Winner Takes All Chapter 947-948

Chapter 947

The night is thick.

Deep in the Northern Region.

In this extremely cold weather, when night falls, it is a great crisis for all the hundred tribes.

The cold is so intense that if you are not careful, you may even sleep forever in your sleep.

The tribes, large and small, are scattered across the vast, barren, cold land like stars.

But the distance between them varies, so that most of the snowfields are immersed in the night.

In the heart of the snowfields, however, there is one tribe that is different from all the others.

In the midst of the cold and blizzard.

Thirteen cities stand in the middle of the snowfields.

Each of them is lit up.

One of them, the largest, stands in the middle of the other twelve, which surround it in a circle, as if it were the moon.

The distance between the cities is only a few thousand metres.

Such a distance is not close for a human being.

But magnified to the distance between the cities, it is equivalent to a step away.

It was hard to imagine that in this extremely cold northern region, there would stand these thirteen majestic cities.

The main city in the middle of them is even as big as the town’s frontier city!

And this …… is none other than the Xiongnu Royal Court!

The most supreme tribe in the snowy plains of the North!

It is the most dominant tribe in the snowy plains of the North!

Thirteen cities, the symbols of the Xiongnu royal court!

Unlike most tribes, after all, most tribes have little protection in the snowy plains in the form of cities, and more often gather in groups and surround themselves with wooden fences, crossing the border where their cities are located.

Of course, this does not mean that these tribes are weak.

It is entirely due to the conditions of the snowy northern plains.

The extreme cold, while representing a crisis, also means that resources are scarce.

So these tribes can only migrate above the snowy plains in order to obtain resources.

Sometimes they even cross their own borders and go to war with other tribes in order to plunder resources.

The law of survival of the animal kingdom, the law of survival of the weak and the strong, is always evident in the cold snowfields of the North.

The Xiongnu royal court, on the other hand, occupied the most extensive territory with absolute power and a huge amount of resources.

This also created the basic conditions for them, to be able to forge cities and use them as a shelter!

It was already late at night.

But in the thirteen cities, there was still a great deal of noise and colour.

Being powerful also meant that the people of the Hun tribes had more comfort.

And in the middle of the main city.

Inside the royal residence.

A wide, fragrant boudoir at this time.

An exotic fragrance, precisely made from ingredients originating from the depths of the snowy plains, fills this room.

The colours of pink, red and purple, together with the unique decoration of the Snowy Huns’ royal court, do not make the room stand out, but rather every inch of it is charming.

In the centre of the room, a fire pit burns with a bonfire, releasing heat and making the room as warm as spring.

As the fire burns in the bowl, a crackling sound echoes through the room.

And on top of the wide bed, the bed quilt, woven of snow bear fur and white fox fur, is plush and gives a different kind of allure.

The whole room’s decoration, even the strange fragrance in the air, gives an extremely seductive feeling.

On top of the plush bed, there was a jade body on the floor.

A beautiful woman was lazily lying on the bed, wrapped in a thin white fox robe, which was thin but warm.

With one hand propped up on her head and one hand holding her mobile phone, the woman’s lazy posture caused the robe to slip off above her fragrant shoulders, exposing a large area of snow-white, crystal clear skin.

Beneath the robe, a pair of long, slender white legs were exposed, as if they were carved out of solid jade, a rare thing in the world.

The robe only covers her thighs, but underneath, all the way down to her feet, she is an absolute work of art.

And the woman’s face is even more stunning!

It was a unique and exotic look, with exquisite white features, even the pores did not exist, in the firelight glowing red, red lips like blood, crystal clear, between the eyebrows, a smile, all highlighting the endless charm.

Even if the deep, black jewel-like eyes are staring at the mobile phone video at this time, even the brow is slightly wrinkled.

The obvious look of anger, but still exudes endless charm.

Such a woman is unparalleled!

If she were to be put on the outside world, she would be enough to make all the men in the world fall under her skirt, willing to die under the peony flower and become a ghost.

Knock, knock, knock!

There was a knock at the door.

A thick man’s voice rang out immediately afterwards.

“Demon Lady, can father come in?”

“Come in, Father.”

The woman returned to her senses, straightened her attire slightly and, like a lazy little fox, slowly slipped under the covers.

The door opened.

A middle-aged man in animal robes and a stout figure walked in.

The man was about fifty years old, as sturdy as an iron pagoda, and his eyebrows were even more majestic, oozing a blood-killing dominance.

When he saw the woman, the man’s gaze changed slightly.

