Winner Takes All Chapter 929-930

Chapter 929

The cold light is bitterly cold.

The astral wind whistled.

Chen Dong’s bloodshot eyes suddenly tightened.

Such a scene had already occurred several times during the short and intense fight just now.

In an instant, Chen Dong was about to slash out his Dragon Rider Battle Sword with his backhand.



There was an explosive roar.

Chen Dong, who was about to swing his sword, felt the Dragon Rider Warblade in his hand sink violently, and its weight exploded with a bang.

A sinister aura churned in his blood-coloured eyes.

He could see that a mercenary was pouncing on his Dragon Riding Sword, wrapping his arms and legs around it, even though his hands and feet were cut and bleeding by the blade of the Dragon Riding Sword, he did not show the slightest sign of letting go.

In a flash of lightning.

Five more mercenaries surrounded him.

Four of the mercenaries held Chen Dong’s arms and legs, while the remaining one jumped directly onto Chen Dong and wrapped his hands around Chen Dong’s neck.

In an instant, Chen Dong was completely confined!

These mercenaries were all people who had travelled across the northern frontier and licked blood from the mouth of a sword, and their experience on the battlefield far surpa*sed Chen Dong’s.

Just now, Chen Dong was like a god of killing descending into the world, the evil ghost out of prison posture, sweeping across the eight directions, so that all mercenaries were clear that if they did not spend a few lives, not only would the mission not be completed today, but more people would be killed as a result.

“Roar ……”

A roar of rage issued from Chen Dong’s throat.

His body muscles graved up, and in an instant his sinister aura was like a monstrous sea of blood and a mountain of corpses, surging out, trying with all his might to break free from the mercenaries on top of him.

But the five mercenaries roared out at the same time and wrapped themselves around Chen Dong’s neck, arms and legs.

Even the mercenary who was wrapped around Chen Dong’s Dragon Rider war sword was now roaring with blood all over his mouth.

With the strength of six people, it was difficult for Chen Dong to break free.

And in Chen Dong’s crimson vision, three cold and biting battle swords were slashing down at him head-on across the sky.

At this moment, in the scarlet vision, the three cold and biting battle daggers seemed to be slowed down.

Chen Dong gritted his teeth, and his muscles spurted to the extreme at this moment, even making a creaking sound as they pushed against each other.

His strength had reached its limit, but the six people on top of him were still motionless!

He was a man, not a god!

Faced with a group of murderous mercenaries, he was able to wield his Dragon Rider sword and kill in a bloodbath.

But when the mercenaries started to fight for their lives, even he was caught in a quagmire.

In a flash.

He watched as three Dragon Rider swords slashed down.

Chen Dong’s jaws cracked and the veins on his face bulged out.

“Kill him, kill him!”

“Hurry the F**k up! As long as he is dead, our mission is half done!”

“Hurry up and kill him, kill him, I can’t hold on any longer ……”


The six mercenaries wrapped in silk around Chen Dong were all suffering from the terrifying explosive force from Chen Dong’s body at this time in a lightning bolt, and they all shouted in anger.

“Little Shadow ……”

At this moment, the blood in Chen Dong’s eyes quickly receded, replaced not by clarity, but by a strong sense of melancholy and longing: “I …… can’t seem to come back ……”


Before the words fell, diagonally, a mad roar exploded like thunder.

It was a close call.

Chen Dong then felt that with this roar, a human figure flew directly across the sky.

At this moment, time was slowed to a crawl.

Chen Dong’s gaze was fixed, and in his line of sight, Sun Kong flew across the sky.

That familiar face was filled with madness and determination to die at this moment.




The three cold and biting battle swords slashed into Sun Kong’s body.

Blood and water flew.

Sun Kong’s body even ended up flying out of the sky under the terrifying slashes of the three swords, and instead fell to the ground with a bang.

For a moment, time seemed to freeze.

Chen Dong froze, his pupils constricted as he stared deadly at Sun Kong on the ground.


As far as the eye could see, it was all blood red.

There was still a trace of warmth on his face, and the rich blood smell poured into his nose and rushed straight to his mind.

He knew that this was the blood that had spurted onto Sun Kong’s face when the three swords had slashed at him earlier.

At this moment, this hint of warmth was even more fiery than lava!

It scorched Chen Dong, his breathing stalled!

Even though he had opened his mouth wide and struggled to breathe, he still couldn’t take in half of the air, instead, the air in his lungs was being compressed out at an extreme speed.

Suffocation, shock, anger ……

All these emotions wrapped around Chen Dong in a flash, like seaweed in deep water, wrapping around Chen Dong’s body and dragging him down deeper and deeper at great speed.

On the ground, Sun Kong was covered in blood, with three horrific wounds of flesh and skin turning outward, incomparably seeping.

Lying on his back in a pool of blood, blood was still pouring out of his mouth and nose.

With all his might, he tilted his head slightly and looked towards Chen Dong, smiling ruefully.

“Dong …… brother …… is alive ……”


These words, however, were like a great thunder, booming in Chen Dong’s ears.

