Winner Takes All Chapter 973-974

Chapter 973

As the children moved around, there was some confusion inside the cage.

As soon as Barbara got close to Chen Dong, using the cover of the children around her, she was able to quickly pull out half a piece of bun from her arms and stuff it into Chen Dong’s mouth.

“Ah Barbara ……”

The boy’s face turned pale and he raised his hand to stop it.

But he was still a step too late.

“Hee hee ……”


Barbara raised her head and looked at the boy with a smile, and her eyes curved into crescents, “No more lah.”

As she spoke, she even stretched her hands.

The boy looked helpless, shook his head and gave Barbara a pat on the back.

Then he looked around to make sure no one was paying attention.

Only then did he quietly pull out half a piece of bun from his own bosom and stuffed it directly into Barbara’s arms without a word.

“I’ll give you this half piece, but don’t give it to him again.”

The boy admonished.

This piece of bun, which he had stolen when the people in the caravan weren’t looking, was split in two, half for himself and half for his sister.

Barbara’s nose wrinkled as she tried to take the bun out of her arms.

For it was clear to her that if she took her brother’s half of the bun, he would have nothing left to eat.

But the boy raised his hand and squeezed Barbara’s hand, shaking his head and saying, “Brother is not hungry, Barbara keep it.”

Barbara nodded her head.

But as the boy moved to his feet, he quietly pulled out the bun and then carefully tucked it inside the waistband of his brother’s animal robe.

Because of the activity of the group of children around, and because Barbara’s movements were very light.

So the boy did not notice.

The caravan marched on, cloaked in snow.

With the children clustered together, Chen Dong, who was sitting unconscious in the middle, gradually got warmer.

After a long time.

Chen Dong’s eyelids trembled and he slowly opened his eyes: “Am I …… dead?”

Empty eyes, slowly sweeping everything around him.

Beside his ears, however, a surprised voice rang out, “Uncle, you’ve finally woken up, you’re not dead, you’re still alive.”

Chen Dong twisted his head to look at Barbara beside him, and those big, clear eyes made him freeze for a moment.

“Hmph, if it wasn’t for my sister’s soft heart, you would have frozen to death and starved to death.”

On the other side, another boy’s voice rang out.

Chen Dong slowly turned his head to look at the boy, who was sitting beside him with a cold expression.

Then, he looked around at the frozen and pitiful children, his expression slightly dazed.

After a glance at the cage he was in, and the people in the caravan outside.

His gaze fell back to the little girl, “You saved me?”

“Uncle, my name is Barbara.”

Barbara introduced herself and then said, “It was the men of this caravan who found you and intended to sell you into slavery, I just begged my brother and these little ones to surround you together and keep you warm.”

“Keeping warm ……”

Chen Dong tilted his head to look at the wind and snow, and his heart ached slightly.

This cold wind was bitterly cold and the snow was pouring down on the snowy plains.

Losing body heat was something that would absolutely kill you!

These children, on the other hand, had endured the bitter cold to save his life.

“Don’t rejoice too soon, even if you survive, you will be sold into slavery, in our place, slaves are no different from animals.”

The boy said indifferently, “You have to be prepared for that.”

“Slaves ……”

Chen Dong frowned tightly, but did not act too aggressively.

He just subconsciously put his hand on the ground and tried to grab the knife, but he grabbed an empty one.

Chen Dong smiled to himself, the corners of his mouth tugged, somewhat helpless.

Yes, he was already in a cage, so how could he still have a battle sword to protect himself?

On the other hand, Barbara at the side asked, “Uncle, what’s your name?”

At these words.

Chen Dong looked at Barbara, while the boy also looked at Chen Dong.

The rest of the children, too, looked at Chen Dong.

After all, he was the only adult in all the cages!

However, what made all the children stare was this.

Chen Dong shook his head, “I don’t know what my name is, and I don’t remember anything in my head.”

With that, he even raised his finger and pointed at his temple.

“Don’t remember?”

Barbara’s big, clear eyes were full of confusion.

It was the boy who reacted and explained to Barbara, “What a mess, picking up a fool with amnesia.”

“Brother ……”

Barbara gave the boy a scornful look.

The boy deflated his mouth and stopped paying attention to Chen Dong, looking his eyes elsewhere by himself.

To him, the Chen Dong in front of him did not give him too much interest.

If his sister hadn’t insisted, he wouldn’t have bothered.

The children around him, too, averted their eyes, most of them thinking the same as the boy.

Out on the brutal snowfields and fresh from the horror of the village’s annihilation, these children were so traumatised that it was really hard for them to pay much attention to a stranger.

The fear of being about to sell themselves into slavery haunted each child.

