Winner Takes All Chapter 981-982

Chapter 981

The streets were already in chaos.

With this shout, it became even more chaotic and agitated.

In the eyes of these onlookers.

A slave’s life is not worth anything at all.

Even the young slaves …… are no exception!

Because from the moment they became slaves, they had already been equated with livestock.

Just ask, who would care about the life of a chattel, or a young chattel?

But normal people are different!

The people in the slave caravan were normal people, and not in the body of a slave.

It was a blood-red human life in the eyes of the onlookers.

Killing animals, they were indifferent.

To kill a human being, that was a different story!

“Give it to me, kill them all!”

At the entrance of the shop, the demon lady’s body was surging with killing intent, and at this moment, with lips as red as dripping blood, she spat out these words without the slightest hesitation, killing decisively, dry and direct!

What the slave caravan leader had just done had torn open her scales in her heart.

A dragon’s scales must not be touched, and if you touch them, you will die!

At these words.

The people around the shop looked at the Demon Lady, their hearts chilled.

My God.

Who is this?

How dare he kill someone in the Thirteen Cities of the King’s Court?

The moment the Demon Lady gave the order, the female guards did not hesitate and directly pounced towards the people in the surrounding slave caravan to kill them.

To kill in the Thirteen Cities of the King’s Court was indeed a serious crime.

But the one who gave the order was the daughter of the King of Huns, the owner of the entire thirteen cities, what other crime was there to kill ……?

What’s more, the daughter of the King of Xiongnu is still the …… Skywolf in the eyes of the chiefs of the major tribes!

Killing one person is a sin, killing one person is a king.

So …… what sin is there to talk about when the king kills a few people?

The female escort can single-handedly protect the demon lady, enough to prove that she is strong and powerful.

At this time, as the demon lady gave an order, the female guard is like a tiger into a flock of sheep, but anyone who comes into contact with the slave caravan, at once directly wielding a knife to kill!

Blood flew.

Blood flew and screams were heard.

On the street, the crowd of onlookers was shocked.

Everyone was in a state of terror and horror as they watched the blood gushing out like a fountain.

Murder was a serious crime in the royal city.

What’s more, a bloodbath like this?

“Murder, murder! Where is the city defence team? Call the city guard!”

“My God, madness, this woman must be mad, murdering maniac, killing maniac!”

“Run, it’s killing people ……”

Screams echoed through the entire street like a wave.

And as the female guard went on a killing spree, it made all those who were originally chasing the slave caravan of young slaves look back.

Everyone’s heart fluttered at the sight of the bloodshed.

This also took the pressure off the young slaves who had scattered and fled, and made the chances of being caught far less likely.

A chaotic crowd.

At this point, they scattered in all directions and ran wildly.

Because the young slave caravan had crossed the street earlier, it had attracted many people to come and watch.

This also led to the fact that, at this moment, when there was now chaos, there were accidents of people crowding each other and trampling on each other in the crowd.

There were screams and wails all over the place.

Amidst the chaos.

Chen Dong sat up from the ground in pain.


An indescribably huge pain.

Having been hit head-on by the war horse, he felt like his chest was about to explode.

His body, which was already weak, was even weaker from the impact.

Blood kept pouring out of the corners of his mouth.

Just as he sat up, it was several children who had just been smashed over by the slave caravan leader.

Several of the children were now spitting blood, and several had arms and legs that appeared deliberately broken and twisted.

All the children were lying on the ground, tumbling in pain, and desperate wails with crying accents were coming out of their mouths.

The scene.

It was so miserable that only when one had actually seen it with one’s own eyes could one feel the impact of it first hand.

Chen Dong was stunned.

His expression turned abruptly gloomy and his eyes lowered.

“Follow me quickly!”

The demon lady took advantage of the chaos to run to Chen Dong’s side.

She was not worried about the safety of the female guards, with their strength, dealing with these slave caravans was like killing chickens and dogs.

She was not worried about the fate of the children either, as the female guards were already on a killing spree and the children could be rescued soon.

She had to cherish this hard-won destiny!

Chen Dong, who had been haunting her, had appeared in front of her in such a peculiar way, which, in her opinion, was a good opportunity for marriage given by the wolves.

If she didn’t know how to cherish it, then she didn’t deserve to be called a Heavenly Wolf by the Chief of the Hundred Clans.


With this pull, the Demon Lady was unable to pull Chen Dong.

The demon niang froze for a moment and hurriedly turned back, “What’s wrong? Come with me quickly, it’s dangerous here, you ……”

Only, the words did not finish.

She then swallowed back the words that had reached her mouth.

Her eyes stared at Chen Dong in a daze.

At this moment, Chen Dong was sitting on the ground, in a wretched state, even aptly described as disheveled and despondent.

His already weak body, coupled with the impact of the horse just now, made him spit blood from his mouth even though he was sitting motionless at this moment.

It was just a pair of eyes that were fixed on the miserable children not far away.

The cries of misery.

The petite bodies writhing in pain.

It was as if it was a catalyst, quickly spawning the shade on Chen Dong’s face, as well as the rapidly raging coldness in his eyes.

