Winner Takes All Chapter 941-942

Chapter 941

A magnetic, cold and stern voice.

At this moment, however, it fell clearly into everyone’s ears amidst the howling wind and snow.

It was like a holy voice descending from the nine heavens.

It was overwhelming and unresisting!

Under the attention of all the people.

As the sound echoed.

Amidst the splashing snow, a figure gradually became clear.

It was clearly a figure, but as it became clearer, it seemed to everyone in the Walla tribe as if a mountain was being pulled up from the ground and a tarzan was moving across!

The trembling that came from the depths of their souls, even for the general of the Walla tribe’s 10,000-strong team, their hearts were beating wildly at this moment, and even their clenched fists were trembling vaguely.

Huo Zhenxiao was dressed in military attire.

As he marched forward, he walked at ease, not moving too fast or too slow.

His expression was calm and unruffled.

Only the usual coldness of the man was superior to the fierce snowstorm on the snowy plains.

Even a look, a twinkle of the eyebrows.

At this very moment, it was a great majesty!

“Greetings, Sovereign!”

Upon seeing Huo Zhenxiao, Bai Qi, Zhou Yao and Meng Dabiao all knelt on the ground.

The voices of the three of them echoed across this part of the world, but they were superior to the 10,000-strong formation of the Walla tribe.

Huo Zhenxiao did not pay any attention to the three of them.

He put his hands behind his back.

Slowly, he walked towards the 10,000-strong formation of the Walla tribe.

The domineering look on his brow was as if the world was at his beck and call at this moment.

Even if it’s the 10,000 people of the Walla tribe, a huge sea of people, in his eyes, it’s like nothing!

Who would have thought that …… could silence thousands of people by himself?

Who would have thought that …… one man could silence thousands?

At this moment.

The 10,000 men of the Walla tribe were all scared to death, and some of the soldiers were even shivering in silence.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

The overwhelming and overwhelming pressure was like a great mountain in the sky, which was pressing down on the heads of the soldiers of the Walla tribe.

“General, General …… how, what should we do?”

On the tank, one of the partial generals warily glanced back at the silver spear of the transformed dragon in the centre of the battlefield: “Already, already the silver spear has fixed, fixed the frontier!”

At these words.

The middle-aged general’s eyes shone brightly, and his eyes narrowed to slits at once.

His chest was raging with anger.

But at this moment, he froze with trembling fists and clenched his teeth, holding it all back in his stomach.

The silver spear defines the frontier!

It was a rule of the Northern Region!

It was a rule specifically for Huo Zhenxiao!

Wherever Huo Zhenxiao went, no one dared to call himself king, and wherever the silver spear was placed, that was the border of the Northern Region!

This rule, which was almost absurd, had been established by Huo Zhenxiao’s thundering wrist and the iron hoof of the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders, which had trampled on the hundred tribes, causing the hundred tribes to form this rule by default!

Once it was denied, it meant that the clan had engaged in an invasion and siege war with Huo Zhenxiao and the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army.

A small silver spear, once the frontier is set, represents …… Zhenjiang City and the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riding Army!

The next second.

Huo Zhenxiao, who was striding towards the 10,000-strong team, slowly raised his right hand and pointed at the silver spear of the Dragon Transformation in the centre of the battlefield.

“Now, I’ll go over and fetch the spear, whether I let you all live or I kill your entire army, you …… choose yourselves!”


Undisguised dominance!

Like a god and goddess, he looked down upon all beings.

He regarded the 10,000-strong Waratah clan as mere ants, and could easily kill them with the lift of his hand!

This voice fell on the ears of everyone.

Even Bai Qi and Zhou Yao, who were far away from each other, could hear it clearly.

“This …… this ……”

Zhou Yao’s entire body was dumbfounded, the Huo Zhenxiao in his eyes at this moment was like a ten thousand feet lofty mountain, unreachable!

“This is …… the military soul of our Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, our …… glory!”

Bai Qi’s fists clenched, his eyes shining with essence, his fists even clenched and trembling.

The reason why Huo Zhenxiao can become the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry Army’s military soul is from the scene in front of him!

A domineering look out of the corner of his eye!

With such a God of War, the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Cavalry had the guts to sweep away everything and stampede the Northern Region!

If it were anyone else, even if the middle-aged general of the Warat tribe had not given the order, the soldiers of the 10,000-strong army would have already rushed up and killed them completely.

But the words came out of Huo Zhenxiao’s mouth!

When it fell on everyone’s ears, not only did they not feel rampant and ridiculous, but they all felt that it was reasonable.

Because everyone at …… knew that Huo Zhenxiao had the strength to do so!

There had been tribes that didn’t believe in it and had paid the price – a city!

“General, the frontier is set, please make a quick decision!”

At this moment, both paramilitary generals were anxious, looking at the middle-aged general with fear and nervousness.

“This is a disgrace ……”

The anger in the middle-aged general’s eyes seemed as if it was about to spurt out.

