Winner Takes All Chapter 961-962

Chapter 961

We can’t stay, we really can’t stay!”

Commander Xiao rode on his war horse, his face turning blue and white at times, his lips trembling even more.

On the battlefield, Chen Dong, who was still carrying his battle sword, was like a ghost god descending from the world, wrapping his terror around Commander Xiao.

Even if they were some distance apart at the moment, there was still Bai Qi in the middle, who was also eager to rush over to kill.

But in Commander Xiao’s heart, Bai Qi was not yet feared, but Chen Dong was a greater threat!

After all, no matter how strong Bai Qi is, he is ultimately a human being.

And at this moment, Chen Dong …… was not a human being!

He was even so desperate in his heart that he did not doubt for a moment that if he continued like this, Chen Dong would really be able to walk up to him and swing off his head with a single slash!

“This is the order of the Heavenly Wolf! No one can disobey!”

The middle-aged man clenched his right hand into the reins tightly, looking at the killing Chen Dong, and his heart sank down one by one.

Even Commander Xiao could see the situation, how could he not see it?

But Skywolf’s orders were on the top, and he, a mere general in charge of a 10,000-man squad, could not disobey them at all.

“Even if the price of capturing Chen Dong is to fill up this 10,000-man squad, I will not hesitate to do so!”

This was the thought in the middle-aged man’s mind.

At the same time.

The battle between Bai Qi and the three Heavenly Wolf Dead Soldiers was nearing its end.


A knife pierced through the chest of the last Sky Wolf dead soldier.

Bai Qi did not pull out his sword immediately, but held his sword in his hand and panted heavily.

The intensity of the battlefield was not comparable to that of a one-on-one battle!

On the battlefield, with killing machines on all sides, not only do you have to fight with all your might, but you also have to keep your guard up at all times, and your spirit is greatly depleted.

It is said to be a rest.

But it only lasted for a few seconds.

Bai Qi pulled his sword out of the dead Wolf soldier’s body, and his gaze was cold and fierce as he swept around the Yi soldiers who had gradually gathered around him.

As soon as the dead Wolf soldier died, the barbarian soldiers naturally knew that they should immediately swarm around him.

At this moment, Bai Qi stood in place, his towering figure like a mountain, standing like a crane among a crowd of Yai soldiers.

All over his body, he exuded a domineering oppression.

Wherever he looked, no one dared to meet his gaze.

Even the footsteps of the barbarian soldiers were extraordinarily slow and cautious as they gathered around them.

“Hoo ……”

Bai Qi withdrew his gaze, and with a cold laugh, he directly locked onto Commander Xiao who was not far away, “Xiao Yun! I killed your brother back then, and today …… I will kill you again!”


The sound was not loud, but it was penetrating.

The Commander Xiao on his war horse was startled violently, his eyes instantly locked with Bai Qi.

Terrified, horrified, helpless and desperate ……

Even though there were nearly 10,000 people around him at this time, Commander Xiao still found it difficult to contain these emotions from spreading infinitely in his heart.



Above the battlefield, there was another roar that shook people to the bone.


Almost simultaneously.

In the air, a steep sound of breaking wind exploded.

Bai Qi’s mind was shaken and he fiercely turned around.

Only when his body was halfway around, the corner of his eye caught a bloodstained battle knife, which was breaking through the air, so fast that a layer of torn airflow could be seen with the naked eye above the tip of the knife!

This is ……

Chen Dong?

Bai Qi fiercely threw his gaze towards the position where Commander Xiao and the middle-aged man were.


An explosive sound brought up a large amount of blood splashed in the long air.

The lightning-like battle knife pierced straight through the middle-aged man’s throat.

It was so fast …… that no one reacted!

Above the battlefield, the rabble soldiers were still cautiously coming towards Bai Qi.

Commander Xiao was still looking at Bai Qi in horror.

