that led elsewhere, but only those within the Courtyard could freely enter and exit, the rest of the people, had no right to enter at will.

“My lord, I understand the rules.”

The female guard smiled and nodded, not daring to show the slightest sign of dissatisfaction.

She was clear that all those who entered the Skywolf Academy had unlimited future prospects.

The talent of a general and a military master.

These were the pillars of the future Xiongnu, and it was precisely because these people were entrusted with high expectations within the Heavenly Wolf Academy that they had created the strength to look down on all officials!

“Well, go on.”

The stout, rugged man let out a snort and stepped aside, “I’m just reminding you as a matter of routine, it’s best to know the rules.”

The female escort hurried off down the straight path.

It took nearly ten minutes of walking before they finally entered the large main hall.

The main hall was empty, but on the walls around it were long paintings of the Huns fighting in all directions, all of them showing the glory of the Huns in the past.

In the corners, there are also rows and rows of weapon racks, displaying a single weapon.

Each weapon was blossoming with a bone-chilling cold aura, standing coldly, but invisibly forming a cold and majestic killing intent, intimidating the whole main hall.

Even though it was not the first time they came to the main hall.

However, the female guard was still attracted by one of the blades.

She knew very well that all these weapons were polished to a spotless state, but before entering the main hall, every single one of them had drunk enough blood and had countless dead souls!

“You seek me?”

A muffled voice came out.

The female guard turned back to her senses and saw a tall, mountain-like man slowly enter the main hall.

The man was more than two metres tall, lofty as a mountain, and his bare upper body was as if his muscles were cast in bra*s, each one full of explosive power, but not as rugged as the man at the door, instead he was more proportionate, as if he was the world’s best sculptor, carved out bit by bit, finely.

There is nothing superfluous, everything is just right.

Even his features, which simply match his figure, do not have the usual ruggedness of the warriors of the great snowy plains.

Awe-inspiring and imposing!

It is the most appropriate description for a hanyou.

Even when he is standing still, the untamed majesty of his brow makes people stand back.

He is the number one warrior of the Huns, Kui Gang!

The female guard faced Kui Gang, her gaze not daring to meet his, her cheeks burning a little as she lowered her head and busily said, “Lord Kui Gang, the king has urgently summoned you over because of the princess’ affairs.”

“The Demon Lady?”

Kui Gang’s sword brows knitted as he asked sharply, “What danger is the demon lady in?”

He knew how much the Hun King really doted on Demon Niang, so at this moment, because Demon Niang was urgently summoned by the Hun King, the first thing he a*sociated with was that Demon Niang was in danger!


“No, there’s no danger.”

The female guard shook her head and busily said, “Yes, it’s because …… the demon niang has married someone privately, and the king was enraged and summoned Lord Kui Gang over to compete with the person the demon niang has married!”


As soon as the words left his mouth, the worried look on Kui Gang’s face abruptly turned into majestic anger.

His hands even fiercely clenched into fists, his knuckles exploding with an explosive sound.


The ultimate suppression!

In an instant, the female guard was chilled to the bone, as if her throat was being strangled to death by a large invisible hand, suffocating to the extreme.

“What exactly does the demon lady …… think?”

Kui Gang gently pulled the corners of his mouth, but his voice was low and cold and harsh to the extreme.

With that.

“I instantly go to the king, also just to see, my Xiongnu first warrior Kui Gang can not even enter the eyes of the demon mother, in the end what kind of dragon and phoenix heavenly pride, but let want the demon mother directly with its marriage?”

Kui Gang slowly turned around, his lofty body could give people a great oppression even if he turned around.


When the female guard raised her head, her pupils tightened and a “boom” exploded in her mind.

Where Kui Gang was standing just now, the stone paved ground was now cracked to the bone, shocking to the eye!

The female guard was certain that the slabs were intact when she came in just now, and this main hall was dedicated to the reception of people in the Heavenly Wolf Academy.

