Winner Takes All Chapter 967-968

Chapter 967

In the rolling hills outside Kyoto.

The Chen family garden is lit up, and from high above, looking down, it looks like the silver moon falling to earth.

In the darkness of the mountains, it shines with a light that is uniquely its own.

Even late at night.

At the Chen Family airport, there are constantly planes taking off and landing.

No matter what time of day it is, there is never a shortage of visitors to the Chen family.


The entire Chen family estate is like a giant wealth creation machine, running round the clock.

Inside the family’s main room.

Chen Daolin closed his computer, leaned back in his chair, closed his eyes and gently pinched the bridge of his nose.

As the head of the family, he was in charge of the Chen family, and even though he had already graded the affairs to be handled by those in charge of the family, the affairs that really fell into Chen Daolin’s hands were still tedious and heavy.

This was especially true in the recent period.

The heaven-killing situation against Chen Dong had made Chen Daolin even more exhausted.

He wanted to help Chen Dong, but the situation made him stay put.

The position he was in and the things he knew about were far beyond that of Chen Dong, who was trapped in the Heaven-Slaughter Bureau.

Originally, it was merely an internal matter within the Chen family, with Chen Dong competing with the various Chen family heirs for the crown of the next family head.

Now, however, the battle was already spreading rapidly outwards.

The involvement was too deep and the depth was too wide.

Even if he held the Chen family in his hands, he did not dare to move easily.

“I knew this scene would come today, but I didn’t expect that it would come faster, sharper, and more violent than I had expected.”

Chen Daolin rubbed his face, tilted his head back, opened his eyes, looked at the ceiling tiredly and said despondently and helplessly, “Lan’er, what I planned was to wait until after Dong’er had achieved the crown of family head before this big picture emerged, then Dong’er could also be sheltered by the Chen family and play against it with the power of the Chen family, but to my surprise, things went beyond my expectations, this time, you have to be good in heaven Bless Dong’er ……”

A strong sense of melancholy and exhaustion.

If this scene was seen by outsiders, they would be absolutely stunned with their jaws dropped as if they were dreaming.

How could the Chen family head, ever look like this?

“I don’t know how Dong’er has been doing in this bout of going to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.”

Chen Daolin’s gaze flickered for a moment and snapped his fingers.


The door to the room was pushed open and a man wrapped in black robes walked in, standing in the doorway, silent.

“Go and scout out Chen Dong’s recent situation in the Great Snow Dragon Rider Army.”

Chen Daolin commanded.

The black-robed man bowed and exited the room.

From beginning to end, it was like a ghost.

A smile finally appeared on Chen Daolin’s tired face, “The Great Snow Dragon Rider Army is really an unexpected pleasure for Dong’er, this is also a kind of shelter for Dong’er from Brother Daogun, with Huo Zhenxiao around, the Bureau of Heavenly Killing has turned invisible, I just wonder when Dong’er returns again, just how much will he grow?”

Time pa*sed slowly.

Chen Daolin leaned back in his chair, the fingertips of his right hand tapping lightly on the tabletop.

Knock, knock, knock ……

The rhythm was calm and the soft tapping sound echoed in the room.

It took about ten minutes to wait.

The black-robed man who had just left then walked in, only still as silent as he had been earlier.

“How is Dong’er doing?”

Chen Daolin looked at the black-robed man with expectation in his eyes.

There was a poof!

The black-robed man knelt down on both knees.

This scene instantly caused Chen Daolin’s face to change and he sat up straight: “I am asking you to report on Dong’er’s recent condition, not to kneel down!”

The tone of his voice was somewhat forceful, even with anger.


The black-robed man, however, suddenly kowtowed to the ground and let out a deep, gruff voice: “Clan Master, the young master he …… was in the Great Snow Dragon Rider Army and disappeared while he was out on a mission!”


Chen Daolin was struck by lightning, his face steeply grimacing.


He rose up in anger and dropped his palm, slapping the solid wood table in front of him and exploding it on the spot.

“How could this happen? Why is this happening? My Dong’er went to the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army and had Huo Zhenxiao to shelter him, so why …… is he still missing?”

A series of questioning questions echoed through the room.

The black-robed man prostrated himself on the ground, not daring to move.

At this moment, Chen Daolin was just as furious and out of shape, his whole body seemed like an awakened volcano, that vast might under the augmentation of anger, fell on the black-robed man’s body, like a great mountain suppressing down, even gasping for breath became extremely laborious!

“Say it! What do Huo Zhenxiao and the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army do for a living?”

Chen Daoling looked down on the black-robed man from above, his eyes were even rounded like the eyes of a tiger, and his anger was overwhelming.

“Looking, they are already looking, but, but according to the news, the young master is in crisis, the most, the best result, may be strayed to the hundred tribes outside the domain ……”

The black-robed man’s heart leapt with fear and trembling as he reported back.

A poof!

