Winner Takes All Chapter 935-936

Chapter 935

Shock, fear.

Like maggots on his tarsus, they swept through Bai Qi’s entire body quickly as he spurted out this mouthful of fresh blood.

How could he have ever imagined that a full-force slash would have such a result!

Chen Dong’s combat power had far exceeded his prediction!

Even though …… he had already plucked up several upper limit predictions of Chen Dong’s combat power in his mind.


The wind was pounding in front of his eyes, carrying wind and snow.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

Terrified and horrified.

Bai Qi couldn’t even swing his sword in time to resist, he could only pa*sively and hastily hold his Dragon Rider sword in front of his chest.


Sparks erupted from the force of the blow.

The Dragon Rider Sword in Chen Dong’s hand slashed against Bai Qi’s Dragon Rider Sword.

The terrifying force, like a huge wave, slammed into Bai Qi’s body, sending him backwards again with his feet on the ground like a plough.

The Dragon Rider’s Sabre even smashed directly in front of Bai Qi’s body under the tremendous impact, and a mouthful of fresh blood gushed out again, even his internal organs were all twisted and distorted.


The pain was unprecedented!

But at this moment, Bai Qi was as if he had not felt it, and when he stood up again, he stared at Chen Dong with a shocked face, who was rushing towards him again like a ferocious beast.

In contrast to the severe pain in his body, the huge waves that rose in Bai Qi’s heart at this time completely suppressed the severe pain in his body!

What secrets does this guy …… have hidden in his body?

Why was he able to break through the limits of a martial artist’s martial dao?

To him, at this moment, Chen Dong was just like a heavenly rift, unfathomable!

It was not just the aura.

Even the combat power that erupted had plunged this former Dragon Head Guard into a great terror.


Facing the onrushing Chen Dong, Bai Qi knew that being tired of dealing with it would only be like falling into a quagmire, plunging him deeper and deeper into an increasingly unfavourable fighting situation!

As he roared, the veins on Bai Qi’s neck bulged out.

But the moment he wielded his Dragon Rider Sword, Chen Dong was already in front of him.

Chen Dong was already in front of him, and the Dragon Riding Sword in his hand was so overwhelming that it carried the strong smell of blood, and it slashed straight down with a clang!

It was too late to resist!

Neither speed nor strength were on the same level!

The first time I saw him, I was in an awkward and dangerous situation.

clang clang ……

On this side of the bloody snowy plain, the wind and snow remained the same.

Chen Dong was as powerful as a rainbow, and his Dragon Rider battle sword rained down on Bai Qi.

Bai Qi’s face was pale, his eyes terrified, and blood gushing out of his mouth non-stop.

The Dragon Rider Battle Sword in his hand had lost its weapon properties and had completely turned into a life-saving …… shield!

A knife knife fierce cleave down, in the hands of Bai Qi’s Dragon Rider war knife, bursting large sparks.

The terrifying force, along the body of the knife constantly transmitted to Bai Qi’s body, forgiving Bai Qi such a terrifying physique, at this time also have a kind of overwhelming feeling.

A great terror enveloped his whole body, and Bai Qi even felt that every time the Dragon Rider’s swords slashed against each other, it was the death knell of death.

Such a feeling, Bai Qi had many times during his growth before becoming a Dragon Head Guard.

But after becoming a Leading Guard, he had only felt it from Huo Zhenxiao.

And this time, in Chen Dong, he felt it!

Trance, shock, fear ……

Amongst all the emotions, there were even a few moments of self-deprecation mixed in.

He had only fought Chen Dong twice!

He had fought Chen Dong once when he was kidnapped from Tianmen Mountain, and at that time, Chen Dong relied on his fighting instincts and was still able to dodge time and again in the face of his stormy attacks.

This time, however, the situation between the two was reversed, as if the battle was a replica, but in this case, the attacking and defending objects were completely reversed.

The interval between the two battles was very short!

It was this very short interval that gave Bai Qi the unreal feeling of a dream!

