Winner Takes All Chapter 969-970

Chapter 969

An avalanche.

Destroying the sky and destroying the earth.

A ma*sive avalanche pours down, completely blowing up this part of the Qilian Mountains.

But within a very short time, this side of the mountain forest, but with the momentum of the avalanche stopped, once again returned to the sound of the wind and snow in the silence.

The difference is that …… before the avalanche, everything wandered and roamed freely in the silence.

After the avalanche, everything is silent, and the mountains and forests are in the desolate silence of extinction.

All that remains is the thousands of meters of snow-covered open road after the avalanche.

This night.

The snow and wind remained the same.

No one came back to Qilian Mountain.

The people of the Qilian Mountains do not choose to go near them in the dead of night.

Moreover, for the indigenous people of the Qilian Mountains, an avalanche on the majestic Qilian Mountains is not a common occurrence, not enough to attract them to come.

As the sky turns fish-belly white, the sun rises to shed its light on the snowy plains.

Where the avalanche had ravaged the landscape last night, it was flat and glistening in the sunlight, except in some places, where there were bumps or bare branches of trees.

It is barren and dead.

The snow and wind have abated.

The temperature has risen slightly.

All around, there is a terrible silence.

When the avalanche pa*ses, everything is extinguished.

And yet.


In a place buried in snow, a large bloodstained hand suddenly broke through the snow and slowly moved its stiffened fingers under the rising sun.

The scene was eerie and ghostly.

As the bloodstained hand broke through the snow, the snow began to arch up from the ground.

A human figure, with great difficulty, burst out of the snow.

This person was Chen Dong.

But at this moment, Chen Dong’s face was full of blue and purple, covered with snow and cold ice, and his right hand was also pressed dead on the heart position, under his hand was the horse flesh that had been frozen hard long ago, only at this moment, because of the freezing, Chen Dong’s hand and the horse flesh were stuck to each other, and the horse flesh was stuck to the heart position.

clatter ……

Shaking the snow off his body, Chen Dong staggered backwards and fell with a poof, sitting down in the snow.

Being buried overnight had brought him close to the point of running out of oil.

You know, in the freezing cold of the snowy mountains, the most terrifying thing is to fall asleep or fall unconscious in the freezing snow.

For many people, this sleep may be a long one.

Chen Dong was buried overnight and managed to survive, perhaps by relying on the residual warmth of the horse meat to warm his heart for a while, or perhaps …… relying entirely on a miracle!

The snow is a very good place to sit, and Chen Dong’s eyes are dull, with snow and ice crystals on the corners of his eyes and eyelashes.

His purplish lips, slowly opening and closing, “Who am I ……?”

When these words were spoken, he also raised his left hand and hammered his head hard a few times.

But at this moment, his head was blank, and there was not the slightest memory at all.

As he tried to remember, Chen Dong’s face instantly became painful.

It felt like countless sharp needles were stirring in his mind.


With a wail of pain, Chen Dong’s face suddenly turned hideous.

The hollow, bloodshot eyes had finally regained focus at this point.

“Who am I?”

“Who the hell am I?”

He shook his head hard, his face grim, but his eyes, which had regained focus, were full of doubts.

No matter how much he tried to remember, his mind was blank.

And the excruciating pain grew even more violent, sweeping through his entire body.

In the end, Chen Dong collapsed directly onto the snow, shaking and twitching in pain, rolling all over the ground.

It lasted for nearly five minutes, and as Chen Dong gradually pushed his thoughts down, the twitching pain in his head gradually disappeared.

He sat up again and looked blankly at the icy, snow-capped ground around him.

His instinct for survival made it clear to him that this was not a place to stay for long.

He needed warmth and he needed food.

If he did not find a chance to live while he still had a little energy left, he would still be buried in this snowy plain.

Chen Dong clenched his teeth, braced his exhausted body and stood up.

He could not tell the direction either.

But the direction into and out of the mountain could still be distinguished.

But just as he was walking past the side of the snow pit where he was buried deep before, something suddenly tripped under his feet.

There was a loud poof!

Chen Dong fell to the ground, and an incomparably strong pain came from his body at once, causing him to scream in agony.

Looking back, a human hand was faintly visible in the snow.

Chen Dong’s pupils tightened for a moment and he hurriedly swept some of the snow away.

When the round-eyed face of Commander Xiao was revealed, Chen Dong looked dumbfounded and blurted out, “Who are you …… again?”

When the fear receded.

Chen Dong looked at the corpse of Commander Xiao at this time, but was surprisingly calm.

He did not dare to remember, the moment he remembered the immense pain that was incomparably strong, it would appear in his mind again.

He had lost his memory!

But it was only a loss of memory, not a loss of wisdom.

With the scene before him, he could easily tell that there had been a fight between him and the corpse in front of him when it was buried deep.

Taking a deep breath.

