Winner Takes All Chapter 927-928

Chapter 927

“Kill ……”

The five hundred men’s killing intent was majestic, and the vast shout of killing was deafening.

All the mercenaries had a trace of fear in their hearts, but they had long been used to bloodshed and killing after years of traversing the northern frontier.

At this moment, all of them pressed their fear of Chen Dong deep into their hearts.

Just as Timur roared.

Five hundred men against three, this was the ultimate crushing of numbers!

In close combat, swords were like a tide, drowning the three men on the other side.

The so-called fear was blurred by the immense undercurrent of numbers.

“Phew ……&”

Faced with the five hundred mercenaries rushing close to him, Bai Qi, who had his Dragon Rider war sword in his hand, gave a brave strangle to the reins of his war horse, which immediately stood up in a mighty manner.

Bai Qi roared, “I will lead the charge!”


The horse’s front hooves fell like a drum.

The next second.

In the next instant, the warhorse was determinedly carrying Bai Qi, who was holding the Dragon Rider’s war sword, towards the 500 mercenaries.


At the same time as the warhorse was charging forward.

Bai Qi, whose face was full of determination and slaughter, had his pupils shrink.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a figure that swept past him as fast as lightning.

Chen Dong?

In an instant, Bai Qi was struck by lightning.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s eyes were already bloodshot and his body was emitting a monstrous sinister aura as he dragged his Dragon Rider battle sword backwards, charging towards the 500 mercenaries at breakneck speed.

On his face, apart from his sinister killing intent, there was even more bloodthirsty excitement.

A hoarse voice came out from his throat.

“The hunting moment …… has begun!”

Bang Teen!

The backwards dragging Dragon Rider war knife in his hand swung brazenly, like a side of a great mountain sweeping out.

One of the mercenaries in front of him did not even have time to swing his sword before he was struck by the Dragon Rider Saber, and with a miserable scream, he flew out with blood and flesh on the spot.

But Chen Dong did not pause, like a demon crawling out of hell, wrapped in a mountain of blood, wielding his Dragon Rider Sabre, forcing his way into the 500 mercenaries with the strength of one man.

Like a god of the world, he wielded the Dragon Rider’s sword in his hand, forcing the 500 mercenaries out of reach.

Every now and then, with screams of misery, a mercenary would be sent flying through the air in a bloody mess.

All this happened in a matter of seconds.

Bai Qi, who had regained his senses, was immediately majestic in his killing intent, holding his Dragon Rider battle sword in his hand and straddling his warhorse as he charged into the 500 mercenaries along with Chen Dong, sweeping through all directions.


Meng Dabiao, holding his Dragon Rider Battle Sword in his right hand and his light battle sword in his left hand, also charged forward with a loud roar.

At this moment, Meng Dabiao looked determined, and the blood at the corner of his mouth and chest made his appearance more and more hideous.

There was no way of retreat!

There was no retreat, no escape!

The only way back was to kill all the 500 mercenaries in front of him.

The only way out was to kill all the 500 mercenaries in front of him. If the enemy died, I would live, and if I died, I would take their backs!

Because of the terrifying combat power of Chen Dong and Bai Qi, as they rushed into the middle of the mercenaries, the scene immediately turned bloody and white hot.

Chen Dong stood completely still, wielding his Dragon Rider battle sword with a face full of exuberance, killing in all directions.

His terrifying strength, combined with the weight of the Dragon Rider, made every swing of his blade as powerful as a thousand pounds, killing or maiming the mercenaries even if they were bumped.

Bai Qi, on the other hand, relied on the impact of his horse, like a red-hot knife, and quickly cut through the mercenaries’ lard.

Even though he was alone, he was still using the cutting power of a cavalryman to the fullest!

Everywhere they went, it was as if they were ploughing their way through, clearing a void.

Either the horses rushed or Bai Qi danced his Dragon Rider sabre, slashing each soldier with the force of a titanic mountain, leaving them in a bloody mess.

