Winner Takes All Chapter 951-952

Chapter 951

A vast procession came galloping in.

The war horses’ iron hooves stamped on the street floor with a clear, crisp sound.

The majesty of the group was extraordinary.

Chen Dong and the others were the first to notice this “ma*sive” procession.

“What kind of mission is this?”

Chen Dong was somewhat puzzled.


Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao at the side were also curious.

“It looks like a team of 500 commanders, it must be a big mission.”

“It needs to send out a commander-in-chief team, in all probability, it is related to capture and hunting.”


Bai Qi, however, shook his head and laughed lightly, “This is a scouting patrol!”


Chen Dong and the three of them all looked at Bai Qi in dismay.

Bai Qi raised his finger and pointed at the team, “You guys have only been in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army for a short time, many details are still unclear, the missions and tasks are different, the look on the faces of the generals will be different, there is also the running speed of the war horses, if it was really about the capture and hunting mission, these war horses would have already trod without a trace, as fast as lightning, which would have run over so neatly. ”

“Only a safe mission like a scouting patrol would have made it possible for everyone to be so calm and have the presence of mind to organize their teams.” |

Chen Dong’s three people instantly revealed a dazed look.

The next second.

The team arrived at the West City Gate in full force.

He ordered the team to stop, and then a single man on a single horse went forward to hand over to the general in charge of the city.

During the process.

There was silence in the procession of five hundred men.

Both the men and the horses remained absolutely silent.

This alone was enough to show the military quality of the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry!

“To be able to labour five hundred scouting patrols out, the situation is not good now!”

Meng Dabiao said in a low voice to Chen Dong and the others.

Chen Dong and Zhou Yao both nodded their heads.

They had been on two scouting patrols since they had entered the Great Snow Dragon Riders, and although both of them had been extremely dangerous, in the end, it was common knowledge that five men were on a scouting patrol, whereas the number of scouting patrols from the Commander’s team was already a hundred times greater!

“Now that dark currents are surging in the snowy plains, and we are entering the season of deep winter and extreme cold, this season will also see the emergence of extreme night, the hundred tribes outside the domain are most likely to cause trouble, it is necessary to increase the size of the scouting patrol team.”

Bai Qi’s gaze was sunken, as a former leading guard, his knowledge of the Northern Domain far surpa*sed Chen Dong’s three.

At those words.

Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao nodded their heads.

Chen Dong, however, had a heavy brow and a clear understanding in his heart.

The sudden increase in the size of the scouting patrol team might have something to do with the extreme night, but the most fundamental reason was also because of the dark currents that had emerged from the Hundred Clans Order on the snowy plains nowadays, right?

“Safe journey!”

After handing over the formalities, the general in charge of stationing the city’s defence gave a military salute to Commander He.

After Commander He responded, it was time to ride across to his war horse and wave his right hand, “Depart!”

Rumble ……

The vast procession headed for the outskirts of the city.

The speed was significantly faster than when they had just arrived at the West City Gate.

And as Commander He took the lead in charging out of Zhenjiang City, his warhorse rode even further, straight up in a frenzy.

The procession behind him, too, was just like that!

“Let’s go, we’ll have to take it easy for another two days, and I guess we’ll have to go out on reconnaissance patrols along with the Commander’s team.”

Bai Qi shrugged and was about to leave with Chen Dong and the others.

But just at that moment.


Chen Dong caught a glimpse of the scouting patrol and his pupils tightened to the extreme.


With a single word, Bai Qi, Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao were instantly struck by lightning.

The three of them looked up at the city gates at the same time. At that moment, the 500-strong commander team had already swept out of the city gates and the majestic gates were slowly closing.

The one Chen Dong saw was the one who had fallen to the very back of the group.

Only when Bai Qi and his trio raised their eyes to look, they only saw a mere back!

In a flash of lightning.

With a stern look, Bai Qi shouted, “Commander Xiao!”

This shout instantly caused the generals stationed at the city gates to freeze for a moment and look sideways.

And with this shout.

The four of them clearly saw that the man who had fallen to the end of the line had clearly buried his head down a little.

This action, at this moment, was inevitably a bit of a weak-hearted gesture!

Bai Qi’s heart and soul shook.

His mind suddenly became clear.

Last time when he was on patrol, he had seen Commander Xiao leaving the city late at night with the supply convoy together with Meng Dabiao and the others.

And now, the city was being cleansed of insiders, and the timing was exceptional.

More crucially, Bai Qi was certain that the Golden Guards under Commander Xiao’s command had not been on scouting patrol duty recently!

Then ……

“Commander Xiao is the mole!”

Bai Qi dryly and decisively spat out a sentence, and in an instant, was rushing towards the West City Gate.