As the battle knife pierced through the middle-aged man’s throat, a large amount of blood splashed directly onto Commander Xiao, the impact sensation and the disgusting smell of blood that poured into his nostrils instantly made Commander Xiao’s tiger body shake.

In an instant.

His features were deformed and his neck was stiff and mechanical as he slowly turned his head.

The middle-aged man was still sitting on his war horse, but in the midst of the wind and snow, the blood-stained battle knife had already penetrated his neck, and blood was rolling down its body.

It was too fast!

It was so fast that even the middle-aged man himself did not react, and the anger was gone from his eyes.

The next second.


Commander Xiao exploded completely, his already precarious mental defences collapsing with the scene before him.

To flee!

To flee!

This 10,000 man squad can’t even protect me!

They …… are ghosts, evil spirits from hell!

In the midst of an army, they are taking the head of the general.

The collapsed and frantic Commander Xiao had only one thought left in his mind.

At this moment, as if he were a madman, his features twisted with fear, he turned his horse’s head and rushed towards the crowd.

With this dash, the people around him who hadn’t reacted to the attack were all in a state of shock.

The barbarian soldiers around him who had not reacted froze, then noticed the middle-aged man still sitting on his horse with his sword in his neck.

Immediately, this side of the battlefield exploded into a frenzy!

“Ah! General, the general is dead ……”

“It’s over, it’s completely over …… The general is gone, the general has sacrificed ……”

“Ghosts, ghosts, oh my god, what the hell just happened?”


All the soldiers of the Yi tribe, at this moment, broke down in fear as Commander Xiao did.

The commander of an army was killed on the battlefield, on the spot!

Throughout history, this is a devastating blow on the battlefield!

A defeat like a mountain, a collapse of morale, is often the result of a single slash!

Not to mention the fact that this band of 10,000 rabbits was not a single tribe, but a coalition of a dozen tribes!

It was the presence of the commander that forced the soldiers of a dozen tribes to form a single ma*s!

At this moment, as the middle-aged man was killed by Chen Dong’s slash from across the sky, the entire barbarian allied army was thrown into a panic of fear and confusion.

Some of the soldiers even turned tail and ran!

Even the soldiers of the barbarians who still had their sanity and blood courage and did not flee were in a momentary state of dumbfoundedness.

“This …… really deserves to be a peerless general!”

Bai Qi leaned back to look at Chen Dong who was still fighting with the Sky Wolf dead soldiers, his eyes shining with a brilliant aura.

The battle swords on Chen Dong’s shoulders had disappeared, and he was still holding his twin swords in his hands, killing frantically.

However, in Bai Qi’s eyes, he could not help the look of awe rising up, “The shadow of the Lord has become even thicker.”

These words were the highest praise among the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders!

With Huo Zhenxiao’s status and might, but Bai Qi was comparing Chen Dong to Huo Zhenxiao, such an honour that no one in the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Rider Army could ever have!

Even he himself had never dared to hope for a comparison with the Lord Huo Zhenxiao!

Retracting his gaze, Bai Qi looked morosely at the fleeing Commander Xiao.

With the main general killed, the battlefield was in chaos.

It also took the pressure off of him.

Taking a deep breath, Bai Qi intended to test the suspicion in his mind again.

Only, not waiting for him to shout.

Boom boom boom ……

Behind him, there was a fierce series of crashing sounds.

There were also countless screaming and wailing sounds.

Before Bai Qi could turn around, there was a sudden neighing of a war horse behind him.


Bai Qi felt the earth behind him tremble violently, and a fierce wind rose up.

Almost instinctively, he bowed straight down and raised his eyes at the same time.

In his line of sight.

Chen Dong was straddling his horse with his sword, blood flying from his body, in a domineering and unparalleled stance, pa*sing above his head and across the sky ……

Chapter 962

War horses neigh.

The wind howled.

This moment, however, was like a heavy hammer hitting Bai Qi’s heart.


