Winner Takes All Chapter 991-992

Chapter 991

So …… what’s my name?”

Chen Dong suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Xixing.

The moment she met Chen Dong’s gaze, a hint of panic flashed in Xixing’s eyes and she hurriedly lowered her head, but a blush was quietly haloed on her cheeks.

She was able to make the decision to impersonate her wife the moment she was certain that the man in front of her had lost his memory, and she was also able to choose to fabricate a memory for this amnesiac man by any means necessary.

But she was, after all, a young woman who had not married Yunying, and the sudden appearance of the man she had once dreamed of and longed for day and night, the thumping of her heart as her eyes met, still made it difficult for her to restrain herself.

However, as she bowed her head, it was Shying who spat out a name.

“Greedy Wolf, it’s your name.”

“Greedy Wolf?”

Chen Dong smashed his mouth for a moment, recalling the name and smiled teasingly, “That’s quite a domineering name for me.”

“Yes, you are the best man in the Great Snowy Plain!”

Xixing turned sideways and retook Chen Dong’s arm, as if she was a little petite wife, her eyes full of love and admiration as she said, “The man who can marry me, Xixing, must be the most excellent man in the Great Snowy Plain!”

Sensing Xixing’s gaze.

Chen Dong could not help but smile faintly.

One had to say that Xie Xing was really good at picking up on men’s minds.

“Let’s go, it’s windy outside, go inside and rest with Barbara, I’ll go pack my gifts, we’ll go to the house later, after you and Barbara have both recovered a bit, I’ll take you to see father.”

Xixing didn’t last long with her love and adoring eyes for Chen Dong, and after saying this, she returned to her room with Chen Dong on her arm.

Ah Man had already fallen asleep.

However, when Chen Dong and Xixing entered the room, they saw Barbara’s delicate and frail body trembling faintly, and even in her sleep, a slight cry was still coming out of her mouth, and two lines of hot tears were flowing down from the corners of her eyes.

“Little Barbara has closed herself up.”

Xixing looked heartbroken, she already had a deep hatred for young slaves, and after knowing what happened to Barbara, she felt even more sympathy for her: “Honey, you go stay with Barbara, I’ll clean up.”}

Chen Dong did not refuse, nodding his head, he went to the side of the bed and laid down on his side, carefully swept Barbara into his arms, while arranging Barbara’s blanket and gently wiping the tears from the corners of Barbara’s eyes.

He had actually sensed Barbara’s behaviour after she had awakened.

People would instinctively shut their emotions away after suffering a succession of unbearably large stimuli.

Barbara had experienced the ma*sacre of her village, the death of both her parents and the tragic death of her brother, but she had become exceptionally calm after waking up again, as if her body had instinctively closed off her emotions.

It was only in the most relaxed state of being asleep that the emotions that had been closed off would brew and explode.

As Chen Dong patted her, gradually Barbara’s weak body trembled less and less, and the wailing and sobbing in her mouth disappeared, her breathing became steady and even.


The rest of the week.

Chen Dong, Xixing and Barbara all stayed in the courtyard rented by the female guards.

The three of them were like a family of three, living a small life.

Every day, Xie Xing would tell Chen Dong a story about what happened before he lost his memory, and the “memory” that he had conceived overnight was, in Xie Xing’s opinion, in perfect logical order.

And the result was just as she had expected.

Chen Dong had no doubts about the memories she had made up, as if he had listened to them and believed them.

The relationship between the two was heating up fast, like glue.

As for Barbara, she remained calm and collected, but her closed emotions broke out late at night after she fell asleep.

Late at night, Chen Dong and Xixing would wake up as a matter of routine, take Barbara into their arms and soothe her to sleep.

Both of them knew very well that it would take a long time for Barbara to completely come out of her emotions, and that it was a watery process.

Over time, the two of them also got used to sleeping in the same bed with Barbara.

However, Chen Dong also learned from Xixing’s mouth that the two had just gotten married and had not yet had a garden room, so he could hear some resentment from Xixing.

But with Barbara around, the two of them had their garden room, and it was constantly postponed.

The days went by slowly.

Under the careful care of Xixing, both Chen Dong’s and Barbara’s bodies were recovering rapidly.

Chen Dong’s injuries were so severe that his recovery was not obvious in a short time.

Barbara, however, had undergone a huge change.

Her face was free of chapped wounds, allowing Barbara’s face to return to being like a tender egg, white and red, the little girl’s appearance instantly became cute and pretty, and with a pair of clear, innocent eyes, this cute and pretty was raised several notches.

Under the cover of the freeze, even Chen Dong and Xixing did not expect that Barbara’s bottom turned out to be so good.

It was also while the three were living a small life in the small courtyard.

On the Great Snowy Plain, it was a different story.