Then …… there was only one possibility!

The place where Kui Gang was standing, the verdigris slab under his feet when he was flip-flopping in anger just now, had been shattered by a hard trample.

“Lord Kui Gang’s qi has become so strong to this extent?”

The female guard’s face was full of shock, and her heart was even more agitated.

She did not know qi energy, but she knew about it.

How terrifying should it be to be able to control Qi energy to the extent that it shattered the green stone slab without a sound?

Followed closely by.

Dense worry surfaced on the female guard’s face as she murmured softly, “Lord Kui Gang’s strength has refined a lot more, to be able to control Qi energy to such an extent, that man …… is afraid that it will be hard to escape death!”

Chapter 996

The female escort had seen Chen Dong’s skills.

The image of Chen Dong escaping from his trap and suddenly killing all sides that day remained in the female guard’s mind for a long time.

At that scene, even the female guard was amazed at how powerful Chen Dong was.

However, it was different when compared to Kui Gang.

From the female escort’s point of view, that man was able to kill in the street and was indeed strong, but he was only facing the people of the slave caravan, those people had strength, but only strength.

There was no comparison with the first warrior of the Huns!

The same killing, replace that man with Kui Gang, Kui Gang could also kill all the people of the slave caravan as if he were killing chickens and dogs.


However, when comparing that man and Kui Gang together.

The female guards felt that Kui Gang had a better chance of winning!

To be able to control his qi to the point of silently shattering the green stone slab was already a very high level of mastery of qi!

To be able to explode his power like a mountain and a tsunami was indeed powerful.

But to be able to control one’s own power at will, sometimes like a mountain whistle, sometimes like a ghostly, invisible force, is clearly a higher level of skill!

In a trance, beads of sweat seeped out of the female guard’s hands.

“Demon Lady, you’ve really gotten into big trouble this time!”

With a murmur, the female guard hurriedly followed the dragon-moving Kui Gang.

The Hun King was thundering with rage and Kui Gang had struck out in anger.

To the female guard, these were the two swords that stood in front of the Demon Lady and the man called Greedy Wolf.

There were only two paths before the demon lady and the man.

Either the man defeated Kui Gang and gained the approval of the Hun King.

Either the man would die a gruesome death at the hands of the Kui Gang.

Of the two paths, the first was a one in a billion chance of extinction in the mind of the female guard!

All the way forward, the female escort was always one length behind Kui Gang.

At this moment, Kui Gang was walking with a dragon and a tiger, moving quickly forward, and although he was silent, he exuded a terrifying killing intent that was so oppressive that people were scared to death.

It was as harsh as a sword, superior to the snow and wind in the sky.

It was so majestic and domineering that no one dared to resist.

When Kui Gang stepped into the king’s hall, the female guards breathed a sigh of relief and did not follow him in, but stood at the entrance of the hall and waited.

“Kui Gang, pay my respects to the king.”

As soon as he entered the palace, Kui Gang knelt down on one knee and placed his right hand in a fist over his heart.

“Just in time!”

The Hun King was sitting on his throne, the remnants of the table he had just smashed were scattered in front of him, without the slightest hesitation, he waved his hand directly and said, “This King orders you, when the Demon Lady brings that man to pay his respects later, you must kill him!”

“King, have things come to this point?”

Kui Gang forced down his anger and asked the King of Xiongnu.

He was the first warrior of the Xiongnu, and the youngest first warrior.

Brutal at heart, he looked askance at the hundred tribes of the snowy plains.

Once he thought that a Snowy Plain heavenly pride like him was the only one who could match the Demon Lady.

But when the Hun King tried to set him up, she rejected him on the spot.

Now, she was looking for another one, and had caused the Hun King to become so furious.

Although he was unruly and now angry, he was not stupid.

He had personally experienced the eyes of the Demon Lady, and anyone who could enter her eyes was no ordinary person, so it was better to know more about the matter.

