Winner Takes All Chapter 993-994

Chapter 993

The Huns’ court?!”

As soon as the words were spoken, several of his companions around him looked at the man.

One of them said in disbelief, “Chief, are you sure you’re going to the Huns’ court? With the speed we’re going, we won’t make it to the 13 cities of the kingdom before nightfall! Besides, if we enter the Thirteen Cities of the King’s Court, we will be no different from entering the mouth of a tiger!”

A small, formed force could appear in a frontier land.

But if it crossed the Qilian Mountains and went deep into the snowy plains, it would be as conspicuous as a white moon in the dark night.

The thirteen cities of the royal court would never allow such a force of inlanders to appear.

They might even be strangled by the Hun army as they approached!

“If we can’t make it, we’ll make it overnight, it’s better to wait until we’re close to the Thirteen Cities of the King’s Court, then we’ll simply disperse the group and gather around them once we enter the city.”

The man snapped with a stern look and roared loudly, “All listen to the order, target the Thirteen Cities of the King’s Court of Xiongnu, even if you run your horses to death, use your legs to get me to the Thirteen Cities of the King’s Court as soon as possible, and find the young master at any cost!”

“As you command!”

As the hundred men shouted in unison.

The speed of this team steeply increased, the horses trampling through the wind and snow as fast as lightning.

On the vast snowy plains, this team of one hundred men was like a pitch-black battle knife, plunging straight towards the Thirteen Cities of the Royal Court.

Inside the Thirteen Cities of the King’s Court.

In the small courtyard.

Early in the morning.

Chen Dong woke up, naked, in the courtyard, facing the wind and snow, for his morning exercise.

Even he himself did not know why he had this habit.

When his body was weak, he was able to restrain himself, but as his body gradually recovered, this habit slowly came to the fore.

The recovery of the body, then the exercise, then the promotion of the recovery of the body, this is originally a virtuous cycle.

So Chen Dong did not deliberately restrain this habit!

As his morning exercise proceeded, Chen Dong’s body was covered in crystal beads of sweat, as if the wind and snow and severe cold did not work on him at all.

What was even more smacking was that the rolling heat rose up from his body, even making the flying snow above his head, much smaller.

Because of the heat, the falling snow was attenuated by the heat even before it could stick to his body.





A series of punches and kicks reverberated with ear-splitting air bursts.

Even the flying snow changed direction with the astral wind that was set off by the fists and kicks.

However, because of the injury on his shoulder, even when Chen Dong was exercising, he only performed some basic and simple movements that did not affect the wound.

It was also while Chen Dong was indulging in his exercise that on the courtyard corridor, a white-robed Xie Xing was walking in holding Barbara’s hand.

Seeing Chen Dong who was exercising in Chen Dong’s courtyard.

With a shining essence in her eyes, Xie Xing could not help but reveal an infatuated smile as she looked lost in thought for a moment, “Worthy of being my man!”

Barbara raised her eyes to look at Xixing, then calmly looked at Chen Dong who was exercising.

That sound of fists and kicks swinging in the astral wind, as well as the sound of the air bursting time and again, made Barbara’s eardrums sting a little and she could not help but frown.

Immediately following, Barbara but murmured in a low voice, “If uncle was not too weak before, perhaps …… brother would not have gone to see Abba and Abba, if uncle was in our village, perhaps the village would not have been trampled down, and Abba and Abba they would not have flown to the sky and turned into stars. ”

Barbara is a child after all, and she knows exactly what her village and Abba and Brother are going through.

But when expressing it, it still breathes a childish innocence of a child.

Shying’s eyes, who was admiring Chen Dong, flickered for a moment and became a little gloomy.

She squatted in front of Barbara and smiled gently, “Barbara, one day in the future, I will let you see a more peaceful Great Snowy Plain, there may still be slaves at that time, but the appearance of slaves will never rely on bloody killing and plundering, and there will be no young slaves at that time. wild beasts killing each other.”


Barbara looked at Xixing, but her clear eyes were full of disbelief, “Will there really be that day in the Great Snowy Plain?”

“Well, Auntie swears to you!”

Xixing solemnly raised three fingers: “Auntie, will make the Great Snowy Plain as Auntie said, and …… from now on, Auntie and Uncle will always guard Barbara, whoever dares to bully Barbara, Auntie will let the Heavenly Wolves rain down misfortune on him!”

The words were strong and resounding!

When she said these words, there was no longer a trace of charm on her body, there was only unspeakable determination!

She is the one who is regarded as the Heavenly Wolf by the Hundred Tribes!

She was the one who had single-handedly brought the Hundred Clans together!

She has a vision in her heart that is far beyond that of the leaders of the Hundred Clans!

She was able to fabricate Chen Dong’s memories by any means necessary to make Chen Dong work for her, even at the cost of physical marriage.

But the Barbarian before her was a child of the Great Snowy Plain.

