Winner Takes All Chapter 937-938

Chapter 937

The wind and snow are silent.

The roar of horses stomping on the ground echoed in the sky and earth.

At this moment, Chen Dong seemed to be the focus of this side of the world.

His body was bathed in blood, his armour was frosted with blood, and the Dragon Rider’s battle sword held high in his hand was piercingly crimson.

He was like a god of killing, fearless and unstoppable.

Facing the black torrent of the barbarians that stretched across the line and could not be seen, they did not pause for a moment.


A hegemony that ignored the disparity in numbers.

This made the 10,000 troops of the barbarians hiding in the snowy waves tremble in their hearts and minds.

“D*mn, this man in armour and blood is just a new soldier in the Great Snow Dragon Cavalry, with no merit and little soldier armour, where did he …… get the courage?”

“Before the iron hooves of 10,000 people, he is an ant, my god, this guy must be a madman who wants to die, he must be completely trampled into mush!”

“The purpose of this trip, to hang Bai Qi, never expected that there would actually be such a new recruit madman, all together to take the lead in hanging him!”


After a moment of shock, all the majestic soldiers of the Yi tribe calmed down.

The difference between 10,000 men and one man, it was a heavenly rift, a chasm!

In other words, it’s a mantis that doesn’t measure up to its strength!

No matter how strong you are, there is only one man!

In the face of a force of 10,000 men, they are mere ants to be crushed into mud!

And yet.


With a roar from the sky, Chen Dong roared.

The sound shook the heavens and the earth.

It shook the hearts of the people.

At this roar, the horses of the 10,000-strong cavalry group of the Yi tribe all moved with a startled hiss.

Some of the horses simply stopped, some bent their front hooves and fell to their knees, others stumbled and fell to the ground.

Everyone was caught off guard.

In a panic of shock and panic, in a flash …… people were on their backs!

The snow waves rolled.

At the roar of the 10,000-strong rabble, a large gap appeared in the line, out of place with the advancing ranks around them!


The sudden change was like a bolt from the blue, striking everyone’s body.

The 10,000 men of the Ebony tribe were all frozen in a state of indescribable shock and panic.

A roar shook the war horses to the ground.

Is this …… really something that people can do?

How much fear did this roar inflict on these horses?

In shock and panic, the entire rabble of 10,000 people could not help but slow down their onslaught.

It wasn’t just the 10,000-strong rabble that was in a state of panic and shock.

Even Bai Qi, Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao were all frozen in fear.

They had seen the image of Chen Dong’s roar before, shaking the war horses to their knees in fear and sending them reeling.

But the image they had just seen was not of the same magnitude as what was happening in front of them.

The visual impact and shock caused by the scene was even more incomparable!

As the number of people skyrocketed, so did the shock, geometrically!

The roar of a single roar was a complete suppression of all the war horses!

“Dong, Brother Dong …… is charging past!”

Meng Dabiao’s face was pale to the extreme, and at this moment, his eyes instantly became drifting again after a stare, as if he was dreaming an incomparably strong sense of unreality.

Bai Qi and Zhou Yao also woke up at the same time.

The vast column of 10,000 rabbits was slowed down by Chen Dong’s roar, which caused the cavalry to tumble.

However, it did not come to a complete stop.

It was only when the crowd was all in shock.

Chen Dong, who had come alone, was like an evil ghost from the Nine Hells, rushing into the 10,000-strong line with an endlessly domineering and rampant gesture.

The moment he entered the line, the bloodied Chen Dong leapt up in the air.

With the force of his forward rush, he leapt onto the front of a military SUV, and the Dragon Rider’s sword in his hand was like a python dragon in the air, slashing directly onto the top of the military SUV.


A huge sound, sparks.

The top of the military SUV instantly seemed to be hit by a boulder, completely dented, and inside the vehicle, there was also a miserable scream.

With the scream, the military SUV lost its direction in the snow, skidding and tailing off.

But Chen Dong, like an ape, stomped on the roof of the vehicle and jumped across to another military SUV next to it.


A loud bang, sparks.

The same thing, the same way!

The two front-most military SUVs went out of control, causing a chain reaction.

The 10,000-strong rabbit squad had not the slightest care in the world when faced with a five-man squad of the Great Snow Dragon Riders.

Even if the target of their hunt, Bai Qi, was the leader of a five-man army!

But such a heavenly difference in the sea of suppressed men would be enough to easily drown Bai Qi.

So when the rush march was on, the intervals between the ranks were not at all spaced according to a strictly wartime state.