“Uncle, it’s okay, it’s just temporary memory loss, it’s good that people are alive.”

Barbara raised her hand, with the look of a young adult, and patted Chen Dong’s shoulder, comforting him.

“Mm, thank you.”

Chen Dong nodded, although he had regained consciousness, his body was still very weak.

The only change, however, was that his stomach was no longer so hungry, he felt full and had some strength.

Chen Dong sat cross-legged in the cage and closed his eyes again.

He had to let himself recover as soon as he could, recover some, recover some.

This would also save him from having to sit in the middle and let all the children keep him warm.

The reason why he closed his eyes was not only to nurture his mind, but also because he could not bear to see the children around him who were so pitiful and shivering.

Although he had lost his memory, it did not mean that they had lost their conscience.

Nor had they lost their human judgment of good and evil, and other perceptions and emotions.

On the side, Barbara knew that Chen Dong needed to rest, so she did not disturb him anymore, but turned around and pulled the few children beside her closer together, whispering, “All lean over a bit, hug me, and later on, when brother is not paying attention, we will swap places.”

A few children nodded their heads and then they stayed close to Barbara.

The boy on the other side took a look and sighed helplessly.

In fact, such a scene had happened many times along the way, after they had been put into the cage.

He, being the older brother, wanted nothing more than to protect his sister, but her kindness also left him helpless.

The only good thing he saw, however, was that the child in their cage was, by and large, in a better state than the children in the other two cages.

Even one of the other two cages, one of them, had already discarded a corpse before.

With this contrast, the boy turned a blind eye to what Barbara was doing.

The front of the caravan.

“Chief, that guy has woken up.”

The companion who had thrown Chen Dong into the cage earlier followed the leader with a somewhat scornful expression.

“What? You’re afraid he’ll turn over?”

The leader gave his companion a disdainful glance and smiled, “Don’t worry, a man who almost died, even if he wakes up, he is still a lamb to be slaughtered, you just have to listen to me, give him less water and food, hang on to his breath so that he doesn’t die, he is definitely unable to turn over even if he is the Huo Zhenxiao of Zhenjiang City.”

“What the chief says is right!”

This man nodded with a smile, then wiped the snow off his head and said, “But, chief, something seems to have happened on the snowy plains, those Great Snow Dragon Riding Army that we saw when we came over earlier. Or is there really going to be a war again?”

Chapter 974

The snow and wind howled across the snowy plains.

At this moment the earth trembles.

A vast curtain of snow rises into the sky.

Fifty thousand Great Snow Dragon Riders rode across the snowy plains with unparalleled dominance.

Even the surrounding tribes had never dared to make an advance!

As Bai Qi said at the time, even if the Great Snow Dragon Horsemen were patrolling with five men, they were always patrolling the territory of the tribes outside the realm!

Even a five-man army, let alone 50,000 Great Snow Dragons!

In the snowy plains outside the realm, the Great Snow Dragon Riders are an absolute deterrent.

If a small tribe faced with 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders, they could wipe out the tribe with a wave of their hand and turn their territory into a land without a master.

The waves of snow that covered the sky were boundless.

The earth trembled and roared, echoing off the heavens and the earth.

At the forefront of the army.

The three great Golden Guards and Bai Qi galloped wildly alongside each other.

“Chief Bai Wu, are you sure that Chen Dong is coming this way?”

One of the Golden Guards inquired loudly, his voice barely drowning out the wind and snow and the sound of thousands of horses galloping wildly.

Upon learning that Chen Dong and the others were chasing after Commander Xiao.

Huo Zhenxiao then immediately ordered the three Golden Guards to come out of the frontier with 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Cavalry troops.

When they arrived, all they could see was Bai Qi and a group of Sky Wolf soldiers in a fierce battle, as well as the soldiers of the Yi tribe who had abandoned their armour and scattered like beasts because their commander had been killed in battle.

The Three Golden Guards immediately led the 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders in an overwhelming manner, directly crushing the dead Wolf soldiers and the Yai soldiers who had not yet fled under their horses.

Immediately afterwards, the three Golden Guards had the 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders scattered into five 10,000 men teams and scattered in all directions to search the area.

Originally, they were worried that Chen Dong would run away in pursuit of Commander Xiao, so the five teams were scattered in a radial pattern, spreading outwards to search for him, and at the same time, the size of the teams would ensure that they would not be provoked by the barbarians.

But the final result was beyond everyone’s expectation!

After 50 kilometres of radiation, nothing had been found!

Only then did Bai Qi give the order for all 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders to push across in the direction of Chen Dong’s pursuit of Commander Xiao.