Compared to Chen Dong and Bai Qi.

Meng Dabiao’s situation was more perilous.

With the Dragon Rider as a shield and the light sabre as a weapon, this was the best fighting configuration Meng Dabiao could think of in a short time.

But his strength was limited, and in the face of the mercenaries swarming around him, Meng Da Biao could only defend himself and was unable to mount an effective counter-attack.

Every now and then, he would slash a mercenary and pay the price with a stab to the body.

In just a minute’s time, Meng Dabiao had already received three stabs in quick succession and was drenched in blood.

But his eyes were still firm and determined to the extreme!

Soldiers do not retreat!

If a soldier has a way to retreat, it is to go forward!


A cold light flashed out from a slant.

Meng Dabiao’s heart and soul shook as a terrifying thought suddenly emerged.

In a flash of lightning, he did not swing the Dragon Rider’s War Sword because it was too heavy and with his strength, swinging it would be too slow.

Meng Dabiao’s expression was frozen as he fiercely turned around and the light combat knife in his left hand slashed straight out.


Sparks flew as the two swords slashed at each other.

At the same time.




The three mercenaries’ swords slashed down bravely onto the Dragon Rider’s sword in Meng Dabiao’s hand.

Meng Dabiao, who was already badly injured with his tiger mouth cracked, showed a painful look as the three huge forces swept through the body of the Dragon Rider’s sword.

The pain in his tiger mouth was so severe that he couldn’t help but let go.

The Dragon Rider Warblade in his hand, which was used as a shield, fell straight to the ground.


Meng Dabiao let out an explosive roar and brazenly swung the light combat knife in his hand in front of his body, forcing back the few mercenaries who were bullying him, while quickly stumbling back.


The few mercenaries in front of him were ruthless in their killing intent, and faced Meng Dabiao without any intention of retreating, waving their combat swords and pouncing again.

“It’s over!”

Meng Dabiao’s heart sank to the bottom, but his gaze quickly swept towards Chen Dong, who was surrounded by mercenaries, and Bai Qi, who was charging through the mercenaries on his warhorse.

Five hundred people, in the end, ninety-nine percent of their numbers, were divided between Chen Dong and Bai Qi.

He, Meng Dabiao, was only facing a dozen men!

Because of this, Meng Dabiao knew that he was in a situation where no one could save him!

Whether it was Chen Dong, who was like a god of killing among the mercenaries, or Bai Qi, who was on top of his war horse, neither of them could come to his rescue at this time.

It was also the moment when Meng Dabiao withdrew his gaze.

His expression was abruptly desperate to the point of despair.

In his sight, a dozen mercenaries had already swarmed close to him, and even though he had already retreated quickly when the Dragon Rider’s war sword was dislodged just now, a dozen mercenaries were still forming a semi-encircling formation around him at this moment.

The wind was blowing in his ears.

Meng Dabiao’s round eyes clearly saw that a dozen swords were erected into the air and slashed down brazenly at the same time in a gesture that made him desperate.

Just like that …… died?

Meng Dabiao’s left hand clutched the light combat knife, as a soldier’s honor, so he did not give up the idea of fighting at this time, but the dozen of swords falling in front of him, but like the scythe of death, let him know clearly, simply …… can not stop!


Just as Meng Dabiao stiffened in place.

Suddenly, a voice that sounded like a roaring beast exploded from the shouting and killing group of mercenaries.

At the same time.

Meng Dabiao’s body shook, and he saw two bloody corpses in the air, like broken pockets, smashing directly towards him ……

“Brother Dong?!”

At this instant, Meng Dabiao’s eyes exploded with a brilliant aura, the corners of his blood-covered mouth turned up, revealing a look of surprise and excitement ……

Chapter 928



The two bloodstained corpses that fell from the sky were like two broken pockets, and they landed impartially on the dozen mercenaries in front of Meng Dabiao.

