Winner Takes All Chapter 957-958

Chapter 957


“Help me, help me!”

“Commander He, what should we do? What the hell should we do?”


In his ears, there were constant screams and panicked wails.

He, riding on his war horse, was in a kind of spinning trance, and his body was shaking on his war horse.

He looked around him at the devastating defeat.

Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined that the soldiers of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry would one day be in such a tragic situation on the battlefield.

Blood was gushing out like a spring.

With each gush, the limbs and even the heads of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army’s soldiers flew straight up into the air!

This scene was like hell!

The dozen or so soldiers of the Yi tribe who had suddenly appeared, reaped the momentum with a devastating reaping, decimating the 500 Great Snow Dragon Riders most violently.

On the northern frontier.

The Great Snow Dragon Riding Army had long been used to being arrogant!

Under the leadership of Huo Zhenxiao, no matter how big the battle was, they were always victorious in every battle, invincible, indestructible, and unique in their wildly domineering stance.

As a matter of fact, when Commander He initially led the five hundred Great Snow Dragon Riders into the ma*sed ranks of the barbarians, he did indeed bring out the usual fighting strength of the Great Snow Dragon Riders, as he had done in previous battles.

That is, until the dozen or so soldiers of the barbarians appeared before them.

As if they were evil shuras crawling out from the depths of the Nine Underworlds, not only did they put Commander He in a trance, but even the soldiers of the Great Snow Dragon Riders were near collapse and in a state of extreme fear.

Even though Commander He had already called for a contraction of the formation for defence.

Each and every soldier of the Great Snow Dragon Riders was no longer fighting alone, but had comrades to support them.

But in the face of the sudden appearance of a dozen “Evil Shura”, the so-called contraction of the defence formation actually became ridiculous.

Not only could they not stop them, they could not even maintain a minimum defensive formation in the face of these dozens of soldiers!

Each and every soldier, fearing life and death, tore a hole in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army’s formation by killing them with blood and desperation, tearing out a hole to the ground, and killing the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army present with their liver and guts broken.

“This, where the hell did this evil spirit come from?”

Looking at the constant sacrifice of the soldiers under his command, Commander He straddled his war horse, his tiger’s body trembling and his eyes turning red: “This is simply a battle force that cannot be found in an extra-territorial army, let alone in formation… D*mn, D*mn …… ah… …”

Angry to the extreme, Commander He looked up to the sky and let out a wail.

“Commander …… save me, save me ……”

“For the sake of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, who will go to hell if I don’t go to hell?”

“A group of extra-territorial barbarians, even if I die today, I will drag you all down to hell with me!”


There were soldiers of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, some wailing for help, some generously dying, and even more, there were those who still maintained their blood and courage and pounced on the dead Wolf soldiers without fear of life or death.

There were wrecked bodies all over the place.

Corpses of the Great Snow Dragon Riders fell in pools of blood, staining the snow red and filling the air with a disgustingly thick smell of blood.

If word of this scene were to get out, it would definitely shock the jaws of the entire world!

The fighting strength of the Great Snow Dragon Riders was recognized as the top legion in the whole world!

How could anyone have ever imagined that the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army would also have a scene of being reaped by human fish?

The ordinary Eboshi soldiers nearby were transformed into spectators at this moment, or rather their only function was to form an encirclement to facilitate the hunting of the dozen or so Heavenly Wolf Death Soldiers.

Commander He’s pale face was stained with blood.

His gaze drifted, sometimes bright and determined, sometimes dark and low.

His body, constantly trembling.

The miserable wails of his fellow comrades echoed in his ears.

There was even the occasional splash of blood on his face.

Just now, he dared to lead his comrades to charge in without fear of life or death, because he knew clearly the fighting power of the Great Snow Dragon Riders, and it was true that there would be damage and death when he rushed to kill the 10,000 troops of the barbarians.

But that was only a few!

Bai Qi and Chen Dong had already charged into the 10,000 man squad, and if they didn’t, the two of them would face 10,000 men crushing them!