Chen Dong lifted his left hand and quickly ploughed around Commander Xiao.

Since there had been a battle, then there were weapons present.

In this mountain forest, holding a weapon in his hand would also give him a better chance of surviving!

Soon, Chen Dong was able to plough out the battle knife.

The blood on the top was thickened by the ice layer, just like a blood-coloured battle knife.

But because of the thick layer of ice, the weight of the sword was also much heavier.

If it were normal, such a weight would not be much for Chen Dong.

But at this moment, he had just run out of oil and his body was completely emptied. With the accumulation of supplies and warmth, even if he had shaved out the combat knife, he could not lift it, but could only drag it, reluctantly walking towards the direction out of the mountain.

The wind and snow howled.

The early morning sunrise was still tinged with a hint of warmth.

This also made Chen Dong feel a lot more comfortable.

His eyes kept closing as if his eyelids were filled with lead, while his feet were as heavy as a thousand pounds, and he had to use all his strength without taking a step forward.

“Live …… gotta live ……”

The instinct to survive, at this time in Chen Dong’s mind constantly supports him to move forward.

With the loss of his memory, all he could rely on was this pure will to live.

Behind Chen Dong, a trail of deep snow footprints was left behind him.

In front of him was an endless snowfield.

He knew clearly that if he went forward and walked out of the forest, he would still have a chance to survive.

If he sat on his hands, only death would await him.

Either he would freeze to death and starve to death.

Either …… or he would be preyed upon by the beasts that suddenly appeared nearby!



Just as Chen Dong was struggling to move forward, a wolf whistle suddenly came from not far away.

Chen Dong’s body trembled, and his bloodshot eyes suddenly darkened in obscurity as his pupils tightened to the extreme.

He slowly raised his head and looked at the sound.

Not far away, on a snow-covered rock.

A wolf was perched on top of the rock, covered in snow, leaving the wolf in a terrible state, and it was even obvious that there were injuries on the wolf’s body.

Like Chen Dong, this wolf had also survived the avalanche last night.

But when Chen Dong and the Cang Wolf’s eyes met.

The biting killing intent, the extreme greed, was something that Chen Dong could feel clearly.

It was also when their gazes met that the Cang Wolf’s teeth were completely revealed, a hint of saliva, flowing down from between his teeth…

Chapter 970

Hehe ……”

Feeling the greed and killing intent of the Cang Wolf, Chen Dong gently pulled the corner of his mouth and murmured, “You want to eat me, I …… want to eat you too!”

After the avalanche.

This area had been completely covered with snow.

Food was already scarce on the snowy plains, and every living creature had to fight tooth and nail to survive.

Not to mention at this time!

In the avalanche, Chen Dong was buried in snow, while Cang Wolf was also apparently injured in the avalanche.

Both Chen Dong and Cang Wolf have no choice but to …… eat each other in order to survive!


As soon as the words left his mouth, the Cang Wolf perched majestically on the opposite side of the rock fiercely raised itself to the sky and let out a long whistle.

In the next second, it was rushing into the snow and charging towards Chen Dong’s side.

Chen Dong did not move, his current physical state did not allow him to move too violently.

He had been buried in snow all night, and it was a miracle that he had survived.

The Cang Wolf, on the other hand, although injured and starving, was clearly in better shape than him.

Looking at the Cang Wolf galloping towards him, Chen Dong’s eyes narrowed into slits, but his left hand slowly gripped the hilt of his war knife, the back of his hand bruised and bulging.

Perhaps …… I only have one chance!

Either you die, or I die!

Chen Dong did not know how far he had to go before he could find the human population, but he was clear that in his current state, he really could not go much further.

If he could kill the wolf in front of him and eat the flesh and drink the blood, he would still be able to give this body of his a second life!

His teeth were clenched.

Chen Dong’s body slowly bowed up and a*sumed a fighting stance.

Between his mouth and nose, he was breathing steadily, trying to keep himself at the “peak” of his condition.

His memory was no longer there, but his body had already formed a memory of his fighting skills from his relentless devil training.

His bloodshot eyes were now filled with the colour of blood.

Between one breath and the other, the only thing left in the bloodshot eyes was also the coyote that was running wildly.

All of this was just in the blink of an eye.

In the blink of an eye, the Cang Wolf ferociously rushed closer, and with a low roar, it directly leapt up in the air and pounced towards Chen Dong.

In an instant, Chen Dong even felt that his eyes were darkened and the strong wind pounded in his face.

In a flash of lightning, Chen Dong’s eyes shot up with killing intent.

Facing the oncoming wolf, he suddenly let out a roar, shifted his body sideways and raised his battle knife in his hand, slashing down onto the back of the wolf.

Bang Teen!

With a loud bang, there was a faint sound of bones breaking.

The Cang Wolf let out a painful wail and fell straight to the ground.