If any onlookers had seen this scene, whether it was the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Riders or the Hundred Tribes from outside the realm, their jaws would have dropped in amazement, and they would have felt the same sense of dreaming as Bai Qi.

In fact.

This scene was also seen by Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao who were fleeing in the distance.

However, because of the distance, the two could only see that Chen Dong was fighting with supreme dominance, forcibly pressing Bai Qi.

As for the exact details, it was impossible to see clearly.

But …… this was enough to shock the two!

“Crap! Which Rongwu did Dong come out of anyway? He, this is too perverted of him!”

Meng Dabiao couldn’t help but exclaim.

Zhou Yao was carrying Sun Kong at this moment, his brows knitted together, his face gloomy to the extreme: “I don’t know if Bai Wu Chang can withstand this, among the 300,000 Great Snow Dragon Rider Army, the only one who can press Bai Wu Chang into submission is probably Master Huo, right?”


The words had just fallen.

In the distant wind and snow filled sky, a booming sound suddenly rang out.

A rumble ……

Ten thousand horses galloped and the ground shook.

The winds and snow in the sky and earth also deflected at this moment, and a large curtain of snow surged up from the ground, stirring up the heaven and earth in a snowy white, as if an avalanche had appeared on the flat earth.

“Not good!”

Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao both changed their expressions.

“Zhou Yao, pull back!”

Meng Dabiao was the first to react.

Zhou Yao’s expression was solemn: “But behind us is the frenzied Brother Dong, and Chief Bai Wu doesn’t know if he can hold up!”

Their mission was to wait for reinforcements and save Sun Kong!

At this point, they had already run so far away, and turning back again, wouldn’t it mean that Bai Qi’s blocking for this period of time had become meaningless?

“Brother Dong and Chief Bai Wu are our own people, but those in that blizzard are all F**king barbarians!”

Meng Dabiao cursed sternly, he didn’t know how many people were in the blizzard, but he knew clearly that in the hands of the Yi tribe, as a Great Snow Dragon Riders, they would end up in a miserable state!

A single word instantly dispelled the hesitation in Zhou Yao’s heart.

The two men quickly reversed direction and rushed towards Chen Dong and Bai Qi who were in the middle of a fierce battle in the distance.

Rumble ……

The roar behind them shook the heavens and the earth.

The roar of the horses’ hooves on the ground was like a bolt from the blue, striking at the hearts of Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao.

As they ran wildly, the backs of the two men were even more chilling.

Meng Dabiao instinctively glanced back, but was so shocked that his jaw dropped and he stammered, “D*mn, D*mn, we’ve encountered a large force of ……!”

Zhou Yao was instantly startled and looked back, his scalp instantly tingling.

In the line of sight.

Waves of snow rolled in and out, pushing across the sky.

As the two sides drew closer, one could vaguely see that a dark shadow was hidden in the wind and snow.

It was so dense …… across the line that one glance could not even see the end of it.

It was as if a torrent of steel, hidden in the waves of snow, came crushing down on the sky.

At the same time.

The battle was in full swing and Chen Dong and Bai Qi stopped at the same time.

Feeling the earth tremble, Chen Dong’s red-blooded eyes gazed directly over.

Without Chen Dong’s crushing attacks, Bai Qi was finally able to catch his breath.

A number of blows had left him exhausted and in a terrible state.

Now that he had a chance to catch his breath, it was as if he had survived a disaster.

But when he turned his head to follow the sound, his heart instantly sank to the bottom: “The Yi Clan’s 10,000-strong team ……”

Chapter 936

Above the snowy plains, waves of snow rolled.

A black torrent, hidden in the waves of snow, is coming.

A line that stretches as far as the eye can see.

The wind and snow were silent and the earth trembled.

With Bai Qi’s years of battlefield experience, he could tell the approximate number of people at a glance.

Once the number of people exceeded ten thousand, it was like a mountain and a sea.

Only tens of thousands of people could create such a terrifying sense of oppression as the mountains and the sea tumbling down now.