This glance made the demon lady’s heart throb viciously.

Instinctively, she sensed a hint of a terrifying crisis.

The next second.

“Heh ……”

In the demon niang’s line of sight, the corners of Chen Dong’s blood-stained mouth gently turned upwards.

With that.

The demon maiden’s face was then gradually horrified as her blood-dripping red lips gradually opened up, opening up to the point where they were almost stuffed into a walnut before abruptly stopping.

“This, this ……”

With a terrified trembling alarming voice issued from the demon lady’s mouth.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s body began to tremble.

In his eyes, which were already filled with red blood, were now rapidly rendering into a red blood colour.

A line of veins and veins, as if they were earthworms, started from Chen Dong’s neck and stretched all the way to his face, all protruding out and gnarled and climbing, making his appearance hideous and terrifying to the extreme.

Almost simultaneously.

The demoness let go of Chen Dong in fear and staggered backwards in panic.

In a trance, she even saw a sea of corpses and blood rising up behind Chen Dong, a sea of blood tossing over the sky and a sea of dead bones surging as if a million ghosts were crying.

The majestic Yin hostile Qi, more like countless sharp needles, locked on the demon lady in an instant.

“Kill ……”

The next second.

An extremely hoarse voice came out of Chen Dong’s blood-covered mouth.


His right hand brazenly slapped the ground, and Chen Dong directly bounced up with the force.

He then turned around, like a god of killing, wrapped in the majestic insidiousness of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, and rushed towards the people of the slave caravan in the distance.

Waiting until Chen Dong had rushed out some distance away.

The demon lady’s delicate body trembled, her face full of shock and fear, but her body went limp and she directly sat down on the ground, only her eyes were staring deadly at Chen Dong, with more intense curiosity than the previous infatuation.


On the street, a roar that resembled the roar of a wild beast exploded, shaking the heavens and the earth.

A man from the slave caravan was on his warhorse, debating whether to go after the young slaves or stay behind and fight the sudden appearance of the female a*sa*sin with his companions.

A deafening roar rang out.

The man suddenly felt a bone-chilling chill run through his body.

Out of the corner of his eye, he sensed someone approaching.

He hurriedly looked down and saw the hideous and terrifying Chen Dong already rushing close to him.

Chen Dong, who looked like a god of killing, did not hesitate for a moment.

When he came close to the war horse, he leapt up in the air and kicked it across the sky, like a dragon moving across the sky.

The horse gave a neigh.

At the same time, there was a sound of the neck bone breaking.

The war horse fell straight down towards the ground.

The man on the back of the war horse even screamed in horror and was directly thrown away by the war horse.


Not waiting for him to hit the ground.

He then saw that the hideous and terrifying Chen Dong was already charging towards him.

Like lightning, the moment Chen Dong rushed in front of this man, he directly drew his right foot like a battle axe into the air and swiped at this man’s back.

Bang Teen!

The overbearing kick broke the man’s spine in the air, and without waiting to land, without even being able to let out a scream, the slave caravan member was already lifeless.

Chapter 982

The man is on his back, slashing people in the air.

Such a scene was far more shocking and impactful than the female guard killing all sides with her sword.

Even as Chen Dong struck, the crowd around him, who had fled in panic, were all shaken to their core and stopped in their tracks at the same time, staring in horror at Chen Dong, who was standing in the clearing.

Not far from him were the war horses and the slave caravan who had fallen to the ground and were in a pool of blood, both of them lifeless.

This scene made everyone tremble and shiver, like falling into an ice cave.

Is this …… still human?

“My God, did I just look at it blindly? A kick to kill a horse and a kick in the air to kill a man?”

“I… I seem to have lost my eyesight too… My God, how can this slave be so humongous? If he has such strength, how did he become a slave?”

“His face, it’s so terrifying, Heavenly Wolf is on top, is it an evil spirit coming out of its cage?”

The surrounding onlookers all screamed in horror.

And Chen Dong.

But he did not stop, because children, after falling into a state of madness, even his decrepit body showed absolute terrifying strength in this moment.

Without the slightest hint of stopping, Chen Dong was then as ghostly as a ghost, heading directly towards the people of the slave caravan.

There was no fancy, no words.

It was not even like the female guards who were as fluttering as a woman and sealed their throats with a single slash.

What was on display in Chen Dong’s body was naked domineering brutality and bloody violence.

One punch, one kick, destroying horses and killing people, like an art of purest violence, is now shockingly staged in full view of the public!

In a state of madness, every punch and kick is wrapped in a great momentum and is terrifying!

If there is a difference between Chen Dong’s ma*sacre and that of the female guard, the only difference is that ……

If there is a difference between the ma*sacre of Chen Dong and the female guard, the only difference is that when the female guard kills, the other party can still scream.

But when Chen Dong killed, the other party …… could not even scream in time.

Because of Chen Dong’s appearance, the combat power that erupted like a ghost god, the original chaotic and restless street became even more crowded, squeezing and trampling each other, wailing all over the place.