In the blink of an eye, Chen Dong leapt over Bai Qi’s head, his horse landed on the ground and trampled a barbarian soldier to death, but his hoof did not stop, as Chen Dong slapped his horse with the back of his sword, he let out a long whistle and rushed straight into the barbarian soldiers, chasing in the direction of Commander Xiao’s escape!

Bai Qi came back to his senses and was about to rush towards the nearest warhorse to break out of the siege with Chen Dong.

But he didn’t have time to take a step.

The chaotic soldiers around him suddenly rushed out with dozens of Skywolf dead soldiers.

In the short fight just now, Chen Dong’s two swords had slaughtered half of the dead Wolf soldiers.

The remaining half, along with Chen Dong chasing after Commander Xiao, were directly surrounding Bai Qi to kill him!

“D*mn it, life and death is fate, success or failure is in the hands of Heaven!”

Bai Qi viciously spat out a mouthful of spit with blood froth, and then viciously pounced directly at the Sky Wolf Dead Soldiers.


The cold wind howled.

Heavy snow poured.

The whole day, heaven and earth, was immersed in the wind and snow, silvery and endless.

Commander Xiao rode across on his war horse, sweating profusely, looking panicked, his lips and body trembling incessantly.

“Escaped, escaped!”

With his body nearly lying on the back of the war horse, Commander Xiao shivered and spoke, his heart grateful.

He was not stupid.

Chen Dong was able to understand the main general of a 10,000 man squad with a single slash in the midst of 10,000 troops.

The same scene could definitely be repeated in his case!

The 10,000-strong army that had come to meet him was in a virtual state, so if he didn’t flee, should he just sit and wait for death?

But the words just came out.

A long whistle from a warhorse sounded behind him.

It was like a thunderclap.

The whole of Commander Xiao was dumbfounded in an instant.

He looked back in fear and panic and was scared out of his wits.

The snow was pouring down.

A warhorse was tearing through the snow and wind, coming at a tremendous speed, faster than his horse, trampling through the snow like lightning.

And on top of the horse.

That bloody figure was the cause of Commander Xiao’s fear!

In the midst of the wind and snow, the blood-soaked Chen Dong stood tall, his twin swords in his hands originally stained with blood, but under the extreme cold, the blood had already frozen on the swords, completely rendering them a bloody colour.

The moment Commander Xiao turned around and locked eyes with Chen Dong.

In Chen Dong’s red-blooded eyes, the light of blood suddenly shone brightly.

The corners of his mouth, which was full of veins and veins bulging and gnarled, turned upwards, revealing an evil smile that would make people’s bones shudder.


This smile instantly caused Commander Xiao to feel as if a million arrows were piercing his body, terrified and at the same time, crumbling and frantic.

“D*mn it, why is he coming after me again?”

“I’ve obviously run away, I’ve obviously run away!”

“Is God going to kill me? This F**king recruit, why is he just staring at me?”


A crumbling wail echoed through the wind and snow.

However, Commander Xiao was fiercely thrashing his warhorse while expecting it to be faster.

He was no match for Chen Dong.

The scene on the battlefield just now had even made him not even have the courage to face Chen Dong face to face.

There was no choice but to run away!

If he was caught up by Chen Dong, he would end up like those barbarian soldiers on the battlefield, cut off in two!

“Hurry up, D*mned beast, hurry up!”

Snapping ……

The horse whip rained down on the war horse with great speed and ferocity.

The war horse let out a long whine of pain, but its speed increased again.

When he felt the speed increase, there was some joy in Commander Xiao’s eyes.

As long as Chen Dong did not catch up with him and kept a distance between them, he would be able to escape!

“As long as I escape to any of the tribes, they will absolutely die to protect me! I am one of their Heavenly Wolves!”

This was the thought in Commander Xiao’s mind.



The sound of breaking air suddenly exploded.

Commander Xiao’s body instantly tingled and his sweat hair stood on end.

Completely instinctively, he directly and brazenly plunged onto the back of the war horse, clinging to it to death.

The next second.


A sharp pain came from his right arm and blood splattered.