Compared to the rolling waves of snow, Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao, who were running for their lives in front of them, were like a flat boat in the sea.

Small, weak and unbeatable!

“Dabiao, Zhou Yao, run around!”

Bai Qi’s face changed drastically and his gaze cast a sidelong glance at Chen Dong.

At this moment, Chen Dong could not even resist him.

If it wasn’t for the sudden appearance of this razor clan’s 10,000 man squad, given the situation of both sides just now, it would only be a matter of seconds before he fell to his death.

At this moment, Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao, with Sun Kong who was seriously injured and dying, were lunging towards this side again, simply falling directly into Chen Dong’s tiger’s mouth!


However, at the same time as Bai Qi’s loud cry exploded.

The Chen Dong in front of him, however, suddenly bowed and bent over, trembling all over and laughing.

“Hummmmmmm ……”

The eerie laughter instantly caused Bai Qi’s body’s cold hairs to explode, like falling into an ice cave.

Oh no!

Terrifying thoughts instantly flooded Bai Qi’s mind.

Under Bai Qi’s tightly glued gaze, he could even see the blood colour in Chen Dong’s eyes tumbling violently, brightening and darkening at times, giving a ghostly and eerie feeling.

The next second.


As Chen Dong’s bowed body straightened up violently, the force even caused the air to emit a popping sound.

“Get out of the way!”

Almost at the same time as Bai Qi’s explosive roar.

Chen Dong was already carrying the blood-stained Dragon Rider Battle Sword, like a flooded beast, cloaked in snow, charging directly towards Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao.

“D*mn it, D*mn it! What the hell is wrong with you, Chen Dong?”

“Meng Dabiao, Zhou Yao, go around, hide, run!”

“Sh*t, it’s too close, too close to catch up at all!”

As Chen Dong rushed towards Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao, Bai Qi also instantly chased after them like an arrow off the string, holding his Dragon Rider Battle Sword in his hand.

But he had just fought against Chen Dong, and had already suffered great losses, so that in his current state, even with all his strength, he was unable to catch up with Chen Dong’s speed!

Bai Qi’s jealousy was so great that his entire body was about to explode.

In his vision, the distance between him and Chen Dong was rapidly widening!

But the distance between Chen Dong and Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao was rapidly closing!

Once the two sides got closer, Bai Qi could even imagine how tragic the picture would really be.

In Chen Dong’s hands, the Dragon Rider was the purest form of killing weapon.

With Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao’s strength, even if they were two against one, they would definitely be blown to pieces in an instant!

“It’s over, Brother Dong is coming over!”

Meng Dabiao, a man of iron blood, was so panicked and terrified at this moment that he was on the verge of tears, unable to stop himself from roaring, “There’s a F**king wolf in front of us and a tiger behind us, the heavens are going to kill us!”

Zhou Yao did not wail as Meng Dabiao did, but his white face showed that he was no less terrified than Meng Dabiao was.

Rumble ……

Behind them, the 10,000-strong rabble approached at breakneck speed.

With war horses and armoured vehicles, Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao were running at tortoise-like speeds.

In front of them, Chen Dong, who had already turned into a bloody man carrying the Dragon Rider’s war sword, was coming alone like a bloodthirsty beast.

The crisis of death.

From the front and back, it enveloped both Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao.

Even if they heard Bai Qi’s roar, there was nothing the two could do.

“There’s no way to hide, Dabiao, we can only barge through Dong’s side!”

Determination steeply emerged in Zhou Yao’s eyes, “Barge through Dong, Bai Wuqiang meet us, delay for a few seconds, wait until the Yi troops come over, Dong might …… be able to transfer his killing thoughts to the Yi troops.”


Meng Dabiao was instantly stunned, “Letting Dong face the rabbit troops alone? There are at least 10,000 people behind this F**king thing, and for Dong to charge in alone would be death!”

“But if we don’t make such a decision, Brother Dong will treat us like a barbarian army and blast us all to pieces with the Dragon Rider!”

Zhou Yao was determined to the extreme at this moment.