Instantly, it caused Chen Dong’s mind to go blank.

When the words were uttered, Sun Kong’s two eyes closed and his head smashed into the snow.

There was a bang!

It was obviously very light, but when it fell on Chen Dong’s ears, it was a bolt from the blue.

Chen Dong’s body was tense to the extreme, his facial features were all twisted and distorted at this moment, and his body felt like it was being ruthlessly tortured by countless red-hot knives.

He was in a trance.

In his blank mind, Sun Kong’s palpitating and unsettled appearance suddenly emerged.

Just a moment ago, he was bantering and gossiping with Bai Qi, and he even gave Sun Kong a direct middle finger.

But in the twinkling of an eye ……


The surrounding mercenaries’ faces were hideously twisted, hissing and roaring as if they were fierce beasts.

The three mercenaries who wielded swords, after slashing Sun Kong in unison, even wielded their combat swords at Chen Dong again.

Only, at this moment.

No one had noticed that the red colour in Chen Dong’s eyes, which had already receded, was now filling up his eyeballs at a demonic speed, and even if one discerned carefully, one could clearly see that a tiny blood vessel, on Chen Dong’s eyeballs, was all spurting up at this moment.

On his cold face, a sinister aura took over.

An earthworm-like sinewy blood vessel quickly crawled all over his face, bulging, hideous, blood and blue as if a …… vicious ghost mask had been covered on Chen Dong’s face!

The ultimate in yin hostility, released from Chen Dong’s body.

Chen Dong’s body also vaguely trembled.

Just this scene, in this lightning flash, all the mercenaries did not care.

Even though they sensed the heart-pounding sinister hostility in Chen Dong’s body, no one was willing to give up the heavenly opportunity in front of them.

As long as they killed the Chen Dong in front of them, then it would be easier for Bai Qi to kill!

“Heh ……”

Suddenly, Chen Dong, who was bowing his head, let out an evil and contemptuous laugh.

With that.


The sound was like a great thunder, shaking the sky and earth.

With this explosive roar, it was as if the wind and snow were silenced, and heaven and earth were violently lost in colour at this moment.

The six mercenaries who were wrapped around Chen Dong and the three mercenaries who were wielding their swords at Chen Dong.

At this moment, their faces were white and their expressions were painful, like ghosts and gods ……

Chapter 930


A roar that resembled a beast’s roar resounded through this side of the world.

The entire battlefield, with this roar from Chen Dong, fiercely seemed to have pressed the freeze button.

Everyone looked at the sound in horror.

While their eardrums shook with pain, their hearts thudded and accelerated as if they were about to jump out of their chests.

“Chen Dong ……”

Bai Qi rode across the battle horse, the Dragon Rider battle sword in his hand was slashing atop a mercenary’s shoulder blade, but at this moment, he neglected to draw his sword, and instead looked at the sound in horror.

Beyond the battlefield.

Timur’s body shook violently and his face swooshed, “The King’s Court Skywolf is above, what the …… hell is going on here?”

Fear, with this explosive roar from Chen Dong, instantly wrapped around everyone.

The next second.

Bang, bang, bang ……

An explosive sound suddenly resounded through the heavens.

Under everyone’s horrified gaze, six figures rose up into the air, as if they were six broken pockets, and were thrown directly in six directions amidst the screams of misery.

It was just that because the crowd was in the way, most of them did not really see what was actually happening in the battle circle where Chen Dong was.


Chen Dong, who had broken free from the six mercenaries, fiercely raised his head to meet the three battle swords that were close at hand.


At first glance, the three mercenaries who wielded the swords were scared to death and had their liver and guts split at the same time when they saw Chen Dong’s hideous and terrifying face.

Miserable and terrified screams suddenly echoed across the battlefield.

It was as if a heavy hammer had been bludgeoned into the hearts of every mercenary, even Bai Qi, Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao.

What the …… hell was wrong with this?

Why were there such terrified, ghost-like screams when the battlefield was killing each other?

With the three mercenaries screaming in terror.

Chen Dong took a step forward, his arms were as fast as lightning at this moment, like a celestial dragon emerging from a hole, without dodging, directly towards the three cold and biting combat swords.

Clang and clang ……

The three battle swords were instantly interlocked by the impact of Chen Dong’s arms.


As the veins of veins on Chen Dong’s face and neck fiercely bulged.


Under Chen Dong’s arms, the three battle blades were twisted in the air and broken in two pieces!

The shattered blades fell directly towards the ground.

Just diagonally, Chen Dong’s hands fiercely pushed forward.

The terrifying wave of Qi raised by both palms crashed into the broken blade tips, and the three blade tips swooped and shot towards the three terrified mercenaries in front of him.




The sharp tips of the knives instantly pierced into the chest cavities of the three mercenaries.

They did not wait for the three to scream.

Chen Dong, whose face was hideously twisted, like a ghost god, stepped forward again and smashed his hands against the knife tips on the chest cavities of the three men.