One of the paramilitary generals was busy trying to console him, “Who among the hundred tribes has not had such a disgrace, except for the king’s court, the Xiongnu? If everyone is disgraced, then it is not disgraceful!”

“You ……”

The general’s tiger eyes glared at the partial general angrily.

The next second.

With a fierce clench of his teeth, he flung his right sleeve robe and bellowed an order, “The whole army …… retreats!”


Four simple words, but like a thunderstorm, exploded in the ears of Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao.

Both of them had not been recruits for long, and experiencing the scene in front of them was like a bolt from the blue.

As they looked at the 10,000-strong retreat of the Walla tribe, both Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao were in a trance, feeling as if they were dreaming.

“One man shaking back 10,000 people, I’m afraid only Lord Huo in this world, right?”

Meng Dabiao was in a trance, but his body was trembling uncontrollably as he murmured softly, “The Sovereign is mighty!”

On the other side.

Zhou Yao muttered, “Chief Bai Wu, I, I seem to be dreaming.”

“It’s not a dream, it’s reality!”

Bai Qi was red-faced and smug.

And as the 10,000-strong retreat of the Walla tribe, which resembled a black torrent, swept away towards the depths of the Northern Domain.

Huo Zhenxiao also stopped abruptly, standing calmly with his arms folded, looking grimly at the 10,000-strong force as it disappeared into the snow and wind.

The wind howled.

The snow was flying.

It whitened Huo Chenxiao’s military uniform, and blew his uniform to a rustle, with a few strands of hair flicking on top of his head.

From the beginning to the end, Huo Zhenxiao was calm and unusual.

It was as if everything that had just happened was just a flip of the hand.

The battlefield, which had originally been filled with killing and fighting, was left with only a bloodied Chen Dong standing on the spot, along with the red and caked corpses all over the ground, as the Walla tribe retreated by the tens of thousands.

Huo Zhenxiao’s gaze fell on Chen Dong.

That face, which had never changed even when he had drunk back 10,000 people, …… finally changed at this time.

His sword brows were slightly knitted, and there was surprise and worry in his eyes.

“Dao heart seeding demons?”

A low voice, hidden in the wind and snow.

With that.

Huo Zhenxiao, with his hands in his hands, strolled idly towards Chen Dong.

This scene.

It caused Bai Qi, Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao, who had just relaxed, to all have their hearts beat wildly and their faces changed greatly.

Meng Dabiao, who was closest, even directly warned at this moment, “Sovereign, something is wrong with Brother Dong! He ……”

Only when Meng Dabiao finished speaking.

Huo Zhenxiao, however, responded with a bellow, “In the Northern Domain, no one can call themselves king before me! Whether it’s a demon god or a demon, they all have to kneel down!”

Chapter 942

A low voice, overbearing and overwhelming.

Although the tone is calm, but the arrogance revealed in the words, just like above all the beings.

But …… he, Huo Zhenxiao, had the qualification!

“Ho ……”

Chen Dong’s blood-stained body was slightly bowed at this moment, his red-blooded eyes were like ferocious beasts, staring deadly at Huo Zhenxiao who was walking across the street, but the evil and wicked smile on his face gradually tightened up and became cold and sinister.

He was in a state of madness, losing his mind in exchange for a huge surge in battle power, but that did not mean he had lost all his senses.

Facing Huo Zhenxiao, who was walking slowly, Chen Dong felt a sense of scorn from deep in his blood.

This is somewhat similar to the natural world, where the weak eat the strong among animals.

When a lamb meets a cheetah, it may tremble and flee, but if a tiger roars in the mountains, the lamb will tremble in place in fear.

And when a cheetah faces a tiger, it is not too scared, but it is definitely not as calm and relaxed as when it faces a lamb.


Facing the sound from Chen Dong’s mouth, Huo Zhenxiao raised his sword eyebrows, and in a flash, his gaze was as stern as a sword, piercing straight at Chen Dong.

Sensing Huo Zhenxiao’s gaze.

The red blood colour in Chen Dong’s eyes flickered for a moment, and then …… took a step back!


This simple step back fell into the eyes of Bai Qi, Zhou Yao and Meng Dabiao who had hurriedly arrived, but it was like a thunderbolt in a clear sky.

“Brother Dong …… has retreated?!”

Meng Dabiao’s face was full of disbelief.

He had to know that just now, no matter whether Chen Dong was facing the mercenary corps or the 10,000-strong team of the Warrat tribe, he had a ferocious aura of killing God and Buddha in the way.

The only step backwards was now facing Huo Zhenxiao’s …… one look!

“Juggernaut and Dong, if they go to war, will they be able to subdue Dong?”

Zhou Yao asked a very crucial question.

Chen Dong’s change was too bizarre.

The surge in battle power was also evident for all to see.

Now that the crisis had been lifted, the most crucial question left …… was how to get Chen Dong back to his previous normal state!