The three of them, Chen Dong, also changed their faces at the same time and rushed directly with Bai Qi.

As a matter of urgency, no matter if that person was Commander Xiao just now, but as long as he was suspected, he must stay first.

It was fine if it was a wrong look.

But if it was the right one, once Commander Xiao left the city and ran far away, it would be difficult to catch him again!

The position of commander was not a high position in the Great Snow Dragon Rider Army, but it could touch on some secrets of a lesser level!

When Chen Dong’s four men rushed to the city gate.

The stunned city defensive general also jolted awake and hurriedly greeted Bai Qi: “Chief Bai Wu, what’s wrong?”

There was no hint of superiority in his words.

After all, Bai Qi was once the leading guard.

Bai Qi’s face was red and he raised his hand to point at the city gates that were about to close, “Capture and bring back that scouting patrol commander team immediately, there is a mole there, disguised to follow the commander team out of the city!”


As a general, he knew exactly what was going on in Zhenjiang City.

If the mole escaped from his hands and got out of the city …… that would be no less than a great disaster!

In an instant, the partial general turned around brazenly, his face pale and terrified as he yelled, “Recall the scouting patrol commander team, come 1,000 men, go out of the city with me and chase them!”

The West City Gate, which had been calm and uneventful, suddenly exploded at this moment.

“They won’t be able to catch up!”

Amidst the chaos, Chen Dong spoke coldly and sternly to Bai Qi, then raised his hand and pointed at a military SUV not far from the city gate.

“Da Biao and Zhou Yao stay behind, Chen Dong and I will stay together!”

Bai Qi instantly understood, and directly rushed towards the military SUV with Chen Dong.

The troops defending the city were not equipped with too many war horses or military buggies at all.

Even if the general was terrified, it would be futile to gather a thousand men to chase them out of the city.

A man’s legs are no faster than a four-legged warhorse!

As for recalling the scouting patrol commander team, a proper team could come back, but if Commander Xiao really hid in the team, would he be foolish enough to follow along and come back?

Since he dared to hide in the scouting patrol commander, he naturally had already made plans for when he left the city!

In the midst of the coaxing chaos at the West City Gate.


A violent roar of the throttle engine exploded.

In full view of the crowd.

The military SUV directly drifted in a tailspin, with the tailpipe even spewing out flames visible to the naked eye, directly taking the lead and rushing out of the West City Gate, chasing towards the scouting patrol at great speed ……

Chapter 952

Outside Zhenjiang City.

The snowstorm is raging.

The shouts of the defending general and Bai Qi were concealed by the sound of the wind and snow and the wild gallop of the war horses.

So the scouting patrol led by Commander He did not notice anything unusual.

It was only with the arrival of an urgent telegram.

The whole patrol instantly exploded.

“Commander He, someone has infiltrated our team and is a mole in the army!”

The correspondent’s words instantly caused Commander He’s scalp to explode like a thunderstorm.

“Stop the march!”

He waved his whip and gave the order.

This was the main cause of the boiling pot in Zhenjiang City!

The Sovereign had personally ordered the three Golden Guards to join hands in sifting through the situation, and he had even taken the stance that he would rather kill by mistake than let go.

This is proof enough of the seriousness of this matter!

If they had let the mole infiltrate their ranks, just helping the mole leave the city would have been enough to make him lose his head on the spot!

With a bang, the marching party came to an abrupt halt on the snowy plains.


Instead of stopping, a war horse turned around with great speed and headed straight for the deep north.

This scene.

It instantly drew the attention of Commander He and the others.

“Give me chase!”

Commander He roared with fear and anger as his jaws cracked.

Rumble ……

With a call to arms, the group ran up in a vast and frenzied manner.

However, because of the pause just now, in this short period of time, the team had been separated from the journeying horsemen by a long distance.

Almost at the same time as the group was running wildly again.

In the direction of Zhenjiang City, a military chariot roared and rushed over like a fierce beast.

“Turn around, he’s exposed!”

Chen Dong, who was sitting on the pa*senger side, looked cold and stern to the extreme, narrowing his eyes as he gazed at the back of a horse running wildly across the vast snowy plains in the distance.


Bai Qi braked hard and steered, directly causing the four convoys to drift and shake off against the ground.

A big blast of throttle followed, and the military SUV hissed like a beast, directly leaving the scouting patrol commander team behind and rushing towards Commander Xiao.

“D*mn, D*mn, why did this have to happen to me?”

“Son of a B*tch, capture it back, capture it for me at all costs, and if necessary, directly kill it on the spot!”

“D*mn it, who the hell is this mole? Who the F**k did I P*ss off?”


As he led the troops in pursuit, Commander He cursed with a twisted face and a mixture of shock and anger.