As the two military SUVs went out of control, the convoy of military SUVs that had been caught off guard in the rear crashed into each other, skidded, and continued to crash, amidst the roar of explosions that littered the ground and billowed smoke.

Chen Dong, however, did not stop.

Like a fierce beast, he moved straight across the line of cavalry that had initially fallen on their backs but had followed them.

Just as he landed in front of the cavalry squad, the barbarian infantry squad also came from the other three directions, forming a closed circle with the cavalry who had lost their horses, completely encircling Chen Dong.

“Kill! ~”

The shouts of killing shook the heavens.

“Kill him, kill him!”

“D*mn, an ant dares to shake the 10,000 men of my Walla tribe, it’s a disgrace!”

“Chop him up! He must be chopped to pieces!”


The dense crowd was filled with angry roars, like a tidal wave, deafening.


In the face of the soldiers of the Warat tribe, Chen Dong’s sinewy face was covered with veins and veins, and his evil smile grew thicker and thicker, and his red-blooded eyes were glowing with blood, seemingly …… excited.

Boom, boom, boom ……


It was like facing the mercenaries’ strangling before.

In an instant, blood and flesh splashed out in all directions with Chen Dong as the centre, splashing into the air.

Screams of misery and woe were heard everywhere.

But Chen Dong did not stop where he was, instead, he waved his Dragon Rider Sabre as if he was entering a herd of sheep, weaving through the crowd with supreme domineering power, displaying a terrifying scene of devastation and destruction!

In the distance.

Bai Qi, Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao had long since lost sight of Chen Dong, who was surrounded and engulfed by the 10,000-strong rabble.

At this moment, the three were as if they were bystanders.

The attention of the 10,000-strong rabbit squad was not on them at all, but on Chen Dong alone!

Even if they could not see it.

But the deafening screams and wails coming from the 10,000-strong rabbit squad also made Bai Qi and the others tremble in fear.

The same scene.

They had just seen it.

Only now …… the feeling of trepidation was even stronger!

This is the 10,000 man squad of the Walla tribe!

Whether it was the identity of the professional rongwu or the number of mercenaries that far exceeded five hundred, it was a cloud of difference.

Meng Dabiao’s entire body was dumbfounded and murmured softly, “What the hell is wrong with Brother Dong? A moment ago, a man was chasing after five hundred mercenaries to kill them, and now in the blink of an eye, a man wants to kill a 10,000 man squad of the Warlord tribe?”

Chapter 938

Blood and flesh were flying.

The sound of shouting and killing shook the sky.

The originally vast, 10,000-strong band of barbarians was, at this moment, a chaotic mess.

The tide of people was surging and swords were shining.

There were screams and wails of misery and tragedy all over the place.

Along with the deafening screams, blood gushed out from the crowd, and soldiers of the Warat tribe fell to the ground.

The mad Chen Dong, wielding his Dragon Rider, weaved through the crowd with abandon, destroying them like a bolt from the blue.

In his hand, the Dragon Rider’s sabre was like a scythe of death, reaping the lives of the soldiers of the Warlord tribe all around him.

Although they were a team of ten thousand men.

But when they faced Chen Dong alone, only a dozen or so of them could surround and kill him at the same time.

Even the crossbows and lances were defended by Chen Dong’s Dragon Riding Sword.

Not to mention the fact that Chen Dong was like an evil spirit, weaving quickly through the crowd and always staying close to the soldiers of the Warlord tribe.

This made it impossible to use many of his tactics.

If he did so, he would be caught between friend and foe, and all would fall!

The only way to fight is in close quarters!

But after Chen Dong’s madness, with his previous murderous thoughts building up against the mercenary regiment, at this moment, even Wei Bai Qi, the former leader of the 300,000-strong Great Snow Dragon Riding Army, was still in danger when faced, and was forced to resist and wait for death.

Such a terrifying battle power, when facing a group of ordinary Warlord soldiers with a Dragon Rider battle sword, was undoubtedly chopping up a melon and slicing vegetables.

“Madness, madness! What the hell is wrong with this world? He’s just a new recruit to the Great Snow Dragon Riders!”

“Kill him, all of you, surround him and kill him, he’s just a new recruit, he’s not the God of War Huo Zhenxiao, are you all F**king women for cowering in fear?”

“D*mn it! D*mn it! When did the new recruits in the Great Snow Dragon Riding Army become so brave and murderous?”


A loud roar echoed through the 10,000-strong Wara clan.

All of them came from the lords of the 10,000-strong army.

