Winner Takes All Chapter 963-964

Chapter 963

But anyone who is from the North knows the Qilian Mountains.

The vast snowy plains of the North, the land of extreme cold.

The endless snowfields seem to be the dominant tone.

The snowfields are snow-capped and flat.

The Qilian Mountains are one of the few mountain ranges.

It is well known because, for one thing, it is the highest mountain range on the snowy plains outside the Northern Territory.

Secondly, it is the location of the Qilian Mountains, which blocked the path of several powerful tribes to the south. Historically, those tribes wanted to go south either by crossing the Qilian Mountains or by bypa*sing them, and one of them …… was the Xiongnu royal court!

As for the third, it was the city where Huo Zhenxiao destroyed a city with one man, one gun and one horse, just a short distance below the Qilian Mountains, and it was that battle that made Huo Zhenxiao strangle his horse on the Qilian Mountains, seal the wolf and shake the hundred tribes outside the region!

As the commander of the Great Snow Dragon Riders, Commander Xiao was naturally familiar with Mount Qilian.

But to him, coming to Mount Qilian at this time was terrible news like the wrath of God!

It was already extremely cold where Mount Qilian was.

After nightfall, the temperature would plummet.

Inside the Qilian Mountains, the temperature is even colder!

On top of that, unlike the snowfields, there are avalanches that can occur at any time, and all kinds of snow beasts that can appear at any time.

When you enter the mountains after nightfall, you are in danger.

Not to mention the infrequent Qilian Mountain leader Xiao, even the indigenous barbarians near the Qilian Mountain, no one would be foolish enough to enter the Qilian Mountain at night.

Entering the mountain …… is tantamount to death!

This is what the indigenous barbarians around the lower Qilian Mountains recognize!

But now, what was in front of Commander Xiao was an awkward and difficult choice.

It was either to rush into Qilian Mountain and die.

Either to go around the Qilian Mountain, but with the current state of the war horses, it was clear that they would not be able to hold out, not to mention that when they went around, they would also increase the possibility of being caught up by Chen Dong.

The final …… option was to simply stop and fight Chen Dong to the death!

Lying dead on the back of his war horse, Commander Xiao’s gaze flickered with despair to the extreme.

Finally, he fiercely gritted his teeth and became determined.

“D*mn it, let’s see if the gods have eyes this time, whether they will let me live or let this killing god die!”



The horse whip struck the war horse fiercely.

The horse, which was already shaking, was spurred on by the pain, and its hoof went faster again.

Under the windy and snowy night.

Commander Xiao rushed resolutely towards Qilian Mountain.

Chen Dong, who was chasing him across his horse, was pale with veins and bruises.

The high intensity of the fight, the prolonged chase, and even worse, the slash on his left shoulder, which had gone untreated for so long that he had lost too much blood, had weakened Chen Dong’s entire state to the extreme.

Even the light in his red-blooded eyes dimmed and he was drowsy.

Although the war horse under his crotch was not as frothing at the mouth as Commander Xiao was.

However, it was clear that it had reached the point of exhaustion.

From time to time, there was even a vague feeling of slippage under the hooves, making it difficult to support the horse.

But Chen Dong did not have the slightest intention of stopping, pushing his warhorse to chase after Commander Xiao, straight into the Qilian Mountains!

Time pa*sed slowly.

As Cloak and Snow approached Qilian Mountain, the surrounding terrain changed rapidly.

It was as if the world had changed in an instant.

The snowy plains, which were originally flat, changed rapidly into undulating heights as we entered the Qilian Mountains, and the surrounding trees were covered in snow.

The temperature plummeted by a huge margin.

It was so cold that Commander Xiao was shivering.

The horses under him had slowed down.

It was not because the terrain within the Qilian Mountains was complicated, nor was it because Commander Xiao was not pumping hard enough.

Rather, the war horse …… ran out of oil.


A long, painful whine from the warhorse.

A rumble ……

The war horse collapsed into the snow with a crash, crushing the snow and pressing out a crater, revealing the dead branches and leaves beneath the snow.

Commander Xiao was thrown heavily to the ground, and in his panic and fear, he did not care about the cold and pain on his body, but turned around and whipped the warhorse like a madman, beating it to death.

“Beast, get up, get up! ……”

Slap slap slap slap ……

However, no matter how much Commander Xiao smacked, the war horse had long since lost its life.

Snapping …… snapping ……

In the darkness not far away, the sound of horse hooves came, not fast, but was coming this way.

Commander Xiao’s movements froze violently, and in the darkness and wind and snow, he even felt that death had descended in front of him.

In the darkness, it was hard to see, but he could only make out a rough outline. In a panic, he chose a direction and stumbled and staggered in the chosen direction.

It was less than a minute after Commander Xiao had gone.

It was then that Chen Dong rode across the warhorse and arrived next to the warhorse’s corpse.

The corners of Chen Dong’s mouth slowly turned upwards with an evil smile as he cast a sidelong glance at the corpse of the warhorse in the snow pit.

Then he frowned and scanned the area.

Soon, he found the footprints left by Commander Xiao on the ground.