If they didn’t rush in, they would be faced with 10,000 people crushing them. If they charged in and spread out their forces, they could at least delay until reinforcements arrived!

The matter of hunting down the traitor, the traitor, was bound to cause a large army to be sent from within Zhenjiang City soon.

As long as they delayed until the army arrived, the tide would turn!

But the scene in front of him was a bloody purgatory, a living demonstration of the defeat of the soldiers!

Looking at the soldiers who were falling, even if they were brave enough to attack together, when they faced the dozen or so deadly soldiers of the Wolf, their weapons were broken and they died on the spot under the heavy weapons such as heavy swords and battle axes.

After all, there were really only a handful of Great Snow Dragon Riders who could use heavy Dragon Rider swords!

At least, these five hundred men under Commander He’s command, plus himself, were only a handful!

Facing a dozen or so Heavenly Wolf Death Soldiers, it was really hard to match!

“Hoo …… for the sake of the people, for the sake of Zhenjiang City, and for the glory of the …… Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!”

Suddenly, Commander He straightened his body, and there was a determined fierceness in his eyes: “You and others, follow me …… to kill!”

With this explosive roar.

With this roar, Commander He’s legs clamped down on his warhorse, and in a charging stance, he charged boldly at the nearest Sky Wolf dead soldier.


At this moment, Commander He just went crazy.

The moment he reached the Skywolf Deadman, the Dragon Rider’s sword in his hand slashed down on him with the fury of a tarzan.

With the impact of the war horse.

The Wolf Soldier hurriedly raised his broad and heavy sword to resist!


Under the terrifying force, the Dragon Rider’s war sword directly crushed the broad and heavy sword, and the heavy sword landed on top of the Sky Wolf Death Soldier’s shoulder, then violently crushed the Sky Wolf Death Soldier to the ground on both knees.


With another explosive roar, Commander He wielded the Dragon Rider Battle Sword in his hand and directly reaped the life of the Sky Wolf Death Soldier in front of him.


The next second.

On the left and right sides, cold light burst out at the same time.

“Commander He beware!”

The soldiers’ warnings rang out around them.



A battle axe brazenly chopped over the war horse under Commander He’s crotch.

At the same time, another cold battle sword pa*sed through the air.

In full view of everyone, Commander He flew up.

Only his legs, however, remained on top of the fallen war horse ……

Bang Bang Bang Bang ……

Chen Dong held his sword and spear, forcing back the four Heavenly Wolf dead soldiers in front of him.

Hearing an explosive roar coming from not far away, he turned his head unexpectedly, just in time to see the sight of the upper half of Commander He’s body flying into the air.

The raging grimace was still present on that lifeless, miserable white face, and his eyes were determined to the point of determination!

“Commander He ……”

Chen Dong’s heart gave a violent twitch.

His eyes hurriedly swept past the tide of Ebony soldiers and locked onto the battle circle where the Great Snow Dragon Riders were.



Blood and broken bodies flew everywhere.

The soldiers of the Great Snow Dragon Riders were like lambs to the slaughter when they faced the dead soldiers of the Heavenly Wolf.

This scene.

Looking at it, Chen Dong’s body trembled greatly.

The next second.

He closed his eyes.

This scene, however, caused the four Heavenly Wolf Death Soldiers to simultaneously freeze and stop in their tracks.

The fierce battle was in full swing, and to close his eyes, was he going to wait for death?



A monstrous and hostile aura enveloped the four Heavenly Wolf Death Warriors.

As the top warriors of the various clans, the four Heavenly Wolf Dead Soldiers instantly changed their expressions, and even became frightened.

In a trance.

It was as if they saw that behind Chen Dong, who was standing in place with his eyes closed, a …… mountain of corpses and blood rose up!

“This is ……”

“Skywolf is above, he, he is not an ordinary soldier ……”

“D*mn, this, this rage, is he, is he an evil spirit that is going to crawl out of hell?”

The four Heavenly Wolf dead soldiers were all shocked and terrified.

Under the terrified gaze of the four.

Chen Dong …… slowly opened his eyes.