The 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders, led by Bai Qi and the three Golden Guards, swept across the snowy plains, causing the dozen or so extra-territorial tribes close to Zhenjiang City to be frightened and terrified.

Only, with the pa*sage of time.

Between Bai Qi and the Three Great Golden Guards, a strong despair lingered.

“Chief Bai Wu, it’s been so long, these fifty thousand of our men and horses have lifted this large territory south of the Qilian Mountains over and over again, and there is still no news of the Chen leader, could there be?”

One of the golden guards said in a deep voice with a heavy face.

“Whether it will or not, as long as it’s not the time of the very night, we have to carry on with it!”

Bai Qi’s gaze was firm, and his right hand, which was subconsciously holding the reins of his warhorse, tightened up, the veins on the back of his hand protruding like earthworms.

As soon as the words left his mouth, another Golden Guard said, “Chief Bai, according to the calculations, tomorrow will be the time when the night falls, according to the Lord’s order, we have to return to Zhenjiang City.”

“Tomorrow is the time when the night falls?”

Bai Qi was stunned for a moment, and after secretly calculating the time, his expression fell down, but there was some reluctance in his eyes.

He knew clearly that the descent of the Extreme Night was the greatest danger on the Great Snowy Plain.

For Zhenjiang City, it was even more so!

Every year, during the Extreme Night, the Hundred Clans outside the domain would be on the move, and it was the time when Zhenjiang City faced the heaviest pressure from the Hundred Clans’ army.

In previous years, the Hundred Clans had acted alone, but this year, the Hundred Clans Order was like a heaven-breaking sword across Zhenjiang City, and Bai Qi knew clearly that Huo Zhenxiao’s decision was made for Zhenjiang City’s defence against the Hundred Clans joining forces!

In the end, Bai Qi sighed and ruthlessly gritted his teeth: “Tonight, we will search for more, and tomorrow, at dawn, the army will move back to the city, and by the time they reach Zhenjiang City, it will be almost nightfall.”


The three Golden Guards answered in unison.

Chapter 992

The moon rises and sets.

When the sunrise once again spilled over the Great Snowy Plain, bringing light.

Bai Qi and the three Golden Guards ordered the 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders to set up camp.

The whole night’s search had left the men and horses sleepy.

But the results left Bai Qi and the Three Golden Guards in despair.

In the army tent, the campfire danced.

The marching pots hanging above the campfire were boiling water and gurgling.

Bai Qi and his four men sat around the campfire, all holding cups of water in their hands, but they were silent.

The atmosphere in the entire army tent seemed to be frozen by the harsh cold.

Every now and then, the three golden guards would look up at Bai Qi.

Although Bai Qi was now the head of the army, his former love for the Dragon Head Guard still existed, and he was also the one who was personally involved in Chen Dong’s disappearance this time, so from the beginning to the end, the 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders and the three Golden Guards all obeyed Bai Qi’s orders.

“Chief Bai Wu …… tonight, it is the extreme nightfall.”

One of the Golden Guards couldn’t help but speak up.

What was agreed upon yesterday, now that the big day was approaching, could not be delayed any longer.

With a total of 300,000 men, this 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army galloping across the Great Snowy Plain was worthy of being a living force.

Once the extreme night falls.

Whether it was to Zhenjiang City, which was short of 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders, or to the 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders still on the Great Snowy Plain, the risk and pressure would skyrocket.

In the meantime, the 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders are riding across the frontier, galloping through the frontiers of the major tribes south of the Qilian Mountains.

The majestic momentum has frightened the hearts of all the tribes.

This was indeed a demonstration of the intimidating power of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

But the manifestation also meant that there were countless pairs of eyes watching in the shadows.

For those tribes that have not been blessed by the horses of the Great Snow Dragon Riders in the past, this is exactly what happened.

When the very night falls.

Not only is sight obstructed, but even the environment is greatly altered.

If the 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders had not returned to Zhenjiang City by that moment, there might be a wolf showing its claws on this snowy plain.

As this Golden Guard spoke, the remaining two Golden Guards also looked at Bai Qi.

Sensing the gaze of the three of them.

Bai Qi put down his cup, lifted his hands and rubbed his face full of fatigue, then said in a deep voice, “Order the return to the city, but I want to spread the formation of the 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders as far as possible on the return journey, and plough the road back to Zhenjiang City once more, I really don’t believe that a big living person would suddenly disappear from the Great Snowfield!”

In his opinion, Chen Dong was in a state of madness at that time, and chasing after Commander Xiao was simply as simple as slaughtering fish on an anvil.

Even if the worst outcome was that the two directly fought to the death.

But if someone lives, someone has to die with a corpse, right?