“Kill it ……”

Chen Dong’s lips flicked open as he let out a hoarse voice.

In this dark mountain forest, it echoed like the sound of a ghost, as eerie and terrifying as possible.

Chen Dong’s legs gently clamped the war horse, and the exhausted war horse wobbled with hooves that seemed like a thousand pounds, following the footprints left on the snow and chasing after them.

The pace was slow, and Chen Dong sat on his horse, but he was not in a hurry.

The scene was a leisurely and unhurried one.

However, the surroundings and the occasional “ho-ho” gasping sound from Chen Dong’s mouth became even more terrifying and eerie.

It was as if he was a life-threatening changeless man, cruising through the dark, wintry mountains and forests, looking for the living.

“D*mn, D*mn, is it true that the heavens are going to kill me?”

Commander Xiao was in a mess, staggering and almost crawling with his hands and feet pressed against the snow, and his eyes were even flooded with tears of fear.

The snow beneath his hands and feet was of varying depths.

No one knew what was buried beneath the snow.

While the thick snow was hindering Commander Xiao from moving forward, the dead branches under the snow, moreover, cut his hands to the point of being covered in wounds, while the blood was frozen by the cold and the snow.

The sharp pain, which was constantly coming from Commander Xiao’s hands, seemed to be sharp needles stirring his ever-tightening nerves, urging him to step into the abyss of despair.

Squeak …… squeak ……

I don’t know when.

The only other sound was that of his hands and feet crawling over the snow.

The Commander Xiao, who noticed this change, was stunned at once.

Could it be that …… had gotten rid of it?

The thought had just come to him.

Ahead of him crawling, a strange sound suddenly rang out.

Creak …… creak ……

The sound of footsteps!

Commander Xiao tensed up at once, and his entire body froze in place.

Was it a human?

Was it a beast?

His eyes were rounded and he stared dead ahead.

The hunger, the cold, the biting cold, the fear, made his mind even lurch at that moment.

Out of sight.

Gradually, a blurred outline of a human figure appeared.

This scene instantly brought tears of despair and fear to the eyes of Commander Xiao.

As the silhouette approached, Commander Xiao completely collapsed, banging his head on the snow, kowtowing, crying and begging, “Please, please let go, I, I was wrong, I was really wrong, I don’t want to die, I ……”

As he broke down and begged for mercy.

Chen Dong, however, slowly walked over with his sword, his battle sword was still dripping blood, and there was a faint heat rising up.

In his left hand, however, he was holding a piece of warm horse flesh, at this moment, Chen Dong was holding the warm horse flesh close to his heart so that he could detect the slightest warmth.


Just when he was standing in front of Commander Xiao, his right hand slowly raised his battle sword.

Commander Xiao, who was on his knees begging for mercy and crumbling and wailing, suddenly lifted his head.

His face was fierce and his gaze fierce: “Even if I die, I will die with you!”

With that, he used all his strength and his tongue burst into thunder.


This shout shot straight up to the clouds, booming and breaking the dead silence of the mountain ……

Chapter 964

The shout rises to the heavens.

It echoed through the dark, deadly silence of the Qilian Mountains, echoing endlessly and cascading.

This shout.

Even Chen Dong could not help but have a red blood-coloured glint in his eyes.

He locked eyes with the Commander Xiao on the ground.

At this moment, where was there any semblance of fear and dread on Commander Xiao, his face was full of fierce madness.

“Hum hum hum …… hahaha …… die together, don’t presume to kill me, even if I die, I will drag you along with me.”

Commander Xiao bared his teeth and said fiercely.

The words had not yet fallen.

Rumble ……

The ground suddenly shook.

It was as if a thousand armies were pushing across.

In the midst of the dark and windy night, it shook the heavens and the earth, resounding through the mountains and forests.

At this moment, even Chen Dong could not help but turn around and look in the direction where the sound came from, the red blood-colored light in his eyes brightening and dimming.

“Hahahaha …… mat, die together, die together!”

Feeling the earth tremble and the roar resounding in his ears, Commander Xiao’s face was full of fierce madness and his body was trembling.

Only the trembling now was not the kind of trembling that was caused by the fear of death before.

Rather, it was the excitement and agitation of facing death after extreme madness.

The ground shook, and as the darkness rumbled through the mountains and forests.

Even the trees in this part of the mountain forest where Chen Dong and Commander Xiao were located were shaken to the point of rattling.

Chen Dong’s eyebrows knitted together, his red-blooded eyes flickering with light, his face full of veins and veins flushed with thick incomprehension and confusion.

He stared intently into the darkness.

At this moment, even he sensed a hint of fear.

As the rushing roar approached, the surrounding mountains and forests resounded with the fearful roar of beasts and animals.

All the walking beasts were now scrambling towards the outside of the mountain.

There were even beasts that pa*sed directly by Chen Dong and Commander Xiao, ignoring them.

In the darkness of the night, the only noise on Qilian Mountain was the howling of the wind and snow.

But at this moment, with a roar from Commander Xiao, the mountain exploded into a frenzy.

The snow and wind storm, as the roar approached, became even more violent.