It was one of the beings in distress on the Great Snowy Plain.

When she banned the young slave, she saw the key to it.

She had brought about the joining of the Hundred Clans in order to achieve a more ambitious goal for the future. Only by twisting the Hundred Clans together with the domain that way would it be possible to bring the beings who were all suffering, step by step, out of the quagmire of suffering and killing, like beasts.

“Thank you, Auntie.”

Barbara’s clear gaze rippled as she spoke in a soft voice.

Xixing spread her face and smiled, her stunning face once again regaining all its charm.

Dotingly, she rubbed Barbara’s head.

“Let’s go, go and call Uncle, we’re going home today.”


As Xixing and Barbara walked into the courtyard.

Chen Dong, who was concentrating on his exercise, also noticed the duo and stopped exercising.

“It’s so windy and snowy, why are you two running out?”

Chen Dong greeted the duo.

“Uncle, Auntie said she’s taking us home.” Barbara said.

“Go home?”

Chen Dong froze for a moment, some confusion in his eyes.

Xixing nodded and looked up at the sky, “Tonight the extreme night will fall, then this great snow plain will be in darkness, you have all recovered a bit, so it’s time to go home and recuperate.”


The confusion in Chen Dong’s eyes disappeared and he no longer hesitated.

In his opinion, since the wife in front of him was deciding to go home, there was nothing to argue about.

“However, before going home, there is still one more thing to do!”

Xixing’s gaze was suddenly soft as she looked at Chen Dong, and at this moment, her gaze was infatuated to the extreme.

Even Chen Dong felt his breath stop because of the change in his gaze.

Xixing’s appearance and temperament were unmatched by anyone in the entire Great Snowy Plain.

If she wanted to, she could make any man in the Great Snowy Plains fall under her skirt, and it was with this capital that she was able to make the chiefs of each tribe sit down calmly on the surface and negotiate a little to make the hundred tribes join hands.

“You have returned from disappearance, or this posture, is the same as living again, before going home, I want to talk to you ……”

I’m going to have to marry you once more, since you’re living again!”

Chapter 994

The warmth of the room.

On top of the incense burner is an offering to the Sky Wolf, the faith of everyone in the Great Snowy Plain.

Tributes are displayed and two red candles with dragons and phoenixes dance in a vigorous flame.

A very old-fashioned way of getting married.

But for the backward Great Snowy Plains, it was perfectly normal.

There were no phoenix crowns and capes, no fancy dresses and brocade clothes.

Chen Dong just wore a plain animal robe, while Xixing was wearing the same white robe she had just worn, except for a red veil draped over her head.

The two of them knelt right in front of the Heavenly Wolf incense case.

Barbara then stood aside, as the marriage celebrant.

“This marriage, isn’t it too simple and crude?”

Chen Dong looked at Xixing helplessly.

“I am your woman, I need your promise, I want you to never leave me and swear to Sky Wolf.”

Xixing looked at Chen Dong solemnly, her gaze soft as water, “If you live again, I will let you marry me again and continue to be your woman, do you know the rules in the Great Snowy Plain? When a brother dies, a brother or a friend marries his wife?”

“You know, I’ve lost my memory.”

Chen Dong laughed awkwardly, but his gaze was directed towards Barbara.

Ah Man nodded, apparently there was indeed this rule on the Great Snowy Plain.

Following closely.

Tears suddenly filled Shying’s eyes, and her red lips trembled as she said, “So, do you understand how nervous I really was during this time when you were missing? Now, it’s time for you to keep your promise!”

“It’s my fault for aggravating you!”

Chen Dong swept Xixing into his arms.

Although he felt that this rule was poor, when he thought about it carefully, the environment on the Great Snowy Plain was perhaps the only way to greatly increase the possibility of people surviving.

But Xixing had said that her family had a strong background, so there was no such thing as surviving or not surviving.

But a rule is a rule.

This disgusting rule, because of his disappearance, was enough to change everything in Shying’s future in a short time.

“Worship Heaven and Earth and the Heavenly Wolf, from now on, I am your woman and you are my man!”

Shying Xing burst out of Chen Dong’s arms and raised her jade hand, wiping away the tears from the corners of her eyes.

“I, Covetous Wolf, swear to Heavenly Wolf that from now on, if I ever neglect Xixing again, I implore Heavenly Wolf to send down five thunderbolts, so that Covetous Wolf will never be allowed to live forever!”

The vow was spelt out in words.

Immediately afterwards, amidst Barbara’s childish shouts.

Chen Dong and Xixing slowly bowed three times to the Heavenly Wolf.

Only Chen Dong, who was focused on the marriage ceremony, and Barbara, who was young and shouting the rituals, did not notice that a smug smile had appeared at the corner of Xixing’s mouth as she bowed down for the first time.

She knew that the memories she had fabricated for Chen Dong would always have a chance of being untouched as Chen Dong’s memories returned.