After the initial shock and horror, in just ten seconds or so, everyone was replaced by an invisible terror.

A murderous murderess.

A horrible slave who was like a ghost.

The killing that was taking place in the streets at that moment was so frightening that everyone was afraid to avoid it.

Of course, there was an exception.

That was the Demon Lady!

The demon niang’s face was somewhat pale, stunned and lost in thought as she looked at the recklessly killing Chen Dong, her entire body trembling at this moment, even at the corners of her mouth and eyes.

She sat on the ground, looking somewhat wretched.

It was not that she did not want to stand up, but her body simply seemed to be emptied of strength at this moment.

“Is this …… a scene from the battlefield?”

The demon lady’s red lips opened lightly, as if it took all her strength before she finally uttered such a sentence.

The image of Chen Dong sweeping a thousand armies unstoppable on the battlefield that Timur filmed before he died had made the demon niang worship Chen Dong, but there was ultimately a gap between the video and the reality.

Through the video, she could clearly feel Chen Dong’s power.

But in reality, when she witnessed Chen Dong’s killings, even the demon lady was shaken to the point that her liver and guts were chilled.

It was as if the demon god was straddling the battlefield, wrapped in a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, with a majestic aura of fury and violence, crushing this side of heaven and earth, doing nothing more than driving the responsibility of the demon god, sending these people to the hell he had just climbed out of.

This was the most intuitive feeling in the Demon Lady’s heart when she faced Chen Dong’s killings!

She had never even felt this feeling before, even the closest she had come was when she had first heard about Huo Zhenxiao’s deeds of destroying a city with one man, one gun and one horse.

But hearing it then was still hearing it, and it was far less shocking than seeing it with her own eyes now.

A long time later.

The horror in the demon lady’s eyes gradually faded away, replaced by the fascination she had felt before.

As her chest rose and fell a few times, the demon lady was in a much better state.

Her demonic, blood-stained lips slowly turned upwards, revealing a demented, seductive smile, “I, Demon Lady, can only have one man in my life, who else but you?”

Even as she uttered these words, she stretched out her crimson and delicate tongue and gently licked the corner of her mouth.


Amidst the chaos, with a roar from Chen Dong, a domineering and fierce fist, with a roar, burst into the stomach of the man in the slave caravan in front of him with a rumble.

The fierce and overbearing fist blade, in the instant of contact, directly caused the man’s body to bend and fly backwards like a broken pocket, flying seven or eight metres away, even hitting a few pa*sers-by who were hastily running away.

It was only when the punch was thrown that he staggered backwards two steps, without waiting for Chen Dong to close his fist.

A burst of intense dizziness hit him, and the sky spun around.

The red-blood colour in Chen Dong’s eyes dulled violently, and he shook his head hard, the red-blood colour in his eyes brightened up for a moment before dulling down again.

There was a poof!

He fell to one knee, his chest heaving violently at this moment, and his mouth even let out a ragged, rapid panting sound.

He was almost at his limit.

He was in an extremely weakened state himself, and with his injuries and severe hunger and cold, he had reached the point of running out of oil in a short time after the outbreak.

This was what the mysterious man had said at the time, the only way to revive Chen Dong from his state of madness – exhaust his Qi and faint to death!

Now, after Chen Dong’s brief outburst, he had already entered the stage of “dying”.

Even though the image of the children lying on the ground, writhing and crying in pain, was still in his mind.

But this time, it was difficult to trigger his demonic nature.

Because …… had reached the limit of his strength!

“What’s going on?”

The demon lady who was obsessing over Chen Dong’s delicate body trembled, and a look of shock and trepidation abruptly appeared on her pretty face, “Could it be that he’s too badly injured and his stamina can’t keep up? Wait, he’s so brave, he shouldn’t be trapped in a slave caravan and become a slave to be sold?”

A series of doubts surfaced in the Demon Lady’s mind.

The demon lady did not have time to think more, she was not stupid, now Chen Dong’s state was obviously out of order, his body was not supporting him.

Immediately, the demon niang forcefully suppressed the great terror in her heart towards Chen Dong, got up and chased after him.


Just at that moment.

Chen Dong, however, raised his head, like a ferocious beast, and swept his eyes wantonly at everything around him.

In a state of madness, he had no reason, but had instincts.

The images in front of him were chaotic and full of blood.

Instinctively, he knew that he should quickly evacuate the dangerous situation when his physical strength was running low.

Therefore, Chen Dong got up straight away, stumbled in his stride, and with his remaining strength, he brutally pushed aside the hastily fleeing pa*sers-by around him and quickly disappeared into the sea of people.

“Wait, you wait!”

The demon lady’s pretty face changed dramatically as her feet flew, heading straight for the sea of people in pursuit.

She would not allow the man her soul had been dreaming of to disappear from her sight with just this startling glimpse.

Behind her, came the shout of the female escort, “Demon …… you come back!”

The voice was restrained and the female guard did not shout out the Demon Lady’s full name for fear of repercussions.

But the Demon Lady said without looking back, “Tell my father that I will be back in a few days, and also ask him to pardon these children!”