“Disobeying this king, disregarding the majesty that the Xiongnu royal court has accumulated for thousands of years, and privately married that man hastily in front of the Heavenly Wolf, you tell me with this king, how serious is this matter?”

The Hun King leaned forward slightly, his tiger eyes looking angrily at Kui Gang, his gaze forcing.

Kui Gang’s eyes narrowed abruptly to a slit, killing intent bursting forth, and his teeth clenched even more instantly.



This moment was like a volcano that wanted to explode out of Kui Gang’s chest.

He was the number one warrior of the Xiongnu, even when facing the warriors of the hundred tribes, he could still stand proud and dominate the group!

A heavenly pride like him could not enter the eyes of the demon maiden and was scorned.

But now, a man, who actually made the Demon Mother give up all nobility, just like this, directly before the Heavenly Wolf to pay his respects and get married?

“How bad am I, Kui Gang, really? Demon Mother, do you have to humiliate me like this?”

At this moment, resentment and anger seemed like a tidal wave that enveloped Kui Gang, causing him to breathe heavily.

The next second.

He gritted his teeth fiercely, “In obedience to the king’s order, Kui Gang will definitely send that man to the Heavenly Wolf!”

“For the sake of Xiong Nu, Kui Gang this battle, you can only win and not lose.”

The King of Xiongnu’s anger and killing intent was so great that his words plunged the entire king’s palace into the ultimate cold: “Even if that dead girl Xixing is widowed, the king will never condone such a disgrace!”

“As you command!”

Kui Gang got up and slowly moved to stand aside.

But as he stepped forward, his naked upper body muscles were slowly writhing, and his trousers underneath were rattling without wind.

This scene made the Hun King’s eyes light up.

“Kui Gang, you have refined your martial art again?”

The Hun King asked offhandedly in surprise.

After Kui Gang stood still, he said in an una*suming manner, “Indeed, there has been an improvement. As of now, Kui Gang has lived up to the King’s high expectations, and has already comprehended fifty-two of the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies.”


The Hun King’s eyes flashed with surprise.

The seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies, which were the essence of Xiongnu’s martial dao inheritance for thousands of years, were set up within the Heavenly Wolf Academy for those in the Academy to enlighten.

It was also because of the existence of the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies that it was one of the reasons for the special nature of the Heavenly Wolf Academy!

Thousands of years of accumulation by the Huns, this is a rich treasure that one cannot ignore!

You know, once upon a time, the Huns were in charge of hundreds of tribes in the Great Snowy Plain, a true and deserved royal court of the Huns!

It was a real kingdom of the Xiongnu!

The Xiongnu court is still one of the top 100 tribes in the Great Snowy Plain, despite its declining status.

The 72 Heavenly Wolf Martial Bodies were created by the Xiongnu Royal Court when it was at its most magnificent, when it unified the hundred tribes and combined the strengths of the hundred tribes!

To put it politely.

The seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies are rather an accumulation of thousands of years of Xiongnu’s martial dao, rather than an accumulation of thousands of years of martial dao essence of all the tribes in the Great Snowy Plain.

It was because of the existence of the Heavenly Wolf Academy and the seventy-two Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies, such a secret essence, that created even the present-day Huns, the number one warrior of all generations, to be able to laugh at the herd and treat the warriors of the hundred tribes as mere dogs!

When the Xiongnu King asked this question, it was with a choked expression and a sudden self-deprecating smile.

If he hadn’t enlightened the 52 Heavenly Wolf Martial Dao Bodies, Kui Gang’s aura wouldn’t have reached this level, right?

The next second.

The Hun King’s body straightened out and said in a majestic manner, “Kui Gang heed the order!”


Kui Gang knelt down on one knee.

The next second, the Hun King’s words, however, caused Kui Gang’s blood to boil.

“Later, if you must kill that man, the king will order that Xixing be promised to marry you, and this matter will be decided by the king, and Xixing must not disobey the king’s order!”