The battle knife was sealed by the cold ice, and although this slash hit, it merely considered that the weight of the battle knife had directly broken the backbone of the Cang Wolf.

After falling to the ground, the wolf did not die immediately, but kept twitching and struggling.

The light in his eyes shot out, and he grimaced and wailed.

“I …… won …….”

Chen Dong stood aside, the battle knife held in his left hand, and dropped heavily on the snow again.

Facing the struggling and twitching Cang Wolf, he still wanted to raise his battle knife and end Cang Wolf’s life completely with a single slash.

However, when his left hand started to exert force again, he felt that the sword in his hand was as heavy as a thousand pounds, but his strength was exhausted and he could not lift it up at all.

Facing the struggling and twitching Cang Wolf on the ground, Chen Dong’s expression suddenly became fierce in a flash.

The next second!

He suddenly let go of the combat knife and directly pounced on the Cang Wolf, crushing it.

With that.


A bite was placed on the neck of the Cang Wolf.


The Cang Wolf instantly let out a wail and struggled even more violently.

However, Chen Dong was using his body weight to press down on the wolf and bite the wolf’s neck fiercely.

An extremely fishy taste rushed into his mouth, making him almost gag.

But in the next moment, the warm blood that pa*sed into his mouth made Chen Dong resist the urge to vomit, and his survival instinct made him suck frantically for the rare warmth he felt at this moment.

As the wolf’s den went from his mouth down his oesophagus and into his stomach, the warmth of the blood trapped in it made Chen Dong’s body feel a little more comfortable.

This moment was like a dry and cracked pond that quickly regained its wetness when it encountered the wolf’s blood.

cricket …… cricket ……

Chen Dong pressed himself to death on the pale wolf, desperately tearing and chewing and sucking.

The bloodshot eyes were thick with ferocity, almost as fierce as a fierce beast’s eyes.

Between life and death.

Sometimes, even a human would do the same thing as a beast.

As Chen Dong sucked on it, the Cang Wolf, whose backbone had already been smashed, was rapidly dissipating in anger, and the wailing from its mouth, was weakening.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was like a fierce beast, desperately tearing and biting, expecting to widen the wound on the Cang Wolf’s neck even more, so as to obtain more warm wolf blood.

The snowy plains in the early morning.

After last night’s avalanche.

At this moment, however, the most brutal struggle for survival after a natural disaster is taking place.

Gradually, even with all his might, Chen Dong could no longer draw wolf blood from the wounds of the coyote, and he finally let go, feeling the warmth inside him as he fell straight backwards.

It was not that the Cang Wolf’s blood had been completely drained from him, but his strength, rather, only allowed him to suck it to this extent.

However, some wolf’s blood replenishment made Chen Dong’s state at this moment much better than it was just now.

In the freezing weather, it was the loss of body heat that was the most terrifying.

And this large mouthful of blood went down, also allowing Chen Dong to regain a lot of blood.

He still had wolf blood left in the corner of his mouth, but he fell on the wolf corpse, squinting his eyes at the slightly blinding sunrise, but the corner of his mouth revealed a gratifying smile.

Hot breath kept coming out of his mouth.

After resting for ten seconds or so, Chen Dong did not dare to continue resting, for he was clear that there must be more than one pale wolf in this mountain forest, and perhaps there were other more ferocious beasts.

He had to leave as soon as possible!

Sitting up again, Chen Dong looked at his right hand and the horse flesh pressed against his heart and tried to move it, and there were faint signs of loosening where the horse flesh and the heart were pressed tightly together.

Chen Dong’s eyebrows twisted and with a fierce force, he ripped the horse flesh off the heart.

With this separation, the pain that immediately came from the heart caused Chen Dong to suck in a breath of cold air.

But the horse flesh and his right hand were frozen too close together, and no matter how hard Chen Dong tried to endure the pain, he could not separate them.

Chen Dong stared at the wolf corpse on the ground for a few seconds and pondered.

He then picked up his war knife with his left hand, and with some wolf’s blood in his stomach, he regained some of his strength.

The battle knife was sealed in ice and could not use its sharp blade.

But Chen Dong held the sword in his left hand and used it as a hammer, smashing it hard on the wolf’s head several times, splashing blood and brain matter.

Chen Dong, however, quickly placed his right hand and the stuck horse flesh on the broken wolf’s head, using the residual warmth of the gushing wolf’s blood to dissolve the adhesion between the palm of his right hand and the horse flesh.

This scene lasted for nearly five minutes.

Chen Dong withdrew his right hand, then clenched his teeth and grabbed the horse flesh with his left hand, tearing it fiercely.


A sharp pain swept through the palm of his right hand, but it brought up a layer of skin and his palm was drenched with blood.

The pain was so severe that Chen Dong fell straight to the ground, clenching his teeth, grunting in pain and even rolling in the snow.