In the past few days, the 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Army had ploughed this area of the snowy plains back and forth several times, but there was not the slightest trace of them.

This gave Bai Qi a feeling that Chen Dong had disappeared into thin air.

But …… is this possible?

“It’s possible, but I’ve actually always had a suspicion.”

One of the Golden Guards nodded in response to Bai Qi’s proposal, and after a pause, added, “Do you guys think it’s possible that Chen Longtou went straight to the depths of the snowy plains outside the Qilian Mountains? That’s why we’ve been looking in the places south of the Qilian Mountains and have never been able to find them.”

Only as soon as this guess was made, it was dismissed by another Golden Guard.


The Golden Guard said in a deep voice, “Don’t you think about it, how far away from Qilian Mountain is the place where the battle took place? With Qilian Mountain as the boundary, it is also the largest search radius, further north, crossing Qilian Mountain directly would be a death sentence at this season, bypa*sing Qilian Mountain would again take a long time, there is no way that Chen Longtou would not consider these risks when he is simply chasing after Commander Xiao.”

The voice was decisive and dry, but the words were such that the speculative Golden Guard could not refute them.

“Let’s go, Zhenjiang City still needs us, if we can’t find it again on this road back to the city, we can only willingly go back to the city and return to the Lord with empty hands and prepare for the Lord’s punishment.”

Bai Qi got up, his face full of gravity and helplessness, and his eyes were thick with resignation.

At these words.

The three great golden guards, however, looked at each other.

They had no doubt about Bai Qi’s words.

They all knew the relationship between Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao. Without mentioning anything else, the fact that Huo Zhenxiao was able to directly jack Bai Qi to the bottom and pull Chen Dong up to the position of the second person in the Great Snow Dragon Rider Army with a wave of his hand was enough to show how much Huo Zhenxiao valued Chen Dong.

Now that Chen Dong was nowhere to be found, it was a foregone conclusion that those of them who were responsible for searching for him would bear the wrath of Huo Zhenxiao!

Just as the 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders spread out their formation and marched towards Zhenjiang City.

On the Great Snowy Plain, one by one, small caravans appeared among the tribal villages.

These caravans had all come from within the domain at the beginning of Chen Dong’s disappearance, and had fallen scattered, their sole purpose – to find Chen Dong!

Only like the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, after days of rushing around in the snow and wind, poking around, all of them had come up empty-handed.

This left the leaders of the caravans all baffled, how could a living man simply disappear?

They had to know that the way their caravan searched was more stealthy than the overbearing Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

One of the advantages of being covert was that the extra-terrestrials were much less defensive of their caravans and were more able to pry information out of the mouths of the extra-terrestrial barbarians.

On the contrary, nothing was heard!

As the very night was about to fall, not only did the 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders begin to retreat, but even the various clans of the Hong Society’s Northern Domain gave up and retreated in unison.

This suddenly made the domain, which had become lively for a while, a little less lively.

The only ones still persisting in their painstaking search were those sent out by Chen Daolin.

The western side of the Qilian Mountains.

A group of black-cloaked horses were running wildly through the snow and wind.

There were about a hundred of them, all in black cloaks, and as they galloped furiously in a muffled voice, they invariably gave off a suffocating oppression of killing intent.

This team of horses was clearly the secret guards sent by Chen Daolin.

They were the only well-trained unit in this 100,000-strong search force, apart from the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry!

The strength accumulated by this hundred-strong team, which had been under intense training for years and years, might seem a little weak when faced with single-handed expert a*sa*sinations, but when faced with larger-scale a*sa*sinations, their abilities could all be revealed.

Over the years since they were trained by Chen Daoling’s organisation, they had already helped Chen Daoling resolve crises in secret and silently countless times.

“Chief, are we really going to bypa*s the Qilian Mountains and go deeper into the Great Snowy Plain?”

At the front of the group, one man asked worriedly.

The man being questioned, slowly faded the black hood on his head back to his back and said with a cold and stern expression against the wind and snow.

“In order to find the young master, the family head can even disregard his own life. We have searched all over the land south of the Qilian Mountains, but there are no clues to the young master, and now the only way is to go deeper into the Great Snowy Plain.”

As he said this, he looked askance at the inquirer with a cold gaze and picked at the corners of his mouth, “What? The family lord has spared his life, and you are still worried about the risk to your life?”

The man being stared at by the chief instantly had a hair on his back.

He shook his head hastily and said, “Chief, we will die for the sake of the family head, but we are the only force that has bypa*sed the Qilian Mountains, and the area north of the Qilian Mountains is vast and endless, so if we search aimlessly, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The man’s brow knitted: “Go to the Hun king’s court, he is the centre of the Hundred barbarians in the snowy plains, go to the king’s court, if you can afford it, you can always get some clues!”