Chapter 958

When Chen Dong’s eyes slowly opened.

It was as if the pause button had been pressed all around.

His red-blood eyes were so deep and demonic that they seemed to be enveloped in a sea of blood and a mountain of corpses, majestic and sinister as if the heavens were overturned and suppressed into the sky.

The corners of his mouth gradually turned upwards, revealing an evil smile.

And his body, too, trembled vaguely.

From the nape of his neck, a sinewy vein protruded, winding and gnarling, climbing directly onto his face.


Almost simultaneously, the surrounding soldiers of the Ebony tribe stepped backwards with fearful expressions, hardening the blank battle circle and widening it by two circles.

This moment.

Everyone looked at Chen Dong with a look of horror to the extreme.

Is this man …… a ghost?

How could a person have such a change when the Heavenly Wolves were on top?

Even though the four Heavenly Wolf Dead Soldiers were ready to kill themselves when they entered the Heavenly Wolf Dead Soldier Corps, a sense of fear still rose up in their hearts when they faced Chen Dong at this moment.

Some even began to swallow incessantly, their throats tightening with nervousness.

They were indeed dead soldiers, and they were indeed not afraid of death.

But when a demon god really stood before them, that feeling of facing death head-on would definitely shake even the most determined deadly warrior at heart!

“Ho ho ……”

Chen Dong let out a ragged gasp from his mouth, the wind and snow blowing his robes hunting, and the black hair on his head gently dancing.

At this moment, it was as if he was the focus of the battlefield.

Not glamorous.

Rather, it was …… killing intent!


Without waiting for the crowd to regain their senses, a terrifying beastly roar, like a tiger roaring in the mountains, fiercely emitted from Chen Dong’s mouth, shaking the sky and the ground, startling the wind and snow.

The ordinary soldiers of the Eboshi tribe around him, those who were closest to them, even revealed a painful look at the same time.

In a matter of moments.

The roar did not seem to stop yet.

Chen Dong was already wielding his sword and spear, whipping up waves of snow beneath his feet, rushing towards the four Heavenly Wolf dead soldiers like mountain fire and thunder.


The knife was as fast as lightning, directly crossing the neck of one of the Sky Wolf Dead Soldiers.

A human head full of dumbfounded fear had not even changed its shocked expression before it spurted blood into the sky.

The remaining three Skywolf Dead Soldiers’ torsos trembled.

The moment they regained their senses, the three of them brandished their heavy swords and battle axes in their hands and slashed directly towards Chen Dong.


At this moment, Chen Dong was extremely hostile and violent.

In the face of the three men’s attacks, he did not dodge or evade, but directly met them with a brutal and domineering stance.

The deadly wolf warrior did not fear life or death.

But Chen Dong, after his madness, did not know what life and death were!


Under the tremendous force, the sword and spear in Chen Dong’s hand instantly knocked the blades in the hands of the two Heavenly Wolf Death Soldiers away.

In an instant, with a stance as exquisite as a gazelle, his waist twisted like a python, and his back swept narrowly past the vertical chopping battle axe, then bullying his way up, he slammed his head into the chest of the Heavenly Wolf Deadly Warrior in the middle.


There was a loud bang and a scream.

The chest of the Heavenly Wolf Deadly Warrior almost exploded, and the white ribs broke off, piercing the skin and exposing it to the air.

Chen Dong, however, did not pause, as if the God of Death had descended, brazenly wielding his sword and spear, directly attacking and killing!


The other side.

On the other side, Bai Qi, who was alone to deal with the six Heavenly Wolf dead soldiers, suddenly heard the roar of the beast echoing in this part of the world, and at once his eyes shone brightly, his heart and soul lifted up.

It’s coming!

Here we go again!

Chen Dong’s Daoist heart planting demons had come at just the right time!

Having experienced it once in person, Bai Qi could not have been clearer about the earth-shaking roar.

If it was any other time, he would have been worried about Chen Dong entering a state of madness.

But in the current situation, Chen Dong’s madness was a godsend, a saviour from heaven!