In an instant, there was a series of screams.

The mercenaries fell one after another, and the only ones who were spared were just a few.

Even as the mercenaries were smashed down, Meng Da Biao felt a sense of light as the gloom cleared before his eyes.

In a flash of lightning.

The remaining mercenaries were in a state of dumbfounded horror.

No one had expected two bodies to fall from the sky, knocking over most of them.

It was also in this moment of dazedness.

Meng Dabiao locked on to the moment and instead of retreating, he advanced, his battle knife in his hand brought up a piercing wind and slashed straight out.





The battle knife was waved and the fragment of film was wrecked, bringing up a spray of blood.

The several mercenaries’ bodies shook as the severe pain on their bodies brought a look of horror to their faces.

As Meng Dabiao retreated with his sword, several mercenaries then fell to the snow in unison.


Having quickly reaped the lives of several mercenaries, Meng Dabiao suddenly felt a sense of soundness at this moment.

He viciously wiped a handful of blood from his face, and his gaze burned towards Chen Dong who was being surrounded by a killing spree.

At this moment, in his heart, Chen Dong’s image seemed to soar as if he was pulling up mountains from the ground.

In that moment just now, without Chen Dong’s divine stroke, he might have become a corpse now, just like the few mercenaries that had fallen before him, and fallen on the snow.


At that moment, there was a wild gallop of war horses and two shouts of murder from behind him!

Meng Dabiao’s mind was shaken and he turned his head, and at once his scarlet eyes exploded with light.

In his vision, Sun Kong and Zhou Yao, who had escaped unharmed, were now riding their war horses, cloaked in snow, towards this side.

The two men were wielding light battle swords in their hands, their killing intent was fierce and their faces were full of determination to die!

“Hahahahaha …… good to be back, good to be here, brothers, follow Brother Dong and Chief Bai, kill together!”

Meng Dabiao excitedly laughed out loud.

On the battlefield, the only ones who never betray are also teammates!


Meng Dabiao waved his battle sword, as if his blood was burning at this moment, and as Sun Kong and Zhou Yao rode closer, the three of them formed a direct line, as if they were sweeping the court and rushing towards the group of mercenaries.

On the other side.

Bai Qi, wielding his Dragon Rider battle sword, had just broken out of the encirclement and was about to enter the crowd again to cut through and divide it.

But as soon as he turned his head, he saw Sun Kong and Zhou Yao, who had already turned back.

There was not the slightest surprise, let alone the burning of blood like Meng Dabiao.

Bai Qi asked in a stern voice, “Have you asked for help?”

“Chief Bai, help has been requested, as long as we hold out until reinforcements arrive, we will be saved!”

Sun Kong shouted in response, but he rode across his war horse, wielding his sword and charging towards where Chen Dong was.


Bai Qi shouted, his Dragon Rider war sword buzzing and whistling in his hand, and with a booming slash, he sent the two mercenaries who were approaching him flying.

Immediately afterwards, he controlled his warhorse and charged into the battle circle again.

On the other side, Meng Dabiao and Zhou Yao formed an angle with each other, covering each other and fighting with the mercenaries around them.

With Sun Kong and Zhou Yao returning, the battle to the death became a breath of fresh air.

Beyond the battle circle.

Timur stood in place with a cold, stern look on his face, an animal skin robe that rattled in the wind and snow.

Looking at the sea of people in the battle circle, it was as if the sound of Bai Qi’s roar was still lingering in his ears.

But the corners of Timur’s mouth were filled with a disdainful and contemptuous smile: “Waiting for reinforcements? Bai Qi, Bai Qi, do you really think that five of you can wait for reinforcements from this battle of five hundred men?”

Rubbing his temples helplessly, Timur’s brown-green eyes were filled with indifference, as if he was looking at everyone as if they were dead.