Chen Daolin staggered a step backwards and sat frozen in his chair.

At this moment, his entire body was dumbfounded: “Out of the domain …… straying …… or the best result?”

Outside the Northern Realm domain, a hundred tribes were in existence.

To the people in the domain, it was a group of two-legged beasts that drank blood from the barbaric frontier!

The deep hatred that has accumulated over thousands, if not thousands of years, is as vast as the sea.

Once the people of the domain strayed outside the domain, they would be like lambs in a pack of wolves!

It is no exaggeration to say that they have walked into hell!

And this …… is the best possible outcome?

What about the worst?

His chest rose and fell violently as Chen Daolin fiercely gritted his teeth, “Send all the secret guards to the northern domain, go deep into the snowy plains outside the domain, and find my son!”


The black-robed man was horrified and raised his head against Chen Daolin’s mighty power: “Master, the Dark Guards are your last card, if we go to the outer regions to look for the young master, the Chen family’s security forces alone will be as useless as no defence for the master!”

The Secret Guards were the defence squads that Chen Daolin had personally set up to hide in the Chen Family.

Each one of them was a martial arts master and a top security guard.

This was the ultimate bottom line when Chen Daolin had sent Kunlun to Chen Dong’s side without hesitation.

With the dark guards present, Chen Daoling still had protection around him.

Once the dark guards were gone, he was completely defenceless!

As the head of the Chen family, he was exposed to killing machines every day, not only from outside, but also from within the Chen family!

Chen Daolin’s decision was made without any thought for his own safety!

“How can my life be more important than my son’s?”

Chen Daolin clenched his teeth and squeezed out a sentence from between them, “If my son returns safely, what if I sacrifice this broken body? Go on, do you Dark Guards still want to resist my life?”

As he spoke, Chen Daolin’s eyes reddened.

This man, who was high up in the clouds, who was in charge of the world’s wealth, who was used to seeing great tsunamis.

At this moment, his body was trembling and his red eyes were actually glistening with tears.

“As ordered!”

The black-robed man answered heavily, and then was to quickly exit the room.

“Dong’er ……”

When the black-robed man left, Chen Daolin let out a murmur under his breath, but two lines of tears could no longer be contained, flowing directly down the corners of his eyes.

Chapter 968


Zhang Yulan, who was exhausted and with a sense of sleep, had a momentary tremor in her delicate body.

Instantly, sleepiness was gone.

Her beautiful eyes stared blankly at the doctor who was running towards the resuscitation room.

At this moment, the doctor’s words just now, as if rolling thunder, rumbled and echoed in the ears.

Gu Qingying …… was in the resuscitation room?

She did not doubt the doctor’s words in the slightest.

Because she was clear about the relationship between Gu Qingying and Dean Liu, she had been in the hospital several times, and the doctors were probably already familiar with each other.

And since she had been taking care of Qin Ye for a while, all the doctors in the hospital also knew her and knew about her relationship with Gu Qingying.

Just …… the Gu Qingying in the resuscitation room is real?

Or was it a fake?

The first time, Zhang Yulan is confused and apprehensive, hands clenched together, body leaning against the wall, forehead oozing fine beads of sweat, eyes even more hesitant flutter.

The Gu Qingying at home, the one she had seen with her own eyes, was definitely a fake.

But if it was the Gu Qingying at home who came to see the doctor, it was inevitable that Elder Long, Kunlun and Fan Lu and the others would be somewhat accountable to her.

And now, there was no news coming from home.

Zhang Yulan’s gaze looked in the direction of the resuscitation room.

What if the Gu Qingying in the …… resuscitation room was real?

Although the possibility was slim, but Zhang Yulan could not completely erase this possibility.

With a fierce clench of his teeth, Zhang Yulan took big steps towards the resuscitation room: “Whether it’s true or not, we always have to find out!”

At this moment, Zhang Yulan’s gaze was firm and his steps were fast.

Fatigue and sleepiness seemed to be cleared away in an instant.

Because she was clear that if the one in a billion chance that the resuscitation room was the real Gu Qingying, then perhaps the situation at home now, could be completely changed!

Without Chen Dong around, she didn’t dare to make a move.

It was because the fake Gu Qingying at home was now in complete control!

Under the manipulation of the mysterious man, with Elder Long and Kunlun all revering the fake Gu Qingying, it would be immeasurably risky for her to make a hasty confession!

But if the real Gu Qingying could stand in front of everyone and point out that the Gu Qingying at home was a fake, it would mean something different again!

To be a slave and a servant, the same thing but with different results.

Gu Qingying can even mobilize too much, they all mobilize the power of immobility.

For example, the …… Gu family and the Chen family!

The most crucial one is the Chen family!

If Chen Daolin knew the situation, the big hand pressed down across the family, even if there was a mystery man at the controls, it would have to be reversed!


Outside the hospital.