If he, Chen Dong and the 500 Great Snow Dragon Riders were to face the 10,000-strong rabbit army, there might still be a possibility of tangling and killing them.

But these suddenly appearing Sky Wolf soldiers were all the top warriors of the various barbarian tribes.

With the combat power that had erupted, he and Chen Dong were able to temporarily stalemate.

However, Bai Qi knew clearly that the 500 Great Snow Dragon Riders of Commander He and his troops had already suffered an avalanche of defeat in front of the Sky Wolf Death Soldiers!

When Commander He and the others were completely wiped out.

With all the power poured onto him and Chen Dong, even if he was as arrogant as Bai Qi, he could not see the slightest chance of survival!

“Chen Dong, kill Commander Xiao!”

After forcing the Heavenly Wolf Deadly Warrior back with a single slash, Bai Qi used all his strength and let out a long whistle from the sky.

He knew that Chen Dong was in a state of madness at this moment and was simply irrational.

But at this moment, killing Commander Xiao was the most crucial thing!

In Bai Qi’s heart, he and Chen Dong could die, but Commander Xiao must die too!

“What’s going on? What the hell is going on here?”

At this moment, Commander Xiao’s face was terrified and confused, his eyes fluttering in fear as he stared at Chen Dong who was killing him in the distance.

Even they had heard the roar just now.

The overwhelming, violent and violent aura of evil was so clear that even they could feel it clearly.

“He’s just a new recruit, why would he be like this? Why is it like this?”

Commander Xiao’s heart chilled as he grabbed the middle-aged man beside him, “Did you see that? Did you see it? What the hell is going on with him?”

A series of questioning revealed his great panic at this moment.

The middle-aged man who was being questioned was also sunken to the core at this time, with an indescribable gloom in his eyes.

Chen Dong’s change had caused everyone, including him, to have a chill in their hearts.

That sinister and violent aura was like a big invisible hand, pressing across the battlefield.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s combat power was like a thunderbolt from a clear sky that struck the middle-aged man’s body.

The God of Killers had descended, a man could kill a God, a Buddha could …… kill a Buddha!

This was the only adjective the middle-aged man could find in his mind after seeing Chen Dong’s outburst.

This was because he had witnessed with his own eyes that the Sky Wolf Death Soldier that he was so proud of in his heart was killed with a single slash when he faced Chen Dong.

He also saw with his own eyes that the three remaining Heavenly Wolf Death Soldiers, in Chen Dong’s hands, could not even block a single move and were directly reaped!

Such a scene was a world away from the tangled stalemate just now.

Chen Dong, on the other hand, was even more of a judge of two.

How could a mere new recruit have such terrifying combat power?

“Kill him, kill him now!”

Without waiting for the middle-aged man’s response, Commander Xiao instead pointed fearfully at Chen Dong who was killing and reaping lives in the distance.

At this moment, in his heart, the change in Chen Dong made him feel a more terrifying threat than Bai Qi!

A roar of Chen Dong’s voice kept coming.

Like a heavy hammer, it ruthlessly smashed on top of Commander Xiao’s nerves, causing his entire being to be terrified and confused.

And it was at this moment.

The correspondent, however, approached the middle-aged man, “General, an urgent telegram from Skywolf!”

The middle-aged man’s eyes stared, and after returning to his senses, he took the satellite phone from the correspondent’s hand.

“Skywolf, Commander Xiao has been successfully picked up, but there was a change in the process, the Great Snow Dragon Riders came after me, and one of the new recruits, surprised me.”

A short and concise report.

Two seconds of silence followed.

The middle-aged man’s face changed abruptly, filled with horror, “Skywolf, are you sure?”

There was another two-second pause.

This caused Commander Xiao to sweat in anxiety.

Only this time there was a pause, and in the end the middle-aged man only responded with two words, “As ordered.”

After hanging up the phone.

Commander Xiao hurriedly asked, “How is it?”

The middle-aged man, however, frowned morosely and ignored it.

Instead, he said to the lieutenant beside him, “Pa*s the order down, everyone surround that new recruit and capture him alive at any cost ……!”