Commander Xiao let out a miserable cry, and in his line of sight, a blood-coloured battle sword, sweeping through the air, plunged far ahead of his frenzied run.

This moment.

Commander Xiao’s features twisted in pain, grimacing as he sucked in cold air backwards, and his body was even more like sieve chaff.

“D*mn, how could I forget that the Lord General was just killed by this God of Killers through the air!”

Commander Xiao grimaced and cursed, but the corner of his eyes glanced at Chen Dong at the back, his pupils tightened to the extreme: “There is still a knife, he just needs to throw it out, as long as I dodge it, then there is still …… hope of escape!”

The words were thick to the point of heaviness.

The next second.

Commander Xiao’s body was tense and his scalp tingled.

In the aftermath of his vision, Chen Dong, who was chasing across his horse, was the one with an evil smile at the corner of his mouth while his right hand slowly raised his blood-colored battle knife high.

Even though the sky was dark and gloomy.

But at this moment, Commander Xiao also felt that the blood-coloured battle sword reflected a blood-coloured cold aura that would break people’s hearts and souls.


The blood-coloured battle knife in Chen Dong’s hand fell down violently.

This scene scared the body of Commander Xiao, and in a flash of lightning, he hurriedly withdrew his gaze and pressed his body down tightly on the back of his war horse in a wretched and frightened manner.

But he waited a few seconds.

The expected hissing of the astral wind did not appear.

Commander Xiao’s gaze drifted and he was a little disoriented.

He looked back in confusion, but saw that Chen Dong was still holding the Scarlet Battle Sword in his hand.

Only the evil smile at the corner of his mouth had grown even stronger.

Dumbfounded for an instant, Commander Xiao then reacted.


A tease!

That slash just now was clearly Chen Dong’s deliberate intimidation (he) to scare him!

In an instant, an unprecedented sense of humiliation swept through Commander Xiao’s entire body.

Grief, anger and humiliation ……

The entire body of Commander Xiao was about to explode in an instant.

However, his sanity allowed him to retain a point of clarity.

“One day, for today’s humiliation, I will take vicious revenge!”

Snapping ……

The horse whip was still fiercely hitting the war horse.

The war horse whinnied long and painfully as it ran wildly and desperately.

In the midst of the wind and snow.

The two war horses were no more than fifty metres apart, one in front of the other, one chasing and one fleeing.

And in front of them.

Amidst the wind and snow, the silhouette of a lofty snow mountain was faintly revealed.

It was just that the wind and snow were so rough, and the sky was getting dark, that the fearful fleeing Commander Xiao did not notice.

As for Chen Dong ……

Would Chen Dong, after his madness, care?

The night is gradually falling.

The teeth of Commander Xiao’s frantic collapse were on the verge of gnashing, and a layer of sweat had already seeped out of his body, but under the extremely cold temperature, it condensed into ice and was melted by his body heat.

Hungry and cold, the men were sleepy and the horses were tired.

But Chen Dong, behind him, was hanging back as if he had been strung out for life.

Such a scene.

It was like a Komodo lizard hunting its prey. After taking a bite from its prey, it would not kill it directly, but would rely on the bacteria in its mouth to infect the prey and then let it escape, following dead behind, waiting for the prey to die of poison, and then it would be time to feast on it.

And the poison that Chen Dong gave to Commander Xiao was that great fear that knew no bounds.

Like Chen Dong’s horses, they were all suffering from physical exhaustion, and his horse was even foaming at the mouth from his violent beating.

If it were not for the specially trained horses, they would have relied on their will to hold on until now.

If it were an ordinary horse, it would probably have collapsed long ago.

Boom ……

A furiously cold wind came crashing down on his face.

Commander Xiao was frozen to the point where his teeth chattered instantly and his lips turned purple as the biting cold wind was like countless fine frozen needles, viciously piercing through his every pore.

Subconsciously looking up ahead, Commander Xiao was suddenly stunned: “Qilian Mountain …… D*mn, how did it get here?”