Xixing, who was good at taking advantage of men, had come up with this solution.

Only by taking advantage of Chen Dong’s memory loss and identifying her as his wife, and working step by step to deepen her impression in Chen Dong’s mind, could she possibly make Chen Dong, who suddenly regained his memory one day in the future, fall head over heels for her.

Love, family.

These might not be enough to wear down the generals and golden guards of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, but they were enough to make a district recruit, who had just joined the army, give up that faith that he had entered the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!

When the three kowtows were over.

The rite was over.

The ritual was completed.

Chen Dong held Xixing’s hand and stood up.

Before Chen Dong could say anything, Xixing was looking at Barbara with a meaningful and strange smile: “Little Barbara, when you go home tonight, auntie will send a little auntie to sleep with you for one night, okay? Auntie wants to sleep with uncle ……”

A word that instantly caused the corners of Chen Dong’s eyes to tremble lightly, a manic red sweeping from his neck to his face, as if on fire.

And Barbara nodded her head in a seemingly understanding way, sort of responding.


In the King’s City, which is held in high esteem by the Twelve Cities, it was a different story.

As the King’s City, it was far more prosperous than the other twelve cities.

Of course, the iron rules are even stricter than those of the other twelve cities.

At this moment, in the majestic royal palace in the centre of the city, it was a different story.

“What? Xixing has already married that man in front of the Heavenly Wolf?”

The Hun king sat high on his throne, staring with astonishment and anger at the female guards kneeling below.

“In reply to the king, the princess has indeed married that man in front of that man, and this is why the princess has asked my humble servant to come and report to the king that after the wedding ceremony is over, the princess will return to the palace with Greedy Wolf, so please make arrangements for the king to be ready.”

As she said this, the female guard was already drenched in sweat and lowered her head to the extreme, her face full of fear.

She did not dare to meet the King of Huns’ eyes, for she knew to what extent he would be annoyed upon learning this news.

Even at this point she had restrained her posture as much as possible.

But she …… could still sense the majestic oppression coming from above the throne, the vast horizontal pressure.

After all,…… whether it is Demon Lady or Shy Star, both are the names of princesses, both are daughters of the titular Hun King, an existence worshipped by millions from on high.

Whether it is in the capacity of the Hunnu princess, or the identity of the Heavenly Wolf given by the hundred tribes.

The wedding of Princess Xixing should have been an unprecedented event that would have swept the entire snowy plain.

Instead, it was now held in a small courtyard, unblessed and unnoticed, in an almost childish manner.

If the King of the Huns had suppressed it, it would have been calm and quiet.

If not, word of it would have shattered the majesty of the Huns’ court, which had continued for thousands of years!

It would have dragged the Xiongnu royal court from its lofty perch into the mud, losing face and being laughed at by all the tribes of the Great Snowy Plain, nailing it to the pillar of shame!

The next second.

“Report back? Meaning to inform my king? Good, good, good, very good! The Demon Mother is big, so big that she can ignore me as her father, to actually just inform me of such a heavenly event as a marriage?”

Bang Teen!

There was a loud bang.

The Hun King rose up in anger and dropped his palm, slapping the table in front of him so hard that it exploded on the spot and broke into pieces.

The loud sound even scared the long-terrified female guards, whose bodies trembled, and fiercely fell to the ground in all five directions.

“Good, you are worthy of being my king’s only daughter, worthy of being the Heavenly Wolf of the Hundred Clans who was able to bring the Hundred Clans together! She can even ignore me as her father, and she can even scorn the majesty that my Hun royal court has accumulated for thousands of years… How good, I have given birth to a good daughter!”

“Good, the tactics are impressive, the princess of the Xiongnu King, for a person from the domain, still just a new recruit of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, she went out of her way to trash herself so much, to pay backwards, really opened the eyes of this king as a father!”

“You want to make the hundred tribes join forces and wave the whip south, my king supports it, but this time, my king can’t support it anymore, I want to see how great you are, who is so determined to fall back on your own!”

With a series of angry words, the Hun King’s face was red, his teeth were bared, his chest rose and fell, and his tiger eyes looked as if they were about to eat someone!

He stood tall and looked down at the female guard who was sprawled on the ground.

“Go to the Heavenly Wolf Courtyard and call my Xiongnu First Warrior here, that disobedient girl can’t look at Kui Gang, then this time, this king will see how far that new soldier within the domain is compared to my Xiongnu First Warrior!”

At those words.

The female guards lying on the ground instantly paled.

“King, the princess has already paid her respects to that man, so do this ……”

The Hun king waved his sleeve robe: “This king is also informing you that you are not qualified to disobey this king’s order! Xixing is disobedient and unfilial, if that man is no match for Kui Gang, today this king will let Kui Gang directly kill that man in front of Xixing! It would be better to leave Xixing a widow than to subject my court to this great shame!”