The wind blew Chen Dong’s hair and his blood-soaked robes.

Pouring snow, moreover, covered the sky and obscured the view, making the originally dark night, even more elusive.

Chen Dong’s brows knitted together to the extreme.

Although he was in a state of madness, it did not mean that he did not have an instinctive sense of crisis.

On the contrary, after entering the state of madness, his sense of crisis was even stronger!

At this moment, facing the fierce snowstorm, facing the earth trembling roar, facing the scene of ten thousand beasts running wildly and noisily.

Chen Dong’s breathing also continued to rush up, his chest rising and falling high and low.

“Ho ho …… ho ho ……”

Rough gasping breaths were constantly emitted.

He could feel that something huge was rapidly approaching in the darkness!

It was a great fear of death that originated deep in his bones and blood!

While Commander Xiao, who was kneeling behind Chen Dong, was at this moment laughing and trembling, with tears in his eyes, but at times was bursting out with a hideous madness.

In the blink of an eye.

The earth was already trembling terribly.

The snow beneath his feet even pressed down in the tremors, filling the gaps between the dead trees below.

The trees around them, at times, could not hold on in the gale and collapsed with a crash.

crunch …… crunch ……

Rumble ……

This side of heaven and earth, the roar is vast.

The crushing feeling that came over him grew stronger and stronger even deep within Chen Dong’s heart.

His pupils tightened to the extreme, and his brow furrowed to the extreme.

Exhausting his eyesight, he stared deadly into the darkness.


Chen Dong’s body shook violently.

In the darkness, he vaguely saw what seemed to be a huge wall that covered the heavens and earth, shaking the heavens and pressing horizontally in a vast manner.


In an instant.

Chen Dong let out a roar and a red blood-coloured light burst out violently in his eyes.

Almost simultaneously.

Commander Xiao, who was kneeling behind him, looked steeply fierce as a ferocious beast.

The moment Chen Dong turned around and tried to escape, he directly pounced on Chen Dong.

The Commander Xiao, who was already determined to die, instantly used all his strength and his arms were like pythons, holding the lower half of Chen Dong’s body in a deadly grip, directly pinning Chen Dong in place.

“Hahahaha …… die, die together, no matter if you are a human or a ghost or a god, within this Qilian Mountain, an avalanche is enough to kill a ghost and destroy a god!”

“Let’s die together, if you don’t let me live, then we’ll go to the Yellow Springs together!”

“I want to live, but you crazy dog won’t even give me a chance!”

Commander Xiao laughed hideously and roared loudly under his breath.

And Chen Dong, who was being held, his face was steeped in ferocity to the extreme.

The battle sword in his hand was raised directly and brazenly, slamming the hilt of the sword into Commander Xiao’s back.

Bang Bang Bang ……

A series of vicious smashes caused blood to gush from Commander Xiao’s mouth.

But Commander Xiao’s face was still raging with a crazy, hideous smile, and instead of letting go of Chen Dong, his arms hugged him even tighter.

Rumble ……

The earth trembled and the trees tumbled.

It was as if this side of the firmament was enveloped by an avalanche that covered the sky as if it was the end of the world.

One of the reasons for the danger of the Qilian Mountains is the avalanches of snow that accumulate all year round!

Even the natives of the Yai tribe near the Qilian Mountains never dare to be careless.

An avalanche is enough to sweep everything away.

Even an army of a thousand horses would be swallowed up in an avalanche!

Feeling the approach of death.

Chen Dong’s body trembled violently, and the battle sword in his hand, moreover, hammered brutally on Commander Xiao’s back, and even the top of his head.

But Commander Xiao still wouldn’t let go of his hand!


Suddenly, in the darkness, amidst the roaring sound, Chen Dong looked up to the sky and roared.

The battle sword in his hand, however, was bursting with blood and light, stretching across the darkness before him.


With a miserable scream from Commander Xiao, one of his arms flew straight up into the sky, drowning in the wind and snow.

But after the scream, Commander Xiao’s other arm did not let go, instead, he bit down hard on Chen Dong’s thigh!

Even if he died, he had to take someone with him!

At this moment, Commander Xiao was reckless.

A strong man fears a strong man, and a strong man fears a desperate man! This truth has never changed since the dawn of time.

When a person decides to die and take someone with him, such a determined will would make it difficult for even the mad Chen Dong to get out of the way.

The roar in the darkness behind him was deafening.

The earth shook so much that one could barely stand.

And all around, trees tumbled down and a fierce snowstorm raged.

Chen Dong looked hideous to the extreme.


With a roar, he wanted to swing his sword again.

But just at the moment the battle sword was raised into the air.

The corner of the mouth of Commander Xiao, who was biting down on Chen Dong’s thigh to death, was pulled up into a blood-stained smile.

In his sight, the wall of snow that covered the sky and poured into the sky was already approaching, so vast that he could not see the edge, nor could he see how high it was.


In an instant, the avalanche came crashing down on them.

The terrifying impact instantly sent Chen Dong and Commander Xiao flying, followed by a raging snowstorm that buried the two directly under the avalanche ……