“Father, I am your daughter. ,”

The demon lady gave a scornful glance.

The man’s gaze flickered and he hurriedly moved his gaze aside, smiling awkwardly, “Heavenly Wolf is above, it is I who have sinned!”

With that, he asked, “It’s so late, aren’t you still sleeping?”

The demon lady nodded, “Well nah, as the daughter of the Hun King, how can my daughter sleep when the Hun King is still awake?”

“Rest early, later your mother will blame me again.”

The man looked a little complicated and settled into the animal skin wrapped chair to the side before asking, “How is the matter of the Hundred Clans Order progressing now?”

He was the king of the Hun court!

The true Lord of the Huns!

But the scene in front of him seemed a little bizarre.

If word got out, it could even shock people’s jaws off.

The king of the Xiongnu court, an existence that looked askance at the hundred tribes of the snowy plains, was …… questioning his own daughter?

“It’s in the process of advancing.”

The demon lady gently stroked her black hair behind her ear, “Father, don’t be in a hurry, this time our Xiongnu royal court has put down its stature, who from the hundred tribes won’t come attached?”

The man smiled a little awkwardly and shook his head helplessly, “It’s my father who is old and rigid in his thinking, far inferior to his own daughter, now the outside world can call you the Heavenly Wolf of the Hundred Clans, just like the great Heavenly Wolf, bound to lead the wolf pack to hunt for the most delicious food!”

The demon lady, however, smiled wanly, a smile that captivated and charmed the world.

“This is not thanks to father’s good teaching, my daughter is not a heavenly wolf, father is the king of the Xiongnu court, father is the real heavenly wolf!”

With one word, the complication on the man’s face disappeared a little and he smiled.

Followed closely.

The demon lady, however, grasped the phone in her slender jade hand and slowly lifted it up.

Her blood-dripping red lips slowly flicked open and turned upwards slightly with a seductive smile, “But father, I seem to have preyed on a strong man.”

Chapter 948


The man froze for a moment and looked back at the phone in the demon lady’s hand.

On the phone was a video.

And in the video, it was clearly the image that Timur had captured of Chen Dong killing and destroying the mercenaries before he died.

Even if the man was the king of the Hun kingdom, the moment he saw this video, he could not help but raise his eyebrows and a look of shock and horror appeared in his eyes.

In the image, Chen Dong was holding a Dragon Rider war sword as he rampaged through the mercenaries.

He was clearly alone, yet he was sweeping through everyone with the stance of a demonic god!

“Heavenly Wolf is above, this is a warrior with a hundred enemies!”

The Hun King exclaimed, while giving a thumbs up.

Among the Hundred Tribes of the Snowy Plains, the law of the weak and the strong has always been believed in, even by the Xiongnu royal court.

It was also because of this law that the hundred tribes revered force and had a natural respect for the strongest from their bones.

Even though Chen Dong was clearly dressed in the armour of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army in the video, it did not deter the Hun King in any way from exclaiming in admiration when he saw the video.

“He’s not a warrior.”

The demon lady retrieved her phone, her brows lowered and she smiled charmingly, “A man this strong is my demon lady’s man.”

While smiling charmingly, she even stretched out her small crimson tongue and gently licked her dripping blood lips, while her gaze was looking at the mobile phone video with an infatuated look.

“Demon Lady, he’s from the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!”

The Hun King froze for a moment and warned.

“Father, of course the demon maiden knows that, this man is kind of an unexpected pleasure.”

The demon lady stared at the phone video obsessively, but said slowly, “Didn’t I plan to find a termite in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army within Zhenjiang City? I sent Timur to look for it, and the termite was found, but what the termite demanded was to kill the former leader of the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, Bai Qi, before he would return in good faith.”

“Kill Bai Qi?”

The Hun king’s tiger body shook and his expression steeped in horror, “Are you crazy? Although Bai Qi was taken away from the status of Leading Guard by Huo Zhenxiao, he is still the strength of the Leading Guard, how can such a strong man be killed just like that?”

“That’s why Timur spared no expense in gathering five hundred mercenaries, trying to surround and kill with a sea of men ah.”

The demon lady shrugged her shoulders, “Bai Qi was the commander of a five-man army of new recruits. He was out on a scouting patrol with four new recruits and was surrounded by five hundred mercenaries led by Timur, this is the video Timur took back, this strong man is still just a new recruit in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.”

“A new recruit?”

The Hun frowned slightly, reacting somewhat.

The demon lady put the phone down and gently pulled the robe that had slipped off her shoulders up over her shoulders.