After the mysterious man got out of the car, he flew like an arrow and quickly rushed into the hospital, heading straight for the resuscitation room.

The speed was fast, but those eyes were cold and stern to the extreme.

And this side of the resuscitation room.

As the last doctor entered, the red light on the door of the resuscitation room soon turned green.

The apprehensive and worried Meng was secretly a little relieved.

The door to the resuscitation room was pushed open and several doctors pushed Gu Qingying out.

Meng rushed to meet her.

Gu Qingying had already fallen asleep, but her eyebrows were still knitted together in a pitiful, painful way.

“Doctor, how is it?”

Meng asked, forcing down the panic in her heart as she turned to ask.

A few doctors looked at each other before one of them said, “I’m sorry, Miss Gu is not sick, and some of our tests didn’t show any abnormalities at all.”

“Then she’s heartbroken ……” Meng was dismayed.

The doctor shrugged, “That would be hard to deduce, anyway, all the tests came back normal, maybe it was some kind of stimulation and the pain suddenly appeared, it wasn’t life threatening.”

“Sudden irritation? A nightmare like that?”

Meng murmured, and then turned to the doctors and said gratefully, “Thank you all doctors.”

Just now, as she watched each doctor rush into the resuscitation room within a very short period of time, with each one rushing in, Meng’s heart felt as if it had been hit hard by a heavy hammer.

It was so exciting, it was killing me!

Another doctor followed closely, “Although all the tests are fine, but after our deliberations, we still suggest that Miss Gu stay in the hospital for one night tonight for observation.”


Meng was immediately shocked.

Your hospital is so familiar with Gu Qingying, if you stay another night, you’ll have to be completely exposed!

“Don’t worry, we are all serious about Miss Gu, this place is equivalent to a home for Miss Gu.” A doctor chimed in.

The words were also true, Lijin Hospital was managed by President Liu, President Liu and Gu Qingying’s relationship, and they were uncle and nephew, for such a long time, this relationship was not a secret among the doctors, wasn’t it the equivalent of being in your uncle’s house?

“This ……”

Meng Wu hesitated, not so much hesitating to let Gu Qingying be hospitalized, but hesitating how to push back!

It was also at this time.

Zhang Yulan, who was walking quickly, her heart was in her throat, and her entire body was so tense that her nerves were stretched to the limit.

Her palms were covered in sweat, and there was even some expectation in her eyes.

If it was really that one in a billion chance ……

The resuscitation room was just around the corner.

Just turn a corner and you’ll see it!

Zhang Yulan tried hard to take a deep breath to keep herself calm.

When she was about to turn the corner, her entire body was already poised and tense to the extreme.


“Yu Lan!”

A voice so hoarse that it seemed like fine sand rubbing hard against her throat suddenly exploded behind Zhang Yulan like thunder.


Zhang Yulan’s delicate body trembled in fear, her expression abruptly terrified.

This was clearly …… the voice of the mysterious man!

Lightning and fire.

Zhang Yulan’s heartbeat thudded as if her heart was about to jump straight out of her chest.

Fear was all over her pretty face, but thoughts were flying around in her head.

“What are you doing here?”

The mysterious man’s gaze was stern as he walked quickly towards Zhang Yulan.

Zhang Yulan’s chest rose and fell violently, took a deep breath, turned to face the mysterious man and said with forced composure, “I couldn’t sleep at night guarding Qin Ye and wanted to come down for a walk, but I just reached the ground floor and ran into the doctor telling me that Sister Xiao Ying was in the resuscitation room, and I was worried about her, so I wanted to come and see her.”

She knew that if she hid it all and replaced it with a lie, it would be false in the eyes of the mystery man instead.

Half truth, half fiction, was what made it elusive.


The mysterious man answered, but his tone was provocative, and after a pause he said, “Xiao Ying’s gastroenteritis has returned, I sent her here, don’t come here, look at your tired and haggard face, go up and take care of Qin Ye and get some rest, Xiao Ying is fine, I will settle down.”

A mystery man sent her here?

Could it be a fake Gu Qingying in the rescue room?

Zhang Yulan’s mind drifted off, such an outcome was also the most likely one she had guessed before!

Faced with the mysterious man’s gaze pressing on her, Zhang Yulan dared not stay longer and nodded, “Alright, I’ll go up first then.”

As she said that, she also yawned, her face hunched over with exhaustion.

The mysterious man did not immediately turn the corner to go to the resuscitation room.

Instead, his gaze watched Zhang Yulan enter the lift before he turned around.

In the lift.

As the lift doors closed, Zhang Yulan’s body went limp at once and he fell to the ground with a bang.

Her eyes were filled with fear, and her breath became sharp and ragged for an instant.

The fear of facing the mystery man just now was no less to her than the scene when she saw the mystery man and the fake Gu Qingying!

If she let the mysterious man see that she knew that the Gu Qing Ying at home was a fake, then she would be dead!

“Good, that was close ……”