Three explosive sounds.

The three knife tips were smashed directly into the chest cavities of the three mercenaries by the sheer force of Chen Dong’s hands.

Blood splattered all over Chen Dong’s face.

Immediately afterwards, the three mercenaries’ faces turned pale and the anger in their eyes quickly disappeared.

From start to finish, the three did not even have the time to scream out.

As the three fell to the ground, a blank circle was formed around Chen Dong, who was standing tall in the same place.

Everyone looked at Chen Dong with trepidation and fear.

An invisible fear enveloped all the mercenaries.

The evil smile on his face, together with the bulging veins on his face, made him look creepy.

It was this slight lick of his tongue that made him look creepy.

The mercenaries around him shook, and then their bodies sifted like chaff.

They were all mercenaries who had travelled across the northern frontier and licked the blood of the people, what horrific and bloody images had they not seen?

Which of them hadn’t crawled out of the pile of the dead again and again?

But even so, at this moment, all the mercenaries who could face Chen Dong directly, all of them were horrified, their liver and guts were split, and their bodies were cold.

Is this guy …… really a human being?

If there really are ghosts and gods in the world, perhaps …… this is the guy in front of him, right?

The battlefield, which was originally bloody and killing to white heat, seemed to have been pressed to pause at this point with Chen Dong’s change.

The wild snowstorm, stirring the long air.

One by one, the mercenaries were frozen in place.

Because of the encirclement, the great fear Chen Dong brought was only on those mercenaries who could face him directly.

The rest of the mercenaries could not really see because of the obscuring.

But all of them felt a pervasive terror from the group of mercenaries that surrounded Chen Dong.

“What the hell is going on?”

Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao were back to back, in a horned position, and at this moment, both of them were a little bewildered as they looked at the mercenaries who had stopped attacking around them.

They both also wanted to see where Chen Dong was, but the crowd was so thick that it obscured most of their vision.

And in the middle of the mercenaries.

The war horse under Bai Qi’s crotch had its head deadly low, exhaling between its mouth and nose, and even its four hooves were swaying gently, its entire state, already the same as the horses that the mercenary corps had been scared away from before.


Bai Qi’s face turned white, his expression terrified as he couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air backwards.

Because he was riding across on top of a war horse, his sight was higher than everyone else’s, and at this moment, he could also sweep past everyone and clearly see the situation where Chen Dong was.

It was only Chen Dong’s appearance and the sense of gloom that made people feel like a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood was right in front of them that still made Bai Qi, the former leading guard, tremble with fear.

In his vision, Chen Dong’s normally cold and calm face had completely changed drastically.

Fierce, hostile and rampant ……

It was difficult for Bai Qi to even find an accurate adjective to describe Chen Dong at this moment, but he could find one adjective to describe how he felt when he faced Chen Dong now, and that was – fear!

“If he was in this state when he first faced him …… perhaps …… the result would not have been like that.”

This was the thought in Bai Qi’s mind.


The silence on the battlefield finally broke the freeze with an explosive roar.

“What are you all standing still for? Kill them for me!”

Timur held his phone in both hands, still filming, but was extremely angry at the battlefield that was frozen in front of him.

A roar echoed across the battlefield, overpowering the snow and wind.

Only, it was not the mercenaries who reacted first.

Instead, it was Chen Dong, whose face was full of veins and veins!


Chen Dong tilted his head violently, like a raging beast, and leaned up to the sky to let out a roar that made the wind and snow fall silent.

Immediately afterwards, without warning, his speed suddenly burst into a frenzy.

Like a cannonball, he rushed straight towards the mercenaries directly opposite.

While in his right hand, he had already tightened his grip on the Dragon Rider Battle Sword.


The heavy and huge Dragon Rider’s Sword brought up streaks of shadow in the air, emitting an ear-splitting hum.

It struck the mercenaries in front of him with the momentum of a tarzan moving across the sky.

The terrifying force was like an autumn wind sweeping away the wheat saplings, bringing up a large amount of blood.

After finishing off the mercenaries with a single slash, Chen Dong was as fast as lightning, wielding his Dragon Rider Battle Sword, quickly slashing the mercenaries in front of him to the point of blood and flesh, but with an unstoppable momentum, he approached the war horse that Sun Kong was riding before.

Phew ……

The war horse that had stopped in the crowd could not help but let out a mournful hiss as Chen Dong approached, and then his front hooves bent and he fell directly to his knees.

Blood and flesh flew from the sky.

Chen Dong, who looked like a ghost god, met the flying flesh and blood and rushed close to the war horse.

With that.


The Dragon Rider War Sword on the back of the warhorse was grabbed by Chen Dong with one hand and pulled out in the air, pointing straight at the sky.

At this moment, Chen Dong, who was holding two Dragon Rider Warblades, was bathed in flesh and blood that had fallen from the sky.

Like a ghost god, the monstrous great terror of the sky directly enveloped all the mercenaries.

A roar that was hoarse to the extreme echoed with it.

“Kill! ~”