He did not wait for Meng Dabiao to say anything.

Bai Qi, who had been pursuing Chen Dong relentlessly, also suddenly roared, “Go around, go around! Divert Chen Dong’s fire to the 10,000 troops of the Yi tribe, we have reinforcements at the back!”

Meng Dabiao was instantly enlightened!


As long as we bypa*sed Chen Dong and avoided this killing spree.

Even if Chen Dong was able to hold off the 10,000-strong rabbit squad by himself, it wasn’t really a hold off, it was just a delay.

It had been going on for some time just now, and with the speed of the Great Snow Dragon Riders’ reinforcements within Zhenjiang City, it must not be too long by the time they appeared.

As soon as the reinforcements arrived, Chen Dong would be saved in the 10,000-strong force of the Yi Clan!

“Da Biao be careful!”

Suddenly, Zhou Yao’s expression changed drastically and a terrified burst of voices exploded in Meng Dabiao’s ears.

Meng Dabiao snapped to attention, but instantly fell into hell.

In his vision.

The bloodied Chen Dong was already in front of him with his Dragon Rider sword in hand.

The momentum was like a fierce wind, and his body was like a great mountain moving across.

A mountain of corpses and a sea of blood swallowed Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao in a flash.

“It’s over, it’s going to be cold!”

Meng Dabiao clearly saw every vein and sinew on Chen Dong’s hideous face, and even …… had that evil, wicked smile like an evil ghost.

Chen Dong’s speed was fast.

So fast that Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao could only react to his arrival close by, but were unable to make a means of response.


Chen Dong brazenly raised the Dragon Rider Battle Sword in his hand, and the blood in his red-blooded eyes was so bright that it was like a huge sea of blood that spurted out directly.

Berserk, insidious and terrifying ……

In an instant.

Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao’s steps froze in place at the same time.

The two men were frozen as if they were wooden chickens, their minds instantly going blank as Chen Dong raised his sword.

Lightning flashed.

“Hehe …… kill ……”

A contemptuous and evil laugh came out of Chen Dong’s mouth, and with it a word, but it was as if a death sentence had been handed down for Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao, no, and the seriously injured and dying Sun Kong on Zhou Yao’s back.

And yet.


The gale swept over Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao, bringing up cold, biting snowflakes that pounded against the two.

The terrifying force even caused Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao’s bodies to sway, slightly unsteady on their feet.

But randomly, both of them were dumbfounded!

The blank mind, too, was quickly filled with thoughts.

The originally expected death descent did not appear in this instant.

Instead, the …… Grim Reaper had bypa*sed them and was holding up the Dragon Rider’s battle sword and charging towards the 10,000-strong group of razors behind them!

“Brother Dong …… is not killing us?” Zhou Yao muttered.

Meng Dabiao, however, was still terrified and turned around brazenly, looking at Chen Dong, who was charging towards the 10,000-strong contingent of the rabbit tribe with his sword raised, and his jaws were splitting: “Brother Dong, come back!”

This shout was even tinged with tears!

The ultimate tragedy has permeated from ancient times to the present day, despite the millions of people.

To stop ten thousand with one simply exists in only one end.

As far as he knew, there was only one person who could completely transform the sadness of defeating ten million people into a domineering aura!

That was …… Huo Zhenxiao!

And Chen Dong, in Meng Dabiao’s mind, this move is really just adding to the sadness in vain!

“Go around, go around?”

The sudden scene not only took Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao by surprise.

Even Bai Qi, who was chasing after Chen Dong relentlessly, jerked to a halt and fell into a daze.

In the line of sight.

A blood-soaked Chen Dong, holding his Dragon Rider battle sword in his hand, charged fiercely and dominantly towards the black torrent in the distance.

Compared to the huge waves of snow raised by the black torrent.

Compared to the huge waves of snow raised by the black torrent, Chen Dong, who was holding his sword, looked as small as an ant!

This scene was incomparably shocking!

Even Bai Qi’s chest suddenly clogged to the extreme, his throat tightened, and even his blood burned.