The communication soldier beside him seized the pause in his cursing and reported loudly, “Commander, the mole is Commander Xiao!”


A thunderous sound.

The frightened and enraged Commander He’s tiger body shook, and in a flash, his eyes went black and he almost fell off his war horse.

After stabilising himself, Commander He’s eyes turned red: “B*****d! B*****d! Commander Xiao, you and I are comrades in arms, you dirty mole, why are you trying to harm me?”

The sound of his voice wailed and echoed across this snowy plain.

It even drowned out the sound of the wind and snow and the sound of the war horses galloping wildly.


Zhenjiang City, West City Gate.

Silence reigns, and a stern and murderous mood sweeps across half the city.

The defending general was leading his soldiers, all of them pale and terrified, kneeling on the ground.

On top of the city walls, the soldiers on guard also knelt in fear.

Only a few men stood like a great mountain.

The slaughter of half the city emanated from these men.

No, to be precise, it was the one in the middle who emanated from them.

“Sovereign, it has been ascertained, Commander Xiao has indeed disappeared.”

A Golden Guard reported back in a deep voice, his face filled with a monstrous murderous intent.

“Slow, slow after all, surprisingly, it wasn’t us who found out, but he exposed himself after running out of the city.”

Huo Zhenxiao had his hands behind his back, his body standing like a lance, his monstrous solemn killing intent forming a vast and wildly domineering aura that brutally pressed across this half of Zhenjiang City, and then laughed at himself, “This has humiliated me, Huo Zhenxiao, my face has completely fallen to the ground.”

The laugh came together.

The three great Golden Guards behind him simultaneously knelt down in fear.

“Please forgive me, Sovereign!”

“It’s just that, it’s just that.”

Huo Zhenxiao waved his hand, “Since we have already chased him out, as long as we can bring his head back and hang it on the banner at the West City Gate, all those involved today will be exonerated, if the head does not return, then ……”

At this point, Huo Zhenxiao’s voice came to an abrupt halt.

But a terrifying, bone-chilling coldness raged out from his body and shot straight to the heavens.

It even, instantly, made the heavens and earth change colour.

From the three Golden Guards down to the ordinary soldiers, they were all enveloped by this vicious chill, their hearts chilling with fear and fright!

The three Golden Guards were even more aware.

If the heads were not returned, Huo Zhenxiao’s words might mean that …… even the three Golden Guards, who were responsible for the cleansing, would be punished for their crimes!

“Who chased out?”

Huo Zhenxiao followed up by asking.

One of the gold guards was busy reporting in fear: “Bai Qi and Chen Dong, and the scouting patrol commander team that went out, the incident was sudden, or Bai Qi took the lead in calling out, at that time the team had already left the city to speed up, the defending general with people wanted to chase, but it was too late, Bai Qi and Chen Dong chased out in a military SUV.”

“The two of them?”

Huo Zhenxiao lightly raised his sword eyebrows and turned around, looking down at the three Golden Guards in front of him with a cold smile, “You should be glad that they chased them out, otherwise I wouldn’t have spared any of you, from the Golden Guards down to the ordinary soldiers guarding the city, in this punishment!”

In his words, he was obviously certain that Chen Dong and Bai Qi would be able to catch up with Commander Xiao!

As Huo Zhenxiao’s words left his mouth.

The three Golden Guards all bowed their heads in shame.

The Three Great Golden Guards were busy with their men cleaning the mole, but they had allowed the mole to quietly rush out of the city along with the scouting patrol and run away in a dignified manner.

This was also a great shame for the three Golden Guards!

Immediately afterwards, Huo Zhenxiao gave another order.

“Pa*s down the order for your three Golden Guards to carry two Golden Guard teams and go out of the city to meet Bai Qi and the others!”


With a single word, the three great Golden Guards all raised their heads in shock.

In the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, the ranking of the military ranks was strict and clear.

Unlike ordinary soldiers, the Golden Guards in the Great Snow Dragon Riders were unique, and their full power was second only to Huo Zhenxiao, and higher than that of a general.

In the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, the 300,000 men are divided into twelve units based on the twelve Golden Guards, each of which is commanded by a different ranking lord.

A general can only command ten thousand men in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, while a Golden Guard commands twenty-five thousand men.

Two Golden Guards, in other words, is …… a whole 50,000 men!

In order to hunt down an insider, three Golden Guards and 50,000 troops were directly dispatched, wasn’t this gesture …… too big?

Feeling the gaze of the three great golden guards.

Huo Zhenxiao’s expression was cold and his eyes were stern: ”What, a chance to redeem yourselves, and you still want to refute something? This kind of insider, if it reaches among the hundred tribes outside the domain, to our Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army and Zhenjiang City, although it is not considered a fatal blow, but it can definitely make us hurt our bones!”