There were centurions, commanders and captains ……

In the eyes of everyone, Chen Dong, who had entered the 10,000-strong army alone, was like a demon that had emerged from the depths of the Nine Underworlds and had to be dealt with severely and killed first!

The battlefield was in chaos.

Blood and flesh were flying, and the battlefield was incomparably tragic.

Compared to the chaos in the centre of the battlefield where Chen Dong was.

The corner of the Walla tribe was as calm as dead water.

This was a heavy formation led by three tanks and dozens of armoured vehicles, which was also the most powerful in defence and attack.

However, due to the killing at this moment, this square could not be of the slightest use.

On one tank, a few figures stood tall and silent.

Compared to the chaos in the centre of the battlefield, they were as cold as the wind and snow flying down from the poor of the sky.

But as Chen Dong rampaged through the crowd, the frowns of these men gradually deepened.

And this total of three men stood, even in the narrow space above the tank, seemed distinct.

One man was half a step ahead, the remaining two behind, clearly honoured by the foremost one.

“General, this son is as demonic as a ghost god, this kind of combat power is simply not something one can possess!”

One of them exclaimed.

Another man followed closely with his fist and entered: “General, when it is broken, it will suffer, this fierce new recruit, even new recruits can be so dominant and overwhelming, the extent of its scourge is greater than Bai Qi, we should cut it off quickly and kill it in this barren snowy plain today!”

“Heh …… I do think he has a bit of the style of Huo Zhenxiao, the god of war.”

The most front is a fifty-year-old middle-aged man, face covered with frost, wearing a towering thick animal skin hat, revealing some white hair at the temples, at this time, but the words are through a few light laugh: “you two as this mission, my accompanying paramilitary, your words, I will take, but now, the key is to use what method to kill him! ”

As he spoke, the middle-aged man’s smile disappeared and his brows gradually knitted together into a “Chuan”, his expression grave to the extreme.

He raised his hand and pointed to the battle circle where Chen Dong was, “To sweep away 10,000 people with the strength of one man is a demonic gesture, but this son is fitting in with our men and slaughtering them wantonly, none of our men can stop him with a single move, how can this …… be killed?”

A ruthless look steeply appeared in the eyes of the partial general who suggested killing Chen Dong.

He lightly lifted his right foot and landed, stamping the tank under his foot with a sound.

Then he said coldly, “Expend a dozen lives, surround them to death, and use the tank cannon to blast them directly!”

“This ……”

Another partial general’s face changed greatly and hurriedly said, “I’m afraid this move will hardly stabilize the army and will shake it!”

“Then we will let this son reap lives in it?”

The general looked solemn and argued, “He has taken more than a dozen lives of my tribe’s warriors in this moment. No one can stop him. If we delay, more of our sons and daughters will fall under his sword.

There was a pause.

The general spoke directly and said in a deep voice to the other general, “Otherwise, can you or I, or the general, stop this son?”

One word was spoken.

The other general’s face instantly changed.

Even the general, who was standing in front of him, had his pupils suddenly tightened and the corners of his eyes were wildly pulsating with veins.

A second later, the general’s frown lifted.

He raised his hand and gently stroked his beard: “Let’s cut the mess quickly, such a demonic scourge, for our hundred tribes, if we don’t kill him, he will definitely become a tiger in the future to swing the whip south. It is a pity that the heavens have not blessed him with the Great Snow Dragon Riders, but not my hundred tribes outside the realm!”

In his words, there was a strong sense of melancholy.

With a command from the General.

The three tanks started up at the same time.

The thick barrels of the guns slowly turned and aimed at Chen Dong, who was fighting in the crowd.

And this scene, in the midst of the 10,000-strong Wara clan, was so chaotic at the moment that no one noticed.

But those in authority were confused, and those on the sidelines were clear.

Bai Qi, who had changed from being the target of the siege to being a pa*sive bystander, noticed it clearly.

He always watched any changes on the distant battlefield.

Because he knew very well that all the hundred tribes, no matter which tribe they were, would selectively choose either hot or cold weapons to use on the battlefield because of the weather conditions, but if conditions permitted, the main weapons would be hot ones.

All beings …… are equal when it comes to hot weapons!

The three tanks and dozens of armored vehicles in the Walla tribe’s 10,000 man squad have always been the subject of close observation and worry by Bai Qi.

At this time, as the three tanks turn the barrel of their guns.

Bai Qi, who had been observing, instantly shook his tiger’s body, the blue veins at the corners of his eyes jumped wildly and his scalp exploded.

“It’s over!”