Then only then did he say with an infatuated gaze, “Father, the new recruit has only been in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army for a short time, his loyalty is very low, such a strong man, if Demon Lady can make him fall on this boudoir bed, in the future when the Hundred Clans swing their whips south and stampede on Zhenjiang City, this man who is as strong as a tiger and wolf will definitely be able to become our sharpest Heavenly Wolf Sword! ”

“Demon Lady ……”

The Hun King’s voice suddenly lowered, “Are you serious?”

The demon lady froze for a moment, the flirtatious look on her face suddenly vanishing into thin air, replaced by a wave of innocence and a determined gaze.

“Of course I’m serious, Father! I swear on Sirius!”

“No, no, no, yes, it’s you ……”

The Hun’s eyes fluttered a little and he said impatiently, “Father means, do you remember the rules of the Hun’s court?”


The demon lady nodded, “The bloodline of the Hun royal court does not make peace with foreign clans, and can only be married to the strongest man in the clan!”

“Yes, that’s what Father was referring to.”

The Hun king nodded fiercely, “This is a rule that has been in our royal court for thousands of years and is the key reason why we are so different from the rest of the barbarians, those barbarians make peace with each other, this rule of my royal court is the key to maintaining our status as a royal court!”


The Demon Lady looked at the Hun King in disbelief, “For thousands of years, our Hun royal court has been following this ancestral rule, but what has happened? The hundreds of tribes on the snowy plains have fought their own battles, how many tribes can truly respect us as the royal court? As time pa*ses, how many tribes that respected us as a royal court have left?”

“This ……”

The Hun king’s face turned red, and his hands clenched into fists, trembling vaguely.

If it were anyone else who said such words, he would have already ordered him to go to Sirius.

But it was his daughter who had said those words, and now the Heavenly Wolf of the Hundred Clans!

Every word was like a knife, plunging straight into his heart, but it was also an irrefutable truth!

“After all these years, the King’s Court is nothing more than our Xiongnu clan deceiving itself and others; the so-called King’s Court is nothing more than the last stubbornness of the Xiongnu.”

The demon lady did not stop, her voice was low and she spoke directly the words that were most unbearable to the Hun king.

There was a poof!

The Hun King’s body swayed and he sat down directly on the chair.

His expression was dazed, his gaze hollow, his face red, unspeakably ugly at the moment, while the corners of his mouth were pulled up in a despondent and helpless smile.

“When the ancestral training is not enough to cope with the existing circumstances, we should perhaps think about it and abandon it.”

The demon lady’s gaze burned, “Just like this time we in the Hun royal court are willing to put our foot down and participate in the Hundred Clans Order!”

“Demon Lady, you must not disgrace the ancestral tradition.”

The King of Xiongnu admonished in a deep voice, but looked at Demon Lady as if he was holding on to a last glimmer of hope: “There are many good men in my Xiongnu royal court, and countless warriors, you have never looked at them, even this time you have traveled to all the clans for the Hundred Clans Order, there is no one who has touched your heart, why do you have a desire for this man?”

“Father thinks that many people are worthy of the Demon Lady, but the Demon Lady thinks that all the people in this hundred clans are mediocre!”

A brutal look appeared on her beautiful face, “My Demon Lady’s man will be the most powerful man in the world.

Without waiting for the Hun King to respond.

A flirtatious smile then appeared on the demon lady’s face once again.

“Huo Zhenxiao is our enemy, but this new recruit, if Demon Lady can take him into her arms and become Father’s son-in-law, when he goes south in the future, with his strength, he will definitely be able to take on Huo Zhenxiao with a little training!”

“Father, you know that the Hundred Tribes fear Zhenjiang City, the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders are secondary, what they really fear is …… Huo Zhenxiao!”

As she spoke, the demon lady put away her languor and sat up straight.

Her small crimson tongue gently licked her blood-dripping red lips as she said with a bewildered gaze, “And now, with such a dragon son-in-law, fighting with Huo Zhenxiao, once we trample Zhenjiang City, our Hundred Clans will go south, with a dragon son-in-law comparable to Huo Zhenxiao backing us up, why would Father worry about not being able to collect the Hundred Clans’ loyalty and subservience to the Royal Court?”


A speech, word for word, went straight to the heart of the Hun King.

When the last words were spoken, there was no longer any hesitation or despair on the King’s red face, but rather a strong sense of determination.

“If that is the case, such a dragon son-in-law indeed needs to be personally recruited by you, Demon Lady.”