And the most difficult step is to be able to subdue Chen Dong!

Bai Qi’s gaze flickered as he looked intently at Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao, his lips mumbling for a moment, but in the end he did not respond to Zhou Yao’s question.

Because even he himself was not sure.

He did not know the upper limit of Huo Zhenxiao’s peak battle power.

And Chen Dong had also, in this sudden change, directly refreshed even his perception of Chen Dong’s battle prowess!

When he fought Chen Dong just now, even though he had already restrained his carelessness and raised Chen Dong’s battle power ceiling several levels in his mind, when he really fought with Chen Dong, the kind of furious attacks that were like a monstrous tsunami wave after wave still made it difficult for him to cope.

Judging a fight between two people who couldn’t probe the upper limit in his mind, he couldn’t judge!

“Ho ho ……”

After Chen Dong took a step back, the red blood colour in his eyes flickered fiercely twice, and then a low, beast-like threatening sound once again came out of his mouth.


“I’ll take the gun!”

Huo Zhenxiao’s hands, which were behind his back, naturally dropped to his sides, and his eyebrows sunken, with a clear hint of seriousness, as he continued to walk towards Chen Dong.

This moment.

It was as if the wind and snow had all disappeared without a trace.

In the eyes of Bai Qi, Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao, only Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao remained.

Invariably, an indescribable tension lingered between the three.

It was as if the invisible hand was choking their throats and clogging their chests fiercely.

Even if they were just watching from the sidelines, under this extremely cold and frigid environment, fine beads of sweat quietly seeped out from above the foreheads of the three.

Squeak …… squeak ……

The closer you get to Chen Dong, the slower your steps will be, as if you are testing, and as if you are afraid.

Chen Dong, with his right hand holding the Dragon Rider Battle Sword, kept clenching it as Huo Zhenxiao approached, making a slight sound.

His blood-stained face was cold and sinister to the extreme, and the red blood-coloured light in his eyes was bright and dark.

Between the two, although they were not yet close, they had already taken the lead in a battle in terms of aura.

Such a contest also caused the three Bai Qi to feel even more uncomfortable.

It was like a mane on their backs, hocking their bones into their marrow!

Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao’s bodies were even shaking a little at the moment under the oppression of this aura clash.

Bai Qi frowned and gruffly held Zhou Yao with one hand and Meng Dabiao with the other, “Back off, you can’t get too close.”

The voice was gruff, as if it came from squeezing his throat with all his might.

When the three of them withdrew twenty meters away, the tremendous pressure of the great mountain overhead, which only weakened a little.

“Hoo …… so there are really martial artists in this world who can even engage in a contest of qi?”

Meng Dabiao raised his hand and wiped a handful of sweat from his forehead, “I D*mn well thought that martial artists only sparred with each other in terms of fist and footwork!”

“Soldiers kill, isn’t that what you have to fight on the battlefield too?”

Bai Qi gave Meng Dabiao a sidelong glance and explained in a deep voice, “One through and through, qi battles can occur in many places, only now the qi battles between the Juggernaut and Chen Dong are no longer something you can withstand.”

He exhaled heavily, then said in a deep voice, “Chen Dong’s aura is as insidious as a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood, while the Sovereign’s aura is as overbearing as a terrifying prison, the firmament overturning, both of them are as vast as they can be, although I can withstand it, I cannot judge the level for a while!”


The words had not yet ended.


Chen Dong, who had been on guard, suddenly leaned up to the sky and roared like a beast’s roar.

The roar was deafening, even louder than the sound that had just shaken back the herd of horses.

So much so that the moment the sound rang out in the sky.

Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao both revealed a look of pain.

In a flash of lightning.


Chen Dong gripped his Dragon Rider Battle Sword in his hand, cloaked in snow, and charged straight towards Huo Zhenxiao in a single bound.

At the same time.

Huo Zhenxiao also stomped on the ground with his right foot, like an arrow on a string, not dodging, directly rushing towards Chen Dong.

This scene seemed to be played in slow motion.

The wind and snow swept.

The astral wind howled.

Bai Qi, Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao were instantly stiff and tense, apprehensive and frightened, but at the same time, a sense of inexplicable anticipation arose.

A new recruit versus a master, who was stronger or weaker?

If such a contest were to take place in Zhenjiang City, it would definitely spark the curiosity of the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders!

The moment Chen Dong and Huo Zhenxiao rushed face-to-face to get closer.


The Dragon Rider Battle Sword in Chen Dong’s hand brazenly brought up a large curtain of snow and slashed down directly towards Huo Zhenxiao’s head.

This slash was as powerful as a thousand pounds and unparalleled in its dominance!


However, Huo Zhenxiao’s strike followed in a flash, causing Bai Qi, Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao, who had been waiting for it, to panic and panic, as if they had been struck by lightning.

The three of them even exclaimed in unison.

“How is this …… possible?”