Although Bai Qi was a military commander, he was after all the former leader of the Golden Guard, and his friendship among the Golden Guard was still there.

What’s more, he was the only one left in this battle to kill Commander Xiao, apart from the missing Chen Dong!

No one knew better than him what had actually happened during the battle!

However, now that the 50,000 troops had reunited and pushed across another 50 kilometres in the direction Chen Dong had chased after Commander Xiao, with nothing to show for it, even the Golden Guards could not help but have a drum in their hearts.


Bai Qi’s brow was furrowed as his gaze sank, “I’m just not sure if they have shifted their route again after running wildly along this direction and out of my sight.”

“This ……”

The three Golden Guards looked at each other with some apprehension.

One of the Golden Guards said, “I don’t think so, a hundred kilometres deep, that’s more than enough to chase someone down, our 50,000 strong army pushed across and radiated left and right, it’s not like this is happening now.”

“But further on, there’s the Qilian Mountains.”

Another Golden Guard said in a deep voice.

The words had just fallen.

Bai Qi suddenly said, “Then push on to Qilian Mountain!”

The three Golden Guards looked at each other and revealed their approval.

As Golden Guards, they were clear about the status of Chen Dong’s Leading Guard, and even more so, they knew how much Huo Zhenxiao really valued Chen Dong.

Chen Dong’s disappearance had already been reported to Huo Zhenxiao, but there was only a delay in getting a response.

But they were also clear that if they were to return to the city after only searching for a hundred kilometres, this would definitely draw the wrath of Huo Zhenxiao.

Even if they couldn’t find Chen Dong, at least their attitude would be on display, so that Huo Zhenxiao wouldn’t be furious!

“The front side has reached the clan boundary line again.”

A golden guard said, and was waving his hand to call for the communication soldier behind him.

Immediately afterwards.

A loud and powerful loudspeaker echoed above the stormy sky.

“The Great Snow Dragon Riding Army is crossing the border, you must not resist, this is to inform you that those who do not respect it will be killed without mercy!” |


Undisguised hegemony!

In the snowy plains outside the domain, only the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army dared to be so overbearing.

Even the Xiongnu royal court did not dare to do so when crossing the borders of some tribes.

But …… 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Cavalry not only crossed, but also swept across with their iron hooves!

All this, since Huo Zhenxiao came out of nowhere and led the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army with supreme merit and might, forged!

In the distance.

There had already been tribal scouts who had seen this astounding scene.

Just as the shout of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army rang out ……

“Retreat, retreat immediately!”

The leader of the scouting squad immediately ordered, looking terrified as he strung his horse back to his clan.

“D*mn, crazy, what the hell do these Great Snow Dragon Riders want?”

“What the hell are they doing? They are blatantly rushing into our clan’s territory without giving us any face, do they want to start another war?”

“Captain, why don’t we report this matter to the clan leader immediately?”

Among the scout squad, there were people who were surprised, some were speculating, and some were suggesting.

Without hesitation, the leader of the scout squad immediately took out his communication instrument and contacted the clan.

Hundreds of kilometres away, a vast city with a wooden fence structure loomed above the snowy plains.

Compared to the cities of the Huns’ court, these cities, built entirely of wooden bars, were a little frosty.

And now.

In the centre of the tribal city, inside a palace.

A middle-aged strong man in a beast’s robe hurriedly entered the palace.

Facing the tribal beast spirit who was sitting above the palace, dealing with business, the strong man poofed and knelt down on one knee: “Chief Frontier urgent telegram, six hundred kilometres away, fifty thousand great snow dragon riding armies have appeared and have stormed into the interior of our frontier, seemingly wanting to borrow land to cross the border!”


The clan leader who was handling his affairs was struck by lightning and his body shook violently.

The pen in his hand fell onto the desk.

His face was full of fear as he looked up nervously at the strong middle-aged man below him: “What do they want? Lend it to them, lend it to them, 50,000 Great Snow Dragons are enough to level our tribe, let them pa*s, as long as we, as long as our tribe can be safe!”

The words were eager, trembling and dripping with fear.

Even as he spoke these words, dense beads of sweat seeped from the clan leader’s forehead!

This was the intimidating power of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army outside the domain!

Overwhelming and unparalleled, I alone have no king!

The same scene had happened as Bai Qi and the three Golden Guards led the 50,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army through one tribal frontier after another, and, as the army continued to push across towards the Qilian Mountains, this scene, would continue to happen ……

Since last night, these tribes closest to Zhenjiang City have been haunted by the nightmares of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

The horses crossed the border with a notice.

The chiefs of the major clans are all drowning in the fear that has gripped them!

No one dares to stop them!

No one dares to stop them!