“Call for help? It’s bullSh*t, facing a siege of five hundred men, your deaths are just a matter of days and nights, even if he, Huo Zhenxiao, personally came with a war machine, he would never be able to save you!”


The words had not yet fallen.

In the midst of the brutal battle circle, a roar like the roar of a beast suddenly rang out once again.

Timur’s pupils tightened, and the disdain and contempt on his face suddenly disappeared, replaced by a fearful apprehension of uncertainty.

He was the only one who did not take part in the killing, watching it from the perspective of a spectator.

Those who were on the spot were confused, but those who were watching were clear.

No one knew the situation on the battlefield better than Timur.

Bai Qi was wielding his sword and his horse, rampaging through the battle circle, seemingly in a fierce and dominant manner.

However, in Timur’s eyes, he was far inferior to Chen Dong, who was standing still, bravely killing all sides.

Bai Qi was indeed domineering, and with his war horse, he faced very few mercenaries when he was rushing to kill, and with his strength, it was only natural that he could display such a domineering scene.

But it was Chen Dong, standing still and facing enemies on all sides at all times, that gave Timur the shock of his life.

From the beginning to the end, Chen Dong had been standing still since he entered the battle circle, moving around and dealing with enemies on all sides.

Even so, Chen Dong was still a god of bloodshed!

“Commander Xiao, you fool, there is such a god of killing in Bai Qi’s five men’s army and you didn’t even mention a word about it, after this matter, when you join the Sky Wolf’s command, I will definitely settle the score with you!”

Timur’s gaze changed, hesitated for a moment, then picked up his mobile phone, turned on the filming function, filmed Chen Dong on the battlefield, murmured softly: “Perhaps this son, can be shown to Sky Wolf, such a blood brave killing god, if you can let Sky Wolf think of recruiting to the hundred clans, will certainly become a future whipping south, horse trampling the eight wildernesses of the great killing weapon! ”

Timur murmured softly, but his gaze was looking at Chen Dong’s eyes became a little hot.

He was able to use money and beauty to recruit the titular Commander Xiao to his command.

What difficulty could there be in recruiting a mere junior soldier, in his opinion?

As long as Skywolf agreed, he did not mind leaving Chen Dong alive at the end of this siege.

A new soldier with such a god-like stance, once he could be incorporated under Skywolf’s command, he would definitely become the sharpest weapon for the Hundred Clans to use in their future southward advance!

A soldier and a general, both are sharp weapons!

In the middle of the battle circle.

At this moment, Chen Dong’s eyes were already blood-coloured, and his insidious aura was like a huge tsunami that was constantly released from his body.

The exuberant, evil smile on his face as he wielded his Dragon Rider Battle Sword in a killing spree was growing stronger and stronger.

After training in the Nine Heavens Dragon Scaring Technique, Chen Dong’s strength was growing steadily every day, although not by leaps and bounds, Chen Dong could feel the seemingly but real growth.

At this moment, the hard training he had done on a regular basis had finally come to fruition.

As the Dragon Rider’s battle knife buzzed and whistled, it was like the scythe of death, quickly reaping the lives of the mercenaries swarming around.

A single graze was enough to seriously injure a man, let alone a solid slash!

The weapons in the hands of these mercenaries were so fragile that when they wielded the Dragon Rider’s scythe brazenly, a single head-on collision would result in a single slash, followed by a single death!

Blood poured into Chen Dong’s nostrils.

As the Dragon Rider’s swords landed on each mercenary, blood and flesh continued to spray on Chen Dong’s body.

At this moment, Chen Dong had already become a bloody man, while the blood, as if a big invisible hand, gently pulsated his nerves.

Immersed in this madness of killing, Chen Dong did not feel the slightest discomfort, but on the contrary, he had a feeling of exhilaration.


Just as he was immersed in it, a cry of alarm exploded like thunder.

“Brother Dong, be careful!”


Almost simultaneously, Chen Dong, who was immersed in killing, fiercely